Moses Wright

It's Science of Soul time once again so thank you for stopping by, my first Featured Album of 2020 is a real killer from Moses Wright  called "Legacy of Love"  and it's packed with smooth ballads powerful lyrics and quality arraignments, I think you will enjoy. Also today I have current music from Leon McMullen and Shay Pooh There is lots of new music due in the next few weeks and you will be getting the best of it here on the Science of Soul.I got quite a selection of classic soul from every era this week for you to enjoy, so sit back and let the music take you back in time ... If you experience any problems getting the show live on Sundays I would recommend onlineradiobox.com then search Black Country Radio UK,. and it will take you from anywhere in the world...OK its music time relax and enjoy.

Science of Soul Playlist January 12th 2020
Hour One

Willie Hutch - Soul Strut
Frederick - I Can't Help But Love You
Shay Pooh - To Many Irons In The Fire
Leon Bryant - I Can See Me Loving You
Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephons - You Got Style
J Gulli - Wont You Be Mine
Moses Wright - A Piece Of Me
Moses Wright - All Night Thang
Leon McMullen - Can I Take You Out Tonight
Mamas Gun - This Is The Day
Frank McKinney - I'm Going Out Steppin'
Danti Hall - Trippin' Out

Hour Two
Freddie Jackson - I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
Brotha - When I'm With You
The Softones - I Wont Let You Down
Loleatta Taylor - I Can't Help My Self
New Lost Generation - Inside Of You
George Pettus - My Night For Love
The Temptations - Isn't The Night Fantastic
The Four Tops - Just In Time
Moses Wright - How I Am
Visions Perfect - Love Affair
Sweet Charles - Give The Woman A Chance
JJ Johnson ft Kayla Hill - Slow Jam

Moses Wright Biography: 
Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Animator and Children's Book Illustrator.
Moses calls Rocky Mount, NC his hometown though he now resides in Charlotte, NC. Moses played bass guitar and drums in church as a teen. While serving in the USAF Moses DJ'd on the side and used this hobby to highlight some of his own tracks. After leaving the USAF in 1989, Moses released his first record featuring a rap group he produced named MC Dazz & D-Posse. Building a high local fan base, Moses later released a second project entitled "Moses featuring IBM” (innovative black males) in 1990 a mix of Rap, House and R&B. This project paved the way for Moses to receive a recording contract from an independent record label under the direction of Rudy Hines in Atlanta, GA.

Moses released a mini-LP with the title song "How many ways". He began to open for several major R&B artist and groups in the early nineties. Feeling the strain of the road life, Moses chose to abandon the R&B circuit and returned to his gospel roots. He released his first gospel project in 1995 and started his own label "AlanBrook Music". Moses shared the stage with some of the gospel greats of quartet music in the late nineties. He released 3 more solo CD’s between 1998 and 2001. In the mist of all of this he wrote and produced several projects for artist on his label.

Moses expanded his recording label to include concept video production and cd design and duplication. He wanted to be the “One Stop Shop” for artist in and around his area. His business grew tremendously as he catered to well-known gospel talent such as “Tammy Edwards and the Edward Sisters”, “Bill Pinkney and The Original Drifters” and “The Christian Angels” just to name a few. All of whom are Stellar Award-winning gospel artist.

While still writing and producing gospel music, nothing touched Moses more than the true love song. This led to the production and release of "Legacy of Love". A CD compiled of smooth love tunes written decades ago as well as within the last few months. Moses felt that the need for smooth R&B music cried out from station to station. You know, the real love songs like from the 70’s and 80's. This project was released on Jan-1-2020 and is already capturing the hearts of listeners across the globe



'Prince' Philip Mitchell
Welcome to a new decade of The Science of Soul, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Quite a lot of new music coming over the next few weeks.
    I have slipped in a few current releases this week from Varges Thomas, Ju Evans featuring Rashad, Loren Dean Harper, Ingram St, Mack Miller and J T. I got a special treat for the classic soul lovers, 5 songs written by a real unsung hero Prince Phillip Mitchell, not only is Prince an incredible artist in his own right but also his song writing credits are truly amazing. The plan is that at some point soon he and myself will record an interview and go into depth about his career as an artist and writer, I guarantee you will be in ore of this man's achievements over the years. Just had the great news that Will Downing will be in the UK in March for a series of dates, I am already counting down the days. The radio syndication of the Science of Soul continues to grow with two more additional stations in the USA taking it on;  KPR1 in California, run the show 4 times per week and Groovecityfx.com in North Carolina have also added the show to their schedule, I am most grateful for the support. 

