Back to 1992

In 1992 Bill was part of my consortium of guest DJ's on the Basement Soul show, above was a night the Bill arranged for singer JJ Barnes to appear on stage, it was a great night. The short video here was Bill's guest spot on my show when he enjoyed playing the music of Detroit, a city that he was very  passionate about then. The quality of the video is not too good as it was transferred back then using Windows 95 that was a little messy at the time. I have some more footage when Bill appeared on the late Brenda Perryman TV show in Detroit, watch this space. - Mickey Nold 



Johnny Bristol PCRL Special

Hi all, I just converted from tape to digital a interview that I helped edit some years back for my good friend Bill Randle. He made many interviews with Motown producers over the year, we felt they were not given the airplay and respect for the work they had done over the years. Johnny was one of these such guys, and today Dawn Randle asked me for a copy of this interview for a family member of the late Johnny Bristol. I suggested uploading it to Bill's old Blog page so all could enjoy again (photo courtesy of Dawn taken at Bognor Regis). - Mickey Nold

NB - Jr Walker also appears in the interview from a recording I made with him in the 1970s.


Tribute Radio Show To Bill Randle

Recording of tribute with memories by Alex Totney & an Interview in above was done by Dan Richards in 2017.

A final farewell