Booker T.

Booker T. Jones
This weeks Science of Soul features a genuine soul legend, Booker T. Jones, a man who was a vital component in the whole Memphis recording scene, a musician, song writer and occasional vocalist, Booker has out lasted many of his contemporaries. I think we all grew up listening to "Time Is Tight" and "Soul Limbo," his sound was so distinctive. His latest project includes a host of great guest vocalists and this week I'll be playing 3 tracks back-to-back. The album: "Sound The Alarm" has been getting great revues from every quarter and it's not hard to see why, if you've not had a chance to hear any of the tracks yet...I think you will enjoy what's on offer.

I'm really loving the new album from Chrisette Michelle and I have included one track in this weeks show. Her album is entitled "Better," and is high up my recommended list, plus music from a young African guy who lives in France, who I know very little about, except his name is Leon and I have included a track from his 2012 release "Chocolate". On the gospel front we re-visit Ms Rae Ellis's CD: "The Diary Of Rae Ellis," it's another strong album that came out this year. Talking of Gospel you might remember Terry Townsend who had a fine set out some years ago - well he's back with an excellent new release "Mutual Love Affair," this is a killer cut and will certainly raise his profile once more.I've also included a Walter Williams song as it's his birthday today.

The date as been set for the Science of Soul's American debut and it will be Sunday September 1st at 2 PM EST  It's another market that will hopefully enjoy and spread the Science of Soul word. My thanks go out to Melvin Jordan  at Legend 107 in Tampa Bay, Florida for helping to extend our Soul family.

Listner: Akiko Murata
The Listeners Choice this week comes from one of our Japanese listener: Akiko Murata*, who is a very accomplished musician herself and as well as playing in local bands she also teaches piano. Her selection is, what can I say? just pure class and she also selected the Spinners classic "I'll Be Around" as a tribute to her late husband, what a beautiful thing to do. By the way Akiko thank you for reminding me of the classic Four Tops track you selected, it is without doubt one of there finest moments.

十分なチャット, time to sit back and relax please remember to share our link with friends...giving the gift of music is a wonderful thing.. [Bridge FM readers click 4 Podcast]

Playlist for Sunday 24th August 2013

Hour One
The Unifics - I Want You To Have It All
Felony Davis - Over Again
Sonny Charles - Put It In A Magazine
Revelations ft Tre Williams - How Do I Tell Him
James Robinson - Day Dreamin'
Booker T ft Juke James - All Over The Place
Booker T ft Fay James - Broken Hearted
Booker T ft Anthony Hamilton - Gently
Swiss Movement - The Grass Is Greener
The Spinners - I'll Be Around *
The Emotions - Best Of My Love*
The Four Tops - I Just Can't Walk Away*
Leon - Your Man

Hour Two
The Dells - Let The Feeling Talk to You
Chrisette Michelle - Love Wont Leave Me Out
Jahiem - Age Ain't A Factor
Ronnie Dyson - Even In The Darkest Night
Denise Lasalle - Married But Not To Each Other
Terry Townsend - Mutual Love Affair
Rae Ellis - You Bring Joy
Soul Children - I'll Be The Other Woman
Ann Nesby - I'll Do Anything
Walter Williams - Love Won't Let Me Wait
Sly Slick & Wicked - Sho' Nuff
The Manhattans - We'll Have Forever

Booker T Jones's Biography:

Booker T. Jones was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1944. He was named in honor of his father, Booker T. Jones, Sr., who was named in honor of Booker T. Washington, the educator; "Booker Taliaferro Jones, Jr." is his full name.

Jones was a prodigy, playing the oboe, saxophone, trombone, and piano at school and serving as organist at his church. He attended Booker T. Washington High School, the alma mater of Rufus Thomas and shared the hallowed halls with future stars like Isaac Hayes's writing partner David Porter; saxophonist Andrew Love of The Memphis Horns; soul singer/songwriter William Bell and Earth, Wind, & Fire's Maurice White.

