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Ty Hunter Jr.
Welcome to the latest edition to the Science of Soul, things are getting back to normal after an hectic few weeks just like to thank you for sticking with me and special shout out to my web editor for all his work without him there would be no S-O-S site.

Had chance this week to hook up with my dear friend Ty Hunter Jr., you will know his father from way back in the day when he sang with; The Voice Masters, Glasshouse and The Originals, had a lot of fun sharing memories from the past with him along with hopes for the future ... It's only right and fitting that I include a classic from 'The Originals days' (hard to pick just one at the time of writing, this I have still not decided) but it will be good.

The Featured artist in this show is Q Harper, with an album entitled "The Romantic", this set is just as it's entitled, and certainly an album for the lover in you. I can't recommend it highly enough, I've got the usual three tracks on this weeks show, but rest assured you will get plenty more over the coming weeks. New music also included within from Tony Momrelle's latest effort, "Keep Pushing"  with the album being well worth a look too! Soul Junction records have done it again by issuing the Dee Dee Warwick 'unreleased classic' on a 45 "You Tore My Walls Down," and the Ashford & Simpson penned "Can't Wait Until Tomorrow," do look out for a Soul Junction label special Podcast/web only only edition coming soon.
On to the music now, please remember to share with a friend ... we are all part of the Science Of Soul Family.

Playlist Sunday 25th October 2015

Hour One
Johnny Bristol - Do It To My Mind
Pharaoh Scott - Allow Me
Aaries - Strangers To Lovers
Dee Dee Warwick - You Tore My Wall Down
Tony Momrelle - Pick Me Up
Q Harper - Would You Mind
Q Harper - Pain Before Pleasure
Eddie Holman - Just Say I Love Her
Devon Howard - Could This Be Love
Chris Turner ft Jarrod Lawson - You Got Me
The Originals - Thanks For Your Love
Freddy North - Oh Lord What Are You Doing To Me
Curtis Mayfield - Soul Music

Hour Two
Little Milton - I Was Trying Not To Break Up
Betty Wright - So Long So Wrong
Eric Benet' - You're The Only One
Larry Saunders - Darling I Love You
Omar Cunningham - Sweet Sweet Sweet
David Tolliver - Through The Speakers
The Whispers - Never To Late
James Brown - These Foolish Things
Joe - All The Things Your Man Wont Do
Q Harper - Quiet Time
Phil Perry - Closer To Heaven
The O'Jays - How Time Flies

Q-Harper's biography:
Native Detroit performance sensation Q Harper (the eleventh of twelve children) was born Quintin Deon Harper on December 29, 1967 to William and Mary Harper. His love for music was inherited from his father as he began his performance career at the tender age of five. While under the watchful and demanding tutelage of William Harper, Q Harper quickly developed an uncanny, almost enigmatic facility with music, a language he actually prefers to what he calls “all lesser forms of communication”.

Despite his incredible abilities with the acoustic guitar, piano, and writer’s pen, it is his voice, the first of all instruments, which demands and arrests the ear. Boasting a beautifully even and technically flawless tonal quality, this artist’s upper and lower vocal registers are rendered with remarkable consistency as he seamlessly moves between each mechanical height and depth— both spontaneously and upon command. Moreover, the timbre of his voice is hued by colors derived from only the deepest feelings, full of sincerity, truth, and a God-given emotional intelligence and sensual intuition. Two unquestionably perfect examples of this type of natural and emotive vocal talent are Luther Vandross and Brian McKnight, artists to which Q Harper’s gift can be arguably and justifiably compared.

Q Harper, an inspiring balladeer, whose music comes from a time when music was original, raw, and straight from the gut, heart, and soul of an artist. In his music you will find a connection of old school flavor with new school vibes.

His hot new album "ONE",featuring the hit single “Quiet Time”,shows how Q Harper possesses the ability to captivate the listener with his lyrics, music, and intimate vocals, leaving them longing for more of his musical style.

Further influences upon Q Harper’s soulful R&B, inspirational, and funk delivery are the likes of The Isley Brothers, Phyllis Hyman, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, and Al Jarreau, with a gripping, “troubled blues” overtone reminiscent of the late Ray Charles.

At a time when true artists are hard to come by, “one does come by”. (cdBaby)

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