Fallen Trees

It's the last show of 2012 and always a time to be reflective by looking back over the year in terms of quality, it's been a great year, yes it seems REAL soul music is coming back with new young artists, the likes of Vick Allen, Lina and quite few more seem to sit quite easily along side the more established act's like Angie Stone, Eric Benet and others, I think this can only lead to greater things.

Impressions '12 Highlight
The highlight of 2012 for me was undoubtedly The Impressions live at London's Jazz Cafe, it was a rare opportunity to see in person, a group that many of us grew up listening to. Make no mistake this WAS the real deal and not some watered-down tribute act, both Sam Gooden and Fred Cash are soul music royalty with Reggie Torian, no newcomer on the block, (though he terms himself as the young man of the group), he actually is in his fourth decade with the Impressions! yes it was truly a night to remember.

On tonight's show I thought I might do something a little different. I normally feature new music or artists that are not so well known, (that will return next week,) but tonight I look back and feature: 'Three Fallen Trees' of soul; Curtis Mayfield who we lost on 26th December 1999, James Brown who left us on Christmas day 2006 (who both can only be described as pioneers of soul music), their music was a time capsule that is important historically as it was creative and let us not forget Teena Marie (the Ivory Queen of Soul), who's journey ended on the 26th.of December 2010. Teena was a trail blazer loved by a generation of people who were bombarded with bland disco music, yet Teena was different on so many levels .. so let's revisit their legacy  -   Tina, James & Curtis's seeds of soul touched us all
Having said all that I'm also so looking forward to 2013 because there's lot's of great music to come and memories we are yet to make, so on behalf of myself and Mickey we wish you a new year filled with happiness and health and we thank you for being part of The Science Of Soul family.

Sunday 30-12-2012 track-list & podcast: 
Hour One
01 - Teddy Pendergrass - You For Me Right Now
02 - Adriana Evans - Waiting
03 - Aaron Neville - I Can't Imagine
04 - Al Wilson - Touch and Go
05 - Eric Benet - You're The Only One
06 - James Brown - The Payback
07 - James Brown - A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads
08 - David Ruffin - Can We Make Love One More Time
09 - Walter Jackson - Tell Me Were It Hurts
10 - Ohio Players - Heaven Must Be Like This
11 - Aretha Franklin - Willing To Forgive
Hour Two
12 - Tower Of Power - Love's Been Gone To Long 
13 - Johnnie Taylor - If Your Looking For A Fool 
14 - Teena Marie - Deja Vu
15 - Teena Marie - Miracles Need Wings To Fly 
16 - The Manhattans - Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad 
17 - Facts Of Life - Did He Make Love To You 
18 - The O'Jays - How Time Flies 
19 - Byron Woods - Fly Away 
20 - The Temptations - Special 
21 - The Impressions - Soulful Love 
22 - Curtis Mayfield - Little Child Running Wild 
23 - Curtis Mayfield - Oh So Beautiful

Finally a sad note

The last ten days of December have been the most shocking for a quite a few years with singer loses of; Linda Howard (group: High Inergy) 17th, Terry Huff 19th, Jimmy McCrackin 20th, Marva Whitney 22nd. and now Fontella Bass 26th. All gave us much musical pleasure - RIP


Moulton Records

 It seems Christmas is upon us, so first off from myself and Mickey we would like to wish all our Science of Soul friends a very merry and soulful Christmas and we hope Santa brings you lots of great music. 

As mentioned a few weeks ago, the podcast just goes from strength to strength, not only with the UK listeners but also in the U.S.A., Germany and Spain, intact countries that I never even expected to know about us. So because of this world interest I have now included a translate facility so the blog is now available in pretty much any language you can think of.... check it in Chinese it's amazing (lol.) 

Also may I give a special mention to all the promo guys and record companies who provide us with a steady stream of new music to share with you all.Guys you make presenting this show the joy that it is and together we will continue to spread the musical love. 

In this weeks show thanks to LeeRoy McDonald (known all over the world as the Silky Soul engineer) we feature Moulton Records' Leroy Allen and Choppa Law, these guy's are currently tearing up the US Southern Soul Charts. I just can't wait for the album releases fellas! We also have a few Christmas tunes thrown in this week ...it has to be done, it is Christmas Eve (lol)......... plus my usual mix of new and classic tunes. 