Jones's first entry into professional music came at age sixteen, when he played baritone saxophone on Satellite (soon to be Stax) Records' first hit, "Cause I Love You", by Rufus Thomas and Carla Thomas.

While hanging around the Satellite Record Shop run by Estelle Axton, co-owner of Satellite Records with her brother Jim Stewart, Jones met record clerk Steve Cropper, who would become one of the MGs when the group formed in 1962. Besides Jones on organ and Cropper on guitar, Booker T. and the MGs featured Lewie Steinberg on bass guitar and Al Jackson, Jr. on drums (Donald "Duck" Dunn eventually replacing Steinberg). While still in high school, Jones co-wrote the group's classic instrumental "Green Onions", which became a hit in 1962. (more at wikipedia)



I have to thank everyone for the great feedback on the Curtis Mayfield III interview that was published the middle of last week ,thank you also to Mickey Nold for all his work in editing in the music that went into it, I think he did a great job. I hope to bring more interviews in the future. Don't forget you can still get last weeks regular show as well, all you need to do is go down the Tribute Index and click on Ron Isley.

Ms Sheila Coley
This weeks featured artist is Rayn's debut album "Creation From The Soul," it's been a couple of years in the making; but it was worth the wait. A very accomplished set and I think it's just a glimpse of what's to come from this young man. Other new stuff this week comes from the lovely Ms Sheila Coley who's new single "Hard Times" is a real grower - I have to thank my Japanese Soul Brother Yozi Harda for bringing this to my attention. John Carey was a new name to me but his latest single "Don't Count Me Out" is amazing, It's music with a very powerful message all I can say John is how long before the album I can't wait...

Listener: Sue
The Listeners Choice this week comes from Sue Edwards*, wife of my fellow Bridge FM presenter Garry Edwards, I always say it but I do love the variation that our listeners pick and Sue's selection is no exception. - we might even let Garry pick some one of these weeks. Remember If you would like to select 3 of your favorites it's easy to do just send me the title and artist it can be from any decade it really is YOUR choice, it is after all the listeners who have made the Science Of Soul and I thank all of you that have sent in choices. If Yours have not been played don't worry they will be I try to do it in the order I receive them.

The Science of Soul will be going Stateside with Legend 107 out of Tampa Bay, Florida very soon! they'll be running the show on their station - my aim is to reach as many people as we can, It wont affect the live shows or Podcasts, that will still be running as normal, It just gets us into another market.

That's enough chat from me, so on with the music...
Playlist for Sunday 18th. August 2013

Hour One
The Independents - Lucky Fellow
Omar Cunningham - Mr Lowdown
Kinsman Dazz - Catchin' Up On Love
Ms. Shelia Coley - Hard Times
John Carey - Don't Count Me Out
Rayn - A Creation From The Soul
Rayn - We Got Love
Kem ft Chrisette Michelle - If It's Love
Jeter Jones - Don't Leave
*Dionne Warwick - Don't Make Me Over
*Gladys Knight & The Pips - Help Me Make It Through The Night
*Herb Alpert - This Guys In Love With You
The Newcomers - Girl..This Guy Loves You

Hour Two
L. V. Johnson - I Don't Really Care
Gene Chandler - To Be A Love
Ledisi feat. Jaheim - Stay Together
Rayn - Reply To You
Ann Sexton - I'm His Wife (Your A Friend)
Danny Johnson - I Might As well Forget
Margie Joseph - (Strange) I Still Love You
Eddie Holman - Eternal Love (Gospel)
Brighter Side Of Darkness - Love Jones
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Love Wont Let Me Go
Jesse James - I Can't Help But Smile
Teddy Pendergrass - Feel The Fire

Rayn Biography:

His talent has evolved at young age cause of his father being a DJ and by listening to his LP’s. Rayn’s mother also had a big influence at his musical abilities cause of all the soul songs she used to play on LP’s with him running around still in his diapers. At the age of 13 he started to play in bands with family and friends to develop himself as an artist. He touched the piano once and he never stopped touching it again. His introduction in the Dutch music scene started when he went to free style jam sessions to develop his own personal style and inspired to continue. Just to expand his network of musicians and to meet people that inspire him. Rayn has Played and recorded with established Dutch and international artists like John JR Robinson http://www.johnjrrobinson.com/ (drummer on Michael Jacksons off the wall), Marcus Miller (Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack), Coen Molenaar (Jan Akkerman, Angela Groothuizen), Arnold van Dongen (Ilse de Lange, Trijntje Oosterhuis) Eveline Karels (Candy Dulfer), Will Nuruwe (Edsilia Rombley, Berget Lewis) and Marcelino Latupeirissa (Total Touch, Brace). He has shared his talent and musical skills with them and many more.

He co-produced, played the piano, wrote and put vocals on a song from the L4 rap album “Counting Coins” that was released in March 2010. Most of the time he was writing at home in his little studio, playing the piano, listening to different kinds of music or playing live with several cover bands throughout the Netherlands.

His debut album “A Creation From The Soul” is an independent project by Rayn, containing 10 soul/funky/blues songs that will make your feet move and take you back in time for some old school Soul. The album will have a digital and physical release at the 22th of august in Japan by the label Sweet Soul Records. Rayn wants his music to be heard globally by people all over the world with Japan as its start position.


CIII Special (Curtis Mayfield, Jr)

When I look back over my life, music has been the one constant feature present. I would miss lunch to save the money to spend on records (if my Mom had known, I wouldn’t be here to tell the tale, lol!)

I would make the trip from school to Norgroves electrical shop every Tuesday and Friday lunch time, to see what new records they had - I would then spend all the lunch money I had saved and still not get all the discs I wanted - they must have thought I was a strange 12-year-old kid, bless their hearts! They used to give me as much as I bought; they could see the struggle I went through each time, deciding what to buy with what little money (financial resources) I had - they knew I was hooked on soul music before I did!

"Mayfield was a big influence on my songwriting and vocal style. From his early days as the lead singer of the Impressions.. I marvelled at his ability to get hit records with spiritual lyric content like "People Get Ready" and "Amen". No other secular artist at that time was anywhere near successful as Curtis at using God's word to influence young people. I remember James Brown saying that if not for Curtis...there would not have been records like..."Say It Loud.. I'm Black and I'm Proud". Which became James Brown's contribution for the black civil rights movement of the sixties"  Billy Griffin

The 1965 His Masters Voice EP
Then one day they gave me something that changed my life: it was an EP and I remember John in the shop saying, “This looks like something you would like” It was Soulfully by The Impressions - I heard Curtis Mayfield for the first time, and from that moment on life was never quite the same. From Curtis and the Impressions’ music I learned the beauty of love, I learned of the injustices many faced in society and man’s struggle to create a better world in spite of himself. To quote a line from one of his songs “He opened up my eyes so I might see” - his songs helped me see and understand so much that 45 years later his music is still a source of comfort to me. I had a chance to know Curtis, and his humility touched me very deeply; his gentle and warm smile, how he would start a sentence by saying “well you know…” - these things are fresh in my mind as if it were yesterday.

   "Curtis Mayfield was brilliant at making you look inward while enjoying the journey musically. People hate looking inward, so you can’t imagine how challenging it is for a writer to inspire that in someone while wrapping it in timeless melodies. It make sense why he’s a legend”  Marcell Russell

 Please forgive my ramblings, I just wanted to give a glimpse of what Curtis Mayfield means to me. A thought popped into my head one day; imagine what it would have been like to be Curtis Mayfield’s son. The interview here gives you a glimpse of that. Curtis’s eldest son, Curtis Mayfield III, kindly agreed to talk to me about just that. I thank him for his friendship and for sharing his thoughts with me so openly and freely . CIII is a man at peace with himself and a legacy left by his father. He has made his own way in the world; you would expect nothing less from a man who carries the name of his father so proudly. All that’s left to say is “people get ready” sit back, and enjoy…

