Today I'm joined in the studio by my great friend Mr Clinton Coleman and he's just flown in from Las Vegas to be on the show, I am sure you will enjoy his selections. If your wondering where the play list has gone, I have not done one for this show because we plan on going were the music takes us.
Clinton Coleman & Bill
Yet more sad news! as I mentioned live on last Sunday's show the loss of DJ Herb Kent, but now I'm putting it to paper Mr Kent was a real radio legend, known all around the world as "The cool gent" he is probably Chicago's most popular DJ of all time, he was such a nice humble guy.

Thanks to all the people who visited the Site last week for the CP Spencer interview, it was truly amazing to hear it again. Mickey is continuing his mission to restore the historic interviews and Louvaine Demps of the Andantes will be made available from Wednesday. Time to hit the play button and enjoy ...


The Originals Special with CP Spencer

This special podcast only edition is is being made available thanks to Mickey Nold, in more ways than one Mickey is responsible, it was him who put a reel to reel recorder in my bag and said interview these people! you know now all these years later I am so glad he did. This particular one is very dear to me having been a big fan of The Originals.

I first heard "Baby I'm For Real" when I was just a kid in school it blew me away then, it still does the same thing today. Back then I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams that one day we would become true friends. This interview was recorded in Warren, Michigan after Hank Dixon, Freddy Gorman & Walter Gains had relocated to California and Ty Hunter had joined the group. 

C P was the only Original left in Detroit. Just hearing this transports me back in time some 19 years, and thankfully Mickey has preserved this and many other interviews I did back then for PCRL and he continually works tirelessly to restore and convert them from the original reel to reel tapes to a digital format to achieve the best sound quality possible. Sit back and enjoy a slice of Motown history ... they were the golden years.  Next  Wednesday, Louvain Demps Special.

Recorded on 10-07-1997 in Detroit and broadcasted on Mickey's Basement Soul Show on PCRL Radio Birmingham 103.5 FM later that year


The Originals 45's
35029 - Goodnight Irene / Need Your Lovin' (Want You Back) - 1966
35056 - You're The One / We've Got A Way Out Love - 1969
35061 - Green Grow The Lilacs / You're The One - 1969
35066 - Baby, I'm For Real / Moment Of Truth - 1969
35069 - The Bells / I'll Wait For You - 1970
35074 - We Can Make It Baby / I Like Your Style - 1970
35079 - God Bless Whoever Sent You / Desperate Young Man - 1971
35085 - Keep Me / A Man Without Love - 1971
35093 - I'm Someone Who Cares / Once I Have You - 1972
35102 - Be My Love / Endlessly Love - 1973
35109 - First Lady / There's A Chance When You Love, You Lose - 1973
PR-1 - Young Train / Young Train - 1973
35112 - Supernatural Voodoo Woman Part 1 / Part 2 - 1974
35113 - Game Called Love / Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me) 0 1974
35115 - You're My Only World / So Near And Yet So Far - 1975
1355 - Good Lovin' Is Just A Dime Away / Nothing Can Take The Place - 1975
1370 - Fifty Years / Financial Affair - 1975
1379 - Everybody's Got To Do Something / Instrumental - 1975
35117 - Touch / Ooh You (Put A Crush On Me) - 1976
35119 - Down To Love Town / Just To Be Closer To You - 1976
35121 - (Call On Your) Six Million Dollar Man / Mother Nature's Best - 1977
820 - Ladies (We Need You) / Take This Love - 1978
847 - Blue Moon / Ladies (We Need You) - 1979
856 - J-E-A-L-O-U-S (Means Is Love You) / Jezebel (You've Got Under Your Spell) - 1979
(45's via Dave Rimmer - soulfulkindamusic)


Eric Benét

Big Sonny
Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, yet more sad news! yes I'm afraid one of the founding members of the legendary Philadelphia group The Intruders, has passed Robert "Big Sonny" Edwards died from a heart attack in his home town last week. From the original group line-up only Phil Terry still survives, I send my condolences to Big Sonny's family.

