Shirley Jones

Showing my support by buying Leela's last album
Thanks for visiting the Science of Soul site. It's been a busy week but I got a chance to catch Leela James performance here in Birmingham, UK, part of her European tour, I have to say I was very impressed. This lady is the real deal, you might remember we featured her current album "Fall For You" sometime ago and it was great to see and hear her perform several tracks in her live set, all in all a great night.
Staying with the ladies this, my Featured Artist is: Shirley Jones, a real music veteran. Ms Jones has been consistently good and her latest set is not a disappointment, it's entitled "It's My Time To Shine", and it really does sparkle! and as always I have selected 3 tracks that jumped out at me, but I'm sure everyone will have there own.

This is me while in London a month or so ago, for the filming of DaPaul's first single from his forthcoming album, (due for release on December 4th) "London Town" it's a catchy tribute to the Capital and just for good measure also has a Christmas flavor. I have included the trailer at the bottom of the page to share a little taste of the session. Other new music is from from Donnell Sullivan and Big Ben Hillman the professor of funk from Boston, USA  and a revisit to albums from David Tolliver and Nichole Willis round out the show.
Now available is my recent interview with Soul Junction's owner Dave Welding, from during last week, but just in case you missed it, the link is right here: Soul Junction Special  ....  enjoy the music and please share with a friend.

Track listing from 29-09- 2015

Hour One
Jody Watley - Workin' On A Groove Thing
Donnell Sullivan - Cookies & Cream
The Jackson's - Find Me A Girl
Nichole Willis - Let's Communicate
Frankie Beverly & Maze - Call On Me
Andre Lee - One Night Affair
Shirley Jones - Because You Love Me
Shirley Jones - Totally Confused
DaPaul - London Town
Roz Ryan - My One Temptation
Chi-Lites - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
Leela James - When You Love Somebody
Leela James - Do Me Right

Hour Two
Twice - My Yesterdays
Chuck Cissell - Understanding Man
Melba Moore - Livin' Free
Bruce Hibbard - We Are His Children
David Tolliver - Home
Men At Large - First Day
Shirley Brown - Passion
Shirley Jones ft Lacy - I'm At Your Mercy
Big Ben Hillman - Where And When
Lo-Key? - Play With Me
Gerald Alston - Hell Of A Situation

Shirley Jones' biography:
Shirley Jones is an American R&B singer. She was a member of The Jones Girls before starting a solo career. Jones began singing gospel as a child with her sisters, Brenda and Valorie, and her mother Mary Frazier Jones. Shirley and her sisters eventually began singing secular music as The Jones Girls, and in 1976 became background singers for Diana Ross. In 1979, they signed with Philadelphia International Records, and enjoyed a string of hit singles in the first half of the 1980s.
After the group disbanded in 1984, Jones was offered a solo contract with Philadelphia International, and released a hit single, "Do You Get Enough Love". A full-length album followed. Soon after the success of the single, Jones married Harlem Globetrotters player Harold Hubbard. One more full-length album followed in 1994. More at Wiki


Soul Junction Special: The First Seven Years

Dave Welding & New Elbowed-Out CD
Thank you today for visiting this special edition of The Science of Soul because I had to share my recent meeting independent label guru, Mr Dave Welding, owner of Soul Junction, one of the UK's most respected soul labels. The outlet has been issuing quality previously unreleased or hard to find music for some seven years now and that's not an easy job in today's climate! We spoke at great length & spun some of the highlights within the trials and tribulations of surviving in this digital age, and the changing face of the music industry in general. None of these things have stopped the great work that Dave as done with Soul Junction, and I wish him continued success. My thanks go to Mickey Nold who engineered and edited the interview and Dave for sharing so much of his time and the support he as always shown The Science of Soul. The interview was recorded in Birmingham, England in October of 2015 so sit back enjoy and share with a friend. Label web site link

