Sheree Brown

 On this weeks Science of Soul, I'll feature the brand new album from Ms Sheree Brown entitled: "Messages From The Heart." [she has also launched a book with the same title - Ed] I'm sure this set will be cherished just as much as her two Capital albums was back in the day. Sheree shares writing the credits with people like Leon Ware and Patrice Rushen, so you know you got songs of substance with class, plus add to that mix Sheree's unique vocal style, such a double helping of cream, it's  got to be an album that will never go out of style. Selected three tracks as usual for our feature to be included in this weeks show, thinks you will enjoy. My thanks go to Sheree and Ralph Tee for getting the revue copy to me as the UK release is out soon on Expansion Records.

The G-Spot today is a contemporary gospel number that's proved to be very popular with listeners from all over the World and singing it this time it's the amazing Stephanie Mills. It's a song lifted from her 1994 album "Personal Inspirations," that I have selected today: "I Had A Talk With God," an incredible vocal performance from the lady who rarely makes a bad record. Most of you will be familiar with her work, but if you have played her music in a while dig out the albums and Cd's they still sound fresh today. Thanks to Mickey Nold for reminding me and providing the album for me to use.

More recommended reading
You may remember a few weeks back I recommended a few books you might enjoy, here is a couple I didn't include at that time. First-up, Eddie and Gerald Levert's fascinating glimpse at life behind the music of a father and son who have both attained legendary status, "I Got Your Back" is far more than a music book: it's a book of great human interest that is all the poignant since Gerald's passing. It's not so easy to find now-a-days but well worth searching out. 

Brenda Wilson (Jackie's daughter)
The other is Tony Douglas's book on the life of Jackie Wilson, "The Man The Music And The Mob" is exactly what it says, I am not sure about my feelings on this book I think maybe sometimes things are better left unsaid, but I'm sure it will interest many as surprisingly very little of substance has been written about Jackie. Give it a try let me know your thoughts on it. Remember you can reach me as usual at: bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net or via the Face book page link at top of all pages.

SOS listener Skip in his work hat!
The Listeners Choice this week comes from my fellow Hat Man, Skip Gallant (between us we keep "Henry The Hatters" a float lol) Skip's a former Detroit police officer, and was raised on the Motown sound as is evident from the 3(*) songs he as chosen. Sometimes you forget just how great that stuff was! well thanks for reminding us Skip. He currently resides in Southfield, Michigan and that's just one of my favourite places to!

William Powell (left)
Quite a mix of music this week some you might not be to familiar with or may have just forgot but I hope you enjoy, just before I go, please all (UK) have a nice Bank holiday and remember Billy Powell from the O'Jays who died 35 years-ago today, tribute next week perhaps, that's it......so sit back and explore the Science Of Soul.

Sundays playlist, Bankholiday, 26th May 2013

Hour One
Lou Bond - Why Must Our Eyes Be Turned Backwards (edit)
Fat Larry Band - How Good Is love
We Produce label (Stax pressed)
Su Charles - Sweet As Maple
Avant - Gratitude
Jeff Ramsey - What Would You Do
Sheree Brown - Time For A Party
Sheree Brown - Bein' In Love With You
Frank Lucas - Good Time Thang
J.R. Bailey - That's Love
*The Temptations - My Girl
*Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't...
         ... Nothing Like The Real Thing
*David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love
Noel McCoy - Jealousy

Hour Two
Mavis Staples - Loving You
Brief Encounter - In A Special Kinda Way
James Browns People label
Jaggerz - Gotta Find My Way
Ronnie McNeir - Forever My Love
Shirley Brown - You Ain't...
  ....  Woman Enough To Take My Man
'Sweet Charles' - Give The Woman A Chance
Sheree Brown - I Think I'll Pray
Stephanie Mills - I Had A Talk With God
Bobby Wilson - Deeper
Harry Ray - I Will Love You
The Temprees - Your Love
The Dramatics - Your The Best Thing In My Life
Jesse James - Visiting Rights

Sheree Brown Biography:

"It's A Pleasure", "You'll Be Dancing All Night", "Got To Get Away" and "Get Down, I'm So Bad" -just a few of the songs we cherish by one of soul music's shining lights, Sheree Brown. We call it 'rare groove', but really it's great soul music from an incredible time that touched a generation and lasts to this day. Expansion redefines it as Luxury Soul and brought Sheree to the UK. to perform at a Luxury Soul Weekender in 2012.
Sheree Brown lives in Los Angeles where she started out by winning a high school talent show at the Hollywood Bowl. A year later at a jazz workshop in UCLA she met Patrice Rushen in whom she found some shared ideology and a desire to collaborate. First she co-wrote three songs on Patrice's 1978 album "Patrice" with musicians who would help Sheree cut the demos which ultimately landed her a record deal at Capitol Records.
At Capitol she recorded the two albums "Straight Ahead" and "The Music" we know and love. They are classics featuring the songs that defined her as an artist back in the 1980s. Her work has endured the decades because the songs are just so well crafted, the music organic and timeless while her voice is extremely special, completely unique, accomplished with a spiritual qviatity that compliments the nature of her writing and positive vibe. Her talent as a songwriter also stretches beyond her own recordings and again for Patrice Rushen she co-wrote "Haven't You Heard" that in recent years has been sampled by Kirk Franklin ("Looking For You") and Zhane ("Groove Thang").
Sheree says she was inspired by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and the late Minnie Riperton and that's clear in her music. Furthermore Minnie's former producer and husband was taken on by Capitol Records to work with Sheree, and Stevife plays harmonica on her album "The Music" on a song entitled "On My Way Home".

Both of these albums were recently remastered and reissued by Expansion on CD including a bonus track in the form of a brand new single, "Just A Simple Love" She sounded like she'd never been away, and the project lead to a full album project, her first for 30 years following her time off to raise a family. "Messages From The Heart" was originally conceived in 2011 as part of a book proj ect with which the CD would accompany, but following her UK shows and in collaboration with Expansion, new songs have been added especially for the UK version and includes work by Patrice Rushen, Leon Ware and Ernie McKone's Soul Talk Productions.
Release date: 27th May (contact ralph@expansion-records.co.uk)


Andre Ward

Marv Earl Johnson c.1989
 Bentornati al Science Of Soul, bello che si poteva fermarsi.  I got to thinking this week about how the years have just flown by when I suddenly realised it had been 20 years to-the-day (Thursday 16th May,) that we lost 'Marvelous' Marv Johnson, and just thinking 'bout Marv brings back so many wonderful memories for me. He was probably one of the most important piece in the Motown jigsaw puzzle.

I was fortunate to know him for many years and  he was a humble and very underestimated talent.  Motown founder Berry Gordy sold Johnson's contract to United Artists enabling the company to have a vital cash injection which enabled the fledgling label to expand. I did an interview with Marv just a few months before his passing (and it only seems just like yesterday) and hopefully with Mickey's expertise we can restore it and include it on the site in the near future. [I guessed that was coming next - Editor (click here)]
The Manhattans
My featured artist this week is Andre Ward who's album "Caution" slipped out at the tail end of last year, just come to my attention. A very jazzy and polished set and well worthy of my exposure, It's also a little different to the normal kinda-thing I pick, but I think you will enjoy it nevertheless. I'll also be spinning music from the legendary Manhattans today, who incidentally celebrate 50 years of wonderful music this year. Y' know I had forgot just how much beautiful music they  had made over those years, congratulations to the members past and present and thanks for the wonderful music.

Listener: Sebastiano
My Listeners Choice this week comes from from Syracuse in Italy, that's Sebastiano Sarnataro known by everyone as Seby Seby. H's a very well respected DJ and a hell of a nice guy I am so glad he took time out of his busy schedule to select 3 classic tracks for us. [indicated '*', in track listings]

OK that's enough from me it's music time so just relax and enjoy and have a great week.