Stan Moseley
Music wise this week I will be featuring Eric Benét's new album, I am a big fan of Eric's and look-out Stateside because he's doing dates with Anthony Hamilton and Lalah Hathaway ..  gonna be hell of a show! As I mentioned last week my Chi-Town soul brother, namely Stan Mosley, had taken a trip to the 'City of brotherly love' to do some recording with Bobby Eli, a man who was a major part of TSOP [The Sound Of Philadelphia] back in the day. well I've got the first results of that session and you can hear it here today. I will also be album tracking with Kindred The Family Soul and one of my favorite Southern soulstresses, that being Adrena, with a real classic from her "Better Days" album.

With my regular mix of Old Skool jams I hope there's a little something for everyone to enjoy today, so hit the play button, sit back and enjoy ...

Playlist for 23-10-2016

Hour one
Eric Gable - I Can Make You Feel Good
The Four Tops - Strung Out For Your Love
Barry Black - We've Got Love
Kindred The Family Soul - Welcome To My World
Debra Laws - Meant For You
Latasha Lee & The Black Ties - I Regret It
Adrena - You Know About Jodie (What About Joanne)
Stan Mosley - My Problem
Lady Wray - Do It Again
Marcus Hampton - Feels Good
Gene Chandler - Here Comes The Tears Again
Eric Benét - Broke Beat & Busted
Eric Benét - Sunshine

Lady Wray
Hour Two
David Simmons - The World Belongs To Me
Michon Young - Something About Me
Eric Benét - Fun & Games 
The Spinners - I Found Love
Walter Jackson - We Could Fly
Main Ingredient - You've Been My Inspiration
Leroy Hutson - Love Oh Love
The Natural Four - Heaven Right Here On Earth
Ann Nesby - I Apologize
Randy Jackson - How Can I Be Sure
Young & Company - Got To Be Free

Eric Benét's biography:
Benét was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is the youngest of five siblings. Benét sang with a Top 100-style group called Gerard in the late 1980s. Benét, his sister Lisa, and his cousin George Nash Jr. formed a band called Benét and released a self-titled album in 1992, and it went on to sell over 100,000 copies. Two years later, Eric Benét broke onto the music scene with his solo career and signed with Warner Bros. Records, releasing his debut solo album, True to Myself in 1996. His second album, A Day in the Life, was released in 1999 and featured his smash hit "Spend My Life With You (featuring Tamia)". The song rose to #1 on the US Billboard R&B charts (for 3 weeks), was certified gold, and nominated for a 2000 Grammy Award for "Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group". The album also won a Soul Train Music Award for "Best R&B/Soul Album, Male". More at Wiki


Anthony Hamilton

"Today's show is dedicated to my late Mum who would have celebrated her birthday on October 16th  -  Not a day passes that I don't think of her"

The Featured Artist/album this week will be Anthony Hamilton  and although his current album as been out awhile, I never got a chance to feature it, and the opportunity arose this week. "What I'm Feeling" is one of those albums that just grows in stature, pay particular attention to the lyrics, Anthony Hamilton is a soulful man.

Other new music this week comes from Mo B and Gwendolyn Collins and I'll be album tracking the latest sets from David Hollister and Keith Sweat .. I never tire of Sweat's latest album "Dress To Impress" . I got a ton of Od Skool classics, some of which you just might have forgotten but I know you will enjoy.

Robert Bateman in August
On the news front this week I sadly have to report the passing of both Robert Bateman & Sonny Sanders, they were both truly iconic figures during soul music's transition from 1950s Doo Wop to the more sophisticated soul of the 1960s. I was with Robert in August at the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame ceremony in Detroit, never thought it would be the last time I would see him.

On a happier note my good friend Stan Mosely has been out to Philadelphia to record with legendary writer producer Bobby Eli, I've had a little sneak preview of the results .....WOW stay tuned there's great things to come.
Now it's 'music time' so hit the play button and enjoy, oh  ....  and tell a friend .

