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Thanks for checking this weeks Science of Soul website, as I mentioned on last weeks show I am loving the new CD from Carmichael Musiclover "Love Souljah" so I thought this week we would dig a little deeper, I think you will enjoy. Talking of great new albums I have just received the latest set from John Carey "Soul Avenue", wow this man keeps busy, having just released his wife Gina's new album "Can You Dig It", they are riding pretty high right now, included "Old School" from the album and rest assured more will follow.

Hot off the press to with music from; Winfree, Frank McKinney and Jill Scott. Folks are raving about Jill's new album but after several plays I am not sure !! what I am sure about though is I am looking forward to the upcoming album from a new artist to me, Chan T, it's almost completed "Love & Other Drugs" is the title and we preview two tracks on this weeks show. Listen out for the great new remix of Lenny Williams' current hit "Hooked On You" very very nice mixed by Nigel Lowis who is doing some great work at the moment.
As most of you will be aware The Science of Soul is syndicated to Legend 107 radio in the States and it's great news that I'm hearing that station is continuing to expand with a FM licence having been granted and will be known as Legend Radio Network, well done to Melvin Jordan who tirelessly works so hard to move the station forward, I am very proud to have been part of the Legend team for quite awhile now and It will continue to be that way.

Ok here comes the good stuff it's music time sit back enjoy and remember tell a friend and share the link..

Science of Soul Playlist 2-08-2015
Hour One
Archie Bell & The Drells - Do That Thang
Frank McKinney - Hey Sexy Lady
Jill Scott - Can't Wait
Swiss Movement - The Grass Is Greener
John Carey - Old School
Jerry Butler - Giving Up On Love
Carmichael Musiclover  Do It All Over Again
Carmichael Musiclover  Love I C U
Lenny Williams - Hooked On You (Nigel Lowis Mix)
Winfree - Blink Of An Eye
Earl White Jr - Very Special Girl
George Jackson - Talking Bout The Love I Have 4U
Randy Darbonne - Can't Sleep

Hour Two
The Chi-Lites - I Just Wanna Hold You
Donna Allen - Who Are You To Judge Us
Samuel D Sanders - Make You Mine (N.Lowis Mix)
Phil Perry - Keep Me In The Dark Tonight
Love Peace & Happiness - Strip Me Naked
Carmichael Musiclover Hold It Down
Chan T - Warm Bed
Chan T - Unloved
Anita Baker - Whatever It Takes
Norman Connors ft Eleanor Mills & Phillip Mitchell - For You Everything
Towana & Total Destruction - Wear Your Natural Baby

Carmichael Musiclover
Growing up in the South, Carmichael woke up every morning to his parents playing some of the great Soul artists like Al Green and Maze and Frankie Beverly. The influence of these amazing artists has contributed to the smooth sounds and empowering lyrics that have come to be known as Carmichael's signature style, "Grown Folks Lullabies." The music industry stood up and took notice of Carmichael in 1994, with a major record deal with Manuel Seal of So So Def. His next break came in 2001 when his compilation was selected for the soundtrack for the movie Big Ain't Bad, featuring the singles "You Need a Man" and "Always." Carmichael followed that with the release of two albums, back to back; First in 2003 with the album entitled "Cool and Sexy," then in 2004 with "You Can't Break Me." Carmichael writes and produces his own songs and became recognized and sought after for his talent as a songwriter. In 2006 he was selected as a writer for The Tony Rich Project with La Face Records. Carmichael was catapulted to International recording artist status with the release of his third album, "All About Love" in 2007. He began performing across the United States and overseas in London, Italy, Japan and Germany. "All About Love" reached #8 on London's R&B charts, and #2 on the Underground RnB charts in Japan, according to Black Music Review, leading to the album's re-release in 2008. The first double CD project for Carmichael, entitled "Fantasy/Rain" was released in 2010. "Fantasy/Rain" topped the Japanese Underground R&B charts at #2, according to Black Music Review. In 2010, Carmichael was honored with the awards for Steppin' Music Artist of the Year and the People's Choice Song of the Year for "Rock It" from the "All About Love" album. Record deals, soundtracks, back to back album releases, writing, chart topping, international acclaim and award winning music all meant to Carmichael that the people were embracing his gift of music. That is the fantasy come true for the Southern kid who relentlessly pursued his dream. The latest album, "Pot of Gold,” represents the most mature and powerful offering from Carmichael MusicLover thus far, infused with the signature style listeners have come to depend on. (cdbaby)

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