Audio to be removed soon

Sadly some of the audio in right hand column will disappear soon as the host site Hipcast is closing down after 20 years. Mike Terry; Dennis Edwards and Bill's songwriting music are among them.


Louvain Demps PCRL radio show

 The Andantes Special has been re-uploaded by request by Michael Willcocks.

Find it here :-Andantes Special with Louvain Demps (late 1990's)

Mickey July 2022


Bill's first show 11/11/12

The anniversary of Bill's first show on 'The Bridge' later called 'Black Country Radio' was 19 years ago this week on 11th November 2012. The Blog page with track listing can be found here:-  https://science-of-soul.blogspot.com/2012/11/welcome-to-soul.html