K Avett

My Featured Artist this week is a young lady from Dallas, Texas, that's Ms K Avett. I played a track last week from her debut album "Revelations" but I thought this week I would dig a little deeper. There's no doubting this lady is a star on the rise, so I consider it my soulful duty to bring her to your attention. I was very surprised this week to receive new material from William DeVaughn  because it's been such awhile since I last heard stuff from him. He has teamed up with Philly Nouveau on the track "Slow Down," and very nice it is to, so here's hoping it brings William back to the forefront of music and leads to further recordings with them or maybe even a new solo album. The 1980 set "Figures Can't Calculate,"  being his last outing as far as I can remember.

Soul legend Willie Clayton also has a new album, it's always nice  to hear from Mr C., his new single is entitled "I'm So Blue."  London based Gospel outfit Kase Sounds are back with a debut album for imminent release and a new single in "Your Love," continues the high standard they give us (video at foot of page). There's a few other real nice new tracks to look out for, so pay attention! lol. Exciting news for the Science of Soul! It's all been agreed that the show will be available on Australian based Jazzysoul Radio, and that's in the very near future, the most likely day is a Thursday, I will keep you posted on that. It's Music Time......

Playlist for Sunday 22-02-2015

Hour One
Charles Wright - What Can You Bring Me
Rhonda Thomas - Show Me How To Love You
Willie Clayton - I'm So Blue
Legit' - Dedicate This To My Baby
Vick Allen - My Baby's Phone
Lou Courtney - I'm Serious Bout Lovin' You
K Avett x2  Heaven /  U N-Me
Philly Nouveau ft William DeVaughn - Slow Down
Kase Sounds - Your Love
Bernadette Bascom - Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
Teri Tobin/Will Brickhard - Always Be You

Hour Two
Sound Experience - You Don't Know
William DeVaughn - Figures Can't Calculate
Alice Clark - Heavens Will (Must Be Obeyed)
Taylor Pace - Yeah Yeah
Philip Mitchel - If We Can't Be Lovers
Ali Ollie Woodson - Drama In The Bedroom
K Avett - Show Me
J Craig - Shower Sex
Ron Parks - The Game
Carmen Hendricks - Heartbreak Again
Blue Magic - Look Me Up
Eddie Levert - Blown Away

K Avett's  Biography:
Many artists find themselves locked in a box –somehow held prisoner by a certain genre.  This is not the plight of singer-songwriter K.Avett.  When asked to describe her music, one quickly detects her hesitation to place a label on the music she so loves.  That’s because she loves it all and feels that it has shaped her style in so many ways.  “On any given day, I can go from Sade or Annie Lennox to Guns-N-Roses or The Isley Brothers.  I’m a virtual hodge-podge of musical tastes,” she muses.  However, it wasn’t always so. 

Growing up with a heavy gospel influence, she had very little exposure to other types of music until her teenage years.  She can recall countless instances of “sneaking and listening” to blues music, (a descriptive term her parents used that included anything outside gospel).  Ironically, K.Avett is never too far from her musical roots, which is strongly evident throughout her sultry sound.  “My greatest desire is that people truly connect with me through my music.  Life is hard enough without having to crack a code to understand where I’m coming from.  Whether I’m in love, upset, heartbroken, pensive or any emotion; I want you to be able to feel it.”  And feel it, you will. 

She describes her debut album, Revelations, as a fancy fruit salad of beat-up funk, juke joint flavor, rock & old soul.  She has also found her soft spot on a multitude of online radio station playlists across the U.S.  She had her first music-film collaboration for 2014 as her song, “Take It Slow”, was featured in a short film called “Her Eyez.”  SoulTracks.com ranked her album “Highly Recommended” for 2015, in which she received glowing reviews from music lovers across the region!  With a smooth and soulful sound as authentic as the lyrics she writes, K.Avett continues to pick up momentum as she blazes through the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her live shows and events.  When asked about her trajectory as she gains momentum, she declares, “You can’t go wrong when you stay true to yourself…” 


Lamar Thomas

Thomas & Taylor
Welcome to the new edition of the Science of Soul, the Featured Artist this week is non other than Mr Lamar Thomas, who along with his wife and singing / writing partner Judy Taylor are somewhat of an institution in soul music circles. They have quietly gone about there business for well over 30 years, we are gonna dip into Lamar's album "Dry Water Wet Tears," as well as featuring a classic from the duo recorded back in 1986 .. I think you will enjoy.