Playlist for 16-10-2016

Hour One
Next Movement - Night Stalker
Mo B. - Toast It Up
Gwendolyn Collins - I Think I Like You
Lighter Shades Of Brown - On A Sunday Afternoon
Keith Sweat - Better Love
David Hollister - Creation H.E.R.
Speedometer - Just The Same
Ryan Carty - Gratitude
Godchild Presents - I Wanna Walk With You
Anthony Hamilton - Walk In My Shoes
Anthony Hamilton - What I'm Feeling
Masterplan - Clinton Park
Virgil Henry - You Ain't Saying Nothing New

Hour Two
Jarrod Lawson - Music & It's Magic
Benny Johnson - I Just Gotta Know
Joe Simon - Somebody For Everybody
Brother Nature - Heavy On My Mind
Jimmy Lewis - She's Gone
Al Lindsey - Come As You Are
Southern Relative - Uh Oh
Anthony Hamilton - Amen
Quedon - Alway's On My Mind
Anita Baker/feat. Babyface - Like You Used To Be
Eddie Kendrick - Never Alone
Archie Bell & The Drells - I Just Wanna
Anthony Hamilton Biography:

A soul singer who drew comparisons to such classic vocalists as Bill Withers and Bobby Womack,Anthony Hamilton struggled for the better part of the 1990s as two of his albums went unreleased. While he didn't always get the label support his talent deserved, Hamilton established himself during the 2000s as one of the rawest, most singular, and relatable voices in R&B. He did so while racking up several Top Ten R&B albums and a handful of Grammy nominations.

The Charlotte, North Carolina native got his start at age ten in his church's choir. As a teenager, he progressed by performing solo at various nightclubs and talent shows. In 1993, while in his early twenties, he moved to New York City, where he signed with André Harrell's Uptown Records, a major source of the new jack swing sound and home to artists such as Jodeci and Mary J. Blige. By 1995, Uptown was set to push Hamilton's debut album, but the company went out of business, leaving the album unreleased. More at Allmusic


Frank McComb

Nice music for you all once again with this week Featured Artist being Frank McComb, the Florida based soul man with his new album called "Another Love Story," up to his normal high standards and very well received around the world I'm sure. Incidentally Frank also presents a radio show on the Legend World Radio Network so we are kind of work colleagues, lol. Visit www.legendworldradionetwork.com for more details on his radio show.

Look out also today for Southern Soul man Mo' B with his new single "True Love" that's making some noise, and I have tracks from the current projects by Katrenia Jefferson "Living A Lie" and Michigan based Al Lindsey's new set "Love You More" I will be featuring more tracks from this album over the coming weeks.
The news has just come in that we have lost legendary songwriter Rod Temperton - he had been fighting cancer for quite awhile and finally lost his battle on October 5th. I will be paying tribute to this mans amazing legacy on next weeks show. Ok on with the music please share the Science of Soul word with friends and fellow music lovers, It's a wonderful gift to give and it don't cost a penny..

 Podcast for Sunday 09-10-2016 

Hour One
Jeffree Charles - Timeless
Jesus Alvarez - Please Stay Don't Go
Al Lindsey - I Give Up On You
Gene Dunlap - It's Just The Way I Feel
Krowz Hill - Make Me Happy
Mo' B - True Love
Gene Rice - Your Gonna Get Served
Tyrone Davis - You Make Me Feel So Good
Katerina Jefferson - Living A Lie
Frank McComb - Feelin' Some Kinda Way
Frank McComb - Labelled As Love
Lionel Cornelius - Hey There

Hour Two
L.A. Boppers - There She Goes Again
Trombone Shorty - Be My Lady
Eddie Kendrick - Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You
Freddie Jackson - A Dozen Roses
Cuba Gooding - I'm In Love
Chicago Gangsters - Got A Little Picture
Frank McComb - Were Gonna Be On Our Own
Shabazz - Father I'm Coming
The Dells - Passionate Breezes
The O'Jays - Pretty Is As Pretty Does
Will Downing - After Tonight
Randy Brown - I'd Rather Hurt Myself

Frank McComb's biography:

Frank McComb is a great talent who has yet to receive much deserved attention on this side of the Atlantic. Raised in Cleveland in a musical family, McComb was immersed in a sea of great artists, from jazz greats Herbie Hancock and Oscar Peterson to soul giants Roberta Flack, Donny Hathaway (to whom his voice is most often compared) and Stevie Wonder. More here


Jeffree Charles

Sad news to start this weeks show, that's the news that 1980s soul icon Kashif Saleem passed on this week in California. Be paying tribute to the man who as a writer, producer and artist being a major part of that decades music scene. He started out as Michael Jones and made music journey with New York funk band BT Express  and when he was just 15 years old the group hit with "Do It Till Your Satisfied" [a much sampled track more recently] I dedicate and pay tribute to him in this weeks show.