Soul Junction 500 Series 45's
Sold Out copies Year
Duane Williams
Natural Impulse
Audio feat: Vince Broomfield
David Hudson
Lou Wilson & Today's People
Bill Spoon
Mike Jemison
Jesse James
The Invitations
Natural Impulse
Jesse James
The Coalitions
Harvey Scales
The Hopkins Brothers
Audio (ft. Vince Broomfield)
Yes My Love Is Real 
She Went Away / Time Is Right
Kisses Don't Lie
Girl, I'm Coming Home
Settle Down
I Can't Wait (Til The Weekend)
Hold On, He's Coming
I Feel Your Love Changing
It Was A Woman
We're Gonna Make It Through
I Gave You Love With An A+  
The Memory Of You
Giving U What U Want  
Shake Cheri
Won't Somebody 





Ivy Jo Hunter
Oliver Cheatham
Sounds Of Imani 
A. J. Sparks & Crew
Audio feat. Vince Broomfield
David Washington
August Heat
J. B. Bingham
The Trey J's
Elbowed Out
Richard Brooks
Elliott McCauley & Joe Leavy
Preston Shannon
J. B. Bingham
Dee Dee Warwick
Willie Jones & 21st
Soul Junction 1000 Vinyl 45
Dynamic Sounds Orchestra
Mighty Lovers
Ron Shy
Betty Boo
Four Real Inc./Larry Wright
The Scott Three 
See You Around/Yea Yea Yea
Don't Let Our Love Go
Don't Pop The Question
Must Be An Angel
Working On Love
Don't Move A Muscle
Taking A Step
You And Me/Hooked On You
People On A Ego Trip
I Found It All In You
Things Are Changing
I'll Do Anything To Make ..
All my Life
The Way I Love You
Loving You
Fellas Don't Let Girl Take Over
You Tore My Wall Down (Nov)
It's Real/If I Live for a 100 Years
(alt. logo design)
Take Me Back
Ain't Gonna Run No More
Don't They Know
My Man Flint/Inst
The Man/It's OK With Me[1966]
Running Wild [1968]




5000. Vinyl Album Series
David Hudson
Bill Spoon
Audio feat. Vince Broomfield
Jesse James
The Coalitions
Soul Junction CD Series
The Falcons
Duane Williams
David Hudson
Bill Spoon
Jesse James
The Coalitions
A.T. Toombs

The Royal Sessions
A Spoonful Of Soul 
New Beginnings 
Let Me Show You
Colour Me Blue

Good, Good Feelings 
These Songs Are For You 
The Royal Sessions 
A Spoon Full Of Soul
New Beginnings
Let Me Show You
Colour Me Blue
Extra Rich In Soul 
Veteran Of Love
Got A Sweet Thing Going On
Everybody Get Up



A Studio 37
Production 2015


Theo Huff

It's Science of Soul time once again and in honour of their recent UK appearance, this weeks show starts and ends with The Whispers, I got a chance to catch their show in Birmingham, not the most ideal venue to stage such a show, The O2 Academy, it's pretty much a student type venue but none the less it was a privilege to see the guys, all-be-it without Nicholas Caldwell who is still recovering from recent surgery. The set list was squarely aimed at the dance floor with much less emphasis on there 'classic ballads', that are the staple of their USA concerts and more to my tastes. For me The Whispers will always be on of the great 'slow jam' groups of the 70s and 80s. Meli'sa Morgan was also in the show, and I have to say she was very very impressive, really enjoyed her set and just had to include the stand out track "Do Me Baby"  this week.

Victor Willis
The Featured Artist today is Chicago soulman, Theo Huff , he's very much a star on the rise, two tracks from his forthcoming project for you. Thanks to my good friend Stan Moseley for hooking us up. The 'surprise package of the week' comes from Victor Willis ... WHO? you might say !!!!!! well cast your mind back to the Village People he was a lead singer on there massive hits like "YMCA" etc, but don't let it put you off  ..  your gonna be pleasantly surprised. Other new music from UK based gospel artist Carole Felice who's debut CD; "Dwelling Place" is very African in style overall, but for me the stand out cut is "Have Your Way," a beautiful mellow arrangement that really shows the young lady's vocal range. Carole is a name to watch out for. Also music from Kejam featuring Chanel and London's Rare Groove favorite Don E to round-out this weeks new music.
Enough chat from me, pour your self a glass of wine, close the blinds... because it's soul time!

