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Welcome to this weeks Science of Soul because I've got a packed show for you this week. I will be featuring Will Downing's excellent new album entitled, "Chocolate Drop", Will is right back at the top of his game for this set it's smooth and sweet just as Will's fans like him. I have to say I love Will's interpretation of the Bobby Taylor classic "Does Your Mama Know About Me" that song was such a powerful statement back in the day, In fact it got me thinking about my old friend Bobby so I thought we would include a great tv spot from Bobby that was broadcast by a TV station in Hong Kong were Bobby now lives. You will find it at the bottom of the page. Back to Mr Downing; It was very hard to pick 3 tracks but I consoled myself by thinking; "its okay I can play more over the coming weeks" .... and rest assured I will.

Kenny Lattimore makes a welcome return, I'm loving his new single "You Have My Heart" and had to include this in the show, but I've not had a chance to listen to his new album yet, but looking forward to it. I'm sure you are aware we lost another Soul legend in Chicago's own Billy Butler this month, so I pay tribute to his legacy, he will be forever remembered for the stomping classic "The Right Track" but I thought I would show the more mellow side of this very underrated man. Condolences to his family.

Bell & Staples on '69 Stax LP
Great news that London Soul man Da'Paul Phillips as won the Rocket Fuel Unsigned Artist Award!  so not have I only included a track from his 2013 set "Soulful Spirit" as a website special you can find a great documentary video about the launch of his forthcoming album. You will find it lower down the page so take a few minutes to enjoy this very talented young man.
Lots of old school classics as always to take you back to the good old days listen out for William Bell & Mavis Staples plus a killer Chicago cut from Gene Chandler. It's music time enjoy and please share the link

Playlist for Sunday 20-04-2015

Billy Butler 1976
Hour One
Carey Harris & Michael Orr - Here I Go
Kenny Lattimore - You Have My Heart
Smooth Sylk - Let Me Touch You
Da'Paul - She's So Entertaining
The Dramatics - She's Stone Cold
Will Downing - Till You Come Back To Me
Will Downing - Does Your Mama Know About Me
Push - We Got The Love
William Bell & Mavis Staples - Leave The Girl Alone
Billy Butler - My Sweet Woman
Billy Butler - Careless Heart
Billy Butler - The Saga Of Sadie Lee
Denise Lasalle - It Was A House Till You Made It A Home

Hour Two
Willie Clayton - So Tied Up
Archie Bell/Drells - I Love You But You Don't Know It
L. J. Reynolds - Come Get To This
Everlife - I Lost You Girl
The Notations - Baby I Like Your Style
Rena Scott - A Love Thang
Will Downing - Deep As The Ocean
Wendall B. - Do Me Like That
Barbara Carr/Uvee Hayes - One Sided Relationship
Gene Chandler - Haven't I Heard That Line Before
Sweet Thunder - Tender Days

Will Downing's biography:
Will Downing (born Wilfred Downing, November 29, 1963, Brooklyn, New York),  is an American singer, songwriter and producer. Downing is known in the contemporary jazz and R&B music genres for his rich baritone vocals, and his interpretations of R&B and pop classics that stretch back to the early 1980s. Downing is married to singer Audrey Wheeler, who has collaborated with various musicians as a back-up singer and was previously a member of the short lived R&B group Unlimited Touchmore at wiki

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