Hi Spain!
The great new music just keeps on coming! 2013 has been a great year in terms of quality and soul. I see most of my Featured Artist albums have proved to be successful this year - nice! There's no real format to what i feature, it can be a Major or Indie label release, the only criteria being 'it has SOUL'., that's what I'm about, promoting the music we love and to get artists more exposure. This ensures the growth and survival of our music...I say; "our music" because it belongs to us all. Please if you are an artist or promoter or record company or fan and you have something that i  should include don't be shy, just let me know. The other thing is make sure you check out other radio shows too, we're all different in presentation style but we all have the same aim; that's to spread the Soul.

Lomax's 4th album
This weeks Featured Artist is a Southern Soul man who's star is defiantly on the rise, that's Lomax, who's album, 'Life's Lessons' came out last year. I have to admit i missed this album on its release but Jenni Oleson Weber was kind enough to bring it to my attention through her promotion company and I'm so glad she did, yes  a great slice of Southern Soul by the Georgia native, check out his biography at the base of this page. There's so much quality music coming from Indie labels in the Southern states that it's only a matter of time before something breaks big. Thanks to all the people who took time to vote in the Detroit Black Music Awards and every vote counts for artists to get recognition it's vital in terms of not just recording but also live work that pays the bills for so many. As always this show gives a mix of new music and the classics,. the ones that i grew up on, and please check-out my Gospel selection this week because it's amazing! (thank you Mickey for bringing it to my attention).
Listeners: Pedro & Paloma

I love our Listeners Choice* spot because the music you guys pick is just so varied and really representative of Soul music and it's so good to see that we can listen to music of every decade and enjoy it, It's truly the only way to ensure the continuation of the Soul legacy. This week my dear friends of many years; Pedro and Paloma Garcia, husband and wife from Madrid in Spain, will select three of their favourite tracks.

Limited edition book (1000)
I had some wonderful times in Madrid in years gone by meeting this couple and their knowledge of Soul music astounds me, (Pedro's Spanish omelette's are pretty special to lol ) ... just the other day the Mail man came with mail from Madrid! I opened the package .....wow they have written and put together an amazing book on Spanish Motown issues. So much has already been written and published about Motown, but this book is so unique, and definitely one to treasure. I can only imagine the debates they would have had to chose there tracks be be included! Lol, I am honored they took time and i sincerely congratulate them on the new edition to my Spanish family; Anton Alexander the next generation of Soul. (Information on book at:  50motown@gmail.com )

I hope you enjoy the music on offer this week, please remember to hit the 'Like' button and share my link with friends and most of all thank you all for being part of the Science Of Soul family.
 This weeks playlist  for Sunday 28th. July 2013 

Hour One
Jody Watley - Workin' On...
Jazz album with Soul
                   .. A Groove Called Love
The Tymes - Find My Way
Joe Leavey - I Heart You
Tatiana 'Lady May' Mayfield - For You
Selina Albright - You & I
Lomax Swing It / Put It All Up There

Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - Touch My Life
Bobby Patterson - Recipe For Love
*Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
*The Four Tops - Baby...
                       ...... I Need Your Lovin'
*The Jokers - Soul Sounds
Candi Staton - To Hurt To Cry

Hour Two

Truth & Devotion 1982 (Gospel)
Sho - Glad I Met You
Clarence Mann - Come What May
Donnell Jones - Forever
Lomax Second Hand Man
Willie Clayton - Love Is So Beautiful
Omar Cunningham - Older Woman
Truth & Devotion - Heaven At Last
Joe Leavy - My Little Ones
Sterling - Come On And Love Me
Eddie Levert - What If
Smokey Robinson - Silent Partner..
       ... In A Three Way Love Affair

Notes: Bill's introduction is missing on first three songs due to a technical error, but was present on the broadcast.

Lomax Biography:

In 2004, he began working on his first solo Gospel project, that led to unexpected opportunities. Through that his musical artistry was introduced to the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW). He performed for that group on several occasions and was invited to participate as a musical guest the unveiling of the bust of Sojourner Truth in Washington, DC at the US Capital Visitors’ Center. He was blessed with the honor of personally meeting and speaking with our First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Ever looking to broaden his musical horizons, Lomax began his “ Southern Soul” experience as a guitar player on Tony Troutman’s well-know “Southern Soul” hit, “Your Man Is Home Tonight. While a member of the Mel Waiter’s band, Lomax has taken the opportunity to collaborate with Mel on several musical projects that are destined for musical success. These include writing and producing the music for Mel Waiter’s new single, “She’s Got No Curfew.” Lomax has also produced and performed on the music of Chandra Calloway’s new single “Ask Me what You Want” Jimmy-Jai and Charles Wilson all performers on Mel Waiters’ new record label, Brittney Records.

You are invited to enjoy “Put It All Up There,” Lomax’s latest, hot new “ Southern Soul” released on KAL Entertainment Inc. “Put It All Up In There” is written by Lomax Spaulding IV and produced and performed by Lomax Spaulding III. This ‘sure to please’ release has the makings of a “Southern Soul” classic and has also allowed Lomax to be nominated for “New Male Vocalist of the Year” by the Jus Blues Music Foundation. Be on the lookout for Lomax’s hot, new 2012 (CD) (album) entitled “Life Lessons.” (CDBaby)

Label: http://www.kal-entertainment-inc.com/https://www.facebook.com/#!/LOMAXFANPAGE




Howard Johnson

My Featured Album
It's been another hot week here at the Science of Soul and only thing hotter than the weather is the music! This week I have a new album from Howard Johnson, it's a very welcome return from this classic soul man. The album: "Jet Black Casanova" has been a while in the making but the results are well worth it. The tracks I'll play fit into the mellow selection but there's something for everyone as the saying goes. Howard as been around quite awhile now but trust me he is as contemporary as it gets this is a great project.

My beloved city of Detroit is going through some hard times right now (bankrupt), so I would like all the Science of Soul family to come together and show some love for my brothers; Charles Davis and Marvin Ruffin, both guys have been nominated for awards in the Motorcity and the Detroit 5th Annual Black Music Awards, it is very important to them, so please help us out by going to: www.surveymonkey.com/s/G6MLDQ3 It takes less than 2 minutes to give a brother a hand, PLEASE VOTE... (click someone in all sections)

Peggy Scott Adams
Back to the music in hand and with the usual mix of Soul, the staple of this weeks show, thanks to all the people who remind me of tracks I'd  forgot or don't even know in some cases. "So much music and so little time...Lol." Make sure you listen out for Peggy Scott-Adams' song it's a track from her classic album "Hot & Sassy" album, in fact I recommend the whole album. I love to include new music mixed with old, thus thinking both are vitally important and from the comments I get; seems you agree.

Barry & Steve Calloway
This weeks Listeners Choice comes from my old friend Barry Griffiths*, I've been putting him off for weeks due to so many listeners wanting to pick theirs. Baz is a real Soul man and been loving the music as long as me, got a great collection, he's one of our Bridge FM listeners who lives in Halesowen known to be quite an expert on The Impressions group and like myself he is a big fan of live music. Again and I keep saying this; "just can only imagine how hard it was to pick just three tracks" but I am sure you'll enjoy.

That's it.... phew, too hot to type anymore... so on with the music....

 Sunday's play list for  July 21st., 2013 

Hour One
The Miracles - Give Me Another Day
The O'Jays - My Favourite Person
Lady - If You Wanna Be My Man
Marissa Rose - Thinking Bout You
Billion Dollar Band - Loves Sweet Notion
Howard Johnson - I Wish You Were Here
Howard Johnson - Flying High
Bill Summers - I Believe In You.
O V Wright - We're Still Together
Adriana Evans - Suddenly
*The Whispers - Only Meant To Wet My Feet.
*The Manhattan's - I Wish That You Were Mine
*The Natural Four - Heaven On Earth.
Certified Slim - Glass Of Wine

Hour Two
O B Bucanna - You Said
Michael Hanna - Love Vows
Chrisette Michele - A Couple Of Forevers
Howard Johnson - I Wanna Satisfy You
Peggy Scott-Adams - She's Getting Into My Pants
Marcell Russell - Now That It's Over
Johnny Taylor - Get Up In The Morning
Florida Spiritualaires - I Remember When
Jeffery Valantine - You Stayed Still
Gene Chandler - I'll Remember You
Maysa - When You Touch Me
Marvin Gaye - You sure Love To Ball

Howard Johnson's Biography:
R&B vocalist Howard Johnson started out in Miami, holding forth in local bars and clubs until the appearance of a life-changing business contact. That was Sandy Torano, a guitarist and producer associated with performers such as the Commodores and Phyllis Hyman. Johnson was his choice for a new vocal group and thus began the singer's recording career. It was 1977, the group was called Niteflyte, and the label was Ariola. The project lasted for only two albums but created enough of a buzz for A&M to sign Johnson to a solo contract.

