Welcome back, first I must apologize for the late publication last week it was due to Mickey being off line for essential maintenance to the Internet in his area. I must thank him for getting it all up and on-line on Wednesday, he is the man who makes the website possible and his patience and continued hard work is very much appreciated.

In honor of The Stylistics United Kingdom tour I will be playing three classics from these gentlemen who's impact on the Philly sound should never be overlooked, they have an amazing back catalog of material.

My good friend Alonzo Reid keeps putting out a steady stream of great music included in this weeks show, is his latest outing, "Three Wishes." If your a fan of the late Marvin Sease you gonna love Alonzo because he spent many years as member of Marvin's band and you see the influence it had on his style, I think he as got a hit this time out.

Got music from Joe's new set but I was feeling nostalgic this week so I raided the vaults, so I hope you enjoy. Thank you to all the people who visit the site and share the link and also Legend 107 in Tampa Bay, Florida, who make it possible for it to broadcast to an audience I would otherwise not reach. Sad news with the death of Al Johnson the week, I'll play some of his tunes next week.

Remember its very easy to reach me bill.randle @thebridgeradio.net or just hit the FB link.

Time to sit back and enjoy some classic soul on this weeks show ..

 This weeks playlist, Sunday 27th. October 2013

Hour One
Deneice Williams - Cause I Love You Baby
Alonzo Reid - Three Wishes
The Four Tops - It's The Way Nature Planned It
Gerald Levert - Didn't We
Erykah Badu - Next Lifetime
Holland /Dozier/Holland - The Picture Never Changes
Marvin Gaye - When Did You Stop Loving Me
Millie Jackson - Tired Of Hiding
The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again
The Stylistics - Pay Back Is A Dog
The Stylistics - Right As Rain

Hour Two
Gene Rice - Let Me Do You Right
Ann Nesby - i'm Still Wearing Your Name
Joe ft. Fantasia - Love & Sex
Cuba Gooding - Meant To Be In Love
Sir John Roberts - Do You Believe In Fate
Blackstreet - The Lord Is Real
Loleatta Holloway - Part Time Lover
The Exportations - Fell In Love To Late
Crystal Winds - So Sad
Al Wilson - I Wont Last A Day Without You/ Let Me Be The One


The Coalitions

Thanks for stopping by the Science Of Soul, it's a little different this week as the Featured Artist is part re-issue, part new. Those fine gentleman at Soul Junction Records have made available The Coalitions set: "Colour Me Blue," it takes you back to a time when there were so many great singing groups, and I have to say what great job Soul Junction do in providing an outlet for often rare quality soul music, If you check there back catalogue it's surprising just how much they have shared with us, so please give them you support, this album was pleasant surprise and I am very pleased to share it with you.

I've got the usual mix of Soul, just the way we like it, here on the Science Of Soul, a big thank you to our sponsor for this month David Marquis, his big launch night is coming up in New York City in November, I will keep you updated.

Aaron Cohen
My Listeners Choice this week comes from my dear friend Aaron Cohen, Chicago based Aaron is a published author, so I thought this week I'd let him tell you about his song selection...."When asked for three Chicago soul classics, I have to say the winnowing down proved the most difficult part. It would’ve been far easier to choose 300—and provide capsule descriptions of them all—than to decide which ones would be left out. I also know that next week I would probably select three different tracks. But, without doubt, Curtis Mayfield’s work would always be included.

1.) Curtis Mayfield, “Move On Up.” A few years ago, I tried to start a campaign to name this song as Chicago’s official anthem. While the civic powers-that-be ignored my efforts (for now), I am using this title for my book: Move On Up: Chicago Soul And Black Cultural Power (University of Chicago Press, 2017 publication). The lyrics speak for themselves: Mayfield expressed pure optimism and determination during a time in the post-Civil Rights era when so many things nationally, and locally, seemed even more dire than they are today. And he was also looking for different musical directions when he left the Impressions and included this track on his 1970 solo debut, Curtis. This type of string and horn arrangement defined the Chicago sound of the 1960s, but then percussionist “Master” Henry Gibson takes off and there’s no turning back.

2.) Syl Johnson, “Is It Because I’m Black.” While “Move On Up” sounds so full and upbeat, “Is It Because I’m Black” is almost as striking for its bleak, and minimalist, tone. There are no horns or backing vocals here, just a small group featuring Johnson’s own cutting guitar lines alongside Bernard Reed’s bass. Johnson has said that he wrote the song in response to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. He added that his intention wasn’t militancy, but to question why racism has endured in the U.S. His voice doesn’t shout, sneer or moan. Instead, Johnson sounds like he’s constantly just about to break down. This song is as relevant today as it was 45 years ago.

