Preston Glass & Damon Harris

in Birmingham
It's with a heavy heart that I present this weeks Science of Soul. It seems every week we lose one of our heroes, but for me this week It's very personal. My close friend of many many years, Damon Harris has finally succumbed to his long battle with prostrate cancer, Damon, for those unfamiliar readers had sang with The Temptations (1971-1975). I remember very well the day he called to say he had been diagnosed and in typical Damon fashion he said I'm not gonna die or anything like that, it's just a slight set back right now! If I had to write all my memories of  him it would be a life's work. I forgot so much, but then sometimes people say something about him and it just floods back. 

Althrop House, Northhants
I first saw Damon back in 1972 when I was just a teenager and he was not much older. This guy just blew me away. Just look at any of those Temptation album sleeves or publicity pictures, yes the man was cool and then some. At that time Ron Banks (from the Dramatics) and Damon were all I wanted to be like.... slight problem though.....I was Caucasian and couldn't sing for sh*t and much to the annoyance of anyone who knew me back then, but it never stopped me trying. Strange as life can be, both these guys became very dear and close friends. The weird part is that I almost forgot they weren't just famous singers (laughs to myself,) they were just great friends and an irreplaceable part of my life. When Damon was performing in Europe he would come stay with myself and Dawn Randle and for just how long you never quite knew! Days would become weeks.... but it was alright our home was his home anytime he needed it.

Lilly-Mae and Damon
The times we also shared in the 'Philly years,' the friendships we made lasted forever (Bermajean ('BJ'), I know your hurting too,) you will always be my Philly Sister, thank you for all the love and wonderful things you have done. My trips to Baltimore to see Lilly-May, Damon's dear mother, who always made me smile....I can still hear her saying: "Otis! (Damon's real name) you need to come home more often!" (...laughs).
'BJ' Thompson
I remember being in New York one time and we decided to check out the Motown Cafe, those people were blown away by their unexpected guest, we ate so much food we forgot where we parked our car. Then on the other extreme one time we went to The Merry Hill Shopping Center, here in England, and we decided we would eat fish and chips ( lots of Americans think we Brits live on fish and chips!) anyway we chose Harry Ramsden's (for you American's, imagine Bob Evan's, but with fish and chips Lol). Amazingly one of the staff recognized him and asked were he was performing? He was en-route to Austria but he said: "Right here for you... if you like!" and sang "Just My Imagination" to a bunch their staff and just same as he would performed it at Radio City in New York - priceless!

Diane Showers, Damon & Bill
Please forgive my ramblings but for those who were not fortunate to know Damon, I just wanted to give you an insight to this warm and caring human being. Thanks to Mickey Nold (another friend who never ceases to amaze me with his patience and dedication) I can now share with you at the bottom of this page, an interview I recorded in Philadelphia around 1992. (previously broadcasted on PCRL from around that time) Please choose a quite time to take a listen and appreciate the man who changed and inspired so many peoples lives with his endless battle to raise cancer awareness ...... Oh and by the way... he was singer, he would end all our countless conversations over the years with the parting line: "Love you my brother, I'll catch you soon!"

Finally onto this week's featured artist; he's a writer, a producer, a performer and a true soul survivor, that's Preston Glass. To list the people Preston as worked with over the years would take forever but here's just a few; Aretha Franklin, The Dell's, Earth Wind & Fire and George Benson".... sh*t Preston you need to write a book. It's an endless list, so you just know I was excited to hear about his upcoming album "Elevator Speech" and I have to tell I was not disappointed. The album gets a release date for around February 26th. 2013 and it will be stocked by all the usual places Amazon, CD Baby, etc, so please take a listen. website http://www.thrillentertainmentgroup.com/prestonglass.html

That's if from me enjoy the music and thanks to all the people who contact me from places I never even heard of it's good to have you as part of The Science of Soul family.

This Sunday's playlist 24th. February 2013 

Hour One
Keith Barrow - You Know You Want To Loved
Gloria Ryann - Wait A Minute
Earth Wind & Fire - They Don't See
Cameo - I Never Knew
Avant - You And I
Esther Phillips - Home I Were The Hatred Is
Walter Jackson - Let Me Come Back
Preston Glass - Wish I Could Travel Back In Time
Preston Glass - Same Tears Different Pillow
Ty Causey - I Wanna Know About Love
Randy Darbonne - You Kiss Me
Al Johnson - I'm Back For More
Angie Stone - I Ain't Hearin' You
The Commodores - Zoom

Hour Two
Lou Courtney - I'm In Need Of Love
Impact - I Thought You Might Like To Know
Impact - Smile Awhile
Switch - I Call Your Name
Bobby Womack - Facts Of Life
Willie Hutch - I Can Sho' Nuff Give You Love
Jesse James - If He Cant Hold His Pant's Up
The Whispers - Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong
Esther Phillips - Stormy Weather
Leon Ware - I Wanna Be Were You Are
Tower Of Power -- Sooth You
R Kelly Seems Like Your Ready

PCRL Special from 1992 with Damon Harris & Bill Randle (1h 50mins) Check his stunning first recordings on T-Neck, the Isley Brothers label in 1969.

Another show from PCRL this time with Mickey Nold talking to Damon about his Top 10 favorite records.

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