Still a lot of new music dropping I just love the new release from Vasti Jackson, "I'm Still In Love With You" (not the Al Green song by the way) plus a couple of new names to me, K Avett whose album "Revelations" is pretty special thanks Melvin Jordan for turning me on to this, Oh and you only have to mention new product from Quentin Moore to get my attention his new set "Vday," is pretty polished this man is a star on the rise for sure. If you like your soul to have kinda of a retro vibe you need to check out Aaron Parnell Brown, I have included this week the first single from his excellent "Tin Man" album  - the whole thing as a kind of Donny Hathaway feel to me but with a contemporary twist - love it!

Also new music from Cupid with "Cell Phone Blues," Jr Blu and something that's new to me at least is Brenda White & The White Boys, song called "You've Got Use To Me" .. so much great new stuff I almost forgot to mention Phil Perry, Charlie Wilson and Syleena Johnson (photo.) Old skoolers don't worry! there's plenty for you to ... The Science of Soul has teamed up with long time music promoter Harry Dennett and will be co-sponsoring the upcoming UK date from Soul legend Prince Philip Mitchell, tickets will be on sale very soon it's gonna be something very special - I will keep you updated. I've also included a song from Don Covay who passed on 30th January 2015. It's playing the music time, share the link with a friend and enjoy what you hear.

Sunday's Play List 15-02-2015

Hour one
Rance Allen Group - Reason To Survive
Don Covay - It's better To Have Than Not Want
Cleveland Robinson - No One Can Take Your Place
Syleena Johnson - My Love
Aaron Parnell Brown - Just Leaving
Cupid - Cell Phone Blues
Lamar Thomas - Please Take Me Back
Lamar Thomas - Someone
The Sugar Hill Gang - The Lover In You
Quentin Moore - I Wouldn't Give Us Up
Four Tops - Good Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come By
The Kaldrons - To Love Someone
Charlie Wilson - Me & You Forever

Hour Two
7th album from Syl's gal
Margie Alexander - What You Tryin' To Do To Me
Phil Perry - Sorry I Let You Go
JR Blu - She's Been Good
Brenda White + White Boys - You've Got Use To Me
Peabo Bryson - Reaching For The Sky
Vasti Jackson - I'm Still In Love With You
Thomas & Taylor - You Cant Blame Love
Kevin McCord - Where Did Our Love Go
K Avett - Take It Slow
The Dramatics - Thank You For Your Love
Chuck Jackson - Cover Up Get Ready
The Impressions - Soulful Love

Biography of Lamar Thomas
Lamar Thomas, has written songs for, and or produced, Johnny Bristol, Ronnie Dyson, Chuck Jackson, The Main Ingredients, Johnnie Taylor, Dorothy Moore, Marie Green, Lew Kirton, and Garland Green, to name just a few. From 1986 to 2010, the songs of Lamar Thomas & Judy Thomas (his wife) have been heard on four of the top American daytime Soap Operas, including All My Children, One Life to Live, Loving, and Another World.
This run on television as featured, or background music, included a LIFETIME Synchronization license, with Procter & Gamble. Along with his writing partner & wife Judy, their original song, "You're my Angel" havs enjoyed over 2,500 performances on primetime television. And their title, "City Lights" has enjoyed equal success on the elevator channel, know as MUZAK.
When major labels were reluctant to sign Black Acts, Lamar found his music and his productions being produced by major labels, that included MCA, United Artist, Epic and many others. Lamar Thomas hails from the deep south of Mississippi. He learned much of what he knows about music from his early roots there, while learning even more, in New York City as a session "gofer"for many well known musicians. Lamar and Judy are Grammy Nominated Songwriters for their work on the late Johnnie Taylor's hit album, "Gotta Get the Groove Back", which also top the Billboard Blues Charts at #1.
Lamar Thomas, is an Songwriting Artist and Producer, who has survived the crazy business called music. He still loves to write, produce and sing his songs. We hope that you will listen and play the new studio set of songs that are contained on his new release...


Back To Normal

It's back to normal for this weeks Science of Soul, I had a wonderful time in Australia and laid the foundations for some exciting things to come during 2015. Thanks for all your messages and good wishes for the trip, I truly appreciate them,  Carmen and Michael thank you both because you guys are amazing. I got to say a big thanks to Mickey who as always quietly deals with my bad spelling and grammar for keeping the Pod cast and Blog updated, I can't even begin to tell you just how much work he puts in, I get the fun part playing the music.

Talking of music, lots of new stuff this week, and its been building up while I was away. Representing the ladies today we have Katrenia Jefferson, plus a completely new name to me, Mi'el but I am loving her new single "I Do," plus more from Carol Riddicks' classic new album. Not to be outdone by the ladies the fellas are coming in strong with Cleveland, Ohio's, Jeffery Charles' new release "Timeless" and it is very nice -  plus we a track from upcoming albums by my dear friend Randy Darbonne.

Mister smooth Will Downing is about to drop his new set on us, got the lead track ,"Never Say No," also making some noise is Robert H Fowler's "Out In The Rain,"  loving too the new release from Lil' Runt & Chip "I'll Be." Southern soul men Grady Champion and Ronnie Blu are sounding pretty strong too.

Old Skool lovers don't panic - there's plenty to groove-on for you guys. If your UK based, make a date in your diary for April 19th. 2013, the Funkster from outta space Mr George Clinton brings all things Funkedelic to the Birmingham's O2 Academy .... not to be missed. Like I said lots of new music this week so sit back enjoy and relax. click for podcast

This Weeks Play list 8-2-2015

Hour One
Jeffrey Charles - Timeless
Randy Darbonne - International Girl
Mi'el - I Do
Grady Champion - Bootleg Whiskey
Carol Riddick The Way You Say My Name
Jimmy 100% Stearling - I'm In Love With A ..
       .. Woman Everyone Is Talking About
Lil' Runt & Chip - I'll Be
Johnny Thomson - I'm Giving up On Love
Anthony Hamilton - Send Some Time
Katrenia Jefferson - 0h
Wll Downing Never Saw no
Jody Watley - To Be With Out You
Jessie Fisher - Don;t Cheat On Me

Hour Two
Lou Courtney - What Do You Want Me To Do
Anthony S. - There Is A Girl
The Whispers - Do They Turn You On
Ben E King - Family Jewels
Thelma Houston - Nothing Left To Give
Andre Lee - Tell Me What You Need
Lowel Pye - Never Leave Me Alone
Ronnie Bell - Cotton Candy
Eddie Holman - It's All In The Game
Keith Robertson - Don't Nobody Want To Be Here
Freda Payne - Just The Thought Of You And Me
Robert H Fowler - Out In The Rain


Australia #3

Welcome to the third and last S.O.S Australian Special, I'll be back home next week, I have had an amazing time so far. I must apologize for the slight technical problem on the podcast last week, but you got all the important stuff .... the music!  Due the fact I had to plan this weeks show some weeks back, it's gonna a bit of an Old Skool Special, but don't worry lots of new music due for next week.  It would have been Rick James birthday today, but sadly he died in 2004 after much health problems (Stoke/Heart Attack/Pacemaker/Diabetes) but we remember him on this day. Marvin Jr. of the Dells was born yesterday.

New album out from Charlie Wilson ..... Eclectic, inventive and enterprising, with a flair for communicating with the masses. Followers of astrology may recognize those traits as belonging to Aquarius, the Water Bearer, and many a creative game-changer has risen to prominence thanks to those gifts, including Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, D'Angelo, Rakim....and Charlie Wilson.  Heartland roots and humble beginnings aside, the Tulsa, OK native spent decades cementing his style as a frontman (The Gap Band Era) and as a solo artist (The Era of Uncle Charlie), overcoming obstacles (financial hardship, prostate cancer and addictions to drugs/alcohol) and reestablishing himself as a chart-topping soul survivor. So his latest solo CD, Forever Charlie, is as much about witnessing a rebirth as it is our level of entertainment in experiencing it. More at soultracks

On with the podcast, please remember to share the link and give the gift of music..

Playlist for Sunday 01-02-2015

Hour One
The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again
Gerald Alston - Stay A Little While
L J Reynolds - Like Crazy
Phil Perry - Pretty Lady
Teena Marie - De Javu
Stevie Wonder - Ribbons In The Sky
Tower Of Power - This Time It's Real
Will Downing - Brooklyn Breezes
Isley Brothers - Just Came Here To Chill
Ron Tyson - Got My Swagger Back
Dallas White - Ooo Sexy Lady

Hour Two
Eric Bennet - News For You
Black Ice - Blind Over You
Johnny Taylor - Midnite Mood
Randy Darbonne - Love On The Roof
Mandrill - Love Makes Me Over
Ohio Players - Skin Tight
Undisputed Truth - Girl Your Alright
The Impressions If It's In You To Do Wrong
Wendell B - We Stepping Out Tonight
Detroit Spinners ft Dionne Warwick 
               - Just As Long As We Have Love
Choice Four - Hook It Up
Mel Waiters - Throw Back Years