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 On this weeks Science of Soul, I'll feature the brand new album from Ms Sheree Brown entitled: "Messages From The Heart." [she has also launched a book with the same title - Ed] I'm sure this set will be cherished just as much as her two Capital albums was back in the day. Sheree shares writing the credits with people like Leon Ware and Patrice Rushen, so you know you got songs of substance with class, plus add to that mix Sheree's unique vocal style, such a double helping of cream, it's  got to be an album that will never go out of style. Selected three tracks as usual for our feature to be included in this weeks show, thinks you will enjoy. My thanks go to Sheree and Ralph Tee for getting the revue copy to me as the UK release is out soon on Expansion Records.

The G-Spot today is a contemporary gospel number that's proved to be very popular with listeners from all over the World and singing it this time it's the amazing Stephanie Mills. It's a song lifted from her 1994 album "Personal Inspirations," that I have selected today: "I Had A Talk With God," an incredible vocal performance from the lady who rarely makes a bad record. Most of you will be familiar with her work, but if you have played her music in a while dig out the albums and Cd's they still sound fresh today. Thanks to Mickey Nold for reminding me and providing the album for me to use.

More recommended reading
You may remember a few weeks back I recommended a few books you might enjoy, here is a couple I didn't include at that time. First-up, Eddie and Gerald Levert's fascinating glimpse at life behind the music of a father and son who have both attained legendary status, "I Got Your Back" is far more than a music book: it's a book of great human interest that is all the poignant since Gerald's passing. It's not so easy to find now-a-days but well worth searching out. 

Brenda Wilson (Jackie's daughter)
The other is Tony Douglas's book on the life of Jackie Wilson, "The Man The Music And The Mob" is exactly what it says, I am not sure about my feelings on this book I think maybe sometimes things are better left unsaid, but I'm sure it will interest many as surprisingly very little of substance has been written about Jackie. Give it a try let me know your thoughts on it. Remember you can reach me as usual at: bill.randle@thebridgeradio.net or via the Face book page link at top of all pages.

SOS listener Skip in his work hat!
The Listeners Choice this week comes from my fellow Hat Man, Skip Gallant (between us we keep "Henry The Hatters" a float lol) Skip's a former Detroit police officer, and was raised on the Motown sound as is evident from the 3(*) songs he as chosen. Sometimes you forget just how great that stuff was! well thanks for reminding us Skip. He currently resides in Southfield, Michigan and that's just one of my favourite places to!

William Powell (left)
Quite a mix of music this week some you might not be to familiar with or may have just forgot but I hope you enjoy, just before I go, please all (UK) have a nice Bank holiday and remember Billy Powell from the O'Jays who died 35 years-ago today, tribute next week perhaps, that's it......so sit back and explore the Science Of Soul.

Sundays playlist, Bankholiday, 26th May 2013

Hour One
Lou Bond - Why Must Our Eyes Be Turned Backwards (edit)
Fat Larry Band - How Good Is love
We Produce label (Stax pressed)
Su Charles - Sweet As Maple
Avant - Gratitude
Jeff Ramsey - What Would You Do
Sheree Brown - Time For A Party
Sheree Brown - Bein' In Love With You
Frank Lucas - Good Time Thang
J.R. Bailey - That's Love
*The Temptations - My Girl
*Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't...
         ... Nothing Like The Real Thing
*David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love
Noel McCoy - Jealousy

Hour Two
Mavis Staples - Loving You
Brief Encounter - In A Special Kinda Way
James Browns People label
Jaggerz - Gotta Find My Way
Ronnie McNeir - Forever My Love
Shirley Brown - You Ain't...
  ....  Woman Enough To Take My Man
'Sweet Charles' - Give The Woman A Chance
Sheree Brown - I Think I'll Pray
Stephanie Mills - I Had A Talk With God
Bobby Wilson - Deeper
Harry Ray - I Will Love You
The Temprees - Your Love
The Dramatics - Your The Best Thing In My Life
Jesse James - Visiting Rights

Sheree Brown Biography:

"It's A Pleasure", "You'll Be Dancing All Night", "Got To Get Away" and "Get Down, I'm So Bad" -just a few of the songs we cherish by one of soul music's shining lights, Sheree Brown. We call it 'rare groove', but really it's great soul music from an incredible time that touched a generation and lasts to this day. Expansion redefines it as Luxury Soul and brought Sheree to the UK. to perform at a Luxury Soul Weekender in 2012.
Sheree Brown lives in Los Angeles where she started out by winning a high school talent show at the Hollywood Bowl. A year later at a jazz workshop in UCLA she met Patrice Rushen in whom she found some shared ideology and a desire to collaborate. First she co-wrote three songs on Patrice's 1978 album "Patrice" with musicians who would help Sheree cut the demos which ultimately landed her a record deal at Capitol Records.
At Capitol she recorded the two albums "Straight Ahead" and "The Music" we know and love. They are classics featuring the songs that defined her as an artist back in the 1980s. Her work has endured the decades because the songs are just so well crafted, the music organic and timeless while her voice is extremely special, completely unique, accomplished with a spiritual qviatity that compliments the nature of her writing and positive vibe. Her talent as a songwriter also stretches beyond her own recordings and again for Patrice Rushen she co-wrote "Haven't You Heard" that in recent years has been sampled by Kirk Franklin ("Looking For You") and Zhane ("Groove Thang").
Sheree says she was inspired by Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder and the late Minnie Riperton and that's clear in her music. Furthermore Minnie's former producer and husband was taken on by Capitol Records to work with Sheree, and Stevife plays harmonica on her album "The Music" on a song entitled "On My Way Home".

Both of these albums were recently remastered and reissued by Expansion on CD including a bonus track in the form of a brand new single, "Just A Simple Love" She sounded like she'd never been away, and the project lead to a full album project, her first for 30 years following her time off to raise a family. "Messages From The Heart" was originally conceived in 2011 as part of a book proj ect with which the CD would accompany, but following her UK shows and in collaboration with Expansion, new songs have been added especially for the UK version and includes work by Patrice Rushen, Leon Ware and Ernie McKone's Soul Talk Productions.
Release date: 27th May (contact ralph@expansion-records.co.uk)

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