Joyce Elaine Yuille

Joyce Elaine Yuille
Thanks for stopping by this weeks Science of Soul, I am still playing catch up with the new music, and it seems there's a lot of great stuff around. Featured Artist this week is Joyce Elaine Yuille, a completely new name to me but her debut album is amazing, so I thought I would share 3 tracks with you. Tad Robinson may not be a name you would expect to hear on the show, but his new album is pretty special, the track included in today's show is one of my favorite tracks of 2015 so far! it really is that good, "Call Me" is such a powerful song, add into that a mix of more new music from like likes of; Leroy Allen, Kenny Brown, Samuel D Saunders, DW3, Saun & Starr and Mr consistent out of Fort Wayne, Indiana; Ty Causey, oh and I almost forgot the beautiful Stephanie McDee, Conya Doss and Cool Million. Yes It's been a struggle to get the Old Skool classics in ..... but it's OK, I did it, lol. A big shout out to all the folks who share the SOS link, I appreciate you and sincerely thank you. OK it's music time enjoy...

S-O-S Playlist June 14th 2015

Hour One
DW3 - Let The Music
Ty Causey - Just Another Love Affair
He gave song to Chi-Lites
Saun & Starr - Dear Mr Teddy
Conya Doss - Loves Not
Leroy Allen - Living On A Fixed Income
Tony Drake - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man
Al Hudson + Soul Partners - Almost Ain't Good Enough
Tad Robinson - Call Me
Fo Sho - Hook Me Up
Samuel D Saunders - Thinking Out Loud
Joyce Elaine Yuille - Running For My Love
Joyce Elaine Yuille - It's Madness
The Players - Peace Of Mind

Hour Two
New Kent CD
Ohio Players - Varee Is Love
Sam Dees - It's Over Nobody Wins
Cool Million ft. P.A.C.E. - Type Of A Woman
Mighty Fire - I Could Write A Love Song
Sir Charles Jones - Natural Woman
Mike + Censations - Gonna Try To Win You Back
Joyce Elaine Yuille - Just Say Goodbye
Stephanie McDee - I'm Leaving You
Kenny Barnes - I Wish
The Dramatics - Be My Girl
Vickie Labatt - Got To Keep Hanging On
George Pettus - Can You Wait
Phil Geston - Heaven

Joyce Elaine Yuille biography:
“Joyce has a style that is sharp, convincing and striking. Capable of delivering a powerful impact without the additional vocal aerobics.” Veronica Benigno, La Voce (Italy), September 9, 2011

Gospel, jazz, soul and blues are the backgrounds of Joyce Yuille. Starting her venture into the world as a runway model she eventually found her true path…The union between her soul, love of music and God given talent as a singer. Being born in New York City has definitely taught her the art of entertainment. A mixture of multi ethnicity that only a city like New York can offer, a melting pot that has aided in her creativity and way to approach life. Accepting everyone as they are and always striving to share a dream and vision. (More @  reverberation)


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