Tribute to the singers of Chicago

Podcast of Sunday's Show 28-08-2016

Sorry no track listing this week, but Show includes most of the Chi city soul greats!

Chicago soul is a style of soul music that arose during the 1960s in Chicago. Along with Detroit, the home of Motown, and Memphis, with its hard-edged, gritty performers, Chicago and the Chicago soul style helped spur the album-oriented soul revolution of the early 1970s. The sound of Chicago soul, like southern soul with its rich influence of black gospel music, also exhibited an unmistakable gospel sound, but was somewhat lighter and more delicate in its approach. Chicago vocal groups tended to feature laid-back sweet harmonies, while solo artists exhibited a highly melodic and somewhat pop approach to their songs. Accompaniment usually featured highly orchestrated arrangements, with horns and strings, by such notable arrangers as Johnny Pate (who largely worked with horns) and Riley Hampton (who specialized in strings). This kind of soul music is sometimes called “soft soul”, to distinguish it from the more harsh and gospelly “hard soul” style. (Wiki)

Bill meets up with Gene Chandler &

Marshall Thompson (Chi-Lites)


Tribute to The Singers of Detroit

Sunday 22-08-16 (sorry no track listing)

Over the years Bill has made many of his interviews into musical radio programs. Today as Bill is away, as a bonus to the Detroit Special, here's of one of these early mid-90's shows. Emanuel 'EJ' Johnson is the person who is questioned here today. Other members of the group are Walter Jones, Mickey Clanton, Joe "Jobie" Thomas & Dave Banks, Past members were Bobby Green, Carl Cotton &Lacey Robinson.

Music of Enchantment with EJ Johnson (part 1)

Willie Jones
Steve Calloway
Rena Scott
Robert Bateman
Mary 'Supreme' Wilson
Bettye LaVette
Carla (Sam Cooke) Cooke
Laura Lee
Some Detroit people I bumped into this week, lol



Welcome to this latest edition of the Science of Soul, and I start with sad news, in that  music industry lost a real unsung master with Mr Leo Graham, who quietly went about his business of song writing in is home in Chicago. His influence on the careers of Tyrone Davis was major he also penned some of the Manhattans most loved songs. Leo was loved and respected by all who knew him .... he will be not just missed, but also remembered. It's only right and fitting I dedicate a portion of this weeks show to his memory.

By the time you read this I'll be heading for the States, but the Science of Soul will continue as normal, at least on the regular Sunday night spot on BCR radio, found on line at:- www.blackcountryradio.co.uk at 8 pm GMT. In a pretty mixed show this week, new music from; Marcus Hampton, Angie Stone & Estee Pierce, whose album got featured a few weeks back, add a dash of recent album tracks from folks like; Steven Russell Harts & Jarrod Lawson, stir in some classic old school for flavor and the mix is complete.

My thanks to my soul brother Stan Mosley who kindly allowed me to use a picture of his dear Mom and himself from back in the day, inside this weeks shows adverts (my FB page), it's a true time capsule.

OK it's music time sit back enjoy and spread the word ....

Playlist for Sunday 14-08-2016

Hour One
Estee Pierce - Grown Folks Dancin'
The Mist - Girl In The Window
Angie Stone - These Eyes
Cathy Rollins - Gotta Lift Up My Hands
Ronnie Henson - Like The First Time
Homemade Soul - Heartbreak Hotel
G Q. - Don't Stop The Feeling
Marcus Hampton - Feel Good
Barbara Carr - If I Don't Holler
Steven Russell Harts - Do Wrong Tonight
Celeste Hardie - Your Gone
Jerry Williams - Shipwrecked
Soul Generation - Sailing

Hour Two
Jarrod Lawson - All That Surrounds
Atlantic Starr - All In The Name Of Love
Marcus Hampton - Praise Him
Sylvia - Sweet Stuff
Ray, Goodman & Brown - How Can Love ..
Freddie Lowe - I'm Slowly Losing My Mind
Donny Mann - Treat Me Like A Stranger
The Manhattans - Girl Of My Dreams
The Manhattans - Just A Moment Away
Tyrone Davis - Heart-failure
Tyrone Davis - Lets Be Closer Together



Welcome to another edition of The Science of Soul, first off I would like to thank all the people who messaged me regarding last weeks show i truly appreciate you positive comments and the fact you take time to make contact, it makes it all worthwhile.
This weeks show is pretty much old school, summer makes me feel that way lol. I got plenty new music planned for next week which will be the last live show before my stateside trip, looking forward to it as you can imagine. For UK soul folks its just been announced that Little Anthony will be headlining along with The Impressions at the Blackpool soul weekender in June 2017..it will be here before you know it.
Ok it's music time sit back and enjoy...

Sunday's playlist 07-08-2016

Hour One
Mandrill - To Late
Five Crowns - Just Part Of My Life
Ci Ci - Hypnotized
Angie Stone - Push 'N' Pull
The Younghearts - Do You Have Time
War - Summer
Love Committee - Tired Of Being Your Fool
Will Downing - Stuff That I Like
The Crusaders - Keep That Same Old Feeling
Lola - Two Fools In One House
Tashan - So Much Love
Theo Peoples - Listen To Your Heart

Hour Two
Randy Brown - I Wanna Make Love To You
Pete Belasco - Wonderful Woman
Denise LaSalle - Feet Don't Fail Me
Eric Benet' - News For You
Teena Marie - De Ja Vu
Keni Burke - I Get Off On You
Soul Children - Whats Happening Baby
Randy Darbonne - Whats Done Is Done
Dionne Warwick - Move Me No Mountain
Darrien - Seasons
Smokey Robinson - Time Flies




On this weeks Science of Soul we have new releases from Joe Tex II, son of the legendary 60s soul man, plus the man from Washington DC,  Marc Staggers, gets the Nigel Lowis remix treatment to good effect and London's own DaPaul who is getting great reviews on his latest project, "In The Sun."  I will be album tracking from; Wendell B, Gregory Porter, and Jasmine Jordan. One to look out on this show is Desmond Pringle's "Get Us Through," it's a powerful message in these troubled times.
There some real old school delights from Confunkshun and The Lost Family so sit back enjoy and spread the word.

Playlist for Sunday 31-07-2016

Hour One
Walter Lewis & Blue Star - I Have Love At Home
Dallas White - Ooh Sexy Lady
Wilton Crump - Give Your Love To Me
Bobby Sheen - She Taught Me What Love Really Is
Jamecia Bennett - Back In The Day
Joe Tex II & Shar Hyter - Hold On 
Joe Tex - All The Heaven A Man Really Needs
Marc Staggers - Let Me Be The One
Con Funk Shun - Let Me Put Love On Your Mind
Con Funk Shun - I Think I Found The Answer
Pleasure - Living Without You
Keith Patrick - Heaven
DePaul - In The Sun

Hour Two Wee - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane
Lost Family - Pretty Face
Pretenders - For The Rest Of My Days
Desmond Pringle - Get Us Through
Wendell B - I'm Gonna Put It Down Tonight
Anthony Hamilton - Your'e My Kinda Woman
Jasmine Jordan - Closer
Bo Henderson - Making Love
Stan Mosley - Misery & Pain
Gregory Porter - Insanity
Frankie Beverly & Maze - Never Let You Down
The Whispers - Is It Good To You