Prince (RIP)

Rogers Nelson - RIP
Yet more sad news, as I'm sure you are all well aware of the death a the man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,  Prince Rogers Nelson aged 57, to say it came as a shock is an understatement. Though I have to confess to not being fan of all his music, but the tracks I do love are to me very powerful and important. It's only at times like this we sit back and evaluate a persons life. Prince had a style that was all his own and even when I did not care for the more Pop slanted material he would hit you a slice of Funk that was bad to the bone and lyrics that truly touch your heart. Prince was genre of music that was beyond category's he was just "PRINCE" iconic and everlasting. Be at peace it was a job well done.

New music on this weeks show include The Just Right Band, DieDra the Alabama Blues queen and a gentleman that is completely new to me Andrey SeVille, I'm loving this guys sound more from him over the coming weeks. Joe Leavy has been busy working on a new EP called "Under The Covers" plus I have a track from that just give a little taste of whats to come - its gonna be special.

The Old Skool lovers have no fear - got some gems for you this week too.
Sit back enjoy the Science of Soul - give the gift of music and please share with a friend.

Playlist for Sunday 24-04-2016
Hour One
Hodges James & Smith - Here Is Were Your Love Belongs
Tower Of Power - Taxed To The Max
Bobby Glenn - Hey Love
Joyce Elaine Yuille - Just Say Goodbye
Will Downing - It's Real
Prince - Somewhere Here On Earth
Prince - How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore
Prince - Sign Of The Times
DieDra - Red Shoes
Georgettes - Would You Rather
A W B - Do Ya Really
Andrey SeVille - It's Magic
Stan Mosley - Ain't No Woman
The Just Right Band -

Hour Two
Kenny Barnes - The Wish
Howard Hewett - Once Twice Three Times
Joe Leavy - Deja Vu
Robert H. Fowler - Out In The Rain
Chuck Jackson - I'm Needing You I'm Wanting You
Bill Withers - Tender Things
Con Funk Shun - Honey Wild
Floyd Taylor - All Of You All Of Me
Curtis Mayfield - Little Brown Boy
Enchantment - Where Do We Go From Here/Journey
Heatwave - Sho' Nuff Must Be Love
Lenny Williams - Make Love
The O'Jays - Hurry Home

Prince (overview)
Prince Rogers Nelson was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor. He was a musical innovator and known for his eclectic work, flamboyant stage presence, extravagant dress and makeup, and wide vocal range. Wikipedia

Born: June 7, 1958, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Died: April 21, 2016, Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States
Spouse: Manuela Testolini (m. 2001–2006), Mayte Garcia (m. 1996–2000)
Children: Boy Gregory Nelson
Music groups: 3rdeyegirl, The New Power Generation (1990 – 2013),The Revolution (1979 – 1986), Madhouse, 94 East.


Natasha Watts

Thanks for visiting this weeks Science of Soul, on the show I feature London soulstress Natasha Watts' highly anticipated new album, "2nd Time Around," she has delivered a very solid set. I have as always selected 3 tracks that I really like, but you can investigate the whole album you wont be disappointed. Got new music from the Southern states by Ricky Wright and a couple of new artists to me with G'Que & C Wright out of Lafayette, Louisiana, they are sounding good.

Great to see Detroit legend E. J. Johnson [from Enchantment] doing well with his latest release solo release; "Valentine," remember I played a few weeks back too, I thought I'd jog your memory a little with it, and whilst in a Detroit frame of mind I wanna drop a little something from the ever popular Lady Champagne, add to the mix a bunch of old skool gems just to sweeten the mix and you got the full show, All that's left to do is sit back and enjoy .. If any performers want get their music to me? just email brandaluk@aol.com because it's always great to hear from up and coming music legends.

