Preston Glass & Damon Harris

in Birmingham
It's with a heavy heart that I present this weeks Science of Soul. It seems every week we lose one of our heroes, but for me this week It's very personal. My close friend of many many years, Damon Harris has finally succumbed to his long battle with prostrate cancer, Damon, for those unfamiliar readers had sang with The Temptations (1971-1975). I remember very well the day he called to say he had been diagnosed and in typical Damon fashion he said I'm not gonna die or anything like that, it's just a slight set back right now! If I had to write all my memories of  him it would be a life's work. I forgot so much, but then sometimes people say something about him and it just floods back. 

Althrop House, Northhants
I first saw Damon back in 1972 when I was just a teenager and he was not much older. This guy just blew me away. Just look at any of those Temptation album sleeves or publicity pictures, yes the man was cool and then some. At that time Ron Banks (from the Dramatics) and Damon were all I wanted to be like.... slight problem though.....I was Caucasian and couldn't sing for sh*t and much to the annoyance of anyone who knew me back then, but it never stopped me trying. Strange as life can be, both these guys became very dear and close friends. The weird part is that I almost forgot they weren't just famous singers (laughs to myself,) they were just great friends and an irreplaceable part of my life. When Damon was performing in Europe he would come stay with myself and Dawn Randle and for just how long you never quite knew! Days would become weeks.... but it was alright our home was his home anytime he needed it.

Lilly-Mae and Damon
The times we also shared in the 'Philly years,' the friendships we made lasted forever (Bermajean ('BJ'), I know your hurting too,) you will always be my Philly Sister, thank you for all the love and wonderful things you have done. My trips to Baltimore to see Lilly-May, Damon's dear mother, who always made me smile....I can still hear her saying: "Otis! (Damon's real name) you need to come home more often!" (...laughs).
'BJ' Thompson
I remember being in New York one time and we decided to check out the Motown Cafe, those people were blown away by their unexpected guest, we ate so much food we forgot where we parked our car. Then on the other extreme one time we went to The Merry Hill Shopping Center, here in England, and we decided we would eat fish and chips ( lots of Americans think we Brits live on fish and chips!) anyway we chose Harry Ramsden's (for you American's, imagine Bob Evan's, but with fish and chips Lol). Amazingly one of the staff recognized him and asked were he was performing? He was en-route to Austria but he said: "Right here for you... if you like!" and sang "Just My Imagination" to a bunch their staff and just same as he would performed it at Radio City in New York - priceless!

Diane Showers, Damon & Bill
Please forgive my ramblings but for those who were not fortunate to know Damon, I just wanted to give you an insight to this warm and caring human being. Thanks to Mickey Nold (another friend who never ceases to amaze me with his patience and dedication) I can now share with you at the bottom of this page, an interview I recorded in Philadelphia around 1992. (previously broadcasted on PCRL from around that time) Please choose a quite time to take a listen and appreciate the man who changed and inspired so many peoples lives with his endless battle to raise cancer awareness ...... Oh and by the way... he was singer, he would end all our countless conversations over the years with the parting line: "Love you my brother, I'll catch you soon!"

Finally onto this week's featured artist; he's a writer, a producer, a performer and a true soul survivor, that's Preston Glass. To list the people Preston as worked with over the years would take forever but here's just a few; Aretha Franklin, The Dell's, Earth Wind & Fire and George Benson".... sh*t Preston you need to write a book. It's an endless list, so you just know I was excited to hear about his upcoming album "Elevator Speech" and I have to tell I was not disappointed. The album gets a release date for around February 26th. 2013 and it will be stocked by all the usual places Amazon, CD Baby, etc, so please take a listen. website http://www.thrillentertainmentgroup.com/prestonglass.html

That's if from me enjoy the music and thanks to all the people who contact me from places I never even heard of it's good to have you as part of The Science of Soul family.

This Sunday's playlist 24th. February 2013 

Hour One
Keith Barrow - You Know You Want To Loved
Gloria Ryann - Wait A Minute
Earth Wind & Fire - They Don't See
Cameo - I Never Knew
Avant - You And I
Esther Phillips - Home I Were The Hatred Is
Walter Jackson - Let Me Come Back
Preston Glass - Wish I Could Travel Back In Time
Preston Glass - Same Tears Different Pillow
Ty Causey - I Wanna Know About Love
Randy Darbonne - You Kiss Me
Al Johnson - I'm Back For More
Angie Stone - I Ain't Hearin' You
The Commodores - Zoom

Hour Two
Lou Courtney - I'm In Need Of Love
Impact - I Thought You Might Like To Know
Impact - Smile Awhile
Switch - I Call Your Name
Bobby Womack - Facts Of Life
Willie Hutch - I Can Sho' Nuff Give You Love
Jesse James - If He Cant Hold His Pant's Up
The Whispers - Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
Esther Phillips - Stormy Weather
Leon Ware - I Wanna Be Were You Are
Tower Of Power -- Sooth You
R Kelly Seems Like Your Ready

PCRL Special from 1992 with Damon Harris & Bill Randle (1h 50mins) Check his stunning first recordings on T-Neck, the Isley Brothers label in 1969.

Another show from PCRL this time with Mickey Nold talking to Damon about his Top 10 favorite records.


Antoine Dunn

It's Science of Soul time once again.....sorry 'bout the odd technical issue on last weeks Podcast..... beyond our control as the saying goes.

It seems a comment I made a few weeks back in response to Chris Rizik's excellent article on Soultracks: "What Can R&B Learn From Country Music" , and judging by the many emails and messages I received, by-and-large, most people agreed, both; young, old, black and white! However one gentleman did ask: "How could I possibly know anything about soul because I was a white guy," Hmmm..... not an argument I really want to participate in. My comments were never based on racial views or any of those complex issues, all I will say in response is I would never share the email with anyone. It seems this gentleman has many issues to deal with, but if you do read this Sir please bear in mind that your Grand Parents and Great Grand Parents fought to end segregation so what is to gain by going back.... but having said that I respect your opinion.

This weeks featured artist is Antoine Dunn and we look at his excellent "Truth Of The Matter" album. In many ways you can't help but draw comparisons with Anthony Hamilton who incidentally, he as toured extensively with, but Antoine has a style of his own and is an emerging talent that we will hear much more about in the fullness of time, so make sure you check him out.

Monty - RIP
Seems that a lot of new product is hitting or about to hit the streets we will endeavor to bring most of it to your attention, but please don't be shy if we miss something let us know.

I have slipped in a classic Jackie Wilson track into this weeks show, it was one I confess I had all-but forgot, but all thanks to Mickey for reminding me about it some months ago, I'm sure you will enjoy.

This weeks Science of Soul is dedicated to the memory of the late Chris "Monty" Mumford a true soul man.

That's about it from me so enjoy the music and have a great week.

This Sunday's playlist 17th. February 2013

Hour One
Eric Benet & Eddie Levert - Paid
T - Connection - Slipping Away
Major Harris - Loving You Is Mellow
Lola - Wash Your Hands
Black Ice - Blind Over You
Antoine Dunn - I Can't Forget You / Stand Tall*
Alexander O'Neal - Look At Us Now
L.V. Johnson - It's Not My Time
Jackie Wilson - Just As Soon As The Feeling Is Over
Millie Jackson - Rising Cost Of Love
Charlie Wilson - Our Anniversary

Hour Two 
Harvey Scales - Spend The Night
Ohio Players - Take A Coffee Break
J.J. Barnes - I Can't See Me Leaving You
Floyd Taylor - Wanna Make Love
Antoine Dunn - Sweet Lady*
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Wake Up Everybody
The Dells & The Dramatics - Love Is Missing From Our Life
Leon Ware - Musical Massage
Johnnie Taylor - This Is The Night
Isley Brothers - Secret Lovers
Teddy Pendergrass - Feel The Fire

* Featured artist today

Antoine Dunn bio
Already an accomplished vocalist, pianist and songwriter, Dunn taught himself to play the drums and bass guitar. This ability to play the role of every element of the music he creates provides a depth that is conveyed in every project on which he embarks. In recent years he has worked as a songwriter for the Dallas-based company, Love Songs for Sale, received vocal production credits on 2007 American Idol Finalist Lakisha Jones' freshman album, and brought his talents to the shores of Thailand for a six-month tour. After his return to the states early in the year, Spring 2011 found him sharing the stage with such artists as Musiq Soulchild and Avant, as well as earning a spot as a finalist in the Aruba Soulbeach Music Festival Contest sponsored by BlackPlanet.com. In August 2011, Antoine Dunn signed a deal with Elite Music Group Incorporated and began work on his debut album; as yet untitled, his album is slated for release in the first quarter of 2012.
More at: antoinedunn.com


Rhonda Dorsey

BT - I'm not amused!
Good to have you back at the Science of Soul site, my apologies to everyone who have sent Facebook messages. I will reply as soon as I am able the site was apparently hacked last week but should be back to normal by the time you read this. It's also been a traumatic week, technology wise, changing Internet provider is so stressful, lol. Remember you can also reach me via the Bridge 102.5 FM email at: bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net so please stay in touch. That's all the crap out of the way..... now on to the good stuff.

Rhonda Dorsey
This weeks feature artist is a young lady from Philadelphia P.A., Rhonda Dorsey. Her album Chocolate Sounds came out at the tail-end of last year and was recorded in Los Angeles. Dorsey is currently based in Switzerland so you can imagine it's quite a diverse project but very interesting, none the less. I hope you like the selections I've chosen and check-out the biography link to find out more about the lovely Ms Dorsey.

The bad news seems just to keep coming this year, as you are probably aware by now we have lost Cecil Womack and the legendary Donald Byrd. It makes you realise how blessed we are to still have their music left behind forever. Nice that so many of you enjoyed the Chris Jasper feature last week my Bridge FM colleague Mark Williams had him as a live guest via the telephone from his New York home and if you missed that on that  Thursday afternoon I hope to put it on the site soon so you can also listen to it.

Don't forget any artists or labels out there stay in touch we are always looking for new material to share and expose to the Science of Soul family. That's it from me this week so as always sit back enjoy the music. [due to technical problems this week the podcast is heard only through one speaker]

This weeks playlist for Sunday 10-02-2013 

Hour One
The Spinners - Ain't No Price On Happiness
Charlie Wilson - My Love Is All That I Have
Ali Ollie Woodson - Heaven Bound
Teena Marie - Beautiful
Freddie Jackson - Don't Let Love Slip Away
Rhonda Dorsey - Supernaturalcirleoflove / Mr Lele
Jeffree - Love Loan
True Reflection - It Realy Hurts
Undisputed Truth - Girl Your Alright
Men At Large - Will You Marry Me
The Impression's - If It's In You To Do Wrong

 Hour Two
Gerald Levert - Good Morning
Jeff Floyd - 9 To 5
Leroy Hutson - There I Still Care
Rhonda Dorsey - Giving
Howard Hewitt - Crystal Clear
War - Don't You Let Nobody Get You Down
Rose Royce - Would You Be Mine
Average White Band - Love Of Your Own
Darien - Seasons
Shirley Brown - If This Is Goodbye
Gwen McRae - Love Without Sex
The Tower Of Power - Willing To Learn
Smokey Robinson - Time Flies
Rhonda Dorsey biography

 Growing up in Philly with her two brothers, music was everywhere. There was always a radio or stereo in the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedrooms, the basement and yes, even in the bathrooms. So no wonder music plays a pivotal part in Rhonda's life. She remembers learning all of the lyrics to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" album and staying up all night performing it over and over again with her younger brother. It's still one of her all-time favorites: "Marvin had a very special way of communicating life through his music, with heart, soul and sincerity.  I admired that and thought, mmh one day..." Well, that day has arrived; now she too tells her soulful stories from the heart in song. Her music gives her listener something to feel, reminisce about, dream of, long for... more: http://www.rhondadorsey.com/en/


Chris Jasper

 Welcome to the first Science Of Soul for February... were did January go? First up let me say: 'thank you all', for your Facebook messages and emails - it seems the 'sos word' is spreading and that's all down to you guys for sharing us with your friends and fellow soulful folks - thank you and please continue to do so.

 The featured artist this week is truly a legend, a vital component of the Isleys Brothers funk machine of the 70's and one third of Isley-Jasper-Isley who's worldwide smash Caravan Of Love became an instant classic! that's Chris Jasper. Chris has a new album/single on the streets called 'Inspired: By Love, By Life And by the Spirit'. I played the title track last week but today we'll dig a little deeper with another three items from this album. Chris Jasper will also doing an interview with my Bridge 102.5 FM colleague Mark Williams for his afternoon show and with Marks permission we will share it via a Podcast with the Science Of Soul family.

the late Sugarfoot
 I must also say a special thank you to Margie Jasper for all her hard work and dedication in making this possible. We also pay tribute on this weeks show to the late Mr Leroy "Sugerfoot" Bonner of The Ohio Players, Sugerfoot was an integral part of the funk/soul sound and image that the band enjoyed. The Players tempered there driving funk with tight harmony's and subtle melodies. They were perhaps the ultimate funk/soul band to emerge during a time when funk ruled the airwaves. The material still sounds fresh today, influencing countless artists from Jazz to Rap. Much as been written about "Sugerfoot" this week but check-out Bigg Robb's message on the Boogie Report site, I think he conveys how we all feel. Mickey (the editor) also included a link below to The Unsung's Special on the Players.  Leroy "Sugerfoot" Bonner one of a kind O-H-I-O.

 Listen out for the new track from the Detroit gospel group Sounds of Imani their new single: 'Must Be An Angel' is due out any day now thanks Dave Welding for making it available to us. It will issued on Soul Junction records in a limited run so get it quick once they gone that's it. We need more votes on our Soul Survey, take a second to click on your favorite style of soul because it helps us bring you the soul you love.

 As I mentioned earlier please continue to share us with your friends the more that know about us the better it is. Special shout out to all our friends at the BOOGIE REPORT web site for your continued support.

That's it from me as always sit back enjoy the music "the soul goes on!"

This weeks playlist from 3rd February 2013

Hour One
The Whispers - Is It Good To You
Sounds Of Imani - Must Be An Angel
Harvey Scales - Single Girl
Charlie Wilson - I Still Have You
Keni Burke - I Get Off On You
Chris Jasper - In My Dreams/Someone
L.V. Johnson - So Cold & Mean
Ohio Players - It's All Over  / Skintight

Hour Two
Isaac Hayes - A Few More Kisses To Go
Bar-Kays - Feels Like I'm Falling In Love
Marvin Sease - Dreaming
Chris Jasper - Faith
Keith Washington - I Love You
Ms. Monique - Mr Do Right
Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Cop & Blow
Soul Children - Whats Happening Baby
Phillip Mitchel - Make It Good
Ms. Monique - Lollipop
Tyrone Davis - In The Mood
The Manhattans - I Wish You Were Mine

 Chris Jasper Bio 
Chris Jasper (born Christopher H. Jasper, December 30, 1951, Cincinnati, Ohio) is a former member of both the Isley Brothers and Isley-Jasper-Isley. He is also a successful solo artist and record producer, recording a number of his own solo albums, and producing artists, for his New York based record label, Gold City Records. His keyboard and Moog synthesizer work was a primary ingredient of the Isley Brothers sound of the 1970s and 1980s. Jasper is a classically trained musician and composer. He studied at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City and received a degree in music composition from C.W. Post, Long Island University, New York, where he studied with the jazz pianist and composer, Billy Taylor.

After having jammed with neighborhood teenagers Ernie and Marvin Isley, and being added on as a brother-in-law after Isley Brothers member Rudolph married Jasper's sister Elaine, he was added to Ernie and Marvin's older brothers' band, The Isley Brothers, in 1969. Jasper's first appearance on an Isley Brothers album was 1969's It's Our Thing. In 1973, Jasper, plus Ernie and Marvin Isley were officially added to the group. Jasper's keyboard work played a pivotal role in Isley Brothers hits such as "Fight the Power Pts. 1 & 2," "For the Love of You Pts. 1 & 2," and "Between the Sheets."

In 1984, Jasper and the younger Isleys left the Isley Brothers to form the splinter group Isley-Jasper-Isley. Jasper sang lead on the group's biggest hit, "Caravan of Love." But their tenure ended in 1987 with Jasper and Ernie Isley going into solo careers and Marvin rejoining brother Ronald in his touring band. Jasper's solo career spawned the #3 R&B hit, "Super Bad", in 1988. Jasper has also produced, performed and written music for other artists, including Liz Hogue's debut album, and "Make It Last" for Chaka Khan's C.K. album. After becoming a born-again Christian, Jasper released a succession of gospel albums and occasionally returned to R&B. Since the 1980s, he has recorded for Gold City Records, a record label he formed, and which is distributed by CBS Records.

In 1992 Jasper was inducted, along with the rest of the Isley Brothers, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Jasper resides in New York with his wife of 26 years, Margie, an attorney and writer, and their three sons, Michael, Nick and Christopher. (info - wiki)