Playlist for Sunday, 19th. May 2013

Hour One
James Brown - The Payback
The Manhattans - I Call It Love
Julia Huff - That's Not Gonna Get It
Ben E. King - Street Tough
Andre Ward feat: Janice Dempse - What If
Andre Ward - Marvin's Medley
Rosie Gaines - Crazy
Four Tops - Mama Your Alright
Joe Simon - Drowning In A Sea Of Love
*Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door
*Barry White - You're The One I Need
*Earth Wind & Fire - After The Love As Gone

Hour Two
The Manhattans - Wish That You Were Mine
The Manhattans - It's Not The Same
Marvin Gaye - Falling In Love Again
J. Blackfoot & Lenny Williams - I'm Just..
                          ... A Fool For You
Tower Of Power - Loves Been Gone To Long
William Devaughn - We Are His Children (G-Spot)
Isley Brothers - Secret Lover
Andre Ward feat: Jamie Knight - I Will....
                                                    Love You
Will Downing - I Can't Help It
Atlantic Starr - Am I Dreaming
Felisa Jaynae - Sweet Love
The Manhattans - It Feels So Good To Be Loved So Bad

Andre Ward's Biography:

Born and raised on the westside of Chicago, Andre was introduced to music at an early age. "When I was 12 years-old, I met the drums and started playing the snare drums for about six months, then courted the trumpet for three months, but when I picked-up the saxophone, I fell in love and the eternal union began," reveals the musician.

Similar to his musical inspirations Grover Washington Jr., Charlie Parker and Cannonball Adderley, Andre's study of music and its many different intricacies enabled him to perfect a traditional jazz sound enhanced by his distinctive creative flair. Bestowed with a music performing scholarship at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Andre continued to pursue his passion by building a resume that rivaled his contemporaries. Having toured and worked with some of the biggest names in music, his dynamic performances have captivated audiences worldwide by creating an environment of smooth, sweet, hypnotic, sounds that seem surreal.

Fueled by passion, creativity, and pure talent, expectations became reality when Andre's debut album, FEELIN YOU, reached a top five position on Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Chart, featuring the renditions of "Fallin" by Alicia Keys and "Shape of My Heart" by The Backstreet Boys. But it didn't stop there. His sophomore album, STEPPIN UP, peaked in the top ten and it was no coincidence coming from Chicago, "The Stepper's Capitol", that his cover of R. Kelly's hit, "Step In The Name of Love," became his first single to cross genre lines. It broadened Andre's fan base to include both R&B and hip-hop enthusiasts.

Now with his third release, CRYSTAL CITY, the growth and innovative approach showcased on his previous projects continues to be consistent. A product of Orpheus Music/Hush Productions, CRYSTAL CITY is a ground-breaking masterpiece executive produced by Beau and Charli Huggins. "From Alex Bugnon to newcomer saxophonist Rob White Orpheus Music / Hush Production's name has been synonymous with quality music," stated Beau Huggins, President of Orpheus Music. "Young, accomplished and edgy, Andre continues to build on the foundation laid by his Orpheus/ Hush predecessors, Najee and Kenny G."

Andre Ward continues to evolve into the type of musician that truly lives for the love of making music that respects the past, yet steps into the future. And with his newest release, he continues to do just that. CRYSTAL CITY is the perfect escape that will keep Smooth Jazz on the map forever.

Marv Johnson 20th. Annivarsary Tribute (1993 - 2013)

This year it will be twenty years since the passing of  Motown's roots performer Marv Johnson and the making of this vintage Birmingham, UK radio programme, recorded for PCRL between 1992-93. The recording was made on reel-to-reel tape equipment and has be converted to digital for Pod cast use so we can remember our wonderful  musical friend.

