Henry Stone

Something a little different on this weeks show! I don't often feature compilation sets as 'Album of the Week', but the collection of tracks from the back catalogue of the late Henry Stone's group of labels is pretty special. Released on Edinburgh own Athens Of The North label and put together with one eye on the collectors market, I think there is not a bad track on it ... an essential purchase I'm thinking.

Former Tower of Power front man Lenny Williams as a new single out its a taster from his forthcoming album and the signs are good ... incidentally Tower of Power will be doing a one-off gig in London later in the year, I feel a trip coming on. Other new music this week from; Sweet Angel, Earl Young & Darryl Grant, Cardell, Alvin Garrett and a great new single from Roi Chip, this guy seems to have a new release every week ... no complaints from me.

Representing the old school classics; I got Blue Magic (bet you forgot just how great Summer Snow is), The Whispers who are also UK bound later in the year, and I will be playing a Phillip Mitchell track every week just to make him feel welcome on his upcoming date here in the UK.
OK it's music time and please support the new artists and respect the legends who's music as enriched our lives  ...

Playlist Sunday 28th July

Hour One
Illumination Experience - Challenge Me To The Rhythm
Roi Chip - Gonna Be A Mess
Mel Waiters - How Can I Get Next To You
Lenny Williams - Hooked On You
Sweet Angel - Steps To Love
Cardell - What Is Love
Friday, Saturday & Sunday - There Must Be A Better Way
Wildflower - You Knock Me Out
Earl Young & Darryl Grant - Power Of Love
Camera Soul - The Rain
Tad Robinson - He Moved On
K Jon - A Beautiful Thing
Fortitude - He's Alright
Hour Two
Johnny K - I Got Bills to Pay

Blue Magic - Summer Snow
Joyce Elaine Youille - Tryin' Times
Robert H Fowler - What's The Name Of Your Love
Alvin Garrett - Puppet
Michael White/Howard Hewett - A Sunday Breeze
The Whispers - Never To Late
Wizards Of Ooze - Trippin'
Philip Mitchell - Make It Good
Barbara Mason - I'll Keep On Loving You
Amusement Park Band - Do You Still Love Me
Will Downing - Till You Come Back To Me
(orange denotes tracks from Featured Album)
Henry Stone - background behind CD
When Terry Kane - a sound engineer who was barely twenty years old at the time - built an 8-track recording studio above Henry Stone's office space in the Hialeah area of Miami, he probably never envisaged that he was laying the bedrock for a creative hub that would spawn over 25 gold records and over 100 million record sales worldwide. In the process, it would help to make Henry Stone a legend of American music. At one end of the spectrum, warehouse boy turned global superstar Harry Wayne Casey - better known as leader of K.C. & The Sunshine Band - was pumping out disco classics on a massive scale with ubiquitous airplay and sell-out shows. At the other, Rodney Matthew and his group Formula 1, were relying on the might of the T.K. distribution machine to propel them into the spotlight. As remarkable as their 1977 masterpiece on Du-Vern records was, it inevitably failed to have the seismic impact of The Sunshine Band's commercial dance pop. For every success story like T-Connection, with their firebrand funk-disco fusion and major label achievements, there were equally talented acts such as Stevens And Foster who also called on Stone's services to showcase their vision: judging by the scarcity of original copies of their self-written and produced modern soul jewel on Jerri Records, they also failed to reach beyond the Sunshine state, save for the rarified ears of collectors and connoisseurs.

The sheer amount of records that came out of those modest premises at 495 SE 10th Court - about 8km from Downtown Miami (as the pink flamingo flies) - is mind boggling. With a huge roster of in-house labels as well as production and distribution deals, label boss Henry Stone was a passionate, busy, and exceptionally well connected man. Stone would nurture the early careers of the likes of million seller Betty Wright, as well as provide a platform for Milton Wright and Leno Phillips (her older brothers) to express their creativity. Clarence Reid (AKA Blowfly) and Willie Clark penned a raft of amazing tracks for acts such as Jimmy 'Bo' Horne and Little Beaver (AKA Willie Hale, who would also write a wealth of material for others), while T.K. in-house band Miami's own Robert Moore also released records on yet another T.K. imprint; Blue Candle. The music scene in Miami and indeed, Florida, at the time was fertile and moved quickly with the times; there were hit-makers and risk-takers, shining stars and those who never went far. As a living document of Henry Stone's remarkable legacy, the diverse styles and ideas coming out of Miami-Dade County and beyond, as well as a glimpse at the successes and near-misses achieved by a dazzling array of artists at the time, this collection serves as an invaluable insight. (AOTN)

New Rasheed Ali album includes this song that he also wrote


Gil Scott Heron

Thanks for visiting the Science of Soul web site, I'm still playing catch-up with the new music here! There seems to be so much great stuff around at the moment, I just played a track from Ty Causey's great new album "Cause & Effect" last week, but I got to include another one this week, I highly recommend you get this album. Ty is one of the most consistent artists around. For the Beach Music lovers I have the latest release from (KCO) 'Ken Knox & Co', he's a long time member of Chairmen Of The Board with the late great General Johnson, Ken is is keeping the flag flying in style. A new track from Gina Careys' forthcoming album "Gimme The Soul" will be included and a great track from Jeffree Charles, called "We Can Roll". Loving this and the more you hear it the better it gets. Album tracking from DW3's excellent "Vintage Soul" set and a new name to David J. brings a little Southern Soul flavour.

There as been a resurgence of interest in Gil Scott-Heron since his passing, which is often the case, some artists are ahead of there time, Gil was definitely a trail blazer. There is a very interesting documentary around called "Who Is Gil Scott-Heron " I was privileged to know the man quite well! so I thought this week I would throw in a couple tracks that are special to myself, I hope you enjoy. Documentary is this weeks video at the foot of the page.

Okay as always on with music - please share the link with a friend and enjoy.

Track listings for Sunday 21-06-2015

Hour One
Eramus Hall - Just Me & You
Aaron Neville - Hercules
Maria Howell - Don't Give Up On Love
KCO - Reach Out 2 Me
Gina Carey - Gimme That Soul
Mighty Lovers Ain't Gonna Run No More
Lucas Arruda - Stop Look & Listen
Ty Causey - It's Gotta Be Love
Harold Daniels - Don't Snatch It Back
Edna Wright - Oops, .. Here I Go Again
Gil Scott - Heron - 95' South
Gil Scott - Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
DW3 - When You Cry

Hour Two
Little Milton - Caught In The Act Of Getting It On
Conya Doss - You Really Hurt Me
Jeffree Charles - We Can Roll
David J - Work Your Body
JS - Slow Grind
Melvin Davis - Thinking Of You
The Players - I'm Glad I Waited
The Intruders - I Wanna Know Your Name
William Bell - If Sex Was All We Had
Philip Mitchell - If We Can't Be Lovers
Soulfinger ft Leela James - Value Your Love
Ann Hines - Tearjerker


Joyce Elaine Yuille

Joyce Elaine Yuille
Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, I am still playing catch up with the new music, and it seems there's a lot of great stuff around. Featured Artist this week is Joyce Elaine Yuille, a completely new name to me but her debut album is amazing, so I thought I would share 3 tracks with you. Tad Robinson may not be a name you would expect to hear on the show, but his new album is pretty special, the track included in today's show is one of my favorite tracks of 2015 so far! it really is that good, "Call Me" is such a powerful song, add into that a mix of more new music from like likes of; Leroy Allen, Kenny Brown, Samuel D Saunders, DW3, Saun & Starr and Mr consistent out of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Ty Causey, oh and I almost forgot the beautiful Stephanie McDee, Conya Doss and Cool Million. Yes It's been a struggle to get the Old Skool classics in ..... but it's OK, I did it, lol. A big shout out to all the folks who share the SOS link, I appreciate you and sincerely thank you. OK it's music time enjoy...

S-O-S Playlist June 14th 2015

Hour One
DW3 - Let The Music
Ty Causey - Just Another Love Affair
He gave song to Chi-Lites
Saun & Starr - Dear Mr Teddy
Conya Doss - Loves Not
Leroy Allen - Living On A Fixed Income
Tony Drake - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
Al Hudson + Soul Partners - Almost Ain't Good Enough
Tad Robinson - Call Me
Fo Sho - Hook Me Up
Samuel D Saunders - Thinking Out Loud
Joyce Elaine Yuille - Running For My Love
Joyce Elaine Yuille - It's Madness
The Players - Peace Of Mind

Hour Two
New Kent CD
Ohio Players - Varee Is Love
Sam Dees - It's Over Nobody Wins
Cool Million ft. P.A.C.E. - Type Of A Woman
Mighty Fire - I Could Write A Love Song
Sir Charles Jones - Natural Woman
Mike + Censations - Gonna Try To Win You Back
Joyce Elaine Yuille - Just Say Goodbye
Stephanie McDee - I'm Leaving You
Kenny Barnes - I Wish
The Dramatics - Be My Girl
Vickie Labatt - Got To Keep Hanging On
George Pettus - Can You Wait
Phil Geston - Heaven

Joyce Elaine Yuille biography:
“Joyce has a style that is sharp, convincing and striking. Capable of delivering a powerful impact without the additional vocal aerobics.” Veronica Benigno, La Voce (Italy), September 9, 2011

Gospel, jazz, soul and blues are the backgrounds of Joyce Yuille. Starting her venture into the world as a runway model she eventually found her true path…The union between her soul, love of music and God given talent as a singer. Being born in New York City has definitely taught her the art of entertainment. A mixture of multi ethnicity that only a city like New York can offer, a melting pot that has aided in her creativity and way to approach life. Accepting everyone as they are and always striving to share a dream and vision. (More @  reverberation)



Mel Waiters

Thanks for stopping by the Science of Soul pages, yes back to normal this week after my most recent American adventure, highlights of the trip included; The Brenda Perryman show in Detroit (video at foot of page), guesting on David Washington's 20 Grand soul radio show on WVON in Detroit, had a lot of fun being back in the Motorcity.

Got a chance to see Cuba Gooding's "Sweet Soul Of The 70s" show in Cincinnati, Ohio and what a great show that was, I gotta say Blue Magic were amazing, a real highlight.

