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Thanks for stopping by the Science of Soul web site and we are still growing week-on-week, thanks to you for spreading the link, I'm getting messages from all around the world; so we can feel good that we are spreading the Soul. This week I'll be featuring Felony Davis, the Chicago singer who was a one-time member of Public Announcement. His album "Finders Keepers," came out last year and this is the first chance I've have had to share this with you. Chi-Town has really proved it's self to be something of a Soul Mecca, so many great artists have come out of that city... and Felony is no exception, he possesses a fine vocal range and real feel for his music...It shines through in everything he does.

New address in Windy C.
Whilst on the subject of Chi-Town, it was great see Chaka Khan had a street named in her Honor, the Chicago Soul lady has gone through some rough-ups-and-downs over the years and still remains as popular as ever on the live circuit.  The summer concert series are in full swing in the States you will be amazed who you can see for free, so if your planning a trip always check out who is in town and all you residents of the USA... how lucky you are.

Included in this weeks play list is the new smash from Randy Darbonne "Voodoo Child", it's a smooth piece of contemporary Soul from the man from Lake Charles. The song is from his upcoming album "The Whole Truth" and is due for released sometime this month,  sure to be playing more from this set.

Texas Listener: Larry
On the Listeners Choice* we have an amazingly diverse selection from my good friend in Waco, Texas, Mr Larry Kendrick. It's nice to see a track by Gil Scott-Heron selected by a listener and the song; "All us" is lifted from his album "First Minute Of A New Day." Larry, like Gil,  is a very sharp witted social commentator, I always look forward to his comments.  His taste in music is very eclectic, like myself Larry is a child of 60s and 70s, a time when music was delivering powerful social comments. I thank him very much for taking time out to send in his tracks...and by the way, if your not to familiar with GSH delve into his back catalogue, it's amazing and also the television documentary; "Black Wax," that gives a great insight into the mind of this great poet..I keep saying one day I am gonna do a GSH Special, it will happen?

Quality re-issues!
It was great to see the other day that Charles Jackson's two classic Chicago albums have been reissued as a 2 for 1 CD and the legendary song writer, and one time member of The Independents of "Just As Long As You Need Me" fame! I have included several tracks from them over my past shows so now is the time to add them to your collection at a bargain price! ....highly recommended. They are easily available from Amazon and all the usual sites.

On this weeks play list you will see: "What A Woman," a track from Levert II's album "Dedication," just watch the video that goes with this song it's just wonderful, barber shop magic!

A bonus feature for the podcast readers only this week is available at the bottom of Bill's own site page at www.thescienceofsoul.com It's a Billy Griffin of the Miacles Special. On with the music and as always please remember 'Like' and to share my link...music is a great gift.

This Weeks playlist for Sunday 4th August 2013

Hour One
Rhythm Machine - Can't Do Without You
The Four Flights - All I Want Is You
Levert II - What A Woman
Timotha Lanae - Getting To Know You
Leon Heywood - It's Got To Be Mellow
Mike Hammond - Maybe Tomorrow
Felony Davis - Keep On Steppin
Felony Davis - My Intention's
Aquarian Dream - Do You Realize
*David Ruffin - So Soon We Change
*Gil Scott-Heron - Alluswe
*Harold Melvin & Bluenotes - Hope We'll Be Together Soon
Kitty & The Heywoods - Mystic Stranger

Hour Two
Tom Brock - There's Nothing In The World
Randy Darbonne - Voodoo Child
Orgone (feat: Tiffany Austin) Anticipation
Minnie Ripperton - BabyThis Love I Have
Felony Davis - Finders Keepers
Lomax - Satisfy You
Joe Leavey - Real Love
Rance Allen Group - I Know A Man
The O'Jays - Your Body's Here With Me
The Dramatics - Ain't Raining On...
                ... Anybody's House But Mine
Chante Savage - If You Like
Shