Today I'm joined in the studio by my great friend Mr Clinton Coleman and he's just flown in from Las Vegas to be on the show, I am sure you will enjoy his selections. If your wondering where the play list has gone, I have not done one for this show because we plan on going were the music takes us.
Clinton Coleman & Bill
Yet more sad news! as I mentioned live on last Sunday's show the loss of DJ Herb Kent, but now I'm putting it to paper Mr Kent was a real radio legend, known all around the world as "The cool gent" he is probably Chicago's most popular DJ of all time, he was such a nice humble guy.

Thanks to all the people who visited the Site last week for the CP Spencer interview, it was truly amazing to hear it again. Mickey is continuing his mission to restore the historic interviews and Louvaine Demps of the Andantes will be made available from Wednesday. Time to hit the play button and enjoy ...

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