  "As a young musician, I was impressed and influenced by the songwriting and musicianship of Curtis Mayfield. Songs like "I'm So Proud" and "People Get Ready" were songs that every singing group would rehearse to test how good their harmonies were. He was a big influence on me then and still is to this day." Chris Jasper

  "I Grew From James Brown To Curtis Mayfield" in Life and my stage persona !!!  Joe 'Pep' Harris (Undisputed Truth)

Songs featured in the program:
  • The Impressions - People Get Ready
  • We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
  • Move On Up
  • The Makings Of You
  • Superfly
  • Little Child Running Wild
  • Curtis Mayfield III - Soldier In The Sand
  • Back To The World
  • To Be Invisible
  • Curtis Mayfield III - Girl From 1-2-3
  • The Impressions - This Is My Country
  • (Don't Worry) If There Is A Hell Below, We're All Going To Go
  • Oh So Beautiful

Curtis Jr., in Chicago

Satellite Link
Bill in  B,Ham, UK

  "My time playing with Curtis, "priceless". Hard to top travelling and preforming all over the world with a true legend. And he was easy to play for. He had certain things he wanted to hear but I had a lot of freedom to be myself within the music. Big, big fun"  Lee Goodness (Curtis' drummer throughout 80's)


Ronald Isley

Midnight GMT+1 on Tuesday
It's been a busy week here at the Science of Soul! In addition to the regular show this week I have a bonus edition that will be published on Wednesday. It's project I've been planning for a few weeks with Curtis Mayfield III, he granted me a very rare interview to talk about his life as the son of a music icon and the legacy that  his Father left. A program packed with wonderful music with a very intimate glimpse into the life of a legend....Don't miss that! More at Facebook Event Page It'll be on my own website only for now! www.thescienceofsoul.com

On today's show I'll be featuring Ronald Isley's new project This Song Is For You. This album sounds better and better the more you hear it - It's unlikely to win him any new fans, but he is over 70-years-old now! and the style is so unique to him, what we expect and everything we love about this Soul legend plus great new songs performed as only Ronnie can. Check HuffPost interview at bottom of page.
I'm sure you remember the Floaters from back in the day - well this might surprise you my Gospel Spot this week is none other than "Hi, my name is Larry" from the classic "Float On" smash Mr Larry Cunningham who now performs Gospel music and is his current release! Other new music this week includes: Chante Moore and Southern Soul lady Ms Robin Moet, another fine Detroiter: Mike Shockley who's track "Lets Dance" has been played before on the program but I just want to remind you just how good it is!
Temptations feat: Dawn
The Listeners Choice this week comes from Dawn Randle*, and you can see from Dawn's choices, that she is a big Temptations fan. Dawn and myself spent over 30 years together - a time where many wonderful memories were made, -  she'll always remain a special part of my life, our times with The Temptations past and present are treasures that we both share. There has been a lot of changes in the Groups line-up over that time but the memories will never change.

Sad to see this week the passing of yet another legend Mr George Duke, George was one of those guys who could cross in all genre's of music and be accepted and successful and his place in music history is secure - be at peace Mr Duke and thanks for all the amazing music..

Finally on with the music and as always be sure to tick the  Facebook  'Like,' if you enjoy, and if have not already done so and please share my link. Remember to check back on Wednesday for the new Curtis Special. and don't forget the Billy Griffin interview at the bottom of last weeks page. By clicking on Show Links go to older posts and you can revisit shows you might have missed and so much more. [Bridge readers click 4 podcast]

