It's Science of Soul time and thanks for stopping by. On this weeks show I have current product from Chicago Legend Slique Jay Adams, called  Mr Taylormade , also I dip into Clinton Coleman's classic gospel set "Better Get Jesusfied" that as recently been reissued and the New Year, will see a special video to sit along side the album. It's great to see a movie about the life of Teddy Pendergrass as been completed, I can't wait to see it so I have dropped a couple of Teddy classics on you this week. The show is heavy on the Old Skool classics , a few you just might have forgotten or didn't know, but I think you will enjoy.

So sit back pour a glass of wine and enjoy ..

Sunday's playlist for 16-12-2018
Hour One
Willie Hutch - Love Me Back
Slique Jay Adams - So Good
JoJo Murray - You & Me
Gloria Jay - Know What You Want
Clinton Coleman Singers - Medley
Universal Mind - For You Girl
Lovesmith - Shame On You
The Controllers - My Secret Fantasy
Christopher Williams - Proud For To Long
The Waters - Heart Leads The Way
Bill Brandon - Streets Got My Lady
Garland Green - Girl I Love You

Hour Two
Osborne & Giles - I'll Make You An Offer
D Manwell - Silver & Gold
Bill - I Feel Good With You
The Three Reasons - Take Me Back
Answers To Love - Try My Love
Sean Levert - Same One
Milton Wright - All I know Is That I Have You
Mr Taylormade - All In Your Love
Joe McBride/Analisa - Lets Spend ..        
            ...                  Some Time Together
Teddy Pendergrass - Cold Cold World
Teddt Pendergrass - All I Need Is You
Randy Hall - I Wanna Touch You
Willie Hutch - Anything Is Possible

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