Playlist for 22-11-2015

Hour One
The Whispers - Is It Good To You
Keni Burke - Gotta Find My Way Back
Victor Willis - Follow Through
Maveric Gaither - No One Like You
Wilson Williams - Groovy Feeling
The Mob - I Dig Everything About You
Sterling Simms - I Know
Carole Felice - Have Your Way
Don-E - Grown 'n Sex-E
Theo Huff - Soul Swing
Theo Huff - I'm So Sorry
Johnny Moore - Your Love Is Fading

Hour Two 
Lo Key - Come On In 
Meli'sa Morgan - Do Me Baby
Levert II/O'Jays What A Woman
Johnny Gill - My, My, My
Kejam ft Chantel - Hold You Down
Teddy Pendergrass - Is It Still Good To Ya
The Impressions - The Girl I Find
Luther Ingram - Do You Love Somebody
Johnnie Taylor - I'm In A Midnight Mood
Chris Turner ft Jarrod Lawson - You Got Me
Blue Magic - Spell
The Whispers - Welcome Into My Dreams

Theo Huff Biography:

Theo Huff, born in Chicago, Illinois, but raised by a Mississippi mother and grand mother. Both women ready and able to give him all the principles, values, and down home loving he would ever need. Imagine being five years old and finding yourself engulfed with so love, and respect for “ Soul Masters “ like Sam Cooke, Johnny Taylor, Otis Redding, and his all time favorite Tyrone Davis, that all you wanted to was pay tribute, and be like each one of them. Imagine a young handsome man, exceptionally talented, matured, and wise beyond years. Imagine, having your first CD titled “ NOW IS THE TIME , “ and the music critics agreeing that “ NOW IS THE TIME.” (Coming soon)

Imagine, working with Ms. Jackie Taylor at the Black Ensemble Theatre, and receiving nominations for most promising Actor, and best featured Actor in a ( Play, or Musical, ) for “That Sensuous Seductive Seventies. “ Imagine, getting on the job training by performing on the same stage with the likes of Koko Taylor, Bobby Rush, Harold Melvin,s Blue notes, Gene Chandler, Willie Clayton, Denise Lasalle, Albertina Walker, Garland Green, Darius Brook, and Ms. Millie Jackson. Now, imagine being blessed to accomplish all these things at an early age.

Theo Huff, has developed a Truly unique style, all of his own now, and understands that his new CD “NOW IS THE TIME” is a mirrored reflection of his life in the present time, and it will take him to new horizons.

Contact for booking : Theo Huff, @ (773) 630-2261 or 773-227-7182 Email: Oldschool2452@ymail.com


Angie Stone

Welcome to the latest edition of The Science of Soul, this week I feature Angie Stones latest album "Dreams", it's been getting great revues around the world and it's not hard to see why. Ms Stone has been through some tough times of late but she is back and reclaiming her crown as the Neo Soul Queen.

Another lady high on the music radar right now is Ms Lalah Hathaway, just the name Hathaway is enough to grab soul folks attention, Her fathers live albums and shows are the stuff of legends it was only a matter of time before Ms Hathaway delivered her own chapter to the story just had to include a track this week.
Other new releases from my good friend Jimmy 100% Stearling and a revisit to Will Downings excellent "Chocolate Drops" set from earlier in the year, plus all the old skool we love. The Soul Junction Records Special will be available very soon, I hope to get all the editing with Mickey done at some point this week ... on with the music please tell a friend to tell a friend.....

Playlist 15-11-2015

Hour One (8-9pm)
James Bradley - I Can't Get Enough
Jimmy Stearling - Slipping Away
Chante' Savage - My Oh My
Prince Ronnie Love - Wait For Me
Lalah Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me
Five Special - Why Not Be Mine
Paul Thompson - Special Kinda Woman
Aaries - Come Inside
Hinton Battle - Super Cautious
Ray Barretto/Philip Mitchell - What Part Of Heaven
Angie Stone - 2 Bad Habits
Angie Stone - Think It Over
Rance Allen Group - Gonna Make It Alright

Hour Two (9-10pm)
David Ruffin - Can We Make Love 
Eddie Kendricks - Maybe I'm A Fool To Love You
The Temptations - Hoops Of Fire
Will Downing - Till You Come Back
William Bell - Shed A Little Light
John Gary Williams - Open Your Heart
Queen Emily - Angel In Your Arms
Angie Stone - Magnet
Teddy Pendergrass/Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire
Gerald Alston - Take Me Were You Want To
Johnny Bristol - Strangers In A Dark Corner

Angie Stone Biography: 
Angie Stone (born Angela Laverne Brown December 18, 1961) is an American recording artist, producer, and actress. She rose to fame in the late 1970s as member of the hip hop trio The Sequence. Soon after, Stone began working with futuristic rap group Mantronix and singer Lenny Kravitz.

In the early 1990s, she became a member of the R&B trio Vertical Hold. In 1999, Stone released her solo debut album Black Diamond on Arista Records, which was certified gold and spawned the R&B single “No More Rain (In This Cloud)”. After the transition to J Records, she released another gold selling album, 2001's Mahogany Soul, which included "Wish I Didn't Miss You", Stone's most successful single.

She has since released four albums: Stone Love (2004), The Art of Love & War (2007), Unexpected (2010) and Rich Girl (2012). Stone has appeared on television shows such as VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club and TV One’s R&B Divas, and starred in movies such as The Fighting Temptations, Pastor Brown and School Gyrls. Stone has been nominated for three Grammy Awards. She has been most successful on the R&B charts, with four top 10 albums, including a number one, and 10 singles, including a top 10. She has sold over 9.4 million albums in the U.S. and over ten million worldwide. More at wiki

Lyn Collins - Never gonna give you up by mister_funkyman


Mad Lads

In today's show I have a featured group, rather than an album. The Mad Lads are one of a many great vocal groups from the 1960's, these guys never really got the recognition they deserved, so I have selected three favorite tracks of theirs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I'll will be posting a Podcast Special very soon, "The Soul Junction Story; The First Five Years," being joined by owner and a good friend of mine Dave Welding, he was so kind enough to agree to record an interview, and within the next couple of weeks Mickey and myself will be editing and adding music to it, I think it's very important we document soul music history.

Back to today and music here from a current line-up of people like; Q Harper, CoCo Wade, Devon Howard, KeJam featuring Terry Harris and a killer gospel track from Isaac Carree. The line-up will also include 'two in a row' from the great Stan Moseley,so quite a varied collection today with a little something for everyone hopefully. Thank you for all the great feed back through my Facebook page, yes I really appreciate you all taking out the time to contact me.
It's now on-with-the-music, sit back enjoy, and please share with a friend.

Hour One
The O'Jays - My Favorite Person
Frank McKinney - Toe Tappin & Finger Snapping
Co Co Wade - Get Loose
Newcomers - The Whole World Is A Picture Show
KeJam ft Terry Harris - Diamonds
Stan Moseley - I Can't Wait To Get You Alone
Stan Moseley - I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
J Barnes Remington - Come Close
Chelly K - Let's Dance
The Mad Lads - Destination
The Mad Lads - So Nice
O C Tolbert - That's All She Wrote

Hour Two
Trey Songz - Please Return My Call
Q Harper - Pretty Lady
Isaac Carree - Chances
Margie Joseph - One More Chance
Devon Howard - Can We Fall In Love
Conya Doss - Love
Mad Lads - What Love Tends To Make You Do
The Dells - Tripped Slipped & Fell In Love
Grace Love & The Lovers - Love You Down
Chuck Jackson - I'm Needing You , Wanting You
Floyd Taylor - All Of Me All Of You
The Four Tops - Nature Planned It
Freddie Jackson - I Could Use A Little Love Right Now

Mad Lads biography:
One of the few vocal groups on the Stax roster during the '60s, the Mad Lads' doo wop-influenced harmonies -- featuring the high, innocent tenor of John Gary Williams -- were more akin to what you might find in Philadelphia soul acts than those of their native Memphis. The group members were still in high school when the Mad Lads were signed to Stax in late 1964. In the mid-'60s, they enjoyed solid R&B hits with "Don't Have to Shop Around," "I Want Someone," and "I Want a Girl," although they never would cross over to the pop audience. Williams and fellow Mad Lad William Brown were drafted in 1966, and their recording career was suspended while they were in the service (although they carried on live with replacements). After their discharge, Williams and Brown were told by fellow original members Julius Green and Robert Philips that they didn't want Brown in the group; Brown and Stax co-owner Jim Stewart forced them to reinstate Williams, but their subsequent efforts were more in the Stax soul/funk formula, and not as memorable as their more atypical mid-'60s singles. They did return to the R&B Top 30 in 1968 with "Whatever Hurts You." (All Music) 



DaPaul video shoot
It's been another busy week for myself, spent time in London for a video shoot for singer/musician DaPaul's upcoming release; "London Town," lotta fun was had that day and rest assured it will be found here on the show and website in the very near future. Today's featured musical foray will be the latest set from; guiltypleasures, entitled "cautionarytales" (all in spelled in lower case and no gaps?), and is a pretty consistent affair and showcases a variety of indie artists on vocals, you're sure to enjoy.

KeJam, the London based producer and artist has been turning out some very consistent music of late, and his latest outing that features Cleveland Jones is no exception. I have also slipped in another track from the latest Tony Momrelle album that's called "Keep On Pushing" . The Lovely Ms Melba Moore celebrated her birthday this week so it's only fitting that the lady opens my new show. I will be guest on our Matt Houston's Urban Sound Suite this Sunday, also will try to make that available through this web site in the near future, music time now so sit back and enjoy.

Playlist for Sunday 1-11-2015

Hour One 
Melba Moore - Let's Stand Together
Tony Momrelle - A Million Ways
Kejam ft Cleveland Jones - My Love
Grace Love & The True Loves - Times Like These
Guilty Pleasures - The Train
Guilty Pleasures - Whatever Pleases You
Natural Resource -
Chuck Cissel - Just For You
Larry Graham - Is It Love
Richard Hollis - On Your Side
Luther Ingram - Trying To Find My Love
Eddie Levert - Did I Make You Go Ooh!
Jimmy Holiday - In The Eyes Of My Lady 

Hour Two
Al Jarreau/George Benson/Patti Austin - Let It Rain
Park Place - Beautiful Hearts
Guilty Pleasures - Changes
Sam Dees - It's Over Nobody Wins
Queen Emily - Throw Me Away
The Intruders - I Wanna Know Your Name
John Gary Williams So Glad Fools Can Fall In Love
Betty Padgett - Never Coming Home
DaPaul - Loves Life
Lavert - Baby I'm Ready

Guilty Pleasures biography:
Hailing from the Washington, D.C. Metro area, and bearing a soulful sound reminiscent of Eric Benét, Incognito, and Brand New Heavies, guiltypleasures captivates listeners with a mix of infectious grooves, seductive vocals, and captivating lyrics.

Bassist Rick White, is the band’s principal writer, arranger and producer and serves as guiltypleasures’ musical director. Kal El Gross has lent his smooth vocal talents to artists such as Ledisi, Maysa, Lalah Hathaway, Rahsaan Patterson and Raheem DeVaughn. SoulTracks.com Best New Artist nominee Kia Bennett has provided soothing background vocals to artists such as D'Angelo, Ledisi, Russell Taylor, Michael Bolton, Julie Dexter, and Deborah Bond.
Bléz is a classically- trained graduate of Washington, D.C.'s prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts. In addition to performing an onstage duet with Jennifer Hudson, she has shared the stage with artists such as Marsha Ambrosius, Chrisette Michelle, MC Lyte, Vivian Green, Biz Markie and Kem.

Talented singer/Songwriter Jerrica White has performed with a variety of local cover bands and Go-Go legends Trouble Funk. Mycah Chevalier’s sultry voice is well known on the Baltimore jazz scene. She has shared the stage with legendary artists such as The Whispers, Patti Labelle, and Luther Vandross.  More details at: