Jaheim 2016

Very sad to report this week we lost James Jamerson Jr., 'Jamo' was such a great part of Detroit's music scene and a beautiful character, I will forever see him in my mind hunched over that bass guitar at United Sound Studios laying down the groove at a Dramatics recording session. He was one those who whenever you ran into him (and you invariably did) he made time to chat and would always leave you smiling from ear to ear. So glad I had a chance to see him just a few months ago. Be at peace my friend.

I am just starting to catch up a little bit after my trip so quite a few bits of new music, tracks from the current albums like Eddie Levert, Goldswagger, Lalah Hathaway, Greg Dean and another track from Sympli Whitney, plus new singles from J Most, J J Thames and Philly soul man Dyshon Benson.

This weeks Featured Album comes from Jahiem, his "Struggle Love" as received pretty mixed revues, but I quite like it, I'm a big fan of Mr Hoagland and the more I played the album the more I like it. I'm sharing 3 tracks with you that I personally like but give it a listen and live with it a few times I am sure there are tracks that will hit you. Got another load of Old Skool classics that I think you will enjoy so just sit back and enjoy .... but remember to tell a friend to tell a friend about The Science of Soul.

Play list for Sunday 27-03-2016
Hour One
*Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label
Majestic Arrows - Another Day - Bandit CD*
Sympli Whitney - I Can See Me & You
Chuck Brooks - You Can't Be In Two Places
J. Most - I'll Never Forget You
Electric Empire - Baby Your Lovin'
Greg Dean ft. Jarrod Lawson - Colours
Jahiem - Nights Like This/ My Shoes
Bobby Womack & Patti Labelle - Love Has ..
                                .. Finally Come At Last
The Dramatics - I Cried All The Way Home
Suffers - Stay
Dyshon Benson - Love You Better
Goldswagger ft. Maya Azucana - I Can't Wait
J. J. Thames - Leftovers

Hour Two
Dexter Allen - Coming Home To Mississippi 
Gavin Christopher - This Side Of Heaven
Sharon Clark - That's A Good Thing
Terry Wright - I Done Lost My Good Thing
Reggie Torian - Serve Thee
J. Candy - Mysterious Girl 
Lavel Moore - The World Is Changing
Jahiem - Songs To Have Sex To 
Bobby Glenn - Morning Song
Eddie Levert - It's To Late
Lalah Hathaway - You Were Meant For Me
The Manhattans - If My Heart Could Speak
Eddie Holman - You Make My Life Complete


Stephanie Pickett

Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul and it's all back to normal after my 3 week trip to the States and a big thank you goes out to Mickey who keeps everything running smoothly. Had an amazing time with some amazing people .... certainly a trip to remember. Included in this show some new music and material from the folks who were a major part of my trip. Thanks to; Ty Causey, W R Sanders, Stan Mosley, Theo Huff, Lyn Orman Weiss, Reggie Torian, Aaron & Lavon Cohen and my adopted family the Benedicts & Andrews', just beautiful people.

Leroy Allen
It's a little different this week in so much as I don't have a featured album but a featured artist in Stephanie Pickettwife a nephew of Wilson Pickett. I think you will be a little surprised at how talented this lady is, I know I was. I have new music from Leroy Allen , Evette Busby & Sympli Whitney whose album "Rise of The Phoenix" is pretty special. Got a whole lot of Old Skool classics that folks love so much so something for everyone. Njoy! (check Johnny Taylor's Unsung episode at foot of this page)

Hour One
Stan Mosley - Thank You
Four Real Inc,. - The Man (The Master Plan)
Larry Wright - It's Ok With Me
Evette Busby - What Went Wrong
Calvin Richardson - Home In A Minute
Leroy Allen - Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
Reggie Torian - You'll Want Me Back
Sympli Whitney - 7 Days A Week
Stephanie Pickett - Still Want You Back
Stephanie Pickett - My Love Is Guaranteed
Latimore - All You'll Ever Need
Ty Causey - I Wanna Know Bout Love
W R Sanders - Sweet Memories
Regina Bell - Be Careful Out There

Hour Two 
Stan Mosley - Your Wife Is My Woman
Shirley Brown - If This Is Goodbye 
Dells/Dramatics - Love Is Missing From Our Lives
Townsend x3 & Rogers - Playground Of Love
Anthony Hamilton - Why 
The Emotions - Don't Ask My Neighbour
Stephanie Pickett - Run'n
The Facts Of Life - Caught In The Act 
The Impressions - Sooner Or Later
Johnny Taylor - Your Love Is Rated X
Teddy Pendergrass - Just Because Your Mine
Sam Brown - Feeling You

Stephanie Pickett biography:

Stephanie Hill was born on March 19, 1967 in Montgomery, Alabama. She gained the name Pickett when she married a Prattville, Alabama nephew of Wilson Pickett, Willie Pickett. Stephanie sang in Montgomery school and church choirs as well as at Alabama State University, where she majored in music and vocals, before her professional career blossomed in 1992 as a back-up singer for Ronnie Lovejoy, who grew up in Wetumpka, just sixty miles north of Montgomery. In the mid-nineties Pickett joined an Alabama rhythm and blues group named the Style Band as the female lead vocalist. The members were Melvin Spencer (bass, guitar), Richard Spencer (lead guitar), Perry Spencer (drums), Reginald Phillips (sax), Kent Hill (lead guitar) and Antonio Goldson (keys). Pickett remained with the band for fourteen years. In 2008 a friend named Robert Moody became her informal manager and sent some demos to Dylann DeAnna (CDS Records), leading to her first record contract and solo album, Finally Made It (Aviara, 2009).

