Jermaine Robbins

Jerry Butler takes us back today
Welcome to this weeks edition of the Science of Soul that includes new music from Sarah Lesol (Scheduled for last weeks show but due to tech issues had to move it to this week), Lucy Shropshire, Miracle Thomas and UK Soul lady Rose Vincent. The Featured Album of the week comes from Atlanta Soulman Jermaine Robbins "The Journey Within" is a real masterpiece of sensual mood music that I think you will enjoy. Al Lindsey the Michigan based artist is still getting great revues on his album "Versatility," it's nice to see Al get the recognition he so richly deserves. As always there are plenty of old skool classics to enjoy and get you reminiscing about the good old days of soul music so sit back put our feet up and enjoy ..

Sunday's playlist for 02-09- 2018
Jermaine Robbins
Hour One
Five Special - The More I Get To Know You
Rose Vincent - Changes
Terry Harris - Start All Over
Tamia - Leave It Smokin'
HollyGrove - Runnin' Slippin' Sliddin' Through
Jermaine Robbins - I Cant Get Enough
Jermaine Robbins - Gave You All My Love
Sarah Lesol - Your The One For Me
Jennifer Hudson ft Fantasia - I'm His Woman
Miracle Thomas - Why I Have I Lost You
Al Johnson - Tell Me Again
Michael Donaby - Catch A Fallin' Star

Hour Two
Jermaine Robbins - I Love It
Peace By Piece - Its Been So Long
Lucy Shropshire - I'll Be Here For You
Facts of Life - Lost Inside Of You
Big Brooklyn Red ft Antonia Janae - Paradise
Jerry Butler - Do You Finally Need A Friend
Jerry Butler - How Does It Feel
Bobby Hutton - Lovin' You Needing You
Black Ivory - You Mean Everything To Me
The Dramatic - The Best Thing In My life
The Originals - Baby I'm For Real
Howard Hewett - Can You Feel Me
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

Jermaine Robbins biography:-
As a Southern artist, Jermaine Robbins combines his love of the South with a twist of home grown realism, topped off by fresh, innovative and collective melodies. Your first impression would lead you to believe he is a quiet, well-mannered, business-minded perfectionist with the wisdom of a veteran entertainer. Jermaine's main inspirations for his choice in lyrics comes from what he states are many up and down relationships. At only 27 years of age he has worked countless hours with many of the industries hottest musical engineers. As time will soon reveal, Jermaine Robbins Southern roots will shine through.

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