Playlist for Sunday 17-04-2016
Betty Pagett
Hour One
Tyrone Davis - Are You Serious
G' Que - So Smooth
Kevin Foster - I Can't Get Over You
ReSurface - Dance Your Heart Away
Bobby Womack - How could you Break My Heart
Betty Padgett - It Would Be A Shame
Natasha Watts - Love Who You Are
Natasha Watts - Breath
Ricky white - I'll Still Love You
Sam Brown - Loves Been Here
Mark Staggers - When I Think About Your Love
The Notations -Make Me Twice The Man I Am
Gene Chandler - To Chose

'Blinky' Williams
Hour Two
The Impressions - I Could Never Make You Stay
Isley Brothers - Just Came Here To Chill
C Wright - Swing With You
E J Johnson - Valentine
Keith Sweat - Good Love
Lady Champagne - Crazy For You
Blinky - I Wouldnt Change The Man
The Dells - I Touched A Dream
Natasha Watts - Wait For You
Homer Banks - I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her
Lanier & Co - I Just Have You
Milton Wright - The Silence That You Keep

Natasha Watts' biography:
All her life Natasha was surrounded by music, all kinds of music Reggae Jazz Blues Funk Soul you name it, her father was a DJ and she had an older sister that raved so hard it was hard for Natasha not to know the words to every 80′s soul and raregroove track above her years.

At the age of sixteen Natasha teamed up with Roame Lowrey percussionist with Maze and Frankie Beverly. He took Natasha to the states to experience recording and develop her as a young artist. Whilst in the states Natasha worked in on a stage musical and performed with Kirk Franklin and the Family, in these fruitful times Natasha’s talent grew and the inspiration from her current peers coaxed her in new directions and Natasha realised she had a new found love for Gospel and true RnB. Natasha’s stay in the states ended with the arrival of her son Taylor, this arrival took Natasha out of music for some years. But this is not the end of her musical journey. (more here)


K Jazz meets Roszunn

Welcome to the latest edition of the Science of Soul, on this weeks show I have two Featured Artists, both of whom were new to me. First up is K Jazz, well she's a young lady from Houston, Texas,  and since her college years K Jazz has built up an artistic repertoire performing in local venues across the state and the country opening for both local and major artists as well as headlining on her own shows.  I've noticed that so much great music is coming from this area at the moment, seems like every week a new artist appears.

Representing the fella's I have a young man by the name of Roszunn, who's current album Starlight is very good and well worth checking out. Listen to Stevie J. because his latest single "Hit It Again" is picking up so action Stateside. Rounding things out in addition to all the Old Skool classics that we all love, I've included recent releases from Terisa Griffin, Eddie Levert & Sam Brown, in fact there's so much great music it's gonna take me two hours to get through it, please leave any comments on the program you may have at the foot of this page, that's it, so please sit back and enjoy..

Playlist for Sunday 10-04-2016
Hour One
The Esquires - Stay
Majestic Arrows - The Magic Of You
Sam Brown - Ghetto Love
Levert - Dancing With You
Stevie J - Hit It Again
Bigg Robb - I Love You
K Jazz - More Than A Lady
K Jazz - So Much To Give
Matthew Daniel - Soul Personified
Terrisa Griffin - Tonight Is The Night
Eddie Levert - Say It Aint So
Klassband Brotherhood - Robbing Peter
Jarrod Lawson - Peace Love

Hour Two
Roszunn - Goodbye
Roszunn - A Hold Of You
Jerry Butler - Suite For The Single Girl
Johnny Bristol - Strangers
General Crook - The Best Years Of My Life
The Independents - Couldn't Hear Nobody Say
L J Reynolds - Crazy
The Miracles - You Need A Miracle
Phil Perry - We Belong Together
Kenny Lattimore - Where Did Love Go
The O'Jays - Cry Together

