Black Diamond

Welcome to The Science of Soul as we say goodbye to the first Month of 2018, (wow that flew by.) On this weeks show I will be featuring the album "Love Journey" from artist Black Diamond, although it came out at the tail-end of 2017 it's the first chance I have had to showcase it, and what a great album it is. The group hail from Wilson, North Carolina, and they have put together a set full of great songs and arrangements topped off by faultless vocals, highly recommend.

I mentioned the passing of Detroit legend Fred Bridges last week, and I have included a couple of his classics as a performer and writer. He will be sadly missed. Other new and recent releases come from Mississippi soul lady Shai Simone and Durell Anthony's excellent "Dreams". I'm heavy on the old school classic's this week because I know how popular they are, so sit back pour a glass of wine and relax it's music time...

Sunday's Playlist 28-01-2018
Hour One
Rockie Robbins - Time To Think
Manhattans - Don't Wanna Pay Price Of Losing U
Durell Anthony - Dreams
Bobby Hill - I Wanna Be With You
Dee Dee Sharp - Best Thing You Did For Me
Black Diamond - Slippin
Black Diamond - Best Thing
William Bell - Nobody Walks Away From Love Unhurt
The Unifics - Court of Love
The Unifics - Anyone Can Tell You
Brothers of Soul - I Guess That Don't Make Me A Loser
Jeannie Reynolds - Unwanted Company
Marc Staggers - Crusin' For My Love
Betty Everett - Wondering

Hour Two
Tom Brock - Have A Nice Weekend Baby
David Ruffin - Don't You Go Home
Eddie Kendrick - Intimate Friends
Raw Shaw - Ghetto Tactics
Shai Simone - I Love You Baby
Black Diamond - True Love
Marvin Gaye - My Last Chance
Dee Robinson - What Can I Do For You
The O'Jays - Someone Waiting Back Home
Ty Macklin ft Paul Cannon - Soul Lover
MeThrone - Loving Each Other For Life
James Brown - Kiss 77
Dee Dee Sharp - Love Buddies


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