I also got the opportunity to celebrate what would have been Curtis Mayfield's 73rd birthday with Curtis Mayfield III, Curtis's eldest son, we went to dinner in Chicago ... it was just one of those special moments. All-in-all, myself and the trusted hired Cadillac covered 3400 miles and each day was truly a blessing.

I am a little late paying tribute to Mel Waiters who sadly passed whilst I was in the States, it was very sad news, he was a great entertainer and a fine man. there is a few new tracks in this weeks show including my good friend Jimmy Sterling also a great new track from Captain Jack Watson that as been mixed by my Australian pal Jazzy Pete.
Ok it's music time sit back enjoy and please 'share the link'

Playlist for 7-06-2015

Hour One 
New York City - Do You Remember
Jimmy Sterling - If U Were Me What Would U Do
Bigg Robb & Denise Lasalle - Blues & BBQ
Mighty Lovers - Driving Me Out Of My Mind
Capt. Jack - Real Deal
Lakeside - Anything For You
Kase Sounds - Spirits Vibeing
Teddy Pendergrass - Lets Talk About It
Mel Waiters - Two Step
Mel Waiters - He Didn't Steal Your Woman
Mel Waiters
 - Throw Back Days
Ricky White & TK Soul - Redbone
The Enchanted Five - Have You Ever

Hour Two
Blue Magic - Sideshow
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - I Should Be Your Lover
The Main Ingredient - Girl Blue
The Manhattans - Let's Start All Over Again
Joe Leavy/Derek DOA Allen - Standing In The Shadows
Curtis Mayfield - Oh So Beautiful
The Impressions - The Girl I Find
Doc Powell & Ali Ollie Woodson - Tell Her Love As Felt The Need
Ann Sexton - I'm His Wife Your Just A Friend
Will Downing - Does Your Mama Know About Me
Curt Jones - Spend Some Time
Dynamic Five - Baby Baby I Love You

Mel Waiter's biography:
The blues and R&B singer, Mel Waiters, has died. Mel was 58. The singer had been battling cancer, his booking agent confirmed. Mel was born in San Antonio, Texas, where he sang in the church choir. By the 1970’s he was performing in nightclubs across the region. Mel became radio DJ, as well as performing at military bases. In 1995, he released his first album, ‘I’m Serious’, for the Serious Sound imprint. In 1996 and 1998, he won the Jackson Music Award. He went on to record for several other labels, including the Waldoxy subsidiary of Malaco Records. During his career he released several singles, which included, ‘Hole In The Wall’, ‘Man Shoes’, ‘Show You How To Love Again’, ‘How Can I Get Next To You’ and ‘The Smaller The Club’. The label included the likes of Marvin Sease, Denise LaSalle and Willie Clayton. Mel’s most recent album was ‘True Love’, on his own Brittney Records label. His cousin is blues singer Walter Waiters. Mel is survived by his wife, Portia, and his daughter, Brittney. (soulwalking)

Bill and Drew on Brenda Perryman Show, Detroit May 22-2015



Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul, I am still trekking around the United States and in Cincinnati as I write this. Had a great time at last nights live show, gotta say Blue Magic were one of the best life acts I have seen in a long time, a real high lite from a show packed with high lite's.

Seems there is always some sad news! we lost the great Southern Soul artist Mel Waiters, last week I will be doing a tribute to Mel on next weeks show (back to normal next week).  Video of Mel below.

Detroit trumpet stalwart Marcus Belgrave has left us too, but his legacy on the Detroit music scene is firmly in place and I send my condolences to the family. Belgrave settled in Detroit in 1963, after having made his reputation working with greats like Ray Charles, Max Roach and Charles Mingus. While Belgrave retained a presence on the national scene, particularly in the 1980s and 90s through his work with Wynton Marsalis and occasional recordings as a sideman, he's best known as a legendary mentor and standard bearer who embodied Detroit's profound jazz heritage. 

Thanks again to Mickey for keeping everything ticking over in my absence I would be lost without his expertise and dedication. On with the music time so sit back enjoy, and please share the link ..... 

Sunday May 31st Playlist

Hour One
Brief Encounter - Human
High Fashion - Just A Little More
The Commodores - Heaven Knows
Blue Magic - Look Me Up
Avant - You & I
Aaron Neville - Been So Wrong
Wendell B - Steppin Out Tonight
Lady Soul - Lady Soul Slide
The Soulutions - Philly Line
Dee Robinson - I Like It
Robert H Fowler - Whats The Name Of Your Love
Jackie Ross - Selfish One
Lynne Fiddmont - Feels So Right
Con Funk Shun - I Miss You

Hour Two
The Softones - I'm Gonna Prove It
Sheba Potts-Wright - Tell Your Wife+Your Woman 2
Sam Dees - I Love You
The Temptations - Special
The Manhattans - Wish That You Were Mine
Curtis Mayfield - So You Don't Love Me
The Dramatics - What You See Is What You Get
Four Tops - Nature Planned It
Force MDs - Here I Go Again
George Benson - Midnight Love Affair
Harold Melvin + Bluenotes - Wake Up Everybody