Well that's enough chat from me so sit back enjoy the music and where ever you are in the world please keep safe and share the gift of music...(ads & news free version of my show)

Track listing for Sunday 23-12-12

Hour One
01 - The Phat Cat Players - Make It Phat Baby
02 - Johhny Bristol - Do It To My Mind
03 - Lenny Williams - Shoo Doo Fu Fu Shoo
04 - Wrecking Crew - Miracle
05 - The Dramatic's - Here Comes Xmas Love
06 - God's Gift To Woman ( Leyroy Allen) - Let Your Heart Be The Judge
07 - Leroy Allen - I Want it
08 - 'Choppa' Law - Standing In Line
09 - Avail Hollywood - Lonely @ Xmas
10 - Will Downing - Send For Me
11 - David Hudson - Your My Dream Come True
12 - Willie Hutch - Don't You Let Nobody Tell You How To Do Your Thing
Hour Two
13 - Isley Brothers - What Can I Bring You
14 - The Moments - OH I Could Love You
15 - Jesse James - Get In Touch With Me
16 - The Temptations - Some Enchanted Evening
17 - Floyd Taylor - Fantasy Lady
18 - Johnnie Taylor - Your Love Is Rated X
19 - Betty Wright - Surrender
20 - The Dells - Soul Strolling
21 - Jerry Butler - Just Because I Realy Love You
22 - The Force M D's - Here I Go Again
23 - The Miracles - You Need A Miracle.

Leroy Allen.....The Silky Soul Singer
Leroy started his career in 1969 with the group The Symphonics, that later became God's Gift To Women. Members consisted Of Allen, David LaFleur, Anthony Smothers and his big brother Thomas Johnson. In 1972 the group recorded "Let You Heart Be The  Judge" for All-Platinum's A-1 label (shown above). 

The song had opened almost every concert at Houston Coliseum and Hofheinz's Pavilion. In the early 1980's Leroy started the group Lazar, and transition in the late 80's to The Perfect Timin Band, which backed Bo Williams while touring with Cameo and Gerald Levert. Perfect Timin aso opened for Alexander O'Neal, New Edition, Baby Face, Roger Troutman & Zapp, The Dazz Band and Millie Jackson. 

After the passing of God's Gift's manager George Frazier in 2006, the group reunited singing for local charities. The Group has also took on the new name Gifted The Group aka "God's Gift To Women" in 2012. Leroy Allen Has Started a solo project with the new single "I Want It". In other words, "In The Year of 2013 if God says the same, I want to dedicated the majority of my time to my solo career".

Choppa Law's biography
A Houston native Roger W. Law, better known by his friends and musical colleagues as "Choppa" is a music legend and has over 35 years in the music business. Choppa is an amazing pianist/keyboard player, songwriter and music producer who has played with most of the top bands in Houston area. He was the band-leader of the Overe band for seven years and was named 'Band Of The Year' by the Houston press.

Choppa grew up in Sunny Side and graduated from Worthing High School immediately upon graduation her began his musical career and started touring with recording artistes  such as Mikey Blue, Perfect Timin, Bo Williams, H-Town Mel Waiters and Club Neuvo. During his career he has toured all over the world with such platinum recording artists like Cameo, Baby Face, Usher, Monica, Midnight Star, Maze, Zapp and Black Street.

With his experience across diverse genres, Choppa is still the most sought after keyboard player in the Houston area. Roger is Co-Founder, with his wife, of the Musicians Empowerment Foundation, a non-profit foundation developed to empower and support aspiring young musicians.


Lil Fallay

Lil Fallay

 It's Science of Soul time once again and doesn't the week just fly by. In tonight's show look out for two tracks from the excellent Jesse James' album "Let me Show you" These were due to be played in last  weeks show but due to technical issues (me being crap with computers that is) it didn't happen!

Jessie James' US label
Today's spotlight artist may be a new name to many of you but this guy has a history, voted best Southern soul artist of 2010, Mr Chris Andrus better known as Lil Fallay released his eighth studio album entitled "Green Light For A Night Rider" Based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Chris has been a full time fire fighter for twenty three years, yet managed to share the stage with legends such as Tyrone Davis, Marvin Sease and many more. In an industry filled with self important people Lil Fallay is a breath of fresh air and a talent deserving of much wider exposure! here at The Science Of Soul that's my legacy.

I also have the usual mix of of new material and old skool classics that prove to be very popular with our listener's. Don't forget to click 'Like' to share me with your Facebook friends. You can also add your email & I'll email you when a new Blog surfaces - technology hey!

