Aretha Franklin (1942-2018)

with Dennis Edwards
Welcome to this special edition of The Science of Soul as I celebrate the life of a music icon Ms Aretha Louise Franklin 'The Queen Of Soul.'  Aretha lost her long battle with pancreatic cancer three days ago (16-08-2018,) she fought that battle with dignity and courage just as she had lived her life ..  there will never be another Queen of Soul. She was born in Memphis but moved to Detroit as a small child, she was Detroit to the bone, she loved the City and the City loved her. The music I have selected for this show are not necessarily her biggest hits, but they are songs that showcase her amazing talent and that are very dear to me personally. We all know the huge hits "Respect," "Natural Woman," and countless others, so I thought I would approach this tribute from a different angle, I sincerely hope you enjoy the music I have selected, some you may have forgotten, some you just might never have heard before, but the all have that unique stamp the incredible voice and style of THE QUEEN OF SOUL. Rest in Peace Aretha the music and legacy that you have left will live forever  ...

Sunday's playlist for 19-08-2018
Hour One
United Together
I'm Not Strong Enough
Until You Come Back To Me
Oh Me Oh My (I'm Fool For You Baby)
I Was Made For You
Giving In
Day Dreaming
I Can't See Myself Leaving You
Take Me With You
It's Just Your Love
No One Could Ever Love You More
One Step Ahead
Willing To Forgive
Everybody's Somebody's Fool

Hour Two
The Wind
If She Don't Want Your Love
Holdin' On
Look Into Your Heart
U Can't See Me
In Case You Forgot
Put It Back Together Again
I Wanna Make It Up To You (ft. Levi Stubbs)
I'm In Love

"I'd like to help the world understand why Aretha Franklin was such a beloved and uniquely special singer... When Aretha first came on the musical scene, Americans were full of hope that better days had arrived in terms of justice and equality for all... She was a major player in our quest for a better day. Not only did we young people love her music, but so did our parents. Aretha was the first and last singer to be fully generational transcending.... Everyone anxiously waited for her next song to be released. And Aretha always had her finger on the pulse of the people. Her talent was far and above all other contemporary artists of her time. Her music gave us more than just something we could listen to.... Aretha gave us something that we could feel deep inside...
I must recognize Aretha as the greatest vocalist American has ever produced...
Aretha Franklin was to music... What Muhammad Ali was to boxing.. A real 'she-ro'...And the greatest.... 
Love you madly!" - Clinton Coleman

Aretha's Albums:
The Gospel Soul Of Aretha Franklin (Checker Records 1956)
Aretha (Columbia Records 1961)
The Electrifying Aretha Franklin (Columbia Records 1962)
Tender The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin (Columbia Records 1962)
Laughing On The Outside (Columbia Records 1963)
Unforgettable (Columbia Records 1964)
Songs Of Faith (Checker Records 1964)
Running Out Of Fools (Columbia Records 1964)
Yeah!!! (Columbia Records 1965)
Queen Of Soul (Columbia Records 1965)
Once In A Lifetime (Columbia Records 1965)
Soul Sister (Columbia Records 1966)
Take It Like You Give It (Columbia Records 1967)
I Never Loved A Man The Way That I Love You (Atlantic Records 1967)
Aretha Arrives (Atlantic Records 1967)
Take A Look (Early recordings) (Columbia Records 1967)
Aretha: Lady Soul (Atlantic Records 1968)
Aretha Now (Atlantic Records 1968)
Aretha In Paris (Atlantic Records 1968)
Aretha Franklin: Soul '69 (Atlantic 1969)
Today I Sing The Blues (Columbia Records 1969)
Soft And Beautiful (Columbia Records 1969)
I Say A Little Prayer (Atlantic Records 1969)
Aretha Franklin Live (Atlantic Records 1969)
This Girl's In Love With You (Atlantic Records 1970)
Spirit In The Dark (Atlantic Records 1970)
Two Sides Of Love (Atlantic Records 1970)
Aretha Live At Fillmore West (Atlantic Records 1971)
Young, Gifted And Black (Atlantic Records 1972)
Amazing Grace (Atlantic Records 1972)
Hey Now Hey (The Other Side Of The Sky) (Atlantic Records 1973)
Let Me Into Your Life (Atlantic Records 1974)
With Everything I Feel In Me (Atlantic Records 1974)
You (Atlantic Records 1975)
Sparkle (Atlantic Records 1976)
Sweet Passion (Atlantic Records 1977)
Satisfaction (Atlantic Records 1977)
Almighty Fire (Atlantic Records 1978)
La Diva (Atlantic Records 1979)
Aretha (Arista Records 1980)
Love All The Hurt Away (Arista Records 1981)
Jump To It (Arista Records 1982)
Get It Right (Arista Records 1983)
Who's Zoomin' Who? (Arista Records 1985)
Aretha (Arista Records 1986)
One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism (Arista Records 1987)
Through The Storm (Arista Records 1989)
What You See Is What You Sweat (Arista Records 1991)
A Rose Is Still A Rose (Arista Records 1998)
So Damn Happy (Arista Records 2003)
This Christmas (DMI Records 2008)
A Woman Falling Out of Love (Walmart release 2011)
Aretha Franklin Sings The Great Diva Classics (RCA Records 2014)

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