Roszunn biography:
Born in the small town of Pinson, Alabama, Roszunn was raised in a single parent home where music was highly recognized by family members. There was a vast amount of talent throughout his family. Roszunn began singing for "A.O.F.B" church choir and quickly moved up to receive the title of "head drummer". His mother and other immediate family members provided him with that extra push and support to bring his talent to the spotlight. Over the years Roszunn has been inspired by artists such as Prince, Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green, Rance Allen, D’Angelo and Kim Burrell with some old School and New Age urban music. At the age of 13, Roszunn began writing and producing music. His uncle Keith Ruff, (guitar player for blues legend, “Bobby Rush”) gave him access to his first productive studio where he wrote and composed over 100 songs by the age of 18. Roszunn has been writing and producing music for other recording artists for over 8 years now. More here

K Jazz info:
For her return to the spotlight, K Jazz released MORE THAN A LADY, the follow up single to last release of Stand up and Dance, through the indie label N-Force Momentum. The new single is scheduled to be release in stores March 11, 2016 online. Combining intricate and crafty signwriting with effortless melodies and soaring choruses, K Jazz’s music has created a niche that straddles today’s R&B with a heavy dose of Soul from the past.
Since her high school and college years, hailing from Houston, Texas, K Jazz has built up her artistic repertoire performing in local venues across the state and the country opening for both local and major artists as well as headlining on her own shows.
Key Highlights:
- 2010 Grammy Nominated Album “Can’t Keep a Sista Down”
- 2010 Best R&B Album nomination Southern Soul Entertainment Award “Can’t Keep a Sista  own”
- Number 1 spotlight on Riverbnation for Houston and surrounding cites for 4 weeks
Distributed By:
N-Force Momentum
Fresno, TX 77545



Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, new music this week from Lomax "Miss You Baby" thanks to Ms Jenni Weber for keeping me up to date on all things Lomax related. Charles Bradley burst on the scene a few years back after recording his first album with Daptone Records, he is back with a new set; "Changes," I have really not had a chance to properly listen to album yet but that Daptone retro sound is the basis for his heavy soul drenched vocals and I wanted to include a track on this weeks show and I selected "Crazy" but I'm sure others will emerge as I listen more. Remember I featured Jaheim's new album "Struggle Love" on last weeks show and now I have to bring to your attention "Something Tells Me," although  tried to include it last week. but ran out of space. From Houston Texas comes the aptly named H-Town and they bring us the remix of "May The Best Man Win," Texas seems to a hot bed for Soul talent at the moment .. lot of great stuff coming from that area.
Have to give a shout out to June McMenamin for bringing to my attention a classic Four Tops song that I had missed, and apparently had been unreleased for many years, called "Old Fashioned Man" and as usual features Levi Stubbs at his sensitive best, written by Ron Miller this is pretty special.
Take a little time to checkout the 'Podcast only' video this week, as it's a great insight into the life of Southern Soul legend Sir Charles Jones,  enough rambling from me, be quiet in the back row, now sit back enjoy The Science of Soul Podcast .....

Play list for Sunday 3-04-2016
Hour One
Improm2 - My All
Jasmine - I Wont Give Up On Love
Tweet - Priceless
Victor Fields ft Chris Camo - Let Me Be Good To U
Lomax - Miss You Baby
Terry Wright - Tonight Is Your Night
Leroy Hutson - A Lovers Holiday
H-Town - May The Best Man Win
Jaheim - Something Tells Me
Sly Slick & Wicked - Ready For You
Charles Bradley - Crazy
Willie Hutch - Baby Come Home
John Edwards - The Look On Your Face

Hour Two

Stony Murphy - Making The Best Of It
Eric Benet' - Come Together
The Duncans - Let Me Be
Ronnie Lovejoy - In Need Of A Good Woman
Jonathan Winstead - Wake Up
The Notations - Take It Slow
The Artistics - She's Heaven
Jae Mason - Woman (You Gotta Be With Me)
The Four Tops - Old Fashioned Man
J Most - Oh So Beautiful
The Dells - Private Property
Holland+Dozier ft. Lamont Dozier - Why Cant We Be Lovers
Joe - More & More