Welcome to this new edition of the Science of Soul, as regular listener will know, I pick a recent released album as my 'album of the week', but today it's a little different!  I have chosen an album that came out last year, "Soulful Spirit" by Dapaul, it's one that got past me on it's release, but just too good not to bring to your attention mow. A song from Gwendolyn Collins' latest set "Storyteller, The Simple Thing" is also in todays show, but I 'll be looking in more depth at this one next week.

The Glades years!
I was feeling extra nostalgic, so there's a big chunk of old school classics you might just not have heard in awhile, listen out for Eddie Kendricks' "Each Day I Cry A Little," I can't find the words to describe the beauty of this song, and the passing of time has just made it even better. My Soul brother Melvin Jordan as just recorded an interview with one of my favorite artists Benny Latimore look-out it will be coming up on his show in the next few weeks I'll make sure you get a link from the S-O-S website. If your not familiar with www.legend107radio.com out of Tampa Bay, Florida, it's the Station that the Science of Soul is syndicated to, because you might just want to check it out.  They run a great program of shows, everything from Gospel to R&B, there's sure to be something that floats your boat. Going back to Benny Lattimore  because he's also included in this weeks playlist, you will hear a classic from his past entitled "Rain From The Sky."

when it started in Chicago
There's a great Facebook page that you might also enjoy called  "Chicago Soul to Soul" the page is run by Chicago Historian Gregory Moore who never ceases to amaze me with some the wonderful pictures he makes available and the information he shares (you need to join and be a member to see them.) That's it! its music time! please share the link with your friends...remember music is a wonderful gift to give.

This week's playlist, Sunday 27-07-2014

Hour One

Frankie Beverley & Maze - Lovely Inspiration
Ray Frazier/Shades Of Madness - Gonna Get Your Love
Heatwave - All You Do Is Dial
Eli "Paperboy" Reed - Young Girl
Crystal Clear - Stay With Me
Benny Lattimore - Rain From The Sky
DaPaul - She's So Entertaining
DaPaul - Free & Satisfied
Gwendolyn Collins - Beautiful Fantasy
Philip Manuel - Had To Have You
Avery Sunshine - Sweet Afternoon
Jules Johnson/Dynamics - I Just Wanna Thank You
Sam Dees - What's It Gonna Be

Hour Two
Eddie Kendrick - Each Day I Cry A little
The Turner Brothers - Lets Go Fishing
J. J. Barnes - Time Is Love
E.O.L [Elements Of Life] All I Need Is Your Love
DaPaul - Love's Like....
Clay Hammond - Woman are Human
La' Fez - This Is The Way I Am
Dells - Tripped Slipped, Stumbled & Fell In Love
Keith Washington - Long Ago
Reggie P - Me On Top Of You
Theo Peoples - Listen To Your Heart
Carolyn Franklin - As Long As You Are There
Milestone - Your Love Is All I Need

DaPaul's background:

DaPaul is a songwriter, a storyteller, a listener, and a conscious life observer and introspective musical visionary. He writes with a contemporary lyrical content that reaches all listeners. He is in touch not only with his own feelings, but the feelings of others in the world around him. In each song DaPaul writes, he captures a magic that resonates with each listener in a way that is entertaining and moving. DaPaul's roots hail back to a migrated Caribbean church in London where he found and nurtured his love for the piano and singing. His musical influences range from gospel, soul, jazz, and blues to pop.

As a professional session musician and backing vocalist he has worked with: Eternal, Louise, MN8, Cleopatra, Alexander O'Neal, Jhelisa Anderson, Rhonda Thomas, Kloud 9, Des'ree, and Gabrielle. He has also appeared on various TV promos: Jools Holland, GMTV, National Lottery Live, VH1, TOTP, Montreaux Jazz Festival, and The World Music Awards. (Info: CDBaby)



Leela James

Welcome to another week of the Science of Soul, thank you to all the new listeners who have tuned in for the first time over the last few weeks your Facebook messages and emails are greatly appreciated and I am glad you love the mix of music I try to bring.

This week I will be featuring the new album from Leela James "Fall For You," I love Leela's vocals rich and emotional she embodies what soul music is all about, and there's a great duet on there with Anthony Hamilton that I played a month or so ago so I didn't include it in my three picks for this week but I think overall it's an album that does not disappoint.

The summer concert season is in fall swing Stateside so if your planning a trip check out locally to see whats going on there are some amazing shows over the next few months.

I posted on my Facebook page this week the link to the Curtis Mayfield Story that covered his life up to the point just after his accident, Mickey did a wonderful job getting it from reel-to-reel into digital format, I know from your messages that many of you have already heard it but I thought I would give it mention so the new found listeners would not miss out.

Some 2014 music this week from Lewis "Raw" Shaw , Dionne, Somi and some recent tracks that you might have missed, just like I do, plus the classics from every era that we all love.

Enjoy the music and share the soul...Bridge FM readers click  here for Podcast.

This weeks play list for Sunday 20-07-2014

Hour One
Lynn White - I Don't Know Why
Karen Bernod - Reminiscing On Your Kissing
Joe - First Lady
Sho Nuff - Just To Love Someone Like You
Roy G Hemmings - Who's Loving You Tonight
Leela James - Give It + Set Me Free
Shelia Coley ft Nate Hall - Move With You
Eli Paperboy Reed - Pick A Number
Somi - Ginger Me
Jamal Nichols - Always Will
Dionne - Allergies
Raw Shaw - I'd Rather Go Blind
Ursula Ricks - Sweet Tenderness
The Impressions - I'm Still Waiting

Hour Two
Jean Knight - You Got The Papers
N-Tense - Lovers Touch
L V Johnson - It's Not My Time
Barbara Mason - You Can't Be...
          .... With The One You Don't Love
R Kelly - Come To Daddy
Leela James - Everything
O B Buchana - I Want Both Of You
The Spinners - He Don't Love You Like I Do
EOL [Elements Of Life] - Gift Of Love
Milestone - Good Love
William Bell - My Whole World Is Falling Down
The Four Tops - Strung Out On Your Love

Leela James Biography:
James' debut album, entitled A Change Is Gonna Come, was released on June 21, 2005. The album was conceived as a throwback to an earlier era of American soul music, building upon the legacy of 1960s and 1970s soul singers while incorporating elements of contemporary R&B, funk, and gospel. In the lyrics to the album's lead single, entitled "Music", James laments the current state of contemporary popular music. She condemns the glorification of materialism and misogyny that has often been attributed to the lyrical content of contemporary R&B and hip hop songs while pleading for the return of the artistry, dedication, and sincerity displayed by musicians of earlier decades. James co-wrote most of the tracks on her debut album, two exceptions being her covers of the pop rock band No Doubt's 1996 hit "Don't Speak" and the classic title song by Sam Cooke, for which the album is named. Notable collaborators on the album include Raphael Saadiq of the 1990s R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné!, Kanye West, and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean. More @


Dee Robinson

On this weeks Science of Soul I'll be featuring a new album from Atlanta, Georgia based, Ms Dee Robinson. I have to confess Dee was new to me but this is her third album, the last being as far as I can find out issued back in 2005. So it's been awhile but WOW, it was worth a wait, "Grown And Sexy Lullaby's" is a killer from start to finish. This lady can s-a-n-g-g-g-g, she has a style that's kinda sassy, but sugar sweet almost in a jazzy vain. I've had this album on repeat in my car for a week and it just gets better, that's the measure of a future classic. Dee is also a writer with a new book out this week so visit her site and find more at: www.deerobinson.com

Joe [Thomas] is back with a new album called "Bridges" he as been 'Mr Consistent' over the last ten years or so, but this album seems kinda thrown together, but it still has it's moments, none-the-less and I gotta say he's is in fine voice as always and the good tracks are great, it's just a little patchy by his own high standards.

Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself in Bobby Womack last week, It seems just like me there are a lot of Womack fans out there. I thank for all the great feed-back and rest assured Bobby will always be apart of the Science of Soul just as he always as been.

New music this week from Raw Shaw, Steven Drakes, Shaylin D Mack and all the usual classics some well known some not.  Time now to so sit back enjoy and please share my Link that's how we continue to grow. Podcast link for Bridge FM readers

Playlist for Sunday 13-07-2014

Hour One
The Chi -Lites - Tell Me Where It Hurts 
This weeks Gospel song
Shaylin D Mack - Feel Good Music 
Joe - Future Teller 
Kelli Sae & Count Basic - I'm Loving You 
Michael Guy - Cant Thank You Enough 
Willie Clayton - Where As Love Gone 
Lola - It Ain't Worth It 
Dee Robinson - What Can I Do For You 
Dee Robinson - Candy Sweet
The Artistic's - She's Heaven 
Mighty Fire - You Got Everything 
Impact - I Thought You Might Like To Know 
Big G - We Cant Stay Together 
Fathers Children - When I Think At All I Think Of You 

Hour Two 
The O'Jays - Let Me Into Your Life 
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Keep On Lovin' Me 
R. 'Dimples' Fields - Don't Stop Chasing Your Dreams 
Steven Drakes - Waterfall 
Sir Charles Jones - Independent Ladies 
Sulpacio Jones - Your Eyes 
Bettye Swann - Either Love Me Or Leave Me 
Raw Shaw - Ghetto Tactics 
Willie Hutch - Kelly Green 
Dee Robinson - Feels So Good 
Jea Mason - Together And In Love 
The Independents - Couldn't Hear Nobody Say 

Dee Robinson Biography:
Dee Robinson was born and raised in Gary, Indiana, only a few streets away from her favorite entertainer Michael Jackson, with whom she also shares a birthday—August 29. Dee’s initial emphasis in entertainment was working behind the scenes creating, developing, and producing live theatrical events to showcase independent artists. Dee considers herself first and foremost a poet, from which her creative essence is derived. Everything she has ever written began first as a poem—every speech, every song, every short story, every thesis. With a strong support network and a growing client base, she made the decision to walk away from corporate America and support herself through her talent as a writer, producer, project manager, and consultant. Her first step to freedom was starting a writing service called Dee Robinson the Right Writer. As a writer for hire, her motto was “Let me say it for you.” A few years later she started a company called Mentaltainment with a focus on producing enriching, enlightening, and purposeful entertainment. Her motto for Mentaltainment is “Information disguised as entertainment.” More @ deerobinson.com



A Bobby Womack Tribute

Bobby with Sam Cooke
Thank you for stopping by this special edition of the Science of Soul, because this weeks program is dedicated entirely to the music of recently late Bobby Womack (4/3/44 - 27/6/14.)  Some may think this is a slight indulgence on my part, but the older I have got the greater my appreciation of Bobby's music as become. He has been a regular on the Science of Soul playlists since day one, his contribution to the growth of soul music is immeasurable, in fact his contribution to music period is truly astounding through his writing and the way he was accepted in all genre's of music, Rod Stewart once said he would love to make an album as great as "The Poet." The Rolling Stones had to this day one of there biggest hits with "It's All Over Now," a song originally recorded by The Valentinos in 1965 and written by himself.

He dipped his toe into Country music for his "BW Sings CW" album which incidentally he wanted to title it; "Step Aside Charley Pride You Ain't The Only N****r Who Can Sing Country Music," for some reason the record company wouldn't go for it, LOL. His list of duets and guest vocal appearances run from Ray Charles to Bill Withers, Lulu to The Crusaders and as guitar player he played on sessions with Sam Cooke to Sly Stone, Dusty Springfield to Janis Joplin.

