First off this week I must apologise to anyone who missed last weeks live show due to last minute schedule change, snow.....yes, it was down to the bad weather conditions my colleague 'Big' Phil Tonks was unable to get to the Studio so my show was moved forward at the very last minute! all is not lost though, remember you can always get the show on a Podcast (Bridge readers - click link below) the following day, you can listen any time and as often as you wish plus you get all the information on the site with links to lots of interesting stuff.

Thank you to all the people who called the studio who were listening for the first time it was great you could join us, I do know my my regular slot is late for a Sunday, but as I said before no need to miss out just go to my Blog site. If you ever get problems getting on the site just Google 'Bill Randle, The Science of Soul' and it will take you there, then save me in your Favorites.

This week's featured artist is a young lady from Jackson Mississippi,. Adrena, some of you may be aware of her 2010 release "Thoughts Of A Woman" I will be playing a couple of tracks from that album plus her latest single from her upcoming set "Better Day's." The album is just being completed and will be available in the first quarter of this year. There will be more tracks played from this album as I receive them. 

All the signs are that 2013 is gonna be a busy year for Adrena the album sounds great, I will keep you updated .You can check-out our Adrena's biography at the foot of this page. Also in today's show have new music from Will Downing from his new album "Silver," that's due out very soon too. Already out there is Teena Marie's posthumous set "Beautiful," this is a great album highly recommended from this legendary lady of soul.  On the subject of legends I will be playing the new single from Chris Jasper's album, the former Isley Brother, Jasper as been delivering album after album of great music. His new set "Inspired: By Love, By Life And The Spirit" is no exception and Chris will be our featured artist next week.

Great to see the US TV series Unsung back on air, the latest show featured Isaac Hayes, you need to check this Series out as they do great work on spotlighting our soul legends. Also worth looking at is Kevin Goins excellent Blog site. New York based Kevin brings lots of interesting news and feature's and for 60's soul fans check Mickey Nold's excellent Detroit Labels blog, it's a wealth of information beautifully presented as always by Mickey, if your not familiar with Mickey he is the man who put the Science of Soul site together and without his hard work and dedication this place just would not exist, he also does a number of  Blog's, Mickey is a wealth of knowledge, when you get on his site you can get lost for days (Lol).

The Dells & The Chi-Lites in Chicago studio 1969
I am just waiting on conformation of an event being staged by Rock & Roll Entertainments that will be taking place in September. Headlining will be the legendary Ben E King, the science of soul will be playing a part in this event so I will keep you updated on tickets etc, I promise this will be a show to remember. Almost forgot, check-out the picture of The Chi-Lites and The Dells taken at the very first Soul Train television show from Chicago.....now that's HISTORY!

Sad to wake up today (Sunday) to hear the news that we have lost a true soul legend Mr Leroy "Sugerfoot" Bonner. Sugerfoot was a founding member of The Ohio Players and his style and vocals were a major part of the bands success. Not to overstate his influence on  generations of funketeers would be impossible, I will be doing a proper tribute him on next weeks show - R.I.P. Leroy "Sugerfoot" Bonner ......O.H.I.O. That's it for now so sit back enjoy the music.

Sunday's playlist 27th January 2013

Hour One
Dionne Warwick - Move Me No Mountain
Vick Allen - I Gotta Have It
Will Downing - Stuff That I Like
Tashan Rashad - So Much Love
Barry White - Ghetto Letto
Adrena - Cheatin' On Da Backstreet / Another Woman's Man
Bobby Taylor - Malinda
Chris Jasper - Inspired
Teena Marie - Sweet Tooth
The Floaters - Made Up My Mind
Chapter 8 - Let's Get Together

Hour Two
Teena Marie - The Long Play
Barbara Mason - You Can't Be With The One You Don't Love
Adrena - So Addicted
The O'Jays - Baby Makin' Love
Theo Peoples - Listen To Your Heart
Randy Darbonne - Always Be Mine
The Dramatics - Ocean Of Thought's And Dreams
The Chi-Lites - There Will Never Be Any Peace.
Chuck Jackson - Cover Up Or Get Ready
The Dell's - Slow Motion
Billy Paul - I Think I'll Stay Home Today.

