'Jin Jin' Reeves

The Science of Soul is back live this week after my one week break, I am sure anyone who knows me will know I had a great time with Prince Phillip Mitchell, the guy is amazing, had to sneak a track onto this weeks show. The Featured Artist this week is a little different, the album dates back to 2008, entitled "Living Proof" by Jennifer 'Jin Jin' Reeves. This is a young lady from Detroit who now resides and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. The album as only just come to my attention, so it's new to me ... it's sooooo good I have to share it with you.

The new music this week comes from Gospel legend in the making Ms Donna Allen, who's album "I'm Your Bride" is pretty special, if you like your Gospel with a contemporary groove this is the lady for you.  More tracks from this set coming over the next few weeks. My good friend Kenneth Hall as just sent me the latest outing by rising star Rashaad, titled: "If You Leave," a national distribution deal has just been secured for this track. I think this is  gonna launch this young man big time, they call him the New Prince of Soul, a bold statement I know but this guy has the talent to back it.

The Dramatics are back in the studio, as you may be aware there are two groups with the Dramatics' name; one featuring L J Reynolds who are cleaning up on the live circuit, and one fronted by Willie Ford who's one of the all time great bass singers. Such a shame that LJ and Willie could not combine forces -  as a life long Dramatics fan I love them both. This new track comes from Willie's group and is a taster from there upcoming album, gotta say they are sounding great, the track will be available on UK based Soul Junction records very soon. In this weeks video my good friend Drew Shultz talks to George Clinton, a must view (bottom of blog).

Lots more new music scattered around the show plus all the classics 'cus that's how we do it on the Science of Soul ... sit back enjoy..

Play List Sunday July 26th 2015
Hour One
New Ace/Kent collection
Eugene Record - Here Comes The Sun
Gina Carey - Come Together
Vivienne McKone - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Patrick Green - Two Step
Pullen ft Larry Dodson - For Ever And Ever
Peoples Choice - Party Is A Groovy Thing
Donna Allen - 100 Per Cent Solid
Damon Harris - Funday
Jin Jin Reeves - Yum Yum
Jin Jin Reeves - Girls Thoughts
Valentine Brothers - This Kind Of Love
The Fantastic Four - I Just Can't Forget About You
DW3 - Hold Me
Captain Jack - Real Deal (jazzy Pete mix)

Hour Two
Prince Phillip Mitchell - Star In The Ghetto
Carmichael Musiclover - Loveship
The Spinners - I Found Love
Dramatics ft Willie Ford - Victoria
The Whispers - As I Sit Here
Glass House - Look What We Have Done To Love
Jin Jin Reeves - Say Goodbye
Rashaad - If You Leave
Johnny Bristol - Do It To My Mind
Lenny Williams - 'cause I Love You
Phil Perry - I'm Sorry

'JinJin' Reeves' biography:
Jin Jin in action!
Singer, dancer, and actress extraordinaire, Jin Jin Reeves, began her career at an early age. Growing up in Detroit, MI during a time when the city was at an artistic peak, her deeply rooted talents emerged instantly. Jin Jin was heavily engaged in dance, songwriting, and singing; however, as an eager pre-teen, committed to distinguishing herself in the field of entertainment, Jin Jin Reeves she began to study acting as a means to further diversify her skill set. That decision eventually awakened the interests of Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves, and The Julliard School of Performing Arts which led to a Diana Washington scholarship and a host of performance opportunities. Additionally, Jin Jin received an abundance of attention from Motown Legends such as "Gladys Knight" and the "Four Tops." Following these events, she was recruited to appear on Ed McMahon's Star Search where she finished second. More at her label here

George Clinton talks to Drew Shutz

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