A trio of close associates -- Kashif, Paul Laurence Jones, and Morris Brown -- produced Keepin' Love New (1982), Johnson's solo debut; both "So Fine" and the title track did very well in the British market. The singer recorded two more albums for the label: Doin' It My Way (1983), produced by the System, and The Vision (1985), some of which was handled by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. At the end of the decade, the singer returned to A&M as part of the duo Johnson & Branson with Regis Branson. In the interim, Johnson did some recording with singer Donna Allen.

The '90s, if not a completely fallow period, represented a stark respite from the action-packed '80s. Johnson was not really to be seen until he showed up again with old pal Branson in the new millennium, this time at the behest of a Japanese outfit, Soul Japan, that had gone mad for the sound of old-school '80s soul. Packed and Waitin' was released in 2002. Roughly a decade later, Johnson's A&M albums were reissued by the Netherlands' PTG label. (Eugene Chadbourne)



 First off this week I need to thank you all for being part of the Science of Soul family, the web site has now received over 10.000 hits! which is all thanks to you guys for spreading the word. It's pretty amazing for a specialist site that's only been up and running for just over seven months. I have to give respect to Mickey Nold who takes care of it all for me and for putting up with my lack of computer knowledge because he patiently explains things over and over till he thinks I get it ..lol..  and with out him there would be no web site and it was his idea to run the web site alongside the show. Thanks also the Bridge FM management team; Alex Totney, Mark and Pamela Williams their support is also priceless and much appreciated is my fellow Bridge presenters on Soulful Sunday's; Garry Edwards, Bill Bishop, Phil Tonks and Steve Welch during his time at the Bridge - thank you gentlemen.

His best to date!

My featured album this week is the new set from Joe Thomas, and I did cheat and play a track from the album in last weeks show, because anyone who knows me will already know I am a big fan of Joe and this being his tenth studio album is in my opinion his best yet. I'm not going to bore you by saying listen to this or that track - just get the whole album! Joe, who's a native of Columbus, GA., is, as they say "the real deal." His music sits up there with the greats of any era and has matured into one most respected and consistent artists in contemporary soul music. The albums title: "Doubleback-The Evolution Of R&B" is a great description of what is contained within this project he has taken it, [Soul/sex - ed] to a new level.

Got new music on this weeks show from the amazing Ms Lola Gully taken from her forthcoming album on Wilbe records, the last album was very good so I'm expecting greater things. Thanks to my good friend Larry Eglin for keeping me up-to-date on all the Wilbe projects. If your new to the site please check out our 'Wilbe Records Special' that we put out in December of last year, the link is found on this pages edge. 

New music also on today's show from Blues man Theodis Ealy & J Redd, an inspired coupling that sits really well. J Redd is a prolific talent recording at the rapidly emerging Soul Mop productions in the Carolinas - just a matter of time before he hits the real big time me thinks. I've been talking to J's manager Mike Ellison who is keen to get J over  to Europe so any interested promoters you can contact me at bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net where deals can be done.

Friend & Listener Susan
Another real mixture of Soul this week and as always lots of great slow jams, in particular listen out for my great friend Ivy Joe Hunter's "Yea Yea Yea" as it is now available thanks to the Soul Junction (a local label), these guys who are consistently putting out great classic Soul music. The Gospel track this week comes from Bill Hackworth whilst my Listeners Choice* comes from Susan Benedict, Susan and myself go back aways, so much so that her family are like my family and when ever I'm in Indiana it feels just like being at home, I'm so happy that she selected three songs...I know how hard it was lol....she even tried to bribe me into letting her pick ten lol. It was a close thing because she knows I love Bob Evans' BBQ Sauce..lol. I think you'll enjoy her selection. Remember If you would like to choose three of your favourite tracks just me know, hit me on FB or email bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net just song and artist I will do the rest...It's as simple as that.

