Ty Causey

Tony Sullivan
Welcome to the latest edition of The Science of Soul. On this weeks show I have the new album from "Mr Consistent" Ty Causey this man never fails to deliver a quality set and his latest album "Hypnotic" is no exception , great smooth and polished arrangements topped with Ty's silky vocals. This definitely one to add to your collection. I also have new music from Southern soulmen; LaMorris Williams, and Chuck Strong, I'll also dip into the great new album from Butch & Rhonda Coleman "Moment of Your Time."  Two real old time groups are back tho in name only, The Fantastic Four & The Detroit Emeralds, no original members are included in either group but they come with full support of surviving members of the groups. I have to say they have delivered a couple of real smooth tracks that the original members would be proud of so I thought I would share them with you. Soul Junction have a new 7 inch single out by Anthony Fountain its definitely one for the collectors so make sure you get it while you can. There are of great old school gems on this weeks playlist that you may not have heard in awhile , While we are talking Old school thanks to the hard work of Mickey Nold (what would I do without him) a bunch of Interviews that I recorded over 25 years ago are now available on Mixcloud you will find Frances Nero, Ivy Jo Hunter, Carolyn Crawford amongst them so be sure to check out Soul Music History...OK sit back and relax and enjoy the music..

Science of Soul Playlist September 29th 2019

Hour One
Gene Rice - Love Is Calling You
Vick Allen - Lets Dance
Butch & Rhonda Coleman - Secrets
Jimmy Sterling - If You Were me
The Fantastic Four - Let Love Flow
Ty Causey - Anytime
Ty Causey - Till The Wheels Fall Off
The Detroit Emeralds - Call Me...I'm Ready
LaMorris Williams - To Late
Ryan Shaw - Evermore
Co Co - Tip Toeing
Mel Williams - Sweet Girl Of Mine
Anthony Fontaine - How Can I Love

Hour Two
General Crook - Best years of my life
Ray Parker jr - A Woman Needs Love Too
Ty Causey - Yo' Energy
Tony Sullivan - It's Over
Johnnie Taylor - If Your Lookin' For A Fool
Nelson Curry - How Could You
Chuck Strong - In A Coma
Dlo The Gumbo Child ' - Recipe
Willie Hutch - I'm Gonna Stay
Kim Waters ft Glenn Jones - I Wanna Love
Angela Bofill - I Try
Merge - Show Him The Way To Love

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