Ok sit back and enjoy the first Science of Soul of 2020 and please remember to tell a friend.

The Science of Soul Playlist January 5th 2020
Hour One 
Wilton Crump
Kieth Barrow - You Know You Want To Be Loved 
J T ft Chocolate Songbird - Let The Music Play
Varges Thomas - Something Special 
Mack Miller - Unforgettable
Jackie Ross - The World Needs More People Like You
Mo' B - UR My World 
Ingram Street - Beautiful Possibility
Loren Dean Harper - You Can Do It 
Ju Evans ft. Rashad - At The Hole In The Wall 
Edmond Daniels - Uh Oh I'm Falling In Love 
Gerald Adams - Only Into You 
Wilton Crump - Give Your Love To Me 
Dottie Pearson - Bring It Over Baby 

Mack Miller
Hour Two
Prince Phillip Mitchell - Make It Good
Lanier & Co - After I Cry Tonight
Carla Thomas - Love Among People
John Edwards - Cold Hearted Woman
Archie Bell & The Drells - I Just Wanna Fall In Love
ELjaye - Where I Stand
Luther Ingram - To The Other Man
Howard Hewett - Once Twice Three Times
The Notations - Baby I Like Your Style
BFD - Love Should Be So Simple
The Choice Four - If I Don't Love You
Teddy Pendergrass - It Should've Been You



Ty Hunter Jr.
Welcome to the last edition of The Science of Soul for 2019. I would like to express my thanks for all the great feed back and support from listeners and artists alike and also a big thank to all the stations that run the Science of Soul on a weekly basis , I truly appreciate you. I must also give a shout out to Mickey Nold would takes care of the website every week on my behalf, the work he does behind the scenes is invaluable. On this weeks show we current releases from Tony "Shoshyne" Gilmore long time member of Kool & The Gang plus steppers fave, Cardell Harrington, Lamar Brace, Elusiv and due for January issue Glenn Jones. As always there are plenty of old school classic and we close out the year with one the most played releases of 2019 Mr Ty Hunter Jr. "I Wanna Be With You" . I wanna take this chance to wish you a soulful new year that's filled with peace and happiness as we look forward to 2020. Sit back enjoy the music and please share with a friend. Music is a beautiful thing to share.

Science of Soul playlist December 29th 2019
Hour One
Tavares - Bad Times
Tony "Shoshyn" Gilmore - Heart On A Trip
Jeffery Osborne - I Really Don't Need No Light
Bobby Kline - Say Something Nice To Me
Elusiv - U Had Me @ Hello
Glenn Jones - Better Man
Brown Hill/Leah McCrae - Not Looking 4 Somebody
Lamare Brace - Family Reunion
Lovesmith - Look Out Below
Cardell - I Just Can't Get Over You
Frank Mckinney - I Can Make You Feel Good
L J Reynolds - Come Get To This

Hour Two
Bloodstone - Go On And Cry
Ronnie Dyson - Even In The Darkest Night
Darrell Lee - More
Big Mel - Step It Up
Uncle Sam - Leave Well Enough Alone
Gary Taylor ft Bridgette Bryant - Special
Montell Jordan ft Kristin - I'm All In
Loletta Holloway ft Bunny Sigler - Only You
William Smoke Howard - I Love Your Melody
Ty Hunter jr - I Wanna Be With You


Curtis Mayfield 20th Anniversary

Eddie Thomas (co-founder of Curtom)
Welcome to this special Blog only edition of The Science of Soul. In 1993 Mickey Nold suggested I should write a radio series about Curtis Mayfield, and looking back I'm so glad he did. When finished it was originally broadcast on PCRL radio in Birmingham, UK over six episodes the story covers the career of one of the most influential artists of our time, Curtis was more than just music, his song writing was historical statements of America at that time which the whole world could see "Choice of Colours," "We're a Winner" and the like we're bold statements in a deeply segregated country. It's been 20 years ago today since Curtis passed but his vision lives on, so sit back and enjoy the music of Curtis Mayfield..Also included on this blog is an interview I recorded with Curtis III, his eldest son who is a very close friend and carries many of his fathers traits, a fine man with the vision of his father.

