Taylor Pace

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Science of Soul. Those guys at Soul Junction records have done it again another great double header this time by Southern soul man Preston Shannon. They have secured the rights to two great tracks from the Memphis based artist, both sides are worthy of your attention and are included in this weeks show. The oddly named Texas funk/blues band Mingo Fishtrap have just released there latest set "On Time" I have to admit they were new to me but they have an extensive back catalog I must dig a little deeper into these guys. My thanks to Mickey for bringing them to my attention.

Featured album on this week's show is the debut one from Taylor Pace, "Return Of The Phoenix," a pretty good debut I must say, Taylor as been around awhile having toured extensively with American Idol finalist George Huff. I also have new music from The Secret B Sides, the North Carolina based band who just released there new album, "Welcome To Soul City," the track I have chosen "Give Me Your Heart" makes it worth picking up the album for that one track alone, but it's overall a very good set, something for everyone as they say. I have already featured Lewis "Raw" Shaw and Calvin Richardson but I thought I would take the liberty to refresh your memory.
There's no shortage of the Old Skool classics that we love and grew up with, so sit back and enjoy, I always say please remember to share the Science of Soul link, because it's a free gift and the more people we reach the more we teach .....

This weeks playlist for Sunday 26-10-2014

Hour One
G C Cameron - Live For Life
Preston Shannon - The Way I Love You
Mingo Fishtrap - Where Did You Come From
Secret B Sides - Give Me Your Heart
Linda Clifford - Can't Let This Good Thing Get Away
Carmen Hendricks - Timing
Taylor Pace - New Day
Taylor Pace - For You
The Gaturs - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Willie Tee - Man That I am
Carl Hall - What About You
Preston Shannon - Be With Me Tonight
Philly Devotions - We're Gonna Make It
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed - Pick A Number

Hour Two
Side Effect - Close To Me [Augie Johnson RIP]
Tavares - If That's The Way You Want It
Taylor Pace - Yeah Yeah
Tyrese - Sweet Lady
Reggie B ft Joc Max - Go'head and Get It
The Notations - Baby I Like Your Smile
The Main Ingredient - I'm Better Off Without You
Calvin Richardson - More Than A Picture
Horace Brown & Tyme - Taste Your Love
The Soul Children - Love Makes It Right
Raw Shaw - I'd Rather Go Blind
Heatwave - Sho' Nuff Must Be Love

Taylor Pace's Biography:
Return Of The Phoenix is about a lot of things. It's a work dedicated to the return of passion - passionate music, passionate art, passionate living. The Phoenix is that thing that makes up our core. Sometimes we stray from it for trying to do what's fashionable or status quo but we find ourselves always coming back to what's really in our core to be. The Phoenix can't help but come out in the we behave, think, and live because it is the truest expression of who we are.
The Phoenix is that indestructible force that is the human spirit. It's the thing that has the ability to rise up again and again even when faced with impossible odds and defeat after defeat. The Phoenix cannot be stopped. Return Of The Phoenix is a tribute to the best in each and every person out there. It's a salute to the power of love, the game of life, and the pursuit of happiness. (cdbaby)


Indie Soul United

Thanks for stopping by the latest edition of the Science of Soul, I have new music this week from Eric Nolan, who just in case you don't know is a member of the O'Jays, the track is from his solo album and features O'Jay, Mr Walter Williams, one of the greatest lead singers of all time. Don't know if I mentioned I will be seeing The O'Jays along with The Manhattans & The Dramatics in November in Indiana ... I can't wait .. am I lucky or what, Lol.

Featured artists this week are Indie Soul United they are well worthy of your attention, a definite star on the rise is Lionel Cornelius he comes from great stock you might remember the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose from back in the day, I did feature his album sometime back but I thought I'd give you a little reminder "Uh Huh" is his latest single from the album.
I will be dropping three Philly classics in a row on you this week just because I can, Lol.
Please remember to share the science of soul link and thank you for all the great feed back regarding the Pat Lewis interview I told you you'd be surprised by the amount of product that Pat had worked on, Lol.

Ok on with the good stuff enjoy...

Playlist for Sunday 19-10-2014

Hour One
Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove
Lionel Cornelius - Uh Huh
Marc Sadane - Never Gonna Stop
Zanye - Don't Let It Go To Your Head
Leela James - Tell Me That You Love Me
Indie Soul United - I Remember When
Indie Soul United - Someone
The Bar-Kays - Grown Folks
Eric Nolan ft Walter Williams - Give Her Your Love
The O'Jays - Darlin Darlin Baby
Harold Melvin & Bluenotes - Hope We Can Be Together Soon
The Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow

Hour Two
Juressa Mcbride - Woman First
Darrius Willrich - Can't Get Enough
Diversity - Glorify You
Strawberri - Play If You Want
Riko - Freaky Fun
Indie Soul United - Call Me Up
Sam Dees - Secret Admirer
L A Boppers - There She Goes Again
Tavares - Check It Out
L'Renee - All I Need Is Time
Denice Williams - Gonna Take A Miracle
Floyd Taylor - All Of Me

Indie Soul United Biography:
Boston, MA – Craig Alan Eleazer has released three CDs since 2008 that have received international acclaim. Two were with Boston bred singer Ashanti Munir (Balance - 2008 / Soul of a Woman - 2010) and the other was the compilation by Indie Soul United. (I Remember When – 2012) Each CD reached the Top 10 on London, England’s U.K. Soul Chart and Sweet Rhythms Chart. They each also received favorable reviews fromwww.soultracks.com in Michigan. Craig has penned the indie soul gems “Not Gonna Run Away” by Nichelle Mungo, “Someone” by Chidi, “I’m Staying Home Tonight” and “So Smooth” by Ashanti Munir.

2014 brings Indie Soul United 2 a compilation CD that features many of today's finest Indie-Soul voices. Most are from Boston. They are Athene Wilson, Ashanti Munir, Nichelle Mungo Ty Causey, Chidi, Leon Beal, Jr., Donald Sheffey, Sympli Whitney, Jason " Jay-El" Shorter and Laurone McLendon. The result is a collection of songs that flow seamlessly from one into the next. The music of ISU 2 is soulful, funky and full of love!

The first single hit the airwaves in early July via Solar Radio in London, U.K. The song is titled "Yesterday" by Ashanti Munir and Ty Causey. A buzz spread and the song was picked up by indie-soul radio stations in Brazil, Germany, Nigeria and the U.S.! Craig later announced the release of the CD at the 2014 Boston GreenFest with the help of the flash mob "Red White & Blue United!" A CD with so much to offer. The silky soul of Athene Wilson’s “Wildfire” which features smooth jazz saxophonist Elan Trotman is a song that you can kick back to. You can sing along with the multiple artist remake of the Stevie Wonder classic “Black Man” from "Songs In the Key of Life" double album. "The One" by Jason "Jay-El" Shorter is a refreshing CAE song from a male perspective! The music is the creation of French music producer Wadz. The CD also includes the debut of Sympli Whitney. (Framingham's own) Her track "7 Days A Week" featuring U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo is mesmerizing listeners worldwide! Whitney was featured on BET's "Apollo Live" 2014 season finale show! (facebook)


Calvin Richardson

It's Science of Soul time once again and this week I will be featuring Calvin Richardson's excellent new album "I Am Calvin," along with new music from; Keith Sweat, Ty Macklin, Frank McComb Charlie Wilson and Joe Leavy, in fact quite a lot of good new music around right now and I am running a bit late featuring some of it, it's been a busy couple of weeks, lol.

Just picked up the new book from Marshall Thomson of The Chi-Lites, looks like an interesting read, it's easily available from Amazon and it's titled appropriately "Last Man Standing," If you haven't had a chance to watch the excellent edition of the TVOne's show Unsung featuring the group it's well worth checking out. You may remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I, along with the technical skills of Mickey recorded an interview with Pat Lewis, this ladies career is just amazing, you wont wanna miss this, it's on the SOS site now, click here or find Pat Lewis Special in the pages index, where you will find other earlier Specials, I've posted the link on my Face Book page already.

You might have seen some of the great new advertisements on my FB pages for the show, I must thank Ms Jay Duncan of Vancouver in Canada for her hard work and time and as always Mickey's time and patience in keeping the site up and running at such a high standard its a vital part of the Science of Soul.

OK, time for the good stuff sit back enjoy and share the link...click here 4 podcast

This weeks playlist  Sunday 12-10-2014

Hour One
Lou Courtney - I'm In Need Of Love
The Just Right Band - I Want More
The Jackson 5 - I'm So Happy
Charlie Wilson - Goodnite Kisses
Janine Johnson - Passion
Joe Leavy - Find A Way To Love
Calvin Richardson - We Gon' Love Tonite
Calvin Richardson - What Would I Do
Fantasia - Truth Is
Harold Melvin & Bluenotes - Where Are All My Friends
Isaac Hayes - Storm Is Over
James Brown - These Foolish Things
Joe - All The Things

Hour Two
Johnny Bristol - So Good
Jaheim - Ready Willing & Able
Ty Macklin - Soul Lover
Bunny Sigler - Your Love Is Good
Frank McComb - Soul Mate
Calvin Richardson - Home In A Minute
Sam Dee's - Child Of The Streets
Angelo Remon - Foxxy Lady
Rick James - Happy
Keith Sweat - Make You Say Ooh
The Chi-Lites - Letter To Myself
The Emotions - Don't Ask My Neighbors

Calvin Richardson's Biography:
"Calvin Richardson is one of the most talented artists in the business.”Charlie Wilson

Whether categorized as “retro-soul,” neo-soul or simply soul, the decade-plus trend of resurgent soul music has only accelerated recently. Artists as diverse as Janelle Monet (doing a James Brown homage on David Letterman), Raphael Saddiq (who evoked Motown on his most recent album), Leela James, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Raheem DeVaughn, Amy Winehouse and more have ridden the soul bandwagon. For Calvin Richardson, affectionately dubbed The Soul Prince, soul music is more than a trend or even a musical style; it is a set of values that he has been living since even before his debut release in 1999. More @ Facebook


Pat Lewis Interview + Special

Pat & The Girls with Isaac Hayes
The Music industry is a strange business and often the most creative people don't get the glory, songwriters producers etc., they create the sound tracks to our lives and we only remember the singers. My good friend Roy Gennard (aka Hitsville Chalky) recently brought over to the United Kingdom, Ms Pat Lewis. The only way I can describe this lady is Living History I have known Pat for many years and still she amazes me, with the amount of classic recordings that she has worked on, just is truly awe inspiring. We are talking; Aretha Franklin, Jackie Wilson, George Clinton, The Four Tops (in fact thousands of classic Motown tracks) to name just a few and she was such a major part of that whole Isaac Hayes sound that changed the face of soul music.

I took the chance to capture some of that history and my thanks to Mickey Nold who engineered this interview and made the finished job what it as become. I normally script interviews but this was different, It's a conversation with music between two people who are very comfortable with each other, I sincerely thank Pat for her openness and friendship, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it. Sit back and immerse yourself in Soul music History.....

Pat & Bill relax in Studio 37

Pat Lewis Biography: 
Patsy Lewis was born October 23, 1947 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and moved to Detroit, Michigan in 1951. In the early 60s, Pat, her sister Dianne, and two friends (Betty and Jackie Winston) formed the group, The Adorables, who recorded a record and began singing backing vocals for Golden World Records.

Pat herself debuted as a solo artist in 1966 with Can't Shake It Loose while also beginning to do outside backing vocals sessions. She met Motown Records' in-house backing group The Andantes, and one day when one of the girls couldn't make the session for Stevie Wonder's Up-Tight, Pat stepped in and did it as well as several other Motown sessions. She signed to Solid Hit Bound Records and released a string of singles, including "Look At What I Almost Missed", "Warning", "No One to Love", "No Baby No", and "The Loser". From the late 60s on, she became a permanent backing singer for Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes and later on George Clinton too. She wrote several songs for Isaac Hayes.  

Later Years
In 1989, Pat as well as The Andantes were among the invited artists to join UK producer Ian Levine's mega-project Motorcity Records, a label formed to record new material on former Motown artists. Pat became the main backing vocals co-ordinator for the label and did several hundred arrangements while she recorded more than 50 tracks with herself and as a lead singer for the re-formed Andantes. Her single Separation (1991) (co-written by Levine and Billy Griffin) was Single of the Week when reviewed in British soul magazine Blues & Soul. After the label's demise in 1992, Pat continued to work with Ian Levine on a regular basis. In 1997, she recorded 50 cover versions of selected Motown and Northern Soul classics although only a handful of tracks have been released on various artists compilations. In 1999, she recorded 76 gospel tracks with Levine for K-Tel. As for the present, Pat occasionally tours with Martha Reeves's original backing group The Vandellas and most recently performed in Manchester, England in October 2007 where she had also been scheduled to record a new track for Levine's latest album Disco 2008, an engagement she had to cancel due to health problems. Pat is currently working for a small rental company in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.Wikipedia


The Science Of Soul

Thanks as always for stopping by the Science of Soul. My thinking this week is that I'll feature a track each from; Archie Bell, Eddie Holman and Tommy Hunt, the three legends of soul music that I had a chance to catch up with last weekend at  The Skegness Soul Weekender and had over eight thousand people in attendance! the biggest event of it's kind ever, I'm told. What drews me to this and other events like this is always the live acts, and as one punter I was not disappointed. Archie Bell was amazing, my first time seeing him live. He's a rare visitor to these shores, though I heard a few grumbles from the Northern Soul fans wanting more of his 60's songs, his set though did include; "Don't Let Love Get You Down", "Strategy","Tighten Up" & "Soul City Walking" and with countless others, that was just fine by me! I managed to chat with Archie after, so look out for a Science of Soul Interview Special in the next few months.

Eddie Holman headlined Saturdays event.... now Eddie has always been a gentleman, it was so good to see him again, his set included; "Eddie's My Name" & "Hey There Lonely Girl", and was very well received, something I was pleased to see because Eddie is a true professional, his live shows always turn out to be something pretty special. On Sunday it was Tommy Hunt's turn, and I had a chat with Tommy as well just before his show. Incredible to think he was recording before I was born, that was as a member of The Flamingo's, that was way back in the 1950's.

Tommy's career has been long and eventful and to think at 81 years old he is still performing live...I salute you Mr Tommy Hunt. Be sure to check out Tommy's own book, "Human". Other acts on the bill was; The Flirtations, Judy Street and Dean Parish, and they were very well received, and due to fact there own recording out put is very limited, the shows were kind of like a Northern Soul's greatest hits compilation (I hope It's a long time before I hear Frank Wilson's "Do I Love You" again, lol ) overall it was a great weekend.

Now onto this weeks show....listen for new releases by; Nellie 'Tiger' Travis, Raphael Ashanti, Cecily Remy and Corey Cross. Final note: Please help the Science of Soul grow and share the link with a friend ... It's a gift that don't cost a penny ...

Track listing for Sunday 4-10-2014

Hour One
Archie Bell & The Drells - Don't Let Love Get You Down
Eddie Holman - Hey There Lonely Girl
Tommy Hunt - Loving On The Losing Side
The Exceptional Three - Unlucky Girl
Corey Cross - Extremes
Dawson Smith - I Don't Know If I Can Make It
Chris Jasper - The One
Cecily Remy - Butterfly
The Memory Notes - Follow The Sun
Mandrill - Coming Home
Musiq Soulchild - Settle For My Love
Omari Shabazz - Love & Understanding
Courtship - Ooop's It Just Slipped Out
The Superb's - Baby's Gone Away

Hour Two
Riko - All About Me
The Dells - Always Together
Rufus Troutman - All I Need
Strawberri - Ooh Wee Baby
Morgan James - Call My Name
Tanya - I'm Not Broken
Nellie 'Tiger' Travis - Cold Feet
Jesse Fisher - Don't Cheat On Me
Marwan Soulflow - Your So Fine
Raphael Ashanti - Can We Talk
Marvin Gaye - My Last Chance
Milestone - Spend Some Time
David Hudson Sometime Kinda Thing