Cuba Gooding (RIP)

Cuba Gooding Snr. - RIP
Welcome to this special edition of the Science of Soul as I pay tribute to Mr Cuba Gooding Snr. As  the lead singer of the group The Main Ingredient Cuba had one of those distinctive  voices that you recognised immediately, Sadly Cuba was found dead slumped in his silver Jaguar car on Ventura Blvd.  in the Los Angles suburb of Woodland Hills, a tragic end to the life of such a charismatic man. I will forever remember his smile. Thank you Cuba for the memories and the music , I'm so glad I made that trip to Cincinnati a couple of years ago. You can read Cuba's full biography at the bottom of this weeks page. I also send our condolences to the family of Kerry Turman long time bass player with The Temptations who passed suddenly last weekend.  

Calvin Richardson
On a happier note we have new music from Calvin Richardson,  and Jeffree Charles is back with a powerful message "Where Is The Love" add a couple of recent releases from The Notations and Philly Vocal Group Nativve Sonz and the usual mix of old school classics just like we do it on the Science of Soul. Thank you for all the great feed back from the interview from back in the day with Sylvia Moy and special shout out to Mickey Nold for all his time and patience in maintaining the website and podcasts.
Ok on with music and I hope you enjoy my selection in the Cuba Gooding section the are just personal favourites of mine..

Playlist for Sunday 30-04-2017
Hour One 
Heatwave - Turn Around
Jeffree Charles ft. D. Pitts - Where Is The Love
Nativve Sonz - Not Over Me 
The Notations - Just Your Love 
Blue Magic - Lady In My World Of Love 
Heather Hayes - Closer 
D.J. Rogers - Say You Love Me 
David Simmons - Taxi - Greyhound Station
Calvin Richardson - Treat Her Right 
Shirley Brown - I'll Be Right Here Loving You
Tommy Tate - We Dont Talk To Each Other 
Larry Saunders - Darling I Love You
Prince Phillip Mitchell - If We Can't Be Lovers 

Hour Two 

The Main Ingredient: 
Looks Like Rain 
Rollin' Down A Mountain Side 
You Got To Take My Love 
Let Me Prove My Love To You 
Over You
Where were you when I Needed You
Where do Broken Hearted Lovers Go 
Everybody Plays The Fool
Girl Blue
Happiness Is Just Around The Bend 
Cuba Gooding - Meant To Be In Love
Cuba Gooding - Tell Me How Long 
Cuba Gooding - All I Can Give 
Main Ingredient - Just Don't  Wanna Be Lonely

Cuba Gooding Snr. biography:
The dashing and talented Gooding first came to the attention of music fans in 1971, when he took over as lead singer in The Main Ingredient, replacing Donald McPherson, who died suddenly of leukemia. While coming at a tragic time for the group, Gooding’s addition foreshadowed success, as The Main Ingredient was about to take off as an A-List R&B group. Working with talented producer Bert DeCoteaux for a couple years, the group had had a a string of moderate soul hits, the best of which was the sensitive ballad "Spinning Around." But with Gooding as the new lead singer, the group scored what would be its signature hit, 1972's "Everybody Plays a Fool," a terrific single that shot to the top of the Pop and Soul charts.

The Main Ingredient landed another major crossover hit in 1974 with a remake of Ronnie Dyson's "Just Don't Wanna Be Lonely" and hit the Soul top 10 with "Happiness is Just Around the Bend." But group tensions led to a split in 1977, with Silvester and Gooding recording solo albums. Gooding landed a minor hit with “Mind Pleaser,” before reuniting with the group in 1980 for a couple albums and some moderate Soul hits, including an unusual cover of the classic "I Only Have Eyes For You." The Main Ingredient came together in several forms and continued to record separately for years to come, but their hitmaking days as an act were over by the mid 80s.

Gooding went solo again, recording on occasion and often landing at the lower end of the R&B charts. But the emergence of his son, Cuba Gooding Jr, as a top actor following his Oscar-winning performance in Jerry MaGuire, gave a boost to the senior Gooding’s touring career, and he certainly delivered, providing his new audience with always tasty old school soul and a voice that sounded terrific. He continued to perform in multi-artist soul acts well into this decade.

Both as part of one of the great R&B groups of the 70s and as a solo artist, Cuba Gooding, Sr. was one of the best. His music will continue to be cherished, even as fans mourn his too early death.

By Chris Rizik

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