The Soul Papers feat: Coco

Phil Tonks
Thanks for stopping by the Science of Soul web site; I hope my new time slot is more convenient for my Bridge FM listeners and live Internet visitors. Bringing the Show forward 2 hours will help us grow even more. If your new to the Show please be sure to spread the word. I would like to give a big thank you to my predecessor Phil Tonks who's kindness as allowed me to move forward and I'm sure Phil's excellent Soul Boudoir will back in a new slot before to long.

This week I'm featuring an EP release by Soul Papers (feat: Coco) I don't no to much about them but if it's an indication of things to come I can't wait. Been recommending a few books over the past weeks and I would like to draw your attention to Aretha Franklin's excellent collaboration with award winning writer David Ritz, 'From These Roots' is a look at the Queen of Soul's life from her own perspective. I think sometimes we take artists like Aretha for granted, as celebrated as she is it's amazing when you look at her career, she is undoubtedly one of the most important soul artist's of all time.

I was going through some DVD's the other day ended up watching Superfly, it's a real time capsule!, I know everyone is aware of it and most have seen it but if it's been while why not check It out again, If only for the footage of Curtis Mayfield performing live.

Listener: Bob Deakin
The Listeners Choice* this week comes from Bob Deakin aka' Bartley Bob', if you don't know Bob, let me tell you this guy has an amazing record collection and a knowledge of soul music that's second to none. His interest in music ranges right though all the genres of soul though to jazz & reggae. I was so pleased a guy of Bob's stature submitted three songs from his vast collection, I can only imagine how tough that was and great choices Bob - Thanks! Remember: to anyone who would like to send in their own, It's really simple, all I need is the song title and artist and I will do the rest. You can reach me via Facebook or email bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net.

Just a final note this week, just heard that we lost the Soul/Gospel singer Mary Love (Comer) at the age of 69. She passed on Friday 21st June, Ady Croasdell who published her Modern tracks on the UK Kent label broke the news..

Ready to enjoy the music?  just sit back now relax and do indulge..

This weeks playlist for Sunday 23rd. June 2013

Hour One
Curtis Mayfield - Soul Music
Fatback - Feeling Mellow
Angie Stone & Betty Wright - Baby
Archie Bell & The Drells -
                            It's Hard Not To Like You
L J Reynolds - Cheating On Me
Soul Papers featuring Coco Fly Free
Soul Papers featuring Coco Find The Love
Eric Nolan Grant - Reminds Me Of You
*Veda Love - Make Me Yours Tonight
*Bernard - Kingdom Of Love
*Chris Simpson - World Changer

Hour Two
Wendell B - Work
Basic Black - Special Kinda Fool
C. Robert Walker - Touch Me
Mass Production - I Don't Want To Know
Bobby Womack - Woman Got To Have It
ZZ Hill - Don't Want Our Love To Be A Secret
James Brown - Doing The Best I Can
Soul Papers featuring Coco One Love
Brainstorm - You Put A Change In My Life
The Chi-Lites - I Never Had It So Good

Biography for Coco Mallone:
 Coco Malone is a soulful, jazzy songbird who is spreading her wings and bursting onto the UK's soul scene. Hailing from Lancashire, north west England, she has paid her performance dues by singing jazz standards and soul classics at cabaret and burlesque nights across the UK and as far as Paris, Rome, Stuttgart and Geneva. Coco received vocal and performance training from an early age before then going on to gain much experience from life itself - a life that only felt complete with music in it. And it's that vast experience that Coco puts into her music - whether she's delivering one of the classics from the vocalists who inspire her, or whether she's writing her own lyrics to tell the world her own story.

Her vocals are sometimes soulful, sometimes jazzy, sometimes powerful, sometimes vulnerable - but they always come from the heart. They've been described as sounding like "melted chocolate over hot coals".



Changes next week!
Lots of great music on this weeks Science of Soul as usual, but first off I must tell the FM listeners that from next week there is a program schedule change: The Science of Soul is moving back two hours, from 9 pm - 11 pm. It will have no effect on on our Podcast listeners. The show format will remain unchanged at the slightly earlier slot and it will help me reach an even bigger audience, so it can only be a good thing.

Listeners Choice
Whilst on the subject of Bridge FM listeners our Listeners Choice this week comes from one of my loyal followers, that's Trudy. A highly respected local fundraiser and a real soul girl. Trudy's choices took me by surprise, three real soul classics and neither of which you hear very often and that's why I love the Listeners Choices the variation from the Science of Soul family is amazing. Since I started the feature their's been listeners from the U.S.A., Japan, Australia, France, Italy as well as here in the UK that take part, so don't be shy, keep sending in the the lists and I will get back to you. Reach me by my Facebook link or at: bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net.

Feat: Sam Chambliss SJ 523
My good friend Dave Welding at Soul Junction records dropped me their latest release. It's a double 'a' side from a group called: Elbowed Out, who I have to confess I knew nothing about. The recordings were made back in 1978 in Seattle, Washington and it's the first time either track as been made available. I have to congratulate the Soul Junction team for there consistently high quality releases and I hope you can show them your support.

My Featured Artist
Featured Artist this week is the Detroit based Neo-Soul man Zo!, whose new album "Man Made" has been getting great revues and not hard to see why. It's a polished set that's contemporary and with a great mix of styles: something for everyone on it. I have as usual selected three tracks to play but please remember these are just my choices so do check out the album and discover your favourites.

I hope you got a chance to see the BBC 4 documentary on Bobby Womack last week, It's great to see artist's like Bobby get there dues whilst here to enjoy it and seems in most cases we have to wait till we lose them to realise their importance in the music industry. I'll will include a link as soon as one is available so our world wide listeners can get a chance to see this. [Don't think BBC iplayer stuff is available abroad - Ed]

I am still getting great feedback from the Dells Tribute I did a couple of shows back and in this weeks play list I have included a track from the late Marvin Juniors son, Marvin Junior, Jr, no less, proof that the apple never falls far from the tree. Marvin is an accomplished vocalist in his own right and I hope to feature more music from him soon.

Happy fathers Day to Fathers all over the world, continue to raise your children to love and respect each other...remember children learn what we teach them so teach them well.

That's it from me, remember new time slot next week!  on with the music, I hope you enjoy, please spread my link with friends, 'cause soul is a wonderful gift to give.....

This weeks playlist, Sunday 16th June 2013

Hour One
Dexter Wansel voc-Terry Wells - The Sweetest Pain
Born To Sing LP
Gerald LeVert - Groove On
Marvin Junior Jr - Step The Night Away
David Sea - Father To Son
Elbowed Out - Girl You Got Magic
Zo! - Tell Me Something New
Zo! - Man Made
Betty Wright - Best Girls Don't Always Win
Elbowed Out - Taking A Step
*Randy Crawford - Single Woman, Married Man
*The Isley Brothers - Groove With You
*Solomon Burke - Music To Make Love By (pt 1)

Hour Two
The Whispers - Is It Good To You
Soul Generation
Maze - Never Let You Down
Howard Hewett - Show Me
Zo! - Make Time
David Hudson - Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Freddi Grace - Perfect Lover
Tony Comer & Crosswind - Come Unto The Father
Soul Generation - Sailin'
Chuck Jackson - Needing You, Wanting You
Denise LaSalle - When Were Making Love
Bill Withers - Let Me Be The One You Need
The Dramatics - In The Rain

Zo! Biography:

A keyboardist first, and also a bassist, guitarist, drummer, and producer, Lorenzo "Zo!" Ferguson balanced his love for music and baseball throughout his childhood. The native Detroiter was drafted as an outfielder by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1996, rounds ahead of then-future MLB all-stars Orlando Hudson, Juan Pierre, and Barry Zito. Ferguson accepted a full-ride baseball scholarship to Western Kentucky, however, and earned a degree in graphic design. Shortly thereafter, in 2001, he began his recording career with Ablyss, the first of several instrumental releases. 

His profile increased throughout the next several years as he issued albums like Passion & Definition (2004), the Asylum 7 collaboration Process (2009), and a pair of covers EPs dubbed Just Visiting, in which he was joined by guest vocalists on reinterpretations of songs by Anita Baker, Minnie Riperton, the Jones Girls, and Don Blackman. All the while, he was earning a Master's degree in special education and logging hours of session work with the likes of Athletic Mic League, Slum Village, Platinum Pied Pipers, and members of the extended Foreign Exchange family. His SunStorm, released in July 2010, was the culmination of his frequent run-ins with the Foreign Exchange and its many affiliates. It featured collaborations with Phonte, Darien Brockington, Carlitta Durand, and YahZarah, as well as Sy Smith, Lady Alma, and Monica Blaire. In May 2013, he released a sharper second album on Foreign Exchange's label, titled ManMade. Many of his familiar associates, along with Gwen Dunn, 1-O.A.K., Choklate, Jeanne Jolly, Anthony David, and Carmen Rogers, took part. (all music) myspace


Mike Hammond

 I'm back to normal for this weeks Science of Soul, thank you for all the great feed back, re: the Dells Special last week. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed it. This week show: lots of new music hitting the streets over the next few weeks and I'll  be featuring as much as I can. This includes new music from Vick Allen who is back after his hugely successful album 'Soul Music' and if the new single is the bench mark for his upcoming set he has another classic on his hands. Listen out for a new artist for me anyway, from Atlanta, GA, Jahah, who's track "Happy" blew me away when I first heard it, I'm expecting big things from this Gentleman check out his biography here.

My featured artist today is Mike Hammond who's new album is due pretty soon, today playing two tracks from him. The Hollis, New York based singer also had a self titled album out, back in 2006, today's  new set is entitled "Anomaly," I'll will keep you posted on its progress.

My first track from Midnight this week is an epic Barry White number. I have loved Barry White's music for what seems like a lifetime and I am still wowed by tracks that came out on obscure albums. When you hear his arraignments and the power of his rhythm section it's just still amazing. People often say they'll never be another after him, but I think never another before him either, he was totally unique. The Gospel spot this week belongs to Ms. Yolanda Adams, she's a gospel superstar and rightly so. Just an incredible vocalist, just explore her catalogue you will not be disappointed. Thanks to all the people who have checked out the Marv Johnson interview I did over 20 years-ago, so glad Mickey keeps everything and I thank him for all his hard work and time restoring stuff, he is such a major part of the Science of Soul show.

Teddy Morrow
I have a UK exclusive for you with a new version of the song: 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix'. You may remember the Soul classic by Issac Hayes (some 44 yeas-ago!),  well this new one has been recorded by the same team at Tera Shirma Studio's that mixed Hayes classic 18 minute one. Raph Terrena sent Mickey the track to review and with help from Mike Willcocks he's made a Blog. Today the song is performed by Teddie Morrow and has a nice driving funky guitar and a smooth Stepper feel to it, give it a listen I think you'll like it. More at: www.mickeynold.blogspot.com

It was Curtis Mayfield's Birthday this week, so take a minute or two to visit our Curtis Mayfield Story, a joint venture with Mickey and myself that we did not to long after his tragic stage accident. You'll find links on this page (in side columns).

'SOS' Listener: Hisae Ito (Japan)
I'm very pleased to have a young lady as our Listeners Choice this week, Ms. Hisae Ito from Kawasaki-Shi, Kanagawa, Japan. The lady gave us three sweet soul classic's [shown by*], I'm amazed at how popular soul music is in the Orient. I thank Hisae for taking on the task. Remember if you would like your choices played just let me know,  all I need is the song titles, bit about yourself  and I'll do the rest. You can email me at: bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net or simply go to the Face book page and message me and I'll get right back to you.

Let the music speak, enough chat from me, on with the show, just sit back relax and enjoy. Bridge FM readers click 'here' for Podcast.

This weeks playlist for Sunday 9th. June 2013

Hour One (11pm GMT+1)
Bigg Robb - Southern Ladies
McFadden & Whitehead - I've Been Pushed Aside
Vick Allen - I'm Tired Of Being Grown Up
The Impressions - I Wish I'd Stayed In Bed
Teddie Morrow - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Mike Hammond - Karma
Mike Hammond - Good Morning ..Ooo Wee
The Soul Children - Move Over
Joe - I Wanna Know
*Trammps - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
*The Stylistics - Sixteen Bars
*The Spinners - Could It Be I Am Falling In Love

Hour Two (12am)
Barry White - Your Love...So Good I Can Taste It
Chocolate Jam Company - Just As You Are
Jahah - Happy
O. B. Buchana - Just Because He's Good To You
Chante Moore - Old School Love
Robert Winters & Fall - Magic Man
Yolanda Adams - Be Still (G-Spot)
'Sweet Charles' Sherrell - Why Can't I..
                               ... Be Treated Like A Man
The O'Jays - Pretty Is As Pretty Does
David Ruffin Can We Make Love One More Time
Gerald Alston - Let's Try Love Again

Mike Hammond Biography:
Every once in a while there comes a talent that cannot be ignored. He grew up listening to the legends: Stevie, Luther, Michael, and Donny to name a few. Today he's ready to hold his own with his contemporaries: Musiq, Dwele, and Anthony Hamilton. His interpretation of songs is impressive. His vocal range is astounding. His energy on stage is contagious. His name is Mike Hammond.

At the age of three in the Hollis area of Jamaica Queens, this local celebrity started singing in the Blanche Memorial Baptist Church's Tiny Tot Choir under the direction of his aunt. When family members found out there was a singer in the family, influences came from every where. From Gospel with an auntie and soul music from uncles, to Doo-Wop music from Dad and his Mom playing a wide variety tunes daily, Mike came to appreciate all facets of music.

Growing up he'd perform all along the east coast in church programs, talent contests, shows, pageants and festivals. Then at the age of 11, Mike was invited to perform on Hollis Stones' debut album "Welcome to My World" where he sang lead on a number of tracks. Then a year later he was asked to take part in Hollis's sophomore project "White Soul." Though both projects didn't go much farther than the New York City area, Mike enjoyed the experience and knew he wanted to record a project of his own someday.

Through the years, Mike has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and has had the opportunity to share the stage with Gladys Knight, Billy Joel, Patti Labelle, and Kelly Price. His travels have taken him to the Caribbean and even to Africa to perform for the Royal family of Morocco. He has opened shows for Jennifer Holiday and Cathy Sledge of Sister Sledge. He has also recorded with 50 Cent, Incognito, and DJ Roger S just to name a few.

His self-titled solo album is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication to his craft. Being a prolific writer and daring vocal arranger, Mike has worked with the hottest new producers and seasoned musicians to create a project that stands apart from the rest. (cduniverse)


Marvin Junior (The Dells)

 I've had a bit of format change this week, it's a one week only thing, there's no featured artist or listeners choice, but the second hour of the show is dedicated to THE DELLS as I am sure you are aware by now we lost Marvin Junior this week (29-5-13). 

Regular listeners will know that The Dell's feature on my play list quite a lot as they are without a doubt one my favourite soul groups of all time. The losing Johnny Carter a few years back pretty much put the group on hold. Johnny's soaring tenor played off against Marvin's soul drenched baritone was the bench marks for all vocal groups and one without the other was just unthinkable. When I sat down to write this piece It occurred to me that The Dells have been making music since before I was born.

 I wont go into a heavy history of the group as much has been written and done very well by others over the years. They became more than just a vocal group because they became part of the very fabric of Black American culture with their influences heard every day on all radio stations throughout the United States. 
Teddy Pendergrass once said he leaned everything he knew from listening to Marvin Junior, Eddie Kendricks and Ron Banks from The Dramatics and also cited The Dells as the group they looked up to.

The Mighty Dells
It was indeed through my long friendship with Ron Banks that I had the honour to meet both Johnny and Marvin along with Mickey McGill, Vern Allison and of course one of the all time great bass singers Chuck Barksdale, who at the time I am writing this is also gravely ill! I was in Detroit some time back when Ron called and said: "Hey Billy you picked a great time to be here", there is never a bad time to be there Lol, but Ron was so happy they were doing a show in Chicago at the Aire Crown Centre on Lake Shore Drive with The Dells.  So off we went to the Windy City on a freezing November day and all I can say about that time was WOW...I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

Their only UK show
It was my first time seeing The Dells live they were all I'd expected and then some. They never lost that magic, even now as I sit and listen to their music it still touches me in a way I can't explain. My life without groups music is unthinkable. I considered playing just a few tracks in tribute but I couldn't do it, they are just to important in my life and in the history. of soul music The songs that I have selected is in no real order, It's not meant to be a history of the group but more a celebration of there legacy so please indulge me for one week! and as you listen just think of The MIGHTY MIGHTY Dells: they made music in our lifetime for us to enjoy and share.

Also take time to remember Clarence Burke, Jr who left us last week as well (19-5-13). As a member of The Five Stairsteps Clarence was at the forefront of Curtis Mayfield's Chicago soul revolution. He later became instrumental in forming the Invisible Man Band. 2013 has been such a hard year for our soul family but it's wonderful that we pay tribute: but let us not forget those who continue to make great music and enrich our lives.

Sundays Playlist for 1st. June 2013

Hour One
Billy Griffin - Understand
Mel Waiters - 2 Step
Lenny Williams - This Is For...
                      ... The One That Got Away
Luther Vandross - Thinking Bout You
The Natural Four - Heaven on Earth
Lyndon David Hall - I Wanna Be Another You
Marvin Gaye - When Did You Stop Loving Me
War - Summer
Eric Benet' - News For You
Willie Hutch - Let's Try It Over
Anthony David - Get Around
The Emotions - So I Can Love You

Hour Two
The Dells Tribute:
Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation
Oh What A Night
Stay In My Corner
I Wish It Was Me You Loved
I Touched A Dream
Soul Strolling
Walk On By
Passionate Breezes
Tripped Slipped And Tumbled
Love Is Missing From Our Life (with The Dramatics)
Always Together.