Much of the material was recorded in Montgomery, Alabama, using many of Pickett's current bandmates from the newly configured and named N-Style Band: Jeffrey Singleton (male vocalist), Kent Hill (lead guitar), Jesse Knight (lead guitar), Charlie Porter (keys), Arnold Henderson (sax), Michael Johnson (bass guitar) and Durrell Ellis (drums). Pickett performed both lead and background vocals. Pickett composed and Melvin Spencer (along with Richard Spencer and Terrence Baldwin from the old Style Band) arranged the bulk of the tracks from Finally Made It, including the showcase song, "Run'N," not to mention "Still Want You Baby," "Let's Get It Together," and "Love Me Right." Roosevelt Bradley (with three tracks), Carl Marshall (with the tune "Family Man") and Atlantan Charles Harmon (with the cabaret ballad "Stay With Me") filled out the disc. In 2010 Pickett released a well-received Southern Soul single entitled "(The) Only Time I Get Lonely," an uptempo dance tune, and the album containing the single appeared the following year: A Woman's Soul (2011, Aviara). The same year (2011), Stephanie Pickett won the Jus' Blues Music Foundation Award for New Female Southern Soul Artist of the Year. She had previously (in 2009) won a Best New Southern Soul Artist in Blues Critic's Readers' Poll.



Bill meets up with the guys from Chicago while in the USA, he should be back with some new music for us next for weeks show, we wish him a safe journey. RIP this week the Soul singer C.L. Blast, Jazz singer Ernestine Anderson & Beatles producer George Martin who will all be missed. [ed]
While in USA Bill meets up with Theo Huff (Black Ensemble Theater) & Southern Soul singer Stan Moseley. Here Bill joins Reggie Torain, singer with the Impressions group who recently took part in a production at Theo Huff's theater.
Playlist 13-03-2016
Hour One
The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again
Four Tops - Are You Man Enough
R Kelly - Step In The Name Of Love
Teddy Pendergrass - Time For Love
Shirley Brown - Woman To Woman
Angie Stone & Ray Charles - All I Wanna Do
Tower Of Power - Sooth You
The Temptations - Stay
War - All Day Music
Mandrill - To Late
Ron Tyson - Got My Swagger Back
Jeff Floyd - Giving You My Private Number

Hour Two 
Bigg Robb - Macaroni & Cheese Song
Pete Belasco - Later
Sire James - Make It Everlasting 
Eric Benet - News For You 
Keith Sweat - Candy Store
William Bell - A Bad Time To Break Up
Winzell Kelly - Step On
Theo Peoples - Listen To Your Heart 
Keni Burke - I Get Off On You
Prince Phillip Mitchell - Make It Last 
L V Johnson - It's So Cold And Mean

"What Went Wrong", is the continued collaboration of Evette Busby and producer Frank McKinney of Atlanta. Ms. Busby has an unique ability of communicating emotions in ballads as powerful as her up tempo performances. "What Went Wrong" is a slow but deliberate delivery of raw emotion, while asking that most important question. "What Went Wrong"



Sadly this week we lost another Soul music performer; Gavin Christopher, he died on Friday aged 66. Along with his own albums dating back to the first in 1979, he recorded on many other performers albums such as Herbie Hancock and more recently Cool Million. Also in the news on Wednesday was Gladys showing the perks of being the Empress Of Soul! Apparently that evening, Utah police pulled over a vehicle carrying soul veteran Gladys Knight, and she gave them an earful of soul by singing happy birthday to one of them. [Editor]

Playlist the 6-03-2016
Hour One
Ty Causey - It's Gotta Be Love
Melvin Davis - No More Water In The Well
Roi Chip Anthony - I'm Gonna Do It For Me
Joyce Elaine Yuile - Running For My Love
Leroy Allen - Living On A Fixed Income
Stephanie McDee - I'm Leaving you
Gil Scot-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
Lakeside - Anything For You
New York City - Its You
The Radiants - Voice Your Choice
Ola Onabule - Soul Town
Will Downing - Deep As The Ocean 

Hour Two
Kenny Barnes - The Wish
Levert - Dancin' With You
Men At Large - Spend The Night
Anthony Hamilton - I'll Wait For You To Fall In Love
Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper
Betty Wright ft. Snoop Dogg - Real Woman
Bobby Womack - Woman Gotta Have It.
Blue Magic - Spell
Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway - Closer I Get To U
Force MD'S - Here I Go Again
Enchantment - Silly Love Song