Best of 2014 Show

Thanks for stopping by the last edition of the Science of Soul for 2014. On tonight's show I 'll be looking back on some the artists I've featured this year, as well taking you way back with the old skool classics we all love.

Twenty fourteen has been a great year for the Science of Soul, and it's all down to you people for taking time-out to support the show by sharing the Link and your encouragement and great feed back, so thank you one and all.
Have to send out special thanks to Mickey, he is such a major part of everything that goes on, also my brother Melvin Jordan at Legend107 and here with Alex Totney at 102.5 the Bridge, you guys are great! It doesn't matter how you choose to listen to the show, it's just that you do ..... have a New Year filled with peace and love because 2015 is gonna be just as soulful... so see you next year.

Playlist for Sunday 28-12-2014

Hour One
S. Highenergy - Something About Jesus
Uvee Hayes - Handy Man
Tavares - If That's The Way You Want It
Calvin Richardson - What Would I Do
Victury Tutson - Let Somebody Love You
Zan'ye - Extra Ordinary
Lacee - Mr Wrong
D Goss - Old Skool
Latimore - Sweet Vibrations
Theodis Ealey If You Leave Me, I'm Going With You
Floyd Taylor - Unfinished Business
The Impressions - Miracle Woman
The Temptations - Some Enchanted Evening

Hour Two
Dee Robinson - What Can I Do For You
Heatwave - Always and Forever
Micheal Jackson - I Was The Loser
Marwan Soulflow - I Got You
Marvin Gaye - Walkin' In The Rain
Sir Charles Jones - Independent Ladies
Eddie Kendrick - Intimate Friends
Bobby Womack - If You Want My Love
Joe - If You Lose Her
Gwendolyn Collins - Heaven Sent
The Independents Baby I've Been Missing You
Teddy Pendergrass Now Tell Me That You Love Me
Jimmy Hughes - I Was Closest At Hand


The Manhattans

group harmony!
The Science of Soul is dedicated to promoting new soul music and preserving soul music history with this weeks show being pure history. Within the space of a few days we lost two of the founding members of The Manhattans; Edward "Sonny" Bivins and Winfred "Blue" Lovett. As well as being founding group members they also wrote many of the groups classic hits. Listen I have no intention of writing the history of The Manhattans! you can find that on any number of sites, I just wanna share a little bit of what The Manhattans are to me. For as long as I can remember, soul music has been my life and as a kid, if I could have turned black and joined a singing group, then I would have!

It's the style and sweet harmonies  that were everything to me, even to this day I never miss a chance to see the classic groups from soul music's golden period. In fact I only saw The Manhattans just a few days before Blue's passing, although he was not in the line-up due to his ill health. His presence was still there and I feel sure Gerald Altson will carry the mantle forward.  Be aware there was two touring groups of Manhattans; one fronted by Sonny and the other, by Blue and Gerald, I really can't pass comment as to the rights or wrongs of this but it's just the way it was. Splits happen so often with vocal groups and yes, I was just blessed to have seen them both and I treasure those memories.

The most enduring songs I think are those of love, and lost love, because these are things we have all experience in our lifetime and nothing can transport you back to a time or place like music can. It reaches deep inside and touches emotions that we thought were long gone ... you see a smile, feel a touch or smell the sweet fragrance of a love you lost! - The Manhattans are masters at creating these feelings, almost like magicians they create something you can't touch - but it's real none the less, it'll make you laugh and bring you to tears in just the blink of an eye  -  music that does this is a rare and a beautiful gift. To Manhattans past and present I thank you for the gift and for allowing me to play music that I love - Memories of the way we were!

Playlist for Sunday (all Manhattans) 21-12-2014

Hour One
Memories/The Way We Were  'Love Talk' 1979
I Wanna Be 'For You & Yours' 1968
I've Got Everything But You -  Carnival 504 1966
I'm The One Love Forgot 'Dedicated To You' 1966
I Call It Love 'For You And Yours' 1967
Sweet Little Girl 'For You & Yours' 1968
Million To One - Delux 137 1971
There's No Me Without You - Columbia 45838 1973
If Your Ever Gonna Love Me 'Manhattans' 1976
Lets Start All Over Again - Columbia 10586 1977
Girl Of My Dreams - Columbia 11321 1980
La La La Wish Upon A Star 'Manhattans' 1976
Take It Or Leave It 'Manhattans' 1976
Wish That You Were Mine - Columbia 45971 1973
It's Not The Same 'After Midnight' 1980

Hour Two
Crazy - Columbia 03939 1983
Hurt - Columbia 10140 1975
Am I Losing You - Columbia 10674 1978
We Made It 'There''s No Me Without You' 1973
Shining Star - Columbia 11222 1980
I'll Never Find Another - Columbia 11398 1980
We'll Have Forever To Love 'Manhattans' 1976
Just One Moment Away 'Black Tie' 1981
Cloudy With A Chance Of Tears 'After Midnight' 1980
We Never Danced To A Love Song - Columbia 10586 1977
Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad - Columbia 10495 1977
You're My Life 'There's No Good In Goodbye' 1978
Just The Lonely Talking 'Forever By Your Side' 1983
Kiss And Say Goodbye - Columbia 10310 1976

First two albums were with Carnival (1966-1968) all others here was CBS

Biography by Chris Rizik
The Manhattans were formed in the early 60s in New Jersey as a quintet led by writer/bass vocalist Winfred "Blue" Lovett and emotive lead singer George Smith, along with Edward "Sonny" Bivins, Richard "Ricky" Taylor and Kenneth "Wally" Kelly, all of whom had just returned from service in the armed forces. The group was popular regionally and had minor national success on the strength of some solid recordings for Carnival Records (their version of the country tune "From Atlanta to Goodbye" was a gem) in the late 60s before gaining the attention of Columbia Records in 1970. Unfortunately, their Columbia signing coincided with the sudden illness of talented lead singer Smith. During a tour through North Carolina, the Manhattans came upon a college student with an amazing Sam Cooke-like voice. Recognizing the incredible talent of this 21 year old, the group invited Gerald Alston to join, and he became the lead singer who would bring stardom to the quintet, with the blessing of Smith, who sadly died just a few months later.

With Alston's smooth lead vocals, solid songwriting talent within the group and the always wonderful work of Philly producer/arrranger Bobby Martin, the Manhattans began to score on the R&B charts, putting out a string of fairly traditional ballads that became Soul hits. Then in 1976, the quintet released Lovett's composition "Kiss and Say Goodbye," a song originally written for country star Glen Campbell, but which instead become the group's signature tune. "Kiss" rocketed to the top of the R&B and Pop charts, and moved the group to the upper tier of R&B acts. And the companion self-titled LP became the first of several top notch albums that the group released in the 70s. With such great singles as "It Feels So Good to be Loved So Bad," "I Kinda Miss You," "We Never Danced To A Love Song" and "Am I Losing You," the Manhattans' late 70s albums It Feels So Good, There's No Me Without You and Love Talk, were among the decade's best. Love Talk was perhaps the Manhattans' greatest disc - though not their most popular - a near-perfect adult Soul album that sounds as great today as it did more than 30 years ago. More at soultracks


J.W. Music

It's Science of Soul time once again, I'm resisting playing any Christmas music for another week at least [??? - Ed], but I promise there will be some......honest, lol.

JM Music logo
Rather than feature an artiste this week I thought it might be a nice to feature some one who works tirelessly promoting music and managing artists; Ms Jenni Webber aka JW Music from Melbourne, Florida. Jenni shows boundless enthusiasm and a wealth of experience in the music business, and among the artists that Jenni takes care of is Lomax,  he's a multi talented man who comfortably crosses from soul to Country music. He is no stranger to Science of Soul listeners and has been a regular on my play list for quite a while. Another name you may recognize is Donell Sullivan, a true Southern soul man in the traditional sense, I'm a big fan of both of these guys. New names to me are Soul of Love and Junior Turner, both artists that are emerging under the guidance of this management and it's great to able to help promote new Independent music .... keep up the great work Jenni..

Whilst on the subject of Independent music, please check the latest release from Robert H Fowler, and my good friend Dwayne Palmer sent me this track "Out In The Rain," been playing it to death in my car, I think your gonna like it.

The late 'Blue' & 'Sonny'
I mentioned last week that Sonny Bivins one of the founding members of the Manhattans had passed sadly, well yet another founding member and bass singer, Winfred "Blue" Lovett has also been called home.  Just can't let this pass unnoticed, being a big fan of The Manhattans and will be doing a much more fitting tribute on next weeks show. On with the music, remember to give the gift of music to a friend it's easy to do ... just share the Science of Soul link.

Tracklisting 14-12-2014

Hour One
Dangerfield Newbies - Heaven Sent
Barbara Lynn - Moving On A Groove
Eric Nolan - I Miss You
General Crook - Main Squeeze
James Brown - The Boss
J Most - Near & With Me
Curt Darin - Two On A Cloud
Sammy Jones - She Didn't Know
Trussel - If You Cant See It
Lomax - I Had My Turn
Donell Sullivan - Leaving
Soul Of Love - You Just Don't Know
Junior Turner - Save Me

Hour Two
Eddie Kendrick - Never Alone
Johnny Thomson - Given Up On Love
The Manhattans - Just The Lonely Talking
Gil Scott-Heron - Winter In America
Gregory Porter - On My Way To Harlem
Robert H Fowler - Out In The Rain
Ullanda McCullough - How's It Done
The 5 Wagers - Love Like The Seasons
Eugene Record - Love Don't Live By Sex Alone
Joe Leavy - Find A Way To Love
J C - Sexy As Hell
Anthony Hamilton - Change Your World

JW Music Management: 
Is an artistic management and promotion company. We provide our artists with tools to achieve success by managing the look, sound, and persona. We are a team of music experts and enthusiasts who will guide the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry, specifically music.

JW Music Management will take care of artist marketing, advertising, bookings, tours, fan and industry relations.

We provide a variety of services which will help promote and develop artists from every genre. We take great pride in who we represent and how we represent them. web site here

Direct affiliation with:

*K.A.L. Entertainment, Inc.
*K.A.L. Recording Studio & Record Label
*K.D.G.S. Dream Team Trak Beast Muzik
*Award Winning Music Producers
*Song Writers ~ variety of genre’s
*Distribution Companies
*Whalen Designs ~ www.josephjwhalen.wix.com/josephwhalendesigner
*HotRod the Body Guard ~ Promotions - Transportation - Security www.hotrodthebodyguard.com
*Orlando Styling ~ www.orlandostyling.com
*Kristi Coil Photography ~ www.kristicoilphotography.com


Elgins Special (Saundra Mallett/Edwards)

The Elgins
Over the years I 've had the opportunity to interview many wonderful soul artists and thanks to the foresight and hard work of my friend of over 30 years Mr Mickey Nold, who has retained the original reel-2-reel master tapes of these interviews. Mickey has painstakingly started a mission to restore them and convert them to a digital format. At the time of these interviews I never really fully realized there true worth, thankfully Mickey did. We have previously made some available as Podcast only Specials on the Science of Soul web site. There are so many of them, some of them I/Mickey had forgot, so please bear with us as we try to find time to restore them. This SOS Special, mid-week edition, features an interview with the late Saundra Edwards, original lead singer of Motown legends The Elgins, Sandy was the voice on "Stay in My Lonely Arms"," Heaven Must Have Sent You","Put Yourself In My Place" and countless others.

recorded with vintage ex-BBC recorder Uher 4000L
This interview was recorded in London back around 1990, and as far as I am aware, is the only recorded interview with Saundra Mallett later Edwards ..... been so long since the last time I heard it! A real slice of Motown history and, as with all the interviews that I did back then, I tried to avoid the question and answer route, so trying to record a conversation where both myself and the guest were comfortable to talk freely, most cases it worked well, this I think was due to fact I had already established a strong relationship before recording them. All the interviews were originally broadcast on Mickey's own PCRL radio's Basement Soul Show where I was a regular guest, but has remained unheard for close-on 25 years. I wish we had today's technology back then, (splicing tapes and finding vinyl was a nightmare.) Enjoy this piece of soul music history and keep a look out for more Science of Soul Specials. Read on if you have no audio on your computer/phone:-

The Elgins were an American vocal group on the Motown label, active from the late 1950s to 1967. Their most successful record was "Heaven Must Have Sent You", written and produced by the Holland–Dozier–Holland team, which was a hit in the US in 1966, and in the UK when reissued in 1971.  Founding members Robert Fleming, Johnny Dawson, Cleo "Duke" Miller and Norbert McClean recorded together for various small labels in Detroit prior to their Motown days, as the Sensations, the Five Emeralds, and the Downbeats, and also recorded as the Downbeats for Motown in 1962. The record company suggested that they add female lead vocalist Saundra Mallett, who had recorded unsuccessfully for the label, backed by The Vandellas; she later married and became Saundra Edwards.

The new group's first single release was "Darling Baby", issued in December 1965; early copies credited the record to the Downbeats, but Berry Gordy wanted to use the name Elgins, which had previously been one of the names used by The Temptations. The record rose to no. 4 on the Billboard R&B chart and no. 72 on the pop chart, and its B-side, "Put Yourself in My Place", also made the pop chart. Several months later, they issued "Heaven Must Have Sent You", which again reached both the R&B and pop charts, becoming their biggest pop hit. They also released an album, Darling Baby. However, their follow-up single, "I Understand My Man," was less successful, and the group broke up in 1967.

With the continuing popularity of Motown records in the UK, "Heaven Must Have Sent You" was reissued in 1971 and rose to no. 3 on the UK singles chart. "Put Yourself in My Place" was also reissued and made the chart. With Saundra Mallett Edwards being unwilling to rejoin the group, the Elgins toured the UK with former session vocalist Yvonne Vernee Allen taking her place. In 1989, Allen, Dawson, McClean and Jimmy Charles recorded a new arrangement of "Heaven Must Have Sent You" for producer Ian Levine, and made several further recordings for Levine's Motorcity label in the 1990s. Saundra Edwards also made separate recordings for the same label. Recordings of the group, including the album, Darling Baby, all the singles and unreleased recordings up to 1968, can be found on The Motown Anthology released in 2007. (bio from wikipedia)

At the request of Bridge Radio's Northern Soul DJ, Garry Edwards the following interview has been restored, made in 1990/1 by Bill Randle. This recording contains some stereo and extended versions of their early recordings. The Tamla single shown above is one of the labels hardest to find on vinyl.

Re-Uploaded for Jeff 20-05-15
Re-uploaded for Stan 27-07-16
Re-uploaded for all 19-09-19


Frances Nero (RIP)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the Chicago special last week. I'm back in the UK now!

A friend of mine asked if it was good to be back....sh*t no!, lol, I'll take Chicago anytime.

Gerald Alston
One of my favorite venues over there is the Star Plaza in Merriville, Indiana, and it's just a short drive from Chicago central. Here I got a chance to see the the Thanks Giving Soul Concert with; The O'Jays, The Manhattans and The Dramatics...wow what a show! It was strange for me to watch the Dramatics without the late Ron Banks..... and I would be lying if I said it was the same.

L.J. Reynolds
Knowing Ron personally as I did, I think it was inevitable for me to feel that way. Having said that, full respect to L J Reynolds, he was as powerful as ever. When you look back over the greats you gotta have 'L J' on the list and he performed with passion and soul, I was so impressed with their show. For show openers were The Manhattans, sadly no Blue Lovett in the line-up (due to ill health) but Gerald Alston ..wow he just blew me away. (the group celebrated 50 years in 2012) Not seen The Manhattans in awhile and if anything Gerald as got even better!.... an incredible show, headlining was of course The O'Jays, need I say more wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. One of the many highlights from there set was "Loving You," I could stayed all night. In the audience was Reverend Jesse Jackson & Marshall Thomson of the Chi Lites as well as The Mighty Dells's Mr Vern Allison, I even had a surprise meeting with my dear friends Charles & Rose Davis ...a real night to remember...then I get asked "Is it nice to be back," doh!

Francis Nero (soulwalking.co.uk)
Sad to hear, while I was away, that my dear friend Frances Nero has passed - she was a real character. Although her recording output was not major, her impact on those of us who knew her was that of a lovely lady, she'll be sadly missed (I can't help but smile when I think about her).  *Funeral program is at foot of page* - thanks Dawn

The weeks show is a bit of a mish-mash, due to lack of time, but it's still cram-packed with soul. Coming soon at the request of Garry Edwards (Bridge FM DJ,) will be a mid-week Podcast only tribute to The Elgins with an interview that I made with the late Saundra Edwards in 1991. Watch out for that! Thanks Mickey for dealing with everything at the last minute and getting everything updated, now on with the music, sit back and enjoy ...

Playlist for Sunday 07-12-2014

Hour One
Uvee Hayes - In The Mood
Rose Royce - Would You Please Be Mine
Frances Nero - Footsteps Following Me
Al Chestnut - Touch Me In A Special Way
Sir Charles Jones - Glow
Dee Robinson - I Like It
Ursula Ricks - Sweet Tenderness
Eli Paperboy Reed - Young Girl
Dapaul - She's So Entertaining
Eddie Kendrick - Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You
Calvin Richardson - More Than A Picture
The Temptations - Look What You Started
Soulfinger ft Antonique Smith - Seeing You Again

Hour Two

Maze - Silky Soul Singer
The O'Jays - Loving You
The Manhattans - Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad
L J Reynolds - Come Get To This
Charles Davis - You're The One For Me
Teri Tobin ft Will Brickhead - Always Be You
Phyllis Hyman - When I Give My Love
Gregg Jackson - Sunny Day
Angie Stone - More Than A Woman
Average White Band - Cloudy


Chicago Soul

This weeks Science of Soul comes to you from Chicago, Illinois, USA. We attempted this during my last Chi Town visit but due to technical problems it didn't happen...this time we going down, lol . Two hours of Soul music from the city that had a distinctive sound all of it's own. I know people will say you never played this or that but, Dammmm, I only got 2 hours, lol. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of the Windy City, Spare a thought for me freezing out here .... It's a hard life. We will be back to normal next week. My thanks to Mickey for taking care of everything in my absence...gotta run so much to do in Chi Town!

Playlist for 30-11-2014

Hour One
Jackie Wilson - Just As Soon As The Feeling's Over
Otis Leavill - Let Her Love You
The Impressions - Just Another Dance
Major Lance - Stay Away From Me
The Independents - Couldn't Hear Nobody Say
The Chi Lites - Love Of My Life
The Dells - Soul Strolling
Leroy Hutson - Love Oh Love
The Natural Four - Try Love Again
Jerry Butler - Lets Make Love
The Notations - Take It Slow
The Stairsteps - You Don't Love Me
Walter Jackson - I Won't Remember Loving You
Tyrone Davis - I Had It All The Time

Hour Two
Barbara Acklin - How Can You Lose
The Artistics - She's Heaven To Me
R Kelly - Love For Me
Marwan Soulflow - If You Want It
Curtis Mayfield - Soul Music
Earth Wind & Fire - That's The Way Of The World
The Emotions - I Really Miss You
Gene Chandler - Let Me Make Love To You
L V Johnson - It's Not My Turn
Charles Jackson - Love Of You
Eugene Record - Love Don't Live By Sex Alone
The Impressions - If It's In You To Do Wrong

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