3.) Marlena Shaw, “Woman Of The Ghetto.” I’m still researching, and trying to put into words, all that Charles Stepney accomplished as a producer and arranger. After considering his numerous tracks for Terry Callier and The Dells, I decided to pick this one. On Shaw’s The Spice Of Life album she had transformed herself from a solid jazz interpreter to a powerful, and soulful, protest singer. But the key here is that experimental sound that Stepney assembled with the strings and kalimba. Maurice White was definitely taking notes. Funny enough, the first version of this song I heard was Phyllis Dillon’s reggae rendition. Maybe instead of being a Chicagoan, I’m actually British!"

Aaron Cohen is a Chicago-based writer and educator whose work appears regularly in DownBeat and the Chicago Tribune. His first book was Aretha Franklin’s Amazing Grace (Bloomsbury/Continuum).

All that's left for me to say is enjoy the music remember to hit the like button on FB if you enjoy and please share with a friend....... 

This Weeks Playlist Sunday 20th October 2013

Hour One
L A Boppers - Watching Life
Fredrick Knight - Your The Best Thing In My Life
Giovanca - Finally
Najee ft Eric Benet - We Gonna Ride
Donny Hathaway - Memory Of Our Love
Lalah Hathaway - That Was Then
The Coalitions Didn't We Almost Make It
The Coalitions I'm Your Gentleman
Syl Johnson - Is It Because I'm Black
Marlena Shaw - Women Of The Ghetto
Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up

Hour Two
Marvin Sease - I Do Baby
Eddie Horan- Man Without His Woman
James Perry - Lottery Of Love
Eric Roberson - Softest Lips
The Coalitions I Thank God
Newcomers - To Little In Common To Be In Love
Numonics - It's So Easy To Be Mislead
The Temptations - Since I Lost My Baby
Rashaad - If You Wanna Leave
The Intruders - To Be Happy Is The Real Thing
Stephanie Mills - Love Hasn't Been Good To Me
New York City - Darling Take Me Back
The Coalitions Biography:

Their story began with Philadelphian William Anthony Anderson who under the Stage name Of “Little Tony Talent” recorded “All That’s Good Baby/Your Too Young” for Juggy Murray’s Sue Label in 1966. Tony recorded a second and final solo release the Van McCoy penned and produced “Gotta Tell Somebody (About My Baby)/ Hooked On You” a 1967 release on the New York based Vando label, which McCoy co-owned with partner Jocko Henderson.

Tony who was still only fifteen at the time continued to enter local talent shows in and around Philadelphia and after being beaten on a couple of occasions by vocal groups, thought the best way forward was to form a group of his own.So with high school friends Alan Williams, Bruce Dunbar and Carl Smith, Tony formed a group known as the “Deltones”.

Due to a conflict of names with another Philly harmony group “The Delfonics” a change of name was soon to follow with the guys choosing a name that they thought was more relevant to the times they were living in, thus the name of “The Coalitions” was agreed on, at this juncture Carl Smith left the group to be replaced by the late Dwight Mitchell.

The Coalitions first recording “Instead … How Are You/I Don’t Mind Doin’ It (Instrumental)” appeared on the local “Re Dun” label in 1974. This release was picked up later in the same year by the nationally Jamie/Guyden distributed Phil. LA Of Soul label (367) a second release (371) of “Instead … How Are You” was issued in early 1975 this time dropping the instrumental flipside in favour of a vocal outing “Later Than You Think”. After the Phil. LA Of Soul adventure The Coalitions entered a barren period recording wise during which time Bruce Dunbar left the group. His position would later be filled by Bruce Fauntleroy, with a fifth member Stephen Ferguson also joining the group.

In circa 1979 with a group line up of Tony Anderson (Talent), Alan Williams, Bruce Fauntleroy, Milton Williams and Stephen Ferguson The Coalitions began recording their “Colour Me Blue” album project. Although after two years in the making the finished product was never issued. Following a lead 45 featuring two of the tracks from the album “The Memory Of You/On The Block” SJ512 which were released in 2011. You now finally have before you the much anticipated “Colour Me Blue” album which is available in both vinyl and CD format.

Front cover photo. From left to right: Bruce Fauntleroy, Alan Williams Tony Anderson, Milton Williams and Steve Ferguson.


Carmichael Musiclover

Great new albums just keep on coming - hot on the heels of Lionel Cornelius, last weeks Feature Artist is a young man known as Carmichael Musiclover, his album "Pot Of Gold" has just hit the streets to great revues, not hard to see why, it's crammed with great tracks and top notch vocals with slick but soulful productions, just how I like them. As I always do, I have chosen 3 songs, but bear in mind they are my choices so just get the album and discover your own - no shortage to be found!