Adrena's Biography
Southern Soul vocalist, songwriter and instrumentalist, Adrienne Ervin, “Adrena”, born May 24, 1980 in Jackson Mississippi. Her singing career began at age five in County Line Baptist Church singing solo “I May Be Young and May Never Get Old”. This being her first solo part, she received a standing ovation from the crowd... 

Being a Black artist, the church provided the ample training needed to enhance her natural talent, especially in the Blues arena. In April, 2008, Adrena began working on her first single, “What's Good For Th Goose”. The single was released to the media and is currently being played on numerous radio stations across the south. She has performed with artists such as Denise LaSalle, Omar Cunningham, T.K. Soul and others.

 In 2002 through 2008 she sang background for Peggy Scott Adams, Jimmy Lewis, William Bell and Barbara Carr. Her mission is to infuse her love for the Blues into a new generation of music lovers. Adrena’s love for music has always been astounding. Her creativity allows her to put words from the heart to a beat on the keys. 

These things inspired her to take voice training along with piano and drum lessons. She became the 1st chair female percussionist in Middle School. Her God given talent has led her to become a choir member, a soloist, a Choir Director and now a Blues artist. “Others have gotten it, and so can I”. The artists that Adrena has performed with salutes the calm confidence Adrena shows in the studio and the fiery showmanship shown on stage. That’s to say, “What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.”


Winzell Kelly

Winzell and the Guys at United Sound Studio
Thank you for stopping by the Science of Soul site, always good to have your company. On this weeks show I feature Winzell Kelly, if he's is new to you then your in for a treat. Kelly has been member of The Dramatics for twenty years, a very accomplished song writer, musician and if that's not enough he posses a voice as smooth as silk. He debuted with The Dramatics on there 'Mellow Drama' album back in 1994, since then he has been a fixture. I remember getting that album from Coachman in Detroit seems like only yesterday, ( excuse my mind drifting lol ) This week we are looking at his solo project 'Split Personality' I think you'll like it.....I surely did.

You might have noticed Mickey as installed a Soul Survey, It's located on the right hand side of the page at the bottom. Please take a second to look and click your soul preference, it helps us bring you the music you like to hear. Yet another great week on the Podcasts, I'm glad, such a number, many from so many different countries all over the world take time to listen, it's way beyond our expectation's. Yes well over a thousand listens now - so please continue to share us with your friends and fellow soul folks. 

The Originals
The more we grow the more we can achieve in spreading the soul vibe.The major labels seem to do very little in terms of 'real soul music' (don't get me started - lol) So my aim is to try and fill that void so the music we love can survive and flourish. If your new here or just been busy over the festive season remember to check out our Wilbe Records Special, because it's proved to be very popular, thanks for all your Facebook messages from artist's and the public in general with reference to this one, I hope to do others in the future.

I'm looking to play a track from Teena Marie's new posthumous release "Beautiful," that's if it arrives in time for this weeks show, also I'm dipping into the back-catalog of one of my favorite groups, The Original's. Hope you like the picture it was taken back in the day when I had hair ( lol, ) outside the Motown Museum in Detroit. Sadly only Hank Dixson survives from the original group, and I have to say it was a privilege to known each one of them. Just a quick reminder as we are getting so many new members to The Science of Soul family every week, you can still catch older show's you may have missed by just clicking older post's and go to whatever show you want to listen to whatever.....its all there to be shared.

Playlist for Sunday 20th January 2013
Hour One

Isaac Hayes - Wonderful
Jarrard Anthony - Something Like Love Gina Brown - Havin' A Party
Bill Withers - World Keeps Going Round
Angie Stone - My People
Kenny Lattimore - Where Did Love Go
Winzell Kelly - Step On / Love Connection
Average White Band - For You For Love
Anita Baker - Lately
Ron Tyson - Got My Swagger Back
Enchantment - Its You That I Need

Hour Two
Con Funk Shun - I'll Set You Ok
The Original's - Baby I'm For Real
Winzell Kelly - # 1 Love
Willie Hutch - Paradise
Levert - Baby I'm Ready
Lenny Williams - Sunshine
Phil Perry - Pretty Lady
Millie Jackson - Tired Of Hiding
Perry & Sanlin - Since You
Will Downing - Don't You Know
Ronnie McNair - I Love You
The Dells - I Need You