Featured Artist this week was Jeffree Charles because he has a new album called "It's Time For Love,"  it's very impressive so have included 3 tracks that I think your gonna enjoy, but I think you'll need to check out the album as a whole and you wont be disappointed. Other newbies includes Southern Soul favorite Shai Simone, who's latest singe is doing great business Stateside and yet more tracking from Keith Sweats excellent new project "Dress To Impress."  There is plenty of music for the Old Skool music lovers as well to so "sit back and enjoy."

Ooh and yesterday I was a guest of Charles McCullough' on Galveston's KGBC Radio (founded in 1947) along with Kim Weston, listen again at bottom of this Blog.

 Sunday's track listing for 2-10-2016 

Hour One 
Shai Simone
Shaun Escoffery - Ain't No Time
Duane Williams - Father .. Trouble Down Here
Syl Johnson - Try My Love
Ronnie Lovejoy - Until You Get Enough Of Me
Rocky Mizell - Never Never Girl
BT Express - Do It Till Your Satisfied
Kashif - Help Yourself To My Love
Kashif - Send Me Your Love
The Emotions - So I Can Love You
Jeffree Charles - It's About To Be One
Jeffree Charles - Dipped On Me 
Bobby Hutton - Loving You Needing You
Shai Simone - Southern Soul Jukebox

Hour Two
Sound Of The City Band - Making My Way
Homemade Soul - I Vow
Betty Padgett - It Would Be A Shame
Jeffree Charles - Private Time
Ronnie Moss - I Do Like Your Style
AWB - Soul Searching
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Neither One Of Us
Lenny Williams - Sunshine
Keith Sweat - Just The Two Of Us
OC Smith - We're Making Love We're Making Music
Denise Lasalle - Married But Not To Each Other
Ann Nesby - I'll Do Anything

Biography of Jeffree Charles:
He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised from the age of 10 in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Jeffree knew that he wanted to become a singer when he began singing in groups at the age of 13. His mother owned the neighborhood Mom and Pop Record Shop. He learned from hanging out in her shop that he wanted to record music, perform on stage, as well as become a radio personality.

In the late 1980's Jeffree was a household name as a radio personality with his “Quiet Storm” formatted show called "For Lovers Only" on WZAK 93.1 in Cleveland, Ohio. Becoming a popular local radio air personality opened doors to becoming a recording artist. After his first local hit release titled “Tonight at Nine,” Jeffree Charles was dubbed the singing DJ.

Concert promoters began to approach Jeffree to open for major artists such as Karyn White, The Barkays, Freddie Jackson, War, Anita Baker, Brian McKnight, Will Downing, and most recently, The Whispers…just to name a few.

Jeffree returned to his native home of Atlanta, Georgia, in 1994 to host the radio program "Slow Jams" on WALR, Kiss 104.1. He became a very popular radio celebrity in that market as well. Jeffree hit the ground running in Atlanta Georgia, with a U.K.-released CD called “Come and Get This Lovin” in 1996. Jeffree Charles co-wrote and produced 11 of 13 of the songs on that project. He is still getting airplay and recognition to date in the U.K.

In 2003, Jeffree Charles hosted possibly his most prevalent radio interview of his air personality career with the legendary Luther Vandross. It was what Luther told him when the mike was turned off that remained indelible in his mind. After allowing Jeffree to sing a few songs, Luther simply told him, “Never give up and continue pursuing your dream with every ounce of determination that you possess.”  “THAT IS THE GOAL FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.” Visit his label

Bill and Kim Weston were guests on Galvaston DJ Charles McCullough radio show in on Saturday Morning show (photo: Bill's late mom with Kim Weston)