Ok enough chat, on with music - enjoy.....[Bridge FM readers Click 4 Podcast]

This Sunday's Playlist July 15th. 2013

Hour One
War - Summer
Charles Wilson - What One Man Won't Do Another Will
Locally released 45
Lola - Creepin'
Willie Hutch - Talk To Me
Ivy Jo Hunter - Yea Yea Yea
Aretha Franklin - If She Don't Want Your Love
Joe - More / Mary Jane
Marcia Mitchell - For Love
Theodis Ealy & J Redd - Keep On Dancin'
*Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - To Late To Turn Back Now
*The Four Tops - Ain't No Woman (Like The One I Got)
*The O'Jays - Used To Be My Girl

Hour Two
Ceaser Frazier - Just A Little Bit Of Love
aka: True Image
Clarence Mann - Only A Matter Of Time
L.T.D. - We Both Deserve Each Others Love
Felony Davis - Treat Me Right
Shirley Brown - Don't Go Looking For My Man
Joe - Sexy
A.J. Debravo - You Blow My Mind
Bill Hackworth - I Belong To You [gospel]
Circle Of Fire - Your A Winner
Lifestyle - I'm Gonna Love You Girl
Mel & Tim - It's The Little Things That Count
James Brown - These Foolish Things

Joe's Biography
Joseph Lewis Thomas (born July 5, 1972), usually credited simply as Joe, is an American R&B singer and record producer. Joe is a native of Morris, Georgia and later moved to Opelika, Alabama.

He signed to Polygram/Mercury and in 1993 released his album debut, "Everything." This album produced a minor hit for him and he was subsequently released from his contract. Joe then signed to Jive Records for his 1997 album, "All That I Am." This proved to be his breakthrough album, reaching #13 on the. Billboard 200 album charts and number 4 on the R&B charts. The hit singles from this album included the Top 5 R&B/Top 20 pop hit "All the Things Your Man Won't Do", the Top 5 R&B/Top 40 pop hit "Don't Wanna Be a Player", produced by Rodney Jerkins, and "The Love Scene". "All That I Am" eventually went platinum in the US.

In April 2000, Joe released his third album, "My Name Is Joe," which became his most successful album to date, reaching the top of the R&B album charts and #2 on the Billboard 200, eventually selling more than three million copies. The single "Stutter", was #1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks charts. The "Better Days" album was released in 2001, reaching #32 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the R&B chart. It featured two singles, "Lets Stay Home Tonight", which reached #18 on the US R&B chart, and "What If A Woman".

Joe recruited high profile guests for the "And Then ..." album released in late 2003. "And Then ..." reached #26 on the US album charts and #4 on the R&B charts. Joe's sixth album, "Ain't Nothin' Like Me," was produced by Tim & Bob, The Underdogs, Cool & Dre, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Sean Garrett. The album featured guest appearances by Nas, Fabolous, Papoose, Young Buck and Tony Yayo; and was released on April 24, 2007.

Joe released his highly anticipated album "Joe Thomas, New Man", independently on September 23, 2008. The album debuted at number 8 on the billboard charts on the week of 29/9/08. 56,733 copies were sold in the first week. His second independent album, titled "Signature," was released on July 14, 2009 in Japan and the US. The album debuted #7 on the Billboard 200, #2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and #1 on the Independent Albums chart. (starpulse)


Marcell Russell

It's running away!
WOW....Just realised as I sat to write this, we are now in the second half of 2013!, were did the time go? I think it's fair to say it's been a very mixed year so far when you think back at all of the great soul legends that have left us. It makes you consider your own mortality; we have a duty to live life to the full. It's an old saying but tomorrow really is not promised, make the most of each day and if your bored try counting your blessings you just might be surprised. On a celebrated note: I hope all my USA listeners had a great 4th July day this week.

The new music just keeps on coming ....check out the new album from Joe Thomas "Double back: The Evolution Of R&B," I just can't rate this highly enough, I have to say I am a long time admirer of his work, but overall I think set is his finest to date. Rest assured you will be hearing lots of it on the show.

My 'Featured Album'
I had a great surprise a couple of weeks back when Marcell Russell's new album "Serenade & Sermon" appeared in my in-box, you may know Marcell from his work with the group Truth, and also known as the voice of Baltimore. Marcell as been a prolific song writer and performer for several years now and his latest project is just pure class. I've played this album countless times already and it just gets better and better. Songs of quality and depth coupled with solid arrangements and Marcell's faultless vocals, I just had to make this: Featured Album this week. Picking three tracks was almost impossible and I changed them a dozen times. Actually I don't have favourite tracks on this set! I just love the whole album and proud and privileged to share it with you. Check out Marcell's web site at www.marcellrussell.com/ please give this album your full support, 'cus I'll be playing other tracks over the coming weeks.

Listener: Miss Texas Mami
My Listeners Choice this week is very special - my dear friend and Soul Sister Denise Tabor or better known as Miss Texas Mami, one of Texas's most respected radio hosts has sent me three songs. Now Denise is the real deal, a true Southern girl from El Paso, Texas. If I need to know anything about Southern Soul this is my girl! her shows are amongst the top rated Blues & Soul shows in the United States and trust me there is a lot of competition. I would recommended you check out her shows they are available worldwide via the Net..(only when your not listening to the Science of Soul of course Lol). My thanks to Denise for taking time out to send the tracks.

Bridge FM Music library
Quite a mix of Soul on this week's show a few names you might not be familiar with, myself and Mickey spent a day trawling through the vaults. Check the Sam Dee's song "Signed Miss Heroin" very powerful, reminds me of my first visit to New York in the late 1970's, I saw there, first hand, the mass devastation caused by the influx of cheap heroin. You had to see it to understand how it ripped the heart out of America's inner cities and the effects are still being felt today. The play list also includes singer/song writer Leon Ware, and you'll be pleased to hear an interview I did with Leon in the early 90's is possibly going to become available again in the near future, but I will keep you updated as I get more details.

That's it! on with the music, remember if you enjoy the Show please share the www.thescienceofsoul.com link with friends and fellow soul folk's.
This weeks play list for Sunday 7th July, 2013

Hour One
Leon Ware - What's Your Name
Johnny Bristol - Do It To My Mind
Gerald LeVert - Didn't We
Mel Waiters - Throw Back Days
Maydie Miles - Kiss Of Life
Marcell Russell - Abuse My Mind
Marcell Russell - Blow Me Away
Charles Walker & The Dynamites - 
     - Still Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
J Redd - My Good Thang
Jimmy Taylor - Right On
Katrenia - Cause I Love You

Hour Two
John Goodwine - If Only You Were Here
Joe & Fantasia - Love & Sex
Tom Brock - I Love You More And More
The Holden Brothers - If I Didn't Have You
Sam Dees - Signed Miss Heroin
Marcell Russell - Communicate
The Softones - I'm Gonna Prove It
Otis Clay - Gonna Take My Hearts Advice
Alonzo Reid - Your Tong Alone
The Notation's - Take It Slow
The Isley Brothers - Don't Say Good Night
Marcell Russell's Biography:

This Baltimore native continues to distinguish himself as a writer, producer, singer and performer. Having penned over 700 songs in an eight-year period, being nominated for over 20 independent music awards and winning several of those coveted titles is impressive! Marcell has even shared the cover of a European magazine with Alicia Keys and Snoop Dog. Seeing Marcell as a solo artist can take sometime getting used to after almost a decade with "the Truth" (his former band) but when you hear his music, you realize he hasn't missed a step. He works as if he's just getting started.

Marcell has three previous albums, including two studio albums: Hopes Too High and Symbols.  His music has also been the muse for an independent  documentary film called You Saved Me.  He's often been compared to Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway and Gerald Lavert, but his own distinct style always shines through.

Marcell has headlined in large arenas and community venues in virtually every major city in America, as well as gracing stages throughout Europe with sold-out performances. Marcell's music has an amazing ability to connect the sacred and secular in ways that just make sense for everyone who listens.  Although he is only in his mid 30’s his music has audiences often wondering his age, his lyrics are timeless. He's known outside of Baltimore as the "Voice of Baltimore" but in his hometown and throughout he's simply known as "The Voice". As you hear his music it will quickly become clear why Marcell is the Voice! www.marcellrussell.com


Maysa (Leak)

Her new album featured today
 Welcome back for another edition of the Science Of Soul, thanks for the great feed back re: the new time slot, though it did feel strange to me lol...it was still light outside when I went on air!