Winzell Kelly's biography
Soul music fans know the Winzell Kelly and they know his music. For nearly 20 years he has been a member of the legendary Dramatics and a mainstay in the major music scene. A Detroit native, Kelly began playing both bass guitar and saxophone as a teenager, while also singing in his church choir. As a young man he performed around the country with the Floaters and a latter day version of the Capitals before joining the Dramatics in the early 90's. 
For the past two decades, Kelly has spent the majority of his time touring with the Dramatics, but had both written and produced the group on the last few CD's as well well as outside the group. Winzell has spent 2 years hand picking songs for his new CD titled 'Slit Personality' that debuted in 2012, it includes ballads, dance music and a song titled 'Whats Your Maximum with A Reggae Flair' and hopes you enjoy.


Ms. Monique

Welcome to another playback of my radio show. Giving thanks to everyone for making last weeks Podcast our most listened to yet! All the positive feed-back from our Wilbe tribute was too kind. I'm glad so many took time out to listen. It seems the Science of Soul family is growing every week (due in no small part to all the work Mickey does managing the site) so please help spread the word share with your friends and fellow soul fans.

Just before his death my good friend Ron Banks helped set up this R&B Music Hall Of Fame Museum, please sign the petition to help launch this project, just click: 'here' and it will take you to the site where you can add your name to the growing number of support.  The purpose of this Petition is to gage the interest of the public that many individuals are in agreement that there needs to be an organization that collects and records the accomplishments of individuals and organizations that have contributed to the R&B & Gospel music industry.

This weeks feature artist is the beautiful Ms Monique, I''ll be spinning tracks from her recent album "She Motions," that was issued in 2012.... it's a real masterpiece. I thought I would bring it to your attention just in case you missed it. Monique sits in a similar bag as Angie Stone and believe me for me to say that is a great compliment. She has depth and quality that very few artist's have and trust me this Lady is here to stay.

Sad to hear the news that we lost one of our pioneers of funk 'Sweet' Lou Wilson, one of the founding members of the band Mandrill. Lou made his transition on Monday 7th. January, 2013, he was 71 yrs old.  As always on the Science of Soul I pay tribute and respect to our heroes. "Light a candle, Bang a Drum, Smile" and think of Sweet Lou..... R.I.P. my brother your work is done.

As I write this I'm yet to finalise my playlist for this weeks show but by now you know the format, sit back enjoy and thank you for being part of my soul family.

Playlist for Sunday 13th January 2012

Hour One
Johnny Britt - Feels So Good
Michon Young - I'm Waiting On You
Johnnie Taylor - I'm In A Midnight Mood
Charlie Wilson - Life Of The Party
Fred Bolton - Must Be Jelly
Ms Monique - Becoming The Man I Want, Perfect Opportunity
Curtis Mayfield - Baby Its You
Blackstreet - Joy
Unified Tribe - Happy Go Lucky
Randy Darbonne - Thats What It Takes

Hour Two
Walter Heath - Soul Mate
Al Jarreau, George Benson & Patti Austin - Let It Rain
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Be For Real
The Stylistics - Payback Is A Dog
Mandrill - Love Made Me Over, Closer To You [tribute]
Ms Monique - You Did It (live)
Richard Dimples Fields - If It Ain't One Thing It's Another
Randy Brown - I'd Rather Hurt Myself.
The Chi-Lites - A Letter To Myself
Ruben Studdard - Just Because
Johnny Gill - My My My.

Ms Monique Biography:
Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer & Actress Ms. Monique has certainly paid her dues in the music business. She has been performing in front of live audiences professionally since she was in a young teenager. She was born and raised in South Florida and it is ultimately where she learned to hone her skills and it gave her the ability to whoa any audience she comes across. Currently she is embarking on her new project that is her Sophomore Effort, she feels that this one embodies the genetic make up of the REAL Woman. The album is rightfully titled "SHE MOTIONS" and tells the tale of many women out there today. She is the voice of the everyday woman. Look out for her in a city or town near you. Her album will be in stores November 15, 2012.... Watch out World here she comes. ....Myspace


Randy Darbonne

It's Science of Soul time yet again and like they say: "Time really does fly when your having fun". If you didn't get a chance to check-out the Wilbe Records Special we posted in the middle of last week please do so today, it's just over an hour long. The Wilbe Special is a Podcast only show and a kind of a New Year's gift to our global friends as well as our Bridge FM listeners and thanks to Mickey Nold for putting a great layout for this program. Let me remind you that if you ever miss a show or you want to revisit my past,  it's not a problem just click were it says older posts and they will all pop-up just choose the Month and show you want, there is also a list of featured artists in the left column.

Lake Charles
This weeks featured artist is a young man from Lake Charles, Louisiana, by the name of Randy Darbonne. Randy is a great talent and I think with exposure and promotion I feel sure his music will come of age in 2013. His bio and a link to his website is at the bottom of today's page. So please spread the word and remember you heard him here first at The Science of Soul Dot Com.

I'm always searching for new talent or artists in need of radio exposure, so if that's YOU please get in touch. If your a fan and would like me to feature someone please feel free to contact me too, also all you are an indie record label out there keep us informed.The show is all about spreading the soul-word, so please put our link on your web sites and Facebook pages because the more people we can reach the more people we can teach.

This weeks playlist for Sunday the 6th. January 2003

Hour One
I Like the Way You Move - Eddie Levert
Come Get To This - L.J. Reynolds
Workin' On Love - AJ Sparks & Crew
Look My Way - Lola
On My Own Again - Sir Charles Jones
Love On the Roof - Randy Darbonne
Ain't Gonna Happen - Randy Darbonne
Look What You Done For Me - Al Green
One More Chance On Love - Bobby Womack
Could It Be - The Dells
And I Panicked - The Dramatics

Hour Two
Waiting - Deniece Williams
Jealous Lady - Jeff Floyd
Whats Done Is Done - Randy Darbonne
Somewhere Here On Earth - Prince
A Moments Pleasure - Millie Jackson
You've Been My Inspiration - The Main Ingredient
Funny - Gerald Levert
Call Tyrone - Tyrone Davis
Change Your World - Anthony Hamilton
Cloudy - The Average White Band
Flying High On Your Love - The Bar-Kays

Randy Darbonne Bio
Randy Darbonne was born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana and combines his southern roots with an international influence to create his own musical style today. His music is deeply rooted in the R&B, Soul and Jazz style. Randy's influences has been the great singers, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Womack, Sly & The Family Stone to name just a few.

Randy moved to Oakland, California and began his musical journey with various bands and in 2004 embarked on a solo career. His first CD, Radio Soul paved the way to the future of Randy's dream. Three years later, Randy produced and launched his new CD, Let's Talk About Love on his own label, Kool Like That, Inc. Randy has performed as an opening act for the Ohio Players, Taylor Dane and has showcased his music at Kimball's East and various other venues in the Bay area. A highlight in his singing career was when he performed for the famous civil right's legend, Rosa Parks in San Fransisco. Visit Randy's site


Wilbe Records (Special)

At the dawn of 2013 my mind drifts back to a conversation I had over twenty years ago with a well known music executive in Los Angeles, he predicted that within five years there would be no independent record label's as and they could not compete with the power of  the majors. The multi-million dollar budgets available to promote new artist's and product would ensure that the public would buy what ever was forced upon them. The power of the music video made it more important that an artist or group looked a certain way...that far out-weighed their talent. After all we are at a time when technology makes it possible for pretty much anyone to sound good in the recording studio,the new artist's rarely perform live and on the odd occasion they do its no problem they would just lip sync, it had been done on TV shows for years.

Thankfully the music mogul's underestimated the intelligence of the music buying public and that of the REAL artist's. I use the term REAL to distinguish between the ones who were concerned about there studio time budget rather than there video shoot music as a longevity that video can never capture.

To a major degree we owe a lot to the rappers who by passed the mainstream. They cut there tracks in there often, home studio's then pressed up there own product, booked there own gig's and sold the music direct. Doing it this way they controlled their own money and retained artistic control. It was the major's that forced this to happen! You see creative people are by nature creative and they just find ways of adapting.

All this brings me back to the dawn of 2013 ....a time when Independents are still around producing music that as a 'shelf life'. Of course their aim is to make money but they do it with integrity and are proud of the music they produce. The albums continue to sell for years after the initial release and new fans discover the music that was there all the time. Creativity is a force of nature and therefore can not be stopped....... sit back and enjoy as we explore the music that has and continues to flow from College Park Georgia the home of Wilbe Records.....TRUE SOUL SURVIVORS.

Written and produced by Bill Randle & Mickey Nold for Science of Soul Productions Special Thanks to Mr Larry Eaglin & Mr William Bell without you guys there would be nothing to write.

Songs featured:
William Bell - I Forget To Be Your Lover (Stax) 1969
William Bell - Headline News 1985
Jeff Floyd - I Found Love On A Lonely Highway 2001
Hardway Connection - Dirty Old Man 2005
Will Bell/Jeff Floyd - Somebody's Gonna Loose A Good Woman 2008
William Bell - New Lease On Life 2006
Lola - Look My Way 2007
Lola - Wash Your Hands 2007
Fred Bolton - I Can't Loose 2006
Fred Bolton - You Are My Desire 2006
Jeff Floyd - Do You Wanna 2008
Total Package Band (TPB) - Life Styles Of The Poor & Unknown 2012
Dave Morris - Rendezvous 2012
Jeff Floyd - Never Walk Away From Love 2012

William Bell in his studio
History of Wilbe RecordsI

In 1985, William Bell launched Wilbe Records in Atlanta, GA. USA and issued the album Passion, which produced three chart singles in the U.S. and was a major hit in the U.K. .
 “I Don’t Want to Wake Up Feeling Guilty,” a duet with Janice Bullock from that album, stayed on the American charts for close to nine months. A song from that album, “Headline News,” was released as a single in England and was later voted one of the top ten records in 1987 by the readers of Blues & Soul magazine in the U.K.

In addition to releasing more of his own albums in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, William began to produce and develop other artists for his Wilbe label. Artists such as Jeff Floyd, Lola, & the late Fred Bolton helped solidify Wilbe Records’ status as the premier Independent Soul label. World class producer Reginald “Wizard” Jones along with Mr. Bell, also helped establish & maintain the patented Wilbe Records sound.

 In 2000, William returned to the recording studio and released A Portrait Is Forever, an album of all original songs, followed by “New Lease On Life”, “Live In NYC”, & a “Greatest Hits” compilation.

 Wilbe Records was received numerous awards since it’s founding including “Record Label of the Year” at the Southern Konnection Radio and DJ Conference & Jus Blues Music Awards Shows. 

Wilbe Records Album Discography  

2019  Total Package Band: ”T’s Groove” 2012
2018  Jeff Floyd: ”Watch Me Work” 2012
2017  Dave Morris: ”In & Out Of Love” 2012
2016  Various Artists: ”Wilbe Records Greatest Hits” 2010
2015  William Bell: ”Live In New York City” 2009
2014  Jeff Floyd : ”Keepin’ It Real” 2008
2013  Wizard Jones: “Roze’s Garden” 2008
2012  Lola: “Give Her What She Wants” 2007
2011  Fred Bolton: “I’m Gonna Get Mine” 2006
2010  William Bell : “New Lease On Life” 2006
2009  Hardway Connection: “Hot Ticket” 2005
2008  Jeff Floyd : “The Power Is Still On” 2004
2007  Jacquel: “You Gotta Work It” 2003
2006  William Bell: “Greatest Hits”Collector’s Edition 2002
2005  Rae: “A Part Of Life” 2002
2004  4 His Glory: “Rise Up” 2002
2003  Various Artists: "Beach Mania" 2001
2002  Jeff Floyd : “Powerhouse” 2001
2001  William Bell: "A portrait is Forever" 2001
4224  Joey Gilmore: "Just Call Me Joey" 1995
4128  William Bell: "Bedtime Stories" 1992
3007  William Bell: "On A Roll" 1988
3006  Lou's Blues Review: "Come Out & Play 1988
3005  Eddie Floyd: "Flashback" 1988
3004  Jerome Roberson: "Singing In The Spirit" 1987
3003  Janice Bullock: "Don't Start A Fire" 1987
3002  Vision: "Exposed" 1986
3001  William Bell: "Passion" 1985

Wilbe Blog Page      William Bell's site

Wilbe Records Recording Session Oct 2010 from Wilbe Records on Vimeo.