Playlist for Sunday 11th. August 2013

 Hour One
Leon Haywood - Keep It In The Family
RIP ( Left this new LP behind 4 us)
Ms. Robin Moet - Don't Stop
O. C. Smith - When We Make Love
Chante Moore - Talking In My Sleep
George Duke - Trippin'
Ron Isley ft. Kem  My Favorite Thing
Ron Isley This Song Is For You
Michael Shockley - Let's Dance
Freddy North - Oh Lord ..
   ......What Are You Doing To Me To Me
*Temptations - Just My Imagination
*Temptations - Some Enchanted Evening
*Temptations - Special

Hour Two
Seven track 2006 cdbay CD
Laura Lee - Guess Who I Saw Today
Voices Of East Harlem - Giving Love
Ron Isley  Lay You Down
Young & Co. - Got To Be Free
J. Blackfoot - Losers Weepers
The Three Pieces - If I Could Only...
                  ..... Prove To You
Larry Cunningham - Feels So Good
Curtis Mayfield III - What If [gospel]
Curtis Mayfield - So You Don't Love Me
August Heat - You & Me
Z Z Hill - That Ain't The Way To Make Love

Above is an interview Ron Isley did for the Huffington Post. You may have to watch an advert first, but it's nice footage!


Felony Davis / Billy Griffin

Featured Album
Thanks for stopping by the Science of Soul web site and we are still growing week-on-week, thanks to you for spreading the link, I'm getting messages from all around the world; so we can feel good that we are spreading the Soul. This week I'll be featuring Felony Davis, the Chicago singer who was a one-time member of Public Announcement. His album "Finders Keepers," came out last year and this is the first chance I've have had to share this with you. Chi-Town has really proved it's self to be something of a Soul Mecca, so many great artists have come out of that city... and Felony is no exception, he possesses a fine vocal range and real feel for his music...It shines through in everything he does.

New address in Windy C.
Whilst on the subject of Chi-Town, it was great see Chaka Khan had a street named in her Honor, the Chicago Soul lady has gone through some rough-ups-and-downs over the years and still remains as popular as ever on the live circuit.  The summer concert series are in full swing in the States you will be amazed who you can see for free, so if your planning a trip always check out who is in town and all you residents of the USA... how lucky you are.

Included in this weeks play list is the new smash from Randy Darbonne "Voodoo Child", it's a smooth piece of contemporary Soul from the man from Lake Charles. The song is from his upcoming album "The Whole Truth" and is due for released sometime this month,  sure to be playing more from this set.

Texas Listener: Larry
On the Listeners Choice* we have an amazingly diverse selection from my good friend in Waco, Texas, Mr Larry Kendrick. It's nice to see a track by Gil Scott-Heron selected by a listener and the song; "All us" is lifted from his album "First Minute Of A New Day." Larry, like Gil,  is a very sharp witted social commentator, I always look forward to his comments.  His taste in music is very eclectic, like myself Larry is a child of 60s and 70s, a time when music was delivering powerful social comments. I thank him very much for taking time out to send in his tracks...and by the way, if your not to familiar with GSH delve into his back catalogue, it's amazing and also the television documentary; "Black Wax," that gives a great insight into the mind of this great poet..I keep saying one day I am gonna do a GSH Special, it will happen?

Quality re-issues!
It was great to see the other day that Charles Jackson's two classic Chicago albums have been reissued as a 2 for 1 CD and the legendary song writer, and one time member of The Independents of "Just As Long As You Need Me" fame! I have included several tracks from them over my past shows so now is the time to add them to your collection at a bargain price! ....highly recommended. They are easily available from Amazon and all the usual sites.

On this weeks play list you will see: "What A Woman," a track from Levert II's album "Dedication," just watch the video that goes with this song it's just wonderful, barber shop magic!

A bonus feature for the podcast readers only this week is available at the bottom of Bill's own site page at www.thescienceofsoul.com It's a Billy Griffin of the Miacles Special. On with the music and as always please remember 'Like' and to share my link...music is a great gift.