On this weeks show I will feature the new album from Maysa "Blue Velvet Soul," I love this album from start to Finnish, quality songs and production coupled with Maysa's wonderful vocals make this set a must have in any serious soul lovers collection. I don't know if it's me but I had real trouble identifying one female soul artist from another for a few years 'cause everyone sounded the same; but the cream is rising to the top and the lady's are delivering some great product right now...they got my attention.

Brand new Alonzo Reid songs
A lot of new music hitting the street's right now and my old friend Alonzo Reid from Montgomery, Alabama has new tracks out, I'll include them over the next couple of weeks. In this weeks show I have included "Your Love Is So Good," a classic slice of Southern soul from the one-time drummer (Alonzo) with the late great Marvin Sease. Earth Wind & Fire have a new CD due for a September release, I think it's fair to say EWF created a style all of there own and there influence is still evident in the music of today. It's always an event when the guys issue new material and although it's not a ground a breaking 'new sound,' it's still EWF just as we know and love them -  long may it continue.

Just found out Charles Bradley is UK bound later in the year, I know there is one date already confirmed here in Birmingham  (Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath in October,) you might remember I featured his latest album a few months back, If you missed it, remember you can revisit older shows via this site: there's a list on the side of the page, just click the link that your interested in and it will open up the page.  (Note: Music self deletes if no plays inside 30 days)

Bobby 'Blue' Bland - RIP
We are now getting a lot of hits on www.thescienceofsoul.com site and we continue to grow  week-on-week, so any potential advertisers or sponsors please get in touch, you can reach us via Facebook or at bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net and please remember if you like the Site please share with friends and hit the 'Like' buttons, the more people we reach - the more we teach - about the Science of Soul.

Sad to report we have lost another legend, Bobby 'Blue' Bland, I have to confess I'm not a big Blues fan but Bobby crossed over very comfortably from Blues to Soul and just to highlight that fact I have included a couple of his ABC - Dunhill recordings from the 1970's. He will be sadly missed but his place in music history is secure: RIP Mr. Bobby "Blue" Bland.

Mary Love & Mickey (2003)
Our Gospel Spot is back this week and it could only be Mary Love Comer. I'm sure you are aware we also lost Mary just over a week ago, I saw Mary live many years ago and she was a charismatic performer the like of which don't come along to often. We will remember Mary Love Comer.
On with Show ... just a little teaser I got a great feature album for next week, I've been playing it to death (lol,).... but for now enjoy the soul feast on offer!

Playlist for Sunday 30th June 2013

Hour One
New LP out Sept. 10th.
Spendour - Special Lady
Earth, Wind & Fire - My Promise
Randy Jackson - How Can I Be Sure
Ali Ollie Woodson - Believe That
Danny Johnson - Taking My Love For Granted
Maysa - Pouring Rain
Maysa - Sophisticated Lover
Alonzo Reid - Your Love Is So Good
Carl Simms - Tell Me Were You've Been
+Bobby Bland - Sitting On A Poor Mans Throne
+Bobby Bland - Ain't Gonna Be The First To Cry

Hour Two
The Manhattans - We'll Have Forever To Love
Jackie Moore - Joe
1978 Chi-Sound Album
+Mary Love - Come Out Of The Sand Box
Maysa - Morning Sunrise
Marlena Shaw - Suddenly It's How I Like To Feel
Walter Jackson - We Could Fly
Windy City - I Still Love You
Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
Enchantment - Silly Love Song
Fact's Of Life - Did He Make Love To You
Heatwave - Look After Love
Billy Paul - This Is Your Life

[+ left us this month aged 83,69]

Masa's Biography:
BORN: August 17th, 1966, Baltimore, Maryland
RAISED: Baltimore, Maryland

Maysa Leak was raised in a warm family setting. Her family has always supported her love for music from the age of three years old. Maysa decided that she was going to be a singer at the age of six, when her mother took her to see Purlie at the Morris Mechanic Theater. Although most of Maysa's early high school days were taken up with choir and musical theater, and listening to pop music, a major turning point in the direction she wanted to take her voice was when her uncle introduced her to Al Jarreau and Billie Holiday.

More at her web site: http://www.maysa.com