Tony Lindsay

Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, the Featured Album this week came out last year, but it's being re-promoted just in case you missed it, a polished set from former Santana lead singer Tony Lindsay, and is highly recommended, titled  "Something Beautiful" is one of those albums that just gets better the more you hear it.

Other new music coming your way this week is from Philly based Loni Gamble, "Inside Out", gotta thank my good friend Mark Spate for bringing this to my attention. Donnell Hendrix a protege of legendary song writer Jimmy Roach also as a powerful new single "Pride" that I think is gonna open a lot of doors for him.

The Next Movement
Chicago soul men, The Next Movement, who are currently based in Las Vegas are getting great reviews on there current release "Can A Woman Raise A Man" and a proving to be real crowd pleasers in Vegas. As well as some other new releases there are some Old Skool classics for you to enjoy, so sit back and relax and remember to share the gift of music with a friend..

Playlist for Sunday 14-07-2019
Hour One
Tom Brock - That's The Reason Why
The Next Movement - Can A Woman
Deborah Bell - Love Wont Pay The Rent
Nelson Curry - Dance Floor
John Carey - Don't Count Me Out
Loni Gamble - Inside Out
Tony Lindsay - Something Beautiful
Tony Lindsay - Sweet Love
Randy Hall - DJ's Need Love To
Stan Mosley - Sentimental Journey
The Ebonys - Waiting For The Last Goodbye
Larry Graham - Unconditional Guarantee
Jerry Butler - I Dig You Baby

Hour Two
Carmichael Musiclover - Messed Up
Fletcher Walker III - Guess I'll Never Understand
Donnell Hendrix - Pride
Three Pieces - If I Could Only Prove To You
Chris Legacy - Losing My Mind
L J Reynolds - Ain't No Woman Like My Baby
Jeff Floyd - Jealous Lady
Tony Lindsay - Find The Way
The Independents - Baby I've Been Missing You
Sly Slick & Wicked - Nobody's Home
Harry Ray - I Will Love You Anyway
Four Tops - Just In Time



Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul, I am still playing catch up on the new music, the opening track on this weeks show comes from UK based Lukas Setto, and it's a real grower once you have heard it s few times, it just gets better and better. I also have the new single from Vick Allen called "Superstar" from his great new album "Untouchable," other new music comes from Zac Harmon, London, Jr. Blu, Keith Booth and DC based Tyra Lavone.
Michael Calhoun (Dazz Band)

I would like to remind you about a few recent releases that you might have missed; Mark Williams "Ain't Nothing Wrong" is a real gem, plus Kinsman Dazz Band All Stars, and Rockie Robbins. For the classic soul lovers I've got you covered with Willie Hutch, Dottie Pearson, Slick and The Perfections and much, much-more, so sit back relax and enjoy, and please remember to share with a friend ... music is a wonderful gift to give.

Playlist July 7th, 2019

Hour One
Lukas Setto - OMG
Vick Allen - Superstar
Directions - We Need Love
Ronn David - I Want Your Lovin'
Zac Harmon - Mississippi BBQ
Keith Sweat ft. Snoop Dogg - 
      Come And Get With Me 
The Chants - I've Been Trying
Jr. Blu - Change
Tyra Levone - Keep Steppin'
Kinsman Dazz Band - Soul Jam
London - I Give This Love To You
Eddie McLoyd - Once You Fall In Love
The Perfections - Till I Get Home

Hour Two
Mark Williams - Ain't Nothing Wrong
Patti LaBelle - Love Need And Want You
Rockie Robbins - Let's Groove
R. B. Hudmon - How Can I Be A Witness
Keith Booth - Can't Feel This Love
Dottie Pearson - Hello Baby
Willie Hutch - I Choose You
The Jacksons - Good Times
O'Bryan - Lady I Love You
Silk - I Gave It To You
Dyson's Faces - Try Me Baby
Eugene Record - Putting It Down .. 
        ..   To The Way I Feel About You


Darnell Da'Bachelor

Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul, the show is now back live after a couple of weeks due to the Blackpool International Soul Festival and my trip to the R&B Hall of Fame Ceremony in Detroit. On this weeks show my featured album comes from Darnell Da'Bachelor "Back To My Roots" it's the Decatur, Ga., soulman's debut album and it's a very polished affair, I think you will enjoy. Also I have great new music from JR Blu, Sargent Tucker, Karen Linette and Soul Talk featuring Brian B. Poole.

I will also be album tracking from the current sets by Bigg Robb, Noel Mckoy. There are plenty of classic soul gems from the inductees of the R&B Hall of Fame which was a wonderful event held at the Charles Wright Museum in Detroit and I must congratulate Lamont "Showboat" Robinson for his commitment to the cause and his determination to make the R&B Hall of Fame happen in Detroit.

Nedra & Cheryl Ruffin  & Dawn Randle
I must also congratulate the Ruffin family on the honour bestowed on David Ruffin as Parkside Road where David lived has now been renamed David Ruffin Avenue. OK it's music time, sit back relax and enjoy..

Science of Soul playlist, June 30th
Hour One
Keith Barrow - U Know U Wanna Be Loved
Cheryl Berdell - Giving It All To You
Yolanda Bufford - Hey Boy
Soul Talk ft Gary B Poole
Bigg Robb - Looking Good Tonight
Noel Mckoy - Real Love
Darnell Da'Bachelor - My Neighbour
Darnell Da'Bachelor - A Woman Like You
JR Blu - I Cared
Sargent Tucker - No One Can Replace You
Sunstone - I Love You Way To Much
Sinclair - I Want You Back
Keith Washington - Are You Still In Love With Me
The Nights - Country Girl

Bill & Phil (Perry)

Hour Two
Leon King - When Love Comes
The Brothers Johnson - All About The Heaven
Karen Linette - Let Me Know
Willis Dempo - Turn The Lights Down Low
Geoffrey Williams - There Is Only One Love
Darnell Da'Bachelor - Hero
Ron Cartier - I Cry
Sly Slick & Wicked - All I Want Is You
The Dramatics - And I Panicked
Phil Perry - I'm Sorry
David Ruffin - Just Let Me Hold You For a Night
Eddie Kendrick - Skippin' Work Today
Ohio Players - It's All Over

Lamont & The Independents