Curtis III (Mayfiield's son)
Receiving an award for Curtis

When I look back over my life, music has been the one constant feature present. I would miss lunch to save the money to spend on records (if my Mom had known, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale, lol!)

I would make the trip from school to Norgroves electrical shop every Tuesday and Friday lunch time, to see what new records they had - I would then spend all the lunch money I had saved and still not get all the discs I wanted - they must have thought I was a strange 12-year-old kid, bless their hearts! They used to give me as much as I bought; they could see the struggle I went through each time, deciding what to buy with what little money (financial resources) I had - they knew I was hooked on soul music before I did!

"Mayfield was a big influence on my songwriting and vocal style. From his early days as the lead singer of the Impressions.. I marvelled at his ability to get hit records with spiritual lyric content like "People Get Ready" and "Amen". No other secular artist at that time was anywhere near successful as Curtis at using God's word to influence young people. I remember James Brown saying that if not for Curtis...there would not have been records like..."Say It Loud.. I'm Black and I'm Proud". Which became James Brown's contribution for the black civil rights movement of the sixties"  Billy Griffin

The 1965 His Masters Voice EP
Then one day they gave me something that changed my life: it was an EP and I remember John in the shop saying, “This looks like something you would like” It was Soulfully by The Impressions - I heard Curtis Mayfield for the first time, and from that moment on life was never quite the same. From Curtis and the Impressions’ music I learned the beauty of love, I learned of the injustices many faced in society and man’s struggle to create a better world in spite of himself. To quote a line from one of his songs “He opened up my eyes so I might see” - his songs helped me see and understand so much that 45 years later his music is still a source of comfort to me. I had a chance to know Curtis, and his humility touched me very deeply; his gentle and warm smile, how he would start a sentence by saying “well you know…” - these things are fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

   "Curtis Mayfield was brilliant at making you look inward while enjoying the journey musically. People hate looking inward, so you can’t imagine how challenging it is for a writer to inspire that in someone while wrapping it in timeless melodies. It make sense why he’s a legend”  Marcell Russell

 Please forgive my ramblings, I just wanted to give a glimpse of what Curtis Mayfield means to me. A thought popped into my head one day; imagine what it would have been like to be Curtis Mayfield’s son. The interview here gives you a glimpse of that. Curtis’s eldest son, Curtis Mayfield III, kindly agreed to talk to me about just that. I thank him for his friendship and for sharing his thoughts with me so openly and freely . CIII is a man at peace with himself and a legacy left by his father. He has made his own way in the world; you would expect nothing less from a man who carries the name of his father so proudly. All that’s left to say is “people get ready” sit back, and enjoy…

  "As a young musician, I was impressed and influenced by the songwriting and musicianship of Curtis Mayfield. Songs like "I'm So Proud" and "People Get Ready" were songs that every singing group would rehearse to test how good their harmonies were. He was a big influence on me then and still is to this day." Chris Jasper

  "I Grew From James Brown To Curtis Mayfield" in Life and my stage persona !!!  Joe 'Pep' Harris (Undisputed Truth)

Songs featured in the program:
  • The Impressions - People Get Ready
  • We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
  • Move On Up
  • The Makings Of You
  • Superfly
  • Little Child Running Wild
  • Curtis Mayfield III - Soldier In The Sand
  • Back To The World
  • To Be Invisible
  • Curtis Mayfield III - Girl From 1-2-3
  • The Impressions - This Is My Country
  • (Don't Worry) If There Is A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go
  • Oh So Beautiful

Curtis Jr., in Chicago, USA

Satellite Link
Bill in  Birminham, UK

  "My time playing with Curtis, "priceless". Hard to top travelling and preforming all over the world with a true legend. And he was easy to play for. He had certain things he wanted to hear but I had a lot of freedom to be myself within the music.