This Weeks playlist for Sunday 4th August 2013

Hour One
Rhythm Machine - Can't Do Without You
The Four Flights - All I Want Is You
Levert II - What A Woman
Timotha Lanae - Getting To Know You
Leon Heywood - It's Got To Be Mellow
Mike Hammond - Maybe Tomorrow
Felony Davis - Keep On Steppin
Felony Davis - My Intention's
Aquarian Dream - Do You Realize
*David Ruffin - So Soon We Change
*Gil Scott-Heron - Alluswe
*Harold Melvin & Bluenotes - Hope We'll Be Together Soon
Kitty & The Heywoods - Mystic Stranger

Hour Two
Tom Brock - There's Nothing In The World
Randy Darbonne - Voodoo Child
Orgone (feat: Tiffany Austin) Anticipation
Minnie Ripperton - BabyThis Love I Have
Felony Davis - Finders Keepers
Lomax - Satisfy You
Joe Leavey - Real Love
Rance Allen Group - I Know A Man
The O'Jays - Your Body's Here With Me
The Dramatics - Ain't Raining On...
                ... Anybody's House But Mine
Chante Savage - If You Like
Shirley Brown - I'll Be Right Here Lovin U

Felony Davis Biography:
The majority of the songs that I write are based on situations that I've gone through. It’s what motivates me to write many of my songs. I don't really have to think; it just comes out. And every time I sing, I never get bored because I’ve been through many of the situations you hear me sing about. My music also entertains people: They feel the energy. He’s back on the music scene and hotter than ever.

If you want a hit song that will stand the test of time, and stay in your head for years, Felony Davis is the certified platinum recording artist/songwriter to turn to. Ask anyone who is John Doe, and they will sing the hook, I don’t know. Play Body Bumping, and watch the memories in the room flood in. Feloney Davis created a timeless sound that started with the soulful R&B
group Public Announcement.

The music that Feloney wrote for Public Announcement has International Acclaim. Yes, you know his music, but now it's time you know Feloney Davis - The Man Behind The Music!
Feloney Davis uses his talent as a singer/songwriter to develop a solo album that is emotional and inspiring. He also inspires, motivate and teach many up-and-coming artists to fulfill their dreams. Feloney is part of that sexy, soulful, true R&B signature sound, which is sorely missed in today’s music industry. His mission is to bring back the passion and the love of the music, not the money. To celebrate the ups and downs of marriage and relationships, and touch people in all the right places with sensual melodies and candid lyrics.

I can recall waking up to Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. I would go to bed at night listening to people like Bobby Blue Bland and Johnny Taylor. A lot of the musicians back then were geniuses and some of the music they came up with, producers now-a-days can't reproduce, so they sample it. But I think now, the industry is going back to that whole soulful sound. That's the kind of music that stands on its own and lives forever.

Feloney is very excited about this new chapter in his life. He is still dedicated to creating songs that tell a story and can make a listener laugh, cry, or nod in agreement with the smooth melody that flows through the ear. His goal is to create real music without the smoke and mirrors, a gift that is extremely rare with most music today.

Feloney Davis soulful debut CD Finders Keepers depicts true-to-life situations. His sexy, smooth melodic styling resonates throughout his new solo project. Feloney musical career continues to effortlessly embody not only the R&B/Soul sound but a timeless experience that lives forever.

(C) 2013 Alpha Records International | 400 N. 96th Ave.,
Suite #1109 Tolleson, AZ 85353 | Contact # (601) 519-4173

Bonus: Billy Griffin/Miracles Special

A fourty-five minute recording from 20 years back hat Bill made with Mickey Nold for Mickey's PCRL Friday morning 'Basement Soul Show.' Mickey did the Breakfast Shows on PCRL for some five years or more from 1990, Bill joined him a few years later along with The Consortium (some 15 or more local Soul dj's) that helped out with the music. This recording has been transfered from cassette so it might be a bit wobbly in places, it pre-dates the digital era. Other achieve music can still be found at the PCRL tribute site www.pcrlfm.co.uk that's now in its 10th year of being. Remember any comments about anthing can be left at the bottom of every page. Billy Griffin's Facebook