Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, new music this week from Lomax "Miss You Baby" thanks to Ms Jenni Weber for keeping me up to date on all things Lomax related. Charles Bradley burst on the scene a few years back after recording his first album with Daptone Records, he is back with a new set; "Changes," I have really not had a chance to properly listen to album yet but that Daptone retro sound is the basis for his heavy soul drenched vocals and I wanted to include a track on this weeks show and I selected "Crazy" but I'm sure others will emerge as I listen more. Remember I featured Jaheim's new album "Struggle Love" on last weeks show and now I have to bring to your attention "Something Tells Me," although  tried to include it last week. but ran out of space. From Houston Texas comes the aptly named H-Town and they bring us the remix of "May The Best Man Win," Texas seems to a hot bed for Soul talent at the moment .. lot of great stuff coming from that area.
Have to give a shout out to June McMenamin for bringing to my attention a classic Four Tops song that I had missed, and apparently had been unreleased for many years, called "Old Fashioned Man" and as usual features Levi Stubbs at his sensitive best, written by Ron Miller this is pretty special.
Take a little time to checkout the 'Podcast only' video this week, as it's a great insight into the life of Southern Soul legend Sir Charles Jones,  enough rambling from me, be quiet in the back row, now sit back enjoy The Science of Soul Podcast .....

Play list for Sunday 3-04-2016
Hour One
Improm2 - My All
Jasmine - I Wont Give Up On Love
Tweet - Priceless
Victor Fields ft Chris Camo - Let Me Be Good To U
Lomax - Miss You Baby
Terry Wright - Tonight Is Your Night
Leroy Hutson - A Lovers Holiday
H-Town - May The Best Man Win
Jaheim - Something Tells Me
Sly Slick & Wicked - Ready For You
Charles Bradley - Crazy
Willie Hutch - Baby Come Home
John Edwards - The Look On Your Face

Hour Two

Stony Murphy - Making The Best Of It
Eric Benet' - Come Together
The Duncans - Let Me Be
Ronnie Lovejoy - In Need Of A Good Woman
Jonathan Winstead - Wake Up
The Notations - Take It Slow
The Artistics - She's Heaven
Jae Mason - Woman (You Gotta Be With Me)
The Four Tops - Old Fashioned Man
J Most - Oh So Beautiful
The Dells - Private Property
Holland+Dozier ft. Lamont Dozier - Why Cant We Be Lovers
Joe - More & More

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