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Gary Edwards (left)
It's Science of Soul time once again, this week I'm featuring the new EP from Saint Jaimz "Life Songs" in addition too I have great new releases from Stan Mosley, Brandon Wattz and a powerful new track from Vince Broomfield "Cautiously Optimistic," and lets not forget Montreal, Canada's very own R&R Soul Orchestra. There is lots for the Old Skool folks this week including General Crook , his self titled album is just crying out to be remastered and reissued (subtle hint to all you reissue labels) it truly is a masterpiece. Soul Junction records continue reissuing some great hard to find classics their latest release is no exception, being a real gem with Chuck Stephens a one time New York DJ who recorded a few tracks himself, he gets the Soul Junction treatment and it's available in limited quantity's so get it while you can.

I would like to take time to wish my fellow BCR presenter and a very dear friend Garry Edwards a speedy recovery from his upcoming surgery this week, cant have him off air for to long else Sundays wont be the same. Ok its music time sit back and enjoy and please tell a friend about the Science of Soul. BTW - Podcasts from today are in 320 kbs, top sound quality.

Sunday's playlist 15-04-2018
Hour One
Little Beaver - She's Gone
Cathy Rollins - Gotta Lift My Hands Up
Chuck Stephens - Paying For Your Love
The Four Wonders - Just Looking For My Love
R&R Soul Orchestra - When You Come Back
Saint Jaimz  - Freaks Keep Calling Me
Saint Jaimz - Absent Without Love (AWOL)
Nu Soul Habits - I Got The Love
Stan Mosley - Good Time
Chuck Stephens - Lets Get Nasty
Clarence Mann - It's Only A Matter Of Time
Brandon Wattz - Save Some Love For Me

Hour Two
Vince Broomfield - Cautiously Optimistic
Charles Jackson - Love Of You
General Crook - I'm Satisfied
Betty Everett - I'm Gonna Be Ready
David Ruffin - Hey Woman
Uncle Sam - Leave Well Enough Alone
The Whatnauts - I Wasn't There
Harry Ray - I Will Love You Anyway
The Impressions - Guess What I Got
Saint Jaimz - It Ain't Werkin'
The Manhattans - It's Not The Same
John Edwards - You Were Made For Love
Millie Jackson - There You Are
Saint Jaimz biography:-
Based in California, singer - songwriter - producer Saint Jaimz has overcome incredible obstacles in order to follow his musical journey. A 16 year U.S Army Veteran, Jaimz served his country with great pride. "The army is where I got my start in recording & singing live." says Jaimz. It is because of a military talent show in Germany, that he is involved in the music business today. Once you initially listen to Jaimz's vocals, you are immediately taken aback to the legendary R&B slow jams of the 90's. He is amazing! His creative approach to marketing have allowed him to entertain many offers from the biggest moguls in the business. Once you've heard him, you are hooked! His lyrics, his melodies, his voice, his productions can battle any major record label artist. Saint Jaimz has sewn up a seamless blend of throwback classics & present-day contemporary soul works, sure to please the most refined R&B critics & fans. Neo Soul, Pop, Hip Hop, & Rock, flow through his veins when he is creating his masterpieces. He has the ability to make the legendary old school sounds, new again with his modern approach. "I write and sing “LIFE Songs” not “Love Songs.” says Jaimz. Working with an incredible management team & celebrity publicist Danie Cortese, will most certainly veer his career to unbelievable heights in the months to come. Be sure to check him out and stay tuned for more amazing developments.

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