Thai Nicole
Other new music this week on the show from Henry Smith and a young lady by the name of Thai Nicole, who's a tremendous live performer, she's booked to open up shows for some big-time names ... most definitely a star on the rise. You might remember me featurering Randy Darbonne's album, "The Truth" a few weeks back, well I've included another track from that set by Lake Charles' favorite son.

Retro Soul
Have to admit my knowledge of Gospel music is not great, but I'm learning, I found a track this week from Fred Hammond ... what an amazing voice ... I can understand why this guy is a Gospel superstar; hope that it touches you the listener as it did myself. Played a track a few weeks back from the Shreveport All Stars and this week I've a track from one of the original members of that same band, mainly, Reuben Bell, and his track "One Sided Love Affair," it's just a wonderful slice of retro soul. 

Listener: Gary Moore
Talking of such things, you all should know by now that I like to preserve history here, well this weeks Listeners Choice does just that! introducing from the Windy City of Chicago I have non other than Gary  Moore and he's paying tribute to the late Otis Leaville. From his back catalog Mike's selected 3 tracks that truly capture Mr. Leaville at his finest hour. The guy was a major figure on the Chicago Soul Scene and Mike similarly is a driving force behind the Chicago's Soul Face book page that has always been so supportive of my S-O-S show, Thank you for helping to preserve the City's rich history and reminding me just how great the late Otis Leaville really was.

Please listen and share the show with a friend using links on the side ... but most of all please  .. E-N-J-O-Y. [Bridge FM readers click here 4 Podcast]

This weeks playlist for Sunday 13th. October 2013

Hour One
Ronnie Dyson Heart To Heart
Chris Jasper Like I Do
The Dynamic Superiors Leave It Alone
Thai Nicole Love Is A Game
Calvin Brookes/Harri Parris My Favorite Thing
Carmichael Musiclover Baby All I Want Is U
Carmichael Musiclover Pot Of Gold
Syleena Johnson I Am Your Woman
Reuben Bell One Sided Love Affair
Otis Leaville Love Uprising*/I Love You*
Otis Leaville Let Her Love Me*
Funk 'N' Stein Morning Hush

Hour Two
John Edwards Exercise My Love
Henry Smith Sex Me Now
Fred Hammond No Greater Love
Freddie Jackson A Dozen Roses
Lost Generation  Heart & Soul
Carmichael Musiclover When I'm WithU
Randy Darbonne Voodoo Child
Temprees You Made Me Feel So Good
One Way Toast To The Other Man
Lakeside Alibi
August Heat At Peace

Carmichael Musiclover Biography:

Growing up in the South, Carmichael woke up every morning to his parents playing some of the great Soul artists like Al Green and Maze and Frankie Beverly. The influence of these amazing artists has contributed to the smooth sounds and empowering lyrics that have come to be known as Carmichael's signature style, "Grown Folks Lullabies." The music industry stood up and took notice of Carmichael in 1994, with a major record deal with Manuel Seal of So So Def. His next break came in 2001 when his compilation was selected for the soundtrack for the movie Big Ain't Bad, featuring the singles "You Need a Man" and "Always." Carmichael followed that with the release of two albums, back to back; First in 2003 with the album entitled "Cool and Sexy," then in 2004 with "You Can't Break Me."
Carmichael writes and produces his own songs and became recognized and sought after for his talent as a songwriter. 

In 2006 he was selected as a writer for The Tony Rich Project with La Face Records.Carmichael was catapulted to International recording artist status with the release of his third album, "All About Love" in 2007. He began performing across the United States and overseas in London, Italy, Japan and Germany. "All About Love" reached #8 on London's R&B charts, and #2 on the Underground RnB charts in Japan, according to Black Music Review, leading to the album's re-release in 2008.The first double CD project for Carmichael, entitled "Fantasy/Rain" was released in 2010. "Fantasy/Rain" topped the Japanese Underground R&B charts at #2, according to Black Music Review.In 2010, Carmichael was honored with the awards for Steppin' Music Artist of the Year and the People's Choice Song of the Year for "Rock It" from the "All About Love" album.