Coming next week by-the-way, I spotlight two artists from the Houston based Molten's records label; Leroy Allen and Choppa Laws yeah who knows maybe even a Christmas tune or two! That's it from me.... as always thanks to Mickey Nold for maintaining the site and correcting all my mistakes (of which there are many, lol ) so sit back and enjoy the music.....

This weeks 'Science' playlist:
Hour One
01 - War - All Day Music
02 - Adriana Evans - Set In Stone
03 - Jesse James - I Gave You Love With An A Plus
04 - The Dynamites Featuring Charles Walker - I Got Love for You
05 - Joe Tex - All The Heaven A Man Needs
06 - Lil' Fallay - The World Needs Love
07 - Vick Allen - Woman On The Side
08 - Lina - Other Girls
09 - Jerry Butler - Suite For The Single Girl
10 - Jesse James - Visiting Rights
11 - Pete Belasco - Wonderful Woman
12 - Will Downing - Saturday
Hour Two
The late Ali Ollie Woodson

13 - Bigg Robb - Let's Straighten It Out
14 - Maverick Gaither - No One But You
15 - Jeff Floyd - Giving You My Private Number
16 - The Isley Brothers - Hello
17 - Lil' Fallay - Absolute
18 - Ali Ollie Woodson - Girl Don't Walk Away
19 -                              - You Need Love
20 - Randy Brown - I Wanna Make Love To You
21 - Tyrone Davis - Heart Failure
22 - The Whispers - Butta
23 - Tower Of Power - Soothe You.

Lil Fallay's biography
Ladies and Gentleman, this guy's bio reads like a made for movie novel. Chris Andrus aka Soul & Blues recording artist Lil' Fallay (pronounced Fall- Lay) has changed the landscape of Soul music in South Louisiana and the Chittlin Circuit music genre. He appeared on the scene in 2001 with his debut album DREAMS DO COME TRUE with the hit song that took the music scene by storm, Swing It . Selling over 5,000 copies as an Indie artist was a big accomplishment. Using gorilla styled marketing propelled Fallay into the main stream of Southern Soul music.

Performing on the same stage with the likes of; the late great Tyrone Davis, Mel Waiters, Michael Cooper of the famed 70's dance group Con Funk Shun, Zapp, The Manhathans, Denise Lasalle, Willie Clayton and other popular southern soul artists increased his exposure. Without skipping a beat, in 2002, Fallay released his follow up album entitled TASTE ME with the hit song Just Won't Give In. It was like he knew what his fans wanted and he gave it to them on a silver platter. Shortly after, 9/11 occurred. Its effects on the nation and the economy caused a period where there was no shipping, selling, or buying in the country. As a result, the CD was frozen in time. Although jocks all over the country lauded it a success, the sales were not comparable to his first release. . . proof that if the music does not get to the fans, it dies. But that did not stop Lil' Fallay.

In 2003, he teamed up with Charles Manns and Bob Coleman for his third project, BACK 2 BASICS. This album ventured away from Fallays usual up tempo style and received mixed reviews. The most memorable track from this CD is the unforgettable mother's day tribute song entitled A Mother's Love, highly requested every year for mother's day. After the conclusion of that producer-artist effort, Fallay produced his fourth project titled FOLLOW MY LEAD. Dubbed his best project to date, it brought him right back to the throne where he sits as THE GURU OF SWING, the name given to him by review writers around the world. With hits like Dont Walk Away, , Lets Swing Again, and My Baby's Magic, fans were announcing that their favorite entertainer was back! Now, to the present . . . it appears that Fallay is still bringing his fans what they want & need with his fifth project entitled JUST FOR THE LADIES. Reviewers are already reporting that if the first single One 4 Da Ladies is any indicator of what the album will be like, this is a definite hit! In usual suave Fallay style . . . we have one word to describe this one . . . Partaaaaay !

** We also would like to mention that in 2003, Fallay released a patriotic song titled PROUD OF OUR TROOPS and a Christmas album with friends titled SONGS OF THE SEASON in 2004 he also released Southern Souls first concept music video titled CAN I DANCE WITH YOU filmed in Lafayette, LA at the oldest Juke Joint club (THE WILLOW) the video can be seen in Buffalo New York, Jackson MS., Austin TX & Lafayette, LA. and other television stations. Fallay can been seen at venues such as casinos, concerts, festivals, night clubs, private and social parties, wedding events and church dances etc.. He is equipped with either a four piece band or a DJ and track show. Only 45 years of age, Fallay has a long career ahead of him because Fallay is HOT LIKE FIRE. (MySpace bio)

Contact 1-337-277-2487

or hotlikfire2k4@yahoo.com or http://uk.myspace.com/lilfallayboy


Jesse James

Jesse -This weeks star play!
 Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul Blog and again thank you for all the positive feed back. The Podcast's seems to be going from strength-to-strength and many thanks as always to Mickey for all the work he does to make it possible for us to share the music we love.

Lina - Recommended
In this weeks show we will be featuring Jesse James' release from Soul Junction records and thanks to Dave Welding for making this great album available. Please give it your support because product like this tends to no be around for too long and you can get it direct from www.souljunctionrecords.com, these guys work hard for very little reward to make material like this available to us. Otherwise not many new release's around at this time of year, so that gives me chance to revisit a few albums that were issued during the course of 2012 such as; Vick Allen's Soul Music, Lina's Chronicles of a Lady Songbird and Maverick Gaither's Be My Music, and all from 'indie'  labels whilst the majors gave us Eric Benet's fine outing titled The One and likewise Neo soulman Dwele's Greater Than the One.

Be My Music LP, on my playlist
Glad to see the interest shown in the interviews that are on the Blog site, we are hoping to make more available in the not to distant future. Also soon a Podcast special with the Wilbre Records Story, myself and Mickey are about to start production on this, so it will be available in a few weeks. I was sad to hear of Dee Harvey's passing on  the 1st. of December, Harvey was just 47 years old, a talent that was never quite fulfilled having only released one album on Motown in 1991 (an unreleased 1998 album recently slipped out on the Net) I think there was much more to come from Dee, our thought's are with his family at this time.

Once again it's time for the music so sit back relax and enjoy.

Tracklisting for Sunday 09-12-12

Hour One
01 - Switch - I Wanna be Closer
02 - Vick Allen - Soul Music
03 - Kevon Edmonds - Oh
04 - Jesse James - When We Become One
05 - Maverick Gaither - For The Love Of My Life
06 - Curtis Mayfield - Back To The World
07 - Leroy Hutson - Lovers Holiday
08 - Anthony David - Get Around
09 - The Whispers - Song For Donny
10 - Donny Hathaway - What A Woman Really Means
11 - Lina - I Wont Go Down
12 - Eric Benet - News For You
Hour Two
13 - Major Harris - I Got Over Love
14 - The Ojays - Cry Together
15 - William Bell - Bad Time To Break Up
16 - Dallas White - Oo Sexy Lady
17 - The Independents - Could'nt Hear Nobody say
18 - Earth Wind Fire - Thats The Way Of The World
19 - Keith Sweat - Candy Store
20 - Will Downing - Brooklyn Breezes
21 - Cameo - Hangin Down Town
22 - Dee Harvey - Leave Well Enough Alone
23 - Dwele - Love Triangle

Jesse James Bio

Jesse James
Deep soul singer Jesse James was born in 1943 in El Dorado, AR, with the handle James McClelland. He moved to the Bay Area while still a child, and came up during the early '60s singing in nightclubs (where his name was changed by an MC who couldn't pronounce his given name).

He recorded a few singles for the area labels Shirley and Hit (several with guitar work from Sly Stone), then made the big time when he switched to 20th Century. "Believe in Me Baby, Pt. 1" was a modest pop and R&B hit during 1967, and his self-titled debut LP followed the next year.

His biggest hit, 1970's "Don't Nobody Want to Get Married, Pt. 2," reached the R&B Top 20 for the ZEA label, and he continued recording during the '70s and '80s for T.T.E.D. and Gunsmoke. The latter was the label for full-lengths like 1988's I Can Do Bad by Myself and 1993's Operator Please Put Me Through.  Full biography/discography  uk label


Pete Belasco

 Welcome back to the Science of Soul's blog site, and as always thanks to everyone for there tremendous support especially Garry Edwards, Bill Bishop and 'Big' Phil Tonks for promoting the show every chance they get and with D Jay Tee, my Facebook champion, I do appreciate all your help.

The Bill Withers Set
Christmas is almost upon us, it's that time when you think; "sh*t what am I gonna buy?", well here's a couple of suggestions; Bill Withers The complete Sussex & Columbia Masters, it's an amazing collection for around £21, and just a great package with great music. Might I also suggest Pete Belasco's Lights On CD  that came out earlier this year, it's a future classic in my humble opinion. I will be featuring a couple of tracks in this weeks show, along with some new music from Wilbe Records' Jeff Floyd and T.P.B. (The Total Package Band), much more to come from their label very soon.

Just lots of Christmas CD's around at this time of year but check out Bigg Robb's offering and The Dramatics fine album, A Dramatic Christmas I'm sure they'll please!

I understand a few people had problems getting on the site via The Bridge's main page - well all the technical issues have now been solved thanks to Alex Totney and as always special thanks to Mickey Nold who always seems to make all things possible.

Let's get on with the music so just click play and enjoy.... (If your a Bridge reader then click link: www.thescienceofsoul.com  for more details and my podcasts)

Sunday 2nd of December 2012 show
Hour One
01 - The Stylistics - Closer Than Closer
02 - L. J. Reynolds - Missing Her Love Like Crazy
03 - Willie Clayton - Love Mechanic
04 - Fatback Band - Baby Doll
05 - Jeff Floyd - Using Me
06 - T.P.B. (Total Package Band) - The Lifestyle Of The Poor
07 - Pete Belasco - One
08 - Karin Jones & Eddie Levert - Ready, Ready Love
09 - Ryan Shaw - Evermore
10 - The Manhattans - There's No Me Without You
11 - Ivy Jo Hunter - Yeah,Yeah,Yeah
12 - Bigg Robb - The Macaroni & cheese Song
Hour Two
13 - The Dells - Passionate Breezes
14 - Pete Belasco - Later
15 - Aretha Franklin - Everybody's Some Body's Fool
16 - Phil Perry - Closer To Heaven
17 - Teddy Pendergrass - Tender
18 - Teena Marie - Iron's In The Fire
19 - Gerald Levert - Click a Glass
20 - Joe - All The Things Your Man Won't Do.
21 - Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - I Should Be Your Lover
22 - Heatwave - Look After Love


Alonzo Reid

 Welcome to this week's Science of Soul blog, I have featured two tracks in this weeks show from Alonzo Reid new album Undercover Freak, for those not familiar with Alonzo Reid he is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He was inspired at the age of six to play drums by his mother. He was raised and taught by gospel legends such as The Brooklyn All-stars, from New York and The Swan Silvertones of Pittsburg, PA. He played for several local groups around Alabama before going on the road with the Pilgrim Jubilees of Chicago, IL. He had the privilege to play behind many great gospel legends such as Shirley Caesar, Dorothy Norwood, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Soul Stirrers and Aretha Franklin before crossing over to Rhythm and Blues in 1997. He played drums and percussions for fourteen years for the late great Marvin Sease, whom I have had the privlege to seen perform live in the USA. He has also played with Mel Waiters for three years. 

More info check out the feature on his site. www.alonzoreidmusic.com  

Thank you for all the emails and Facebook messages great to hear from my old friends in Leon over there in northern Spain (they were great days) I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU GUY'S. This is the bit were you can all help, if i miss any important new release's don't be shy just let me know, music is for sharing so lets share. You may have noticed a number of audio interviews have appeared on the blog they all include music and were made for P.C.R.L. here in the West Midlands back in the day  (Thank you Mickey Nold) it's quite scary for me to think these are over 20 yrs old, there will be more added in the coming months. 

That's enough rambling from me, on to the good stuff, there's a few name's you might not be to familiar with in this weeks show one of which is Jeff Floyd who records for William Bell's Wilbe records out of Atlanta GA. there will be a track from Jeff's upcoming cd on next week's show also Marc Staggers a Washington D. C. based gospel artist and a track from Bunny Sigler's latest cd: From Bunny With Love and a Little Soul. Just click play and enjoy.....

Science Of Soul Playlist for 25th November 2012

01 - Maze - Golden Time Of Day
02 - Bigg Robb - Can i Get To Know You Girl 
03 - Alonzo Reid - Git Your Bags
04 - Sire - Make It Everlasting
05 - The Dramatics - What You See is What You Get
06 - Erykah Badu - In The Next Lifetime
07 - James Brown - King Heroin
08 - Charlie Wilson - There Go's My Baby
09 - Tower Of Power - Souled Out
10 - Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk
11 - Curtis Mayfield - Soul Music
12 - Alonzo Reid - Wanna Make Love To You
13 - Marc Stagger - Giving All My Love
14 - Angie Stone - No Rain In This Cloud
15 - Bunny Sigler - How Bad Do You Want My Love
16 - War - Baby It's Cold Outside
17 - Jeff Floyd - Where Do You Go
18 - Ronnie Mcneir - A Letter From A Fool
19 - The Emotions - Don't Ask My Neighbors
20 - Fantasia - Truth Is
21 - Al Green - You Ought To Be With Me
22 - The Bar-kays - Anticipation 


The Science Of Soul

 Thanks for returning back for some serious soul music. I'm sorry that I couldn't bring you a Podcast of my previous weeks show, as there was a technical fault at the Bridge involving a strange echo, but hopefully this week it will work for you.

If you like your soul music varied on a Sunday I recommend you listen to Gary Edward's 'Northern Soul & Motown' show from 7pm and Phil Tonk's 'Soul Boudoir' from 9pm on the Bridge. You might have noticed I'm a great lover of live music and my top three DVD's at the moment are; The Dells Live, The O'Jays 50th Anniversary Show & The Dramatics Live, the covers are shown on my right along with a few of the PCRL special tribute shows I've recorded over the years with Mickey Nold, please take time to listen as Ron Banks, Don Mancha & Gladys Horton are no longer with us.

Mickey's also added a two hour Curtis Mayfield tribute button, (bottom right.) If your a Facebook user like myself please click 'like' button on left and you can visit my FB page with big link at the top. On to this weeks show....enjoy!
The Menu For Sunday 18th November 2012:
Hour One
01 - Billy Paul - So Good To See You Again
02 - The Isley Brothers - Just Come Here To Chil
03 - William DeVaughan - Let's Kiss & Make-Up 
04 - Floyd Taylor - Give You All Of Me
05 - Mandrill - Starey Eyed 
06 - Chuck Jackson - I'm Needing You, Wanting You
07 - Sermon Saunders - Most Beautiful
08 - Barrington Scott-Henderson - Precious Girl
09 - Parliament - Chocolate City
10 - The Temptations feat: Ollie Woodson - Hoops Of Fire
11 - Anita Baker - Lately
12 - The Love Committee - Tired Of Being Your Fool
Hour Two
13 - Barry White - Midnight And You
14 - Willie Hutch - Anything Is Possible 
15 - Millie Jackson - There You Are
16 - Will Downing - Do You Really Know
17 - Lenny Williams - Sunshine
18 - Enchantment - Silly Love Song
19 - Unified Tribe - I've Got A New Groove
20 - Betty Wright & Roots - So Long, So Wrong
21 - The Impressions - Sooner Or Later
22 - Johnny Bristol - So Good
23 - Ruben Studdard - They Don't Make Them
24 - Bloodstone - Natural High


Welcome To Soul

Track listing for Sunday 11th November 2012
01 - Sorry - Phil Perry 
02 - Laugh out loud (lol) - The Stylistics 
03 - Push & pull  - Angie Stone 
04 - Sweet sticky thing - Ohio Players 
05 - Makin' love - Barrington Scott-Henderson 
06 - You cant see me - Aretha franklin 
07 - Something - Kenny Lattimore 
08 - Ain't that a bitch - Johnny 'Guitar' Watson 
09 - The storm is over - Isaac Hayes 
10 - Let me be the one - Bill Withers 
11 - Stir it up - Eric Benet 
12 - What if - Eddie Levert 
13 - I Don't wanna be the one - Eddie Levert 
14 - Is it realy love - Luther Vandross 
15 - Thats the way I feel about you - Bobby Womack 
16 - These foolish things - James Brown 
17 - You don't love me - Curtis Mayfield 
18 - Another day - Ray, Goodman & Brown 
19 - Wake up - Johnathan Winstead 
20 - Love won't let me wait - Major Harris* TRIBUTE

* Sadly Major Harris died this week (9th November)aged 65  Richmond, Virginia, U.S.

Harris was born in Richmond, Virginia. Early in his career, Harris sang with groups such as The Charmers, The Teenagers, The Jarmels, and Nat Turner's Rebellion, which also featured his songwriting brother, Joseph B. Jefferson, and recorded a few solo 7" records on the Laurie and Okeh labels. In the early 1970s, he took over from Randy Cain as a member of The Delfonics; he quit the group to go solo in 1974. Signing with Atlantic Records, Harris scored a string of R&B hits in the United States, including the Top Ten single "Love Won't Let Me Wait", which peaked at #5 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and #37 in the UK Top 50. Written by Bobby Eli and Vinnie Barrett, "Love Won't Let Me Wait" was awarded a gold disc by the R.I.A.A. on 25 June 1975.
When his success as a soloist subsided, Harris returned to the Delfonics, and continued to tour with one of two touring ensembles that used the name in the 1990s and 2000s. Major was a cousin to the late Philadelphia record producer and arranger, Norman Harris.
Harris died in a Richmond, Virginia hospital from congestive heart and lung failure at the age of 65. (Wiki)