Cooke's own label
Bobby Womack was a man without limits to him music was music, his life was as colorful as his music career, Incredible highs and times of deep despair, it was all these things that made him the man that he was, I am sure by the time this goes on air you will be tired of reading Bobby his obituary's that tell of his troubles over the years, don't let that overshadow his greatness he was after all only human he hid nothing how many of us can say that......When I gathered my thoughts to prepare this program I decided not to pick up a discography because that would not accurately reflect what music that had touched my life.  I'm not a music journalist or a statistician, I'm a fan, and this reflects in the music that I have chosen. I was fortunate enough to meet the man and blessed to be around people of that elk. Back then I took it all for granted but looking back I now realize how blessed I was...so R.I.P.  Bobby Womack and I thank you for enriching my life..

This weeks playlist 06-07-14

Hour One
Stop On By
You're Messing Up A Good Thing
So Many Sides Of You
If You Don't Want My Love
I'm Through Tryin' To Prove My Love To You
If You Want My Love Put Something Down On It
When Love Begins Friendship Ends
I Don't Wanna Be Hurt By Love Again
Close To You
And I Love Her
I Wish It Would Rain
We've Only Just Begun

Hour Two
Facts Of Life
If You Cant Give Her Love Give Her Up
Across 110th Street
I Can Understand It
That's The Way I Feel About Cha'
Love As Finally Come At Last
If You Think Your Lonely Now
I Wish I Had Someone To Go Home To
American Dream
Woman's Gotta Have It
One More Chance On Love

Bobby Womack's Biography:

Born 4 March 1944, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. A founder member of the Valentinos, this accomplished musician also worked as a guitarist in Sam Cooke's touring band. He scandalized the music fraternity by marrying Barbara Campbell, Cooke's widow, barely three months after the ill-fated singer's death. Womack's early solo singles, "Nothing You Can Do" and the superb "I Found A True Love", were all but shunned and, with the Valentinos now in disarray, he reverted to session work. Womack became a fixture at Chips Moman's American Recording Studio, but although he appeared on many recordings, this period is best recalled for his work with Wilson Pickett. "I'm In Love" and "I'm A Midnight Mover" are two of the 17 Womack songs that particular artist would record. Bobby meanwhile resurrected his solo career with singles on Keymen and Atlantic Records. Signing with Minit Records, he began a string of R&B hits, including "It's Gonna Rain", "How I Miss You Baby" (both 1969) and "More Than I Can Stand (1970).

His authoritative early album, The Womack Live, then introduced the freer, more personal direction he would undertake in the 70s. The final catalyst for change was There's A Riot Going On, Sly And The Family Stone's 1971 collection on which Womack played guitar. Its influence was most clearly heard on "Communication", the title track to Womack's first album for United Artists Records. Part of a prolific period, the follow-up album, Understanding, was equally strong, and both yielded impressive singles, which achieved high positions in the R&B charts. "That's The Way I Feel About Cha" (number 2), "Woman's Gotta Have It" (number 1) and "Harry Hippie" (number 8), which confirmed his new found status. Successive albums from Facts Of Life, Looking For A Love Again and I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To, consolidated the accustomed mixture of original songs, slow raps and cover versions. BW Goes C&W (1976), a self-explanatory experiment, closed his United Artists contract, but subsequent work for CBS Records and Arista Records was undistinguished. In 1981 Womack signed with Beverly Glen, a small Los Angeles independent, where he recorded The Poet. This powerful set re-established his career while a single, "If You Think You're Lonely Now", reached number 3 on the R&B chart. The Poet II (1984) featured three duets with Patti LaBelle, one of which, "Love Has Finally Come At Last", was another hit single. Womack moved to MCA Records in 1985, debuting with So Many Rivers. A long-standing friendship with the Rolling Stones was emphasized that year when he sang back-up on their version of "Harlem Shuffle". Womack remained fairly quiet during the 90s, although he returned to the recording studio in 1999 with his first ever gospel set, Back To My Roots. An expressive, emotional singer, his best work stands among black music's finest moments.