Record deals, soundtracks, back to back album releases, writing, chart topping, international acclaim and award winning music all meant to Carmichael that the people were embracing his gift of music. That is the fantasy come true for the Southern kid who relentlessly pursued his dream. The latest album, "Pot of Gold,” represents the most mature and powerful offering from Carmichael MusicLover thus far, infused with the signature style listeners have come to depend on. (cdbaby)


Lionel Cornelius

On the Science of Soul this week I feature Lionel Cornelius., who's upcoming project "Intimate Details" promises to be one of THE great albums of 2013. Lionel has spent a lot time on this project...and it I think it shows. The songs that are included in the program really showcase Lionel's talent,  a real Soul man - no gimmicks or studio trickery, just great songs delivered with style and Soul. I have to confess if the song "Hey There" had been vinyl I would have worn it out by now! It's certainly in my Top-5 of 2013, and when you consider this year has been so great for Soul music, then that just shows you the quality of this project and  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

You may notice that the S-O-S now as a sponsor: The New York entrepreneur David Marquis, who's new cologne Rise is about to hit the market has joined the S-O-S family and will be our official partner during the month of October. I would like to thank David for allowing us to be linked to such an enterprising and prestigious brand and helping the S-O-S to reach even more people.
Listener: Julie Hill

Thanks to all the people sent me Facebook messages and emails, it's really great to get feed back because as I always say the program is your show and  I'm just lucky enough to get to present it.  The Listeners Choice this week comes from a lady who as been with us pretty much from the start, that's Julie Hill, seems we get a lot of female listeners!...it just shows as Curtis Mayfield once said; "The Womans Got Soul". Julie has proved that statement, Temptations, Teddy and The Dells, yes it really don't get much better. Remember if you would like to pick your 3 tracks then you can get me at bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net or alternatively just visit my the Facebook page.

Giovanca in Amsterdam
I have new music this week from Lady L and Giovanca, I'll also be featuring Giovanca's album in the next couple of weeks. Seems people really like the Gospel Spot in the show and this week I have the title track from Isaac Carrie's album "Uncommon Me," you might remember I played played "Chances" from this set a few months back I hope you enjoy this track as much. Sad news in  with the death of GQ member & bass player Keith Crier (29-09-13), aged 58, he had also been in the band The Rhythm Makers. That's about it from me so as usual please sit back and enjoy the music...and remember please give the gift of music and share the Science of Soul link.  [The Bridge FM page readers click 4 Podcast]

Playlist for Sunday 8th September 2013

Hour One
Hamish Stuart - Reach You
Lady L - Tonight
Black Heat - Baby You'll See
The Fuzz - I Love You For All Seasons
Giovanca - How Does It Feel
Lionel Cornelius Time / Hey There
Nicholas Bearde - Can We Pretend
George Scott - I'm A Fool For You
The Temptations* - Just My Imagination
Teddy Pendergrass* - Turn Off The Lights
The Dells* - Passionate Breezes

Hour Two
Len Walston - You Should Be Here
Co Co - Tip Toeing
Eddie Kendricks - Maybe I'm Fool To Love You
Ronnie Lovejoy - Suddenly
Futures/Barbara Mason - We Got Each Other
Lionel Cornelius Seriously In Love
Isaac Carree - Uncommon Me
Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes
William Bell - Bed Time Story
Crown Heights Affair - Lets Get Back Together
Howard Hewett - Can You Feel Me

(Orange=Featuered/Blue=Gospel/ *=Listener's 3 songs)

Lionel Cornlius Biography:
Smooth, sultry, and soulful vocalist, producer, songwriter, & instrumentalist, Lionel Cornelius (LC) is the youngest member of the multi-talented Cornelius family which includes the 70’s performing artists, Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose. Lionel began singing and playing the trumpet and piano at the age of 5. At that time, he began entering local talent shows and later performed with his brothers in the group, The Power House Band. Lionel was discovered and hired as an extra for the TV series, Miami Vice. After working two episodes as an extra, Lionel was interviewed and cast by Michael Mann to work alongside Clarence Williams III in the "Tale of the Goat” in his first supporting role. Lionel's passion for the stage still exists today as he returns to the music industry with his debut single, “Seriously in Love.” While working on his first solo project in 2011, Lionel was selected by Mr. Fred Cash as the lead vocalist for The Impressions, but decided to pursue a solo career instead. In 2012, Lionel won the the NAR Realtors® Got Talent Contest and was nominated for a Carolina Music Award for Best Male R&B Vocalist in 2013. Lionel has also held the #1 spot on ReverbNation’s Singer Songwriter chart for Charlotte, NC. Lionel is the owner and CEO of Lionel Cornelius Entertainment, a subsidiary of Lionel Cornelius Enterprises, Inc founded in 2001. LC Entertainment provides multimedia entertainment services including recording, production, post-production (music, video, film), artist management, and digital music sales. (reverberation)