re-uploaded in 2020 on his anniversary Content running order:
(part 1 tribute)
Mickey Nold PCRL Radio Trailer - 1993
Come To Me Tamla 101 1959
I'm Coming Home UA 1959
You Got What It Takes UA 1959
Martha Reeves message - via phone from Detroit
Ain't Gonna Be That Way  UA 1960
(You've Got To) Move Two Mountains  UA 1960
Edwin Starr message - Live
Merry-Go-Round UA 1961
Left With A Broken Heart  Four Tops Motown 1965
2 Radio ID's for add break #1
Candy Store Man Sue Perrin Golden World 1964
I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose (edit) Gordy1968
I've Got To Find Myself A Brand New Baby David Ruffin Motown 1969
Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation - The Dells Cadet 1973
Rode By The Place David Ruffin  Motown 1977
J.J. Barnes message - via phone from Detroit
part II (interview)
Marv Johnson Interview, London - 1992
Come To Me UA1959
You Got What It Takes UA 1959
2 radio ID's for add break #2
I Love The Way You Love UA 1960
I'm Not A Plaything - Gordy 1965
I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose (full) Gordy 1969 uk
It's Magic Between Us - Motorcity LP 1992
So Glad You Chose Me - Gordy - 1969

Marvellous Marv
Written by: Bill Randle
Produced by: Mickey Nold for PCRL
Artwork: Dave Rimmer
Thanks To Dave Allen for 'Candyman' track
Special Thanks: Martha Reeves, Edwin Starr & JJ Barnes
who gave their time so generously and to Marv Johnson, on behalf of those who knew you, thanks for the memories.

You'll Never Be Forgotten!

'Come To Me'



Soul Train Cruise 2012
 Welcome back to the Science of Soul site, it's always good to see you. If  it's your first visit we hope you enjoy it, and if you do please share our link. Remember you can always reach me at bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net or simply send me a message via our Facebook link. It's the time of year when we start thinking; 'vacations?' - well here's an idea for you, how about this years Soul Train Cruise with an amazing line up of live artists that includes; Earth Wind & Fire, The Whispers, Gladys Knight and Billy Paul - Wow! and the star list is endless, it's gonna one great trip. Departing from San Diego CA. on October 5th and returning on October 12th, you can find all the details pricing, etc,. by visiting Soultrain Cruises, with so many great live shows this event can't fail to grab your attention.

Featured artist's for this weeks show are a group of young men who call themselves Le'Jit and the current CD, "New Beginnings" is a classy affair and is getting positive reviews from all quarters, I have selected 3 tracks to give you a little taste.... I just know you'll want more! I also have new music from Glen Jones and long over due I might add and it's been way to long since we heard from this amazingly talented man. On our 'G-spot' this week we have a track from Rae Ellis's new release "The Diary Of Rae Ellis," I do love this album and thanks go out to Mickey Nold for pointing this one out to me. Do remember if there's music or news I need to hear about be sure to tell me - please!

'Listener's Choice' is by Oumar today
I was just going through some old albums this week (it's such a hard job, Lol ) & I came across Curtis Mayfield's "There's No Place Like America," it's  been a long time since I really sat and listened to this set.,wow big mistake on my part, not one of his most successful projects on its release but  stood the test of time so well, and a thought provoking album, I just had to share the song "When Seasons Change" with you all. Our Listeners Choice this week comes from my French soul brother, Oumar 'Coolwaiss' Coulibaly, Oumar's knowledge of soul music is second-to-none, he has a wide taste in music from George Gershwin to the Dells and even likes the great artwork of Josh Agel, Oumar often sends me great links via Facebook to check-out and he has done a wonderful job of helping to promote the Science Of Soul over there in his country, I am very humbled that he as taken time to pick just 3 of his favorite tunes.  One other thing, to our world Mother listeners, please do have a wonderful Mothers Day! (our UK ladies have already had theirs... Lol)

Centre: JJ Barnes & Freddie Jackson
That's enough chat from me, time to enjoy the music.....Oh by the way on next weeks show I'll  be celebrating The Manhattans 50th year in soul music...it's gonna be great.. [Bridge FM readers click here 4 Podacst]

This Weeks Playlist, Sunday 12th May 2013

Hour One
The Whispers - Give It To Me
Freddie Jackson - Special Lady
Jeff Floyd - Lets Get It On
The Chi-Lites - Living In The..
...  Footsteps Of Another Man
Marvin Sease - Lets Get Married
Le'Jit - Dance The Night Away
Le'Jit - I Found Love
Larrick Eubanks - Deeper
*Change - Heaven In My Life
*L.T.D. - Shine
*The Dells - Bring Back The Love
Glen Jones - Thankful Everyday
* Listeners Choices

Hour Two
Curtis Mayfield - When Seasons Change
Magic Lady - I Just Wanna Be Free
Harvey Scales - We Gotta Stop Meeting This Way
Le'Jit - No Woman
Betty Wright - You Still Depend On Me
Amusement Park Band - Do You Still Love Me
Rae Ellis - Everywhere I Go [G-Spot song]
The Main Ingredient - I Love You (The Letter)
Barry White - Love Makin' Music
Donnie Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free
Luther Vandross - Because It's Love

Le'Jit Biography:
A "New Beginning" is the perfect statement to describe the soulful & dynamic trio "Le'Jit". These 3 blood brothers, John, Chris & Roi Anthony are definitely spearing the movement proving R&B/Soul is the root of most of the music genres today. Le'Jit being held the southern best kept secret is a favorite amongst many of the southern borders to many fans.
They are simple the "People favorite". From Texas to Louisiana to Georgia, they have graced many stages, events & venues for 15+ years attracting fans confirmation as 1 of the premier & best entertainers in America.

Now back with an album since 12 years, they are ready to give fans the best feel good music they can possibly get. With Roi Anthony successful releases of the 2 classic albums,True Soul Lifestyle & Who Am I Pt. 1 containing hit singles "Long Way From Home", Brand New, Why don't People Slow Dance & the now hot line dance song "Work it", Le'Jit's name has always been very close to the industry's top independent list.
As Roi's company Mohitz Intertainment moves into a major distribution & partnership, it's "Le'Jit's time to lead this well deserved movement. Fans are already loving the new singles & this album is guaranteed to be one that will go down in history as one of the best feel good albums recorded.
Website: http://mohitzintertainment.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lejitmusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/lejitfanclu


Cleveland P. Jones

Thank you for visiting the Science Of Soul because in this weeks show I have a real cross section of artists, some of whom frankly, I know very little about. A friend recommended I checkout the band Zoom and their track; "Love Seasons," which I must admit was totally new to me, but what a great piece of soul it is and I just had to share it with you.

Album of the week
Also listen-out for the new single from Equanya, that's proving to be popular in the Southern States. My featured artist this week is Cleveland P. Jones, he's a young man who's debut CD, "Ace Of Hearts" is attracting quite a lot of positive attention and its not hard to see why, It's a solid piece of work, as the saying goes; 'You only get one chance to make a first impression.' This exciting new talent is from South Carolina has made a great debut, plus check-out his biography below.

I have also managed to squeeze in another track from the featured artist of last week, C. Robert Walker, I cant recommend this album enough. The weekly gospel track (G-Spot), may surprise you as it's by the late Eddie James Kendricks a legendary member of The Temptations group of course. His song  "I Cant Help What I Am" comes from his solo period and I think is a worthy inclusion.

A big shout-out to all the people who contacted me via Facebook, I'm still amazed at how many countries we reach. Just remember Mickey installed the translate facility, it's located on the left hand side of your screen, so if English is not your first language? it's not problem you can change the text to pretty much anything you want. Thanks also for all the positive feedback regarding my book recommendations last week, y'know us soul folks are an intelligent bunch (Lol.) I'll be doing more in the coming weeks and remember let me know of any good-uns I miss! (Some photo's of the mentioned books are now on right side of this page.)

Listener/singer  Garry
This weeks 'Listeners Choice' comes from the highly respected US Soul Tracks columnist, Garry Simon Moran. Garry as been a real champion for the Science Of Soul and he as helped to spread our links and been a constant source of support, I am truly honored that he took on the task of choosing three of his favorite tracks and yes, what a great choice they are too!  London based Garry is also a singer in his own right and often performs around the capital.

OK, have a nice May Bank Holiday (UK only) and on with the music and as always thank you for being part of the Science Of Soul family.

This weeks playlist, Sunday 5th. May 2013

Hour One
The Choice Four - Hook It Up
Bigg Robb - Time For A Change
C. Robert Walker - Bit Of Love
The Average White Band - Soul Searching
Equanya - Good Man Of Mine
Cleveland P. Jones - Patience
Cleveland P. Jones - Give A Damn
Ronnie McNeir - Letter From A Fool
Don Blackman - Since You Been Away
*Aretha Franklin - Half A Love
*Miki Howard - Love Under New Management
*Bobby Glover - It's My Turn
*Listeners choices today

Hour Two
The Brass Construction - Wake Up
D.J. Rogers - No Price
Cleveland P. Jones - Free Yard Sale
Anacostia - Baby Dont Ever Leave
Ronnie Lovejoy - Spend The Rest Of My Life
Zoom - Love Seasons
Maze feat: Frankie Beverly - Somebody Else's Arms
Eddie Kendricks - I Can't Help What I Am [G-spot]
Bobby Womack - Wish I Had Someone To Go Home To
Ali Ollie Woodson - Angel
Bloodstone - Hypnotized
Keith Washington & Chante Moore - Candle Lights & You

Cleveland P Jones' Biography:

This native of a little country town in South Carolina, called “North”,
started his musical journey on a little clay road and pastures of green fields.
He affectionately recalls listening to his mother sing as they cleaned the
house on hot summer days and bumpy rides to the church house. “Momma
would sing songs by gospel greats like Shirley Caesar then switch to soul
legends like Betty Wright. It just depended on her mood,” he kindly reflects.
This was the beginning of what would later become Cleveland’s maturation
as an accomplished singer/songwriter and producer. His voice is simply one
of a kind and to experience it, especially live, is a spiritual journey on it’s

Penning timeless classics like Free Yard Sale, Cleveland boldly speaks of
the liberating experience in giving away the belongings of a past love after
holding on to them for nearly four years post break up. Cleveland decided
not to sugarcoat the hurt and, in turn, gained a new found mental and
emotional freedom from what was his own personal imprisonment of not
knowing when to let go. With his soulful rock tune, Patience, Cleveland
compositions are designed to welcome open dialogue often abandoned or
non-existent between lovers and friends alike. “Sometimes you’re just tired of
the person, but it doesn’t mean I stopped loving you”, he speaks of this
captivating soul tune.

When asked about his future in the music industry, he proclaims, “my
mission is longevity, not instant fame. I’ve learned by example and
experience that rushing a good thing normally ends abruptly and suffers
long…what’s intended for me will be,” he says. Cleveland has carefully
chosen the unbeaten path to discover his truth, which resulted in this self written,
self-produced, and performed confession, which is Ace of Hearts.
He spared nothing to give you his best as he unwaveringly chose live
instrumentation throughout this masterpiece of soulful art.

A graduate of two prestigious institutions, Morehouse College in Atlanta,
Georgia, and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Cleveland
became deeply involved in music and theater. He performed and toured
many places stateside and abroad. After Morehouse, Cleveland continued to
develop his acting and vocal skills later finding himself in the growing
underground independent music scene of Atlanta, Georgia. From this
experience, he was afforded great opportunities to travel and lend
supporting vocals to some of Atlanta’s most promising soul artists. While in
Atlanta for nearly ten years, Cleveland appeared in and lent his voice to
Paramount/MTV’s Fighting Temptations soundtrack. From then on
Cleveland became highly influenced by artists like Anita Baker, Bobby
McFerrin, and Rachelle Ferrell. As he continued to search for “his voice” he
later indulged deeply into Soul Legends such as Aretha Franklin, Ray
Charles, Donny Hathaway, Oleta Adams, and a plethora of others.

website: http://www.clevelandpjones.com/