Ty Juan

Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul , my Featured Album this week is the new set from Atlanta based soulman Ty Juan, with "Signature II," and what a great album it is. If you like your soul silky smooth with a real retro feel your gonna love this, Ty just gets better with every new project . It's great see Soul legend Al Green back with a new track, his first in many a year. It was worth the wait recorded in Memphis Tennessee it carries all the Al Green trade marks. Another veteran back with new music is Will Downing wIprevue a track from his forthcoming album and to round out the new music we have a young lady from Melbourne Australia, Audrey Powne and a new name to me D'Maestro out of the Atlanta. Old School have no need to worry your well taken care of this week with classics from Randy Brown, Prince Phillip Mitchell and The Whispers just to name a few, so sit back enjoy and let the music sooth ya and groove ya...

Sundays Playlist 23-09- 2018
Hour One
The Blackbyrds - Dreaming About You
OndreMusic - It's You
Lina - Best Friends
Al Green - Before The Next Teardrop Falls
Will Downing - Look At Yourself
Blu Mitchel - Standing Ovation
Ty Juan - I Deserve It
Ty Juan - Survive
The Whispers - Never To Late
Michelle Wiley - Feel Good
The Marvelows - In The Morning
Brothers Guiding Light - Getting Together

Hour Two
L J Reynolds - Sunday
Miracle Thomas - Why Have I Lost You
Audrey Powne - Flowers
D'Maestro - Geraldine
Randy Brown - Leave The Bridges Standing
Frederick - My Gift To You
Ty Juan - Give You Love
Robert H Fowler - What's The Name Of Your Love
Prince Phillip Mitchell - Make It Good
Prince Phillip Mitchell - Your All I Got In The World
Creme D' Cocoa - Mr Me & Mrs You
The Ebonys - Waiting For The Last Goodbye

Ty Juan (pronounce 'tie one') biography :- His last album page


Natasha Watts

Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul,  my Featured Artist this week is UK soul lady Natasha Wattsher new album "My Next Chapter" is being very well received among soul folks and Natasha's popularity continues to rise on the back of recent tours with Shalamar and The O'Jays where she really did win over the audiences. Other new music this week comes from New York's Ms Victoria Horne, "Autumn Sky" (her  new album) is a little different for The Science of Soul, but I think you will enjoy. Thanks to publicity man Clinton Coleman for bringing this to my attention. Also listen out for Ronnette Harrison the Washington DC, gospel singer with  her new release "Always There," is pretty special.

I can't leave the fella's music out either so I have new releases from Ray, Goodman & Brown & Leroy Allen. We will also be revisiting recent Featured Albums from L Young and Jermaine Robbins. The old school folks will also be well taken care of with classics from Billy Paul, Larry Saunders, The Manhattans and a whole lot more so sit back pour a glass of wine and enjoy and please remember to tell a friend about about The Science of Soul.

Sunday's playlist 16-09-2018
Hour One
Delegation - Oh Honey
Steffen Morrison - Movin' On
Victoria Horne - Autumn Sky
Carolyn Staten - Just The Way You Want It
Saint Jaimz - It Ain't Workin'
L Young - Can't Get You Off My Mind
Natasha Watts - Special Day
Natasha Watts - Only You
Tyrone Davis - I Get Carried Away
Ronnette Harrison - Always There
Carl Sims/Debra Benson -
            When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
The Temptations - Still Feel Like Your Man
Cameo - Feel Me

Hour Two
The Manhattans - Don't Say Goodbye
Ray Goodman & Brown - They Say Your No Good
Leroy Allen - I'm Gonna Love You
Bo Henderson - Makin' Love
Zaki Shabbaz - Love Makin' Music
Roosevelt Wade - This Bed Ain't Big Enough
Billy Paul - Everybody's Breakin' Up
Floyd Taylor - All Of Me For All Of You
Carl Douglas - I Wanna Give You My Everything
Larry Saunders - Darling I Love You
Nu Soul Habits - Where Could You Be
Jermaine Robbins - My Love
Eugene Record - Love Don't Live By Sex Alone

Biography for Natasha Watts:- .Natasha's old page


Stan Mosely

Thanks for visiting the Science of Soul, my Featured Album this week as been a while in the making, but it's certainly worth the wait, called "Soul Resurrection" from one of my favourite people, and Chicago legend Stan Mosley. I know just how much work as gone into this project with recording sessions in Philly with Bobby Eli, with further recordings in Atlanta and various other spots in between Stan's busy touring schedule, yes it's truly been a labour of love and deserves my full support, so be sure to visit www.stanmosleysoul.com to pick up your copy.

Geno  Clarke/Yvonne (right)
Making her debut on my show this week is South Carolina gospel lady Shonda English with her latest release "Feels Good," does exactly what it says, It makes you feel good, think you will enjoy. There is new music from Detroit Soul lady long time lead singer of The Elgins group, Yvonne Vernee Allen, if your into the 60s Northern soul groove this will really take you buy surprise, it's written by the late Tony "The Entertainer" Clarke and produced by his Son and my good friend Geno Clarke along with McKinley Jackson and Drew Schultz. They have really captured the feel of Detroit 60's Soul, highly recommended. Other newies of note today come from the super soulful Tre Williams and super smooth Al Lindsey who is riding high with his new album "Versatility" and listen out for a killer track from Lomax "Never Hurt You Like That."  OK enough chit chat, hit the play button, sit back and enjoy let the music soothe your soul ...

Sunday's playlist for 09-09-2018
Hour One
Ace Spectrum - Sweet Music Soft Lights & You
Raw Soul Express - The Way We Live
Grady Harrell & Brenda Lee Eager - 
                  Always On The Lookout For Love
The Innersection - Let Me Love You
Yvonne Vernee - You Can Do It Now
Stan Mosley - People We Gotta Do Better 
Stan Mosley - If I Didn't Have You
Shonda English - Feels Good
Romel Westwood - What's Love To You
Brian Christopher - The One
The Three Pieces - If Only I Could Prove To You
The Sentiments - She Won't Be Gone Long
Carl Douglas - Never Had This Dream Before

Hour Two
The Dells - Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation
The Dramatics - I Cried All The Way Home
Dells/Dramatics - Love Missing From Our Lives
Slique Jay Adams - Step The Night Away
Lomax - Never Hurt You Like That 
Tre Williams - Flyin'
Stan Mosley - Sentimental Journey
Carmichael - Rock It My Favourite Song
Al Lindsey - Versatility
Johnathan Butler - Do You Love Me
The Love Committee - I Wanna  Make Love To You

Stan Mosley biography:-
Stan Mosley was born in Chicago, IL. By Stan growing up in the church, his passion for music started there with the encouragement of his mother. Throughout his youth, Stan was praised continually for his vocals which lead him to perform professionally. Presently, Stan Mosley has been performing professionally for over 46 years. Mosley began singing in 1969 and In 1974 he moved to East St. Louis, IL. and joined a group named The Sharpees, which later toured as a back-up band for Shirley Brown. In 1976 Mosley returned to Chi-town, and he spent years performing on the city’s extensive club circuit, but had yet to be signed let alone release a record. “At some point in time,” Mosley recalls, “I have either opened for or performed in the same venue as just about every major soul or blues act in the business.” His acclaim grew and, for two years running, he captured the important Chicago Music Award (in 1982 and 1983) for Best Male R & B Vocalist. By the mid-eighties, however, like so many of his R&B peers, he found the climate for adult R&B too hostile to continue.


Jermaine Robbins

Jerry Butler takes us back today
Welcome to this weeks edition of the Science of Soul that includes new music from Sarah Lesol (Scheduled for last weeks show but due to tech issues had to move it to this week), Lucy Shropshire, Miracle Thomas and UK Soul lady Rose Vincent. The Featured Album of the week comes from Atlanta Soulman Jermaine Robbins "The Journey Within" is a real masterpiece of sensual mood music that I think you will enjoy. Al Lindsey the Michigan based artist is still getting great revues on his album "Versatility," it's nice to see Al get the recognition he so richly deserves. As always there are plenty of old skool classics to enjoy and get you reminiscing about the good old days of soul music so sit back put our feet up and enjoy ..

Sunday's playlist for 02-09- 2018
Jermaine Robbins
Hour One
Five Special - The More I Get To Know You
Rose Vincent - Changes
Terry Harris - Start All Over
Tamia - Leave It Smokin'
HollyGrove - Runnin' Slippin' Sliddin' Through
Jermaine Robbins - I Cant Get Enough
Jermaine Robbins - Gave You All My Love
Sarah Lesol - Your The One For Me
Jennifer Hudson ft Fantasia - I'm His Woman
Miracle Thomas - Why I Have I Lost You
Al Johnson - Tell Me Again
Michael Donaby - Catch A Fallin' Star

Hour Two
Jermaine Robbins - I Love It
Peace By Piece - Its Been So Long
Lucy Shropshire - I'll Be Here For You
Facts of Life - Lost Inside Of You
Big Brooklyn Red ft Antonia Janae - Paradise
Jerry Butler - Do You Finally Need A Friend
Jerry Butler - How Does It Feel
Bobby Hutton - Lovin' You Needing You
Black Ivory - You Mean Everything To Me
The Dramatic - The Best Thing In My life
The Originals - Baby I'm For Real
Howard Hewett - Can You Feel Me
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

Jermaine Robbins biography:-
As a Southern artist, Jermaine Robbins combines his love of the South with a twist of home grown realism, topped off by fresh, innovative and collective melodies. Your first impression would lead you to believe he is a quiet, well-mannered, business-minded perfectionist with the wisdom of a veteran entertainer. Jermaine's main inspirations for his choice in lyrics comes from what he states are many up and down relationships. At only 27 years of age he has worked countless hours with many of the industries hottest musical engineers. As time will soon reveal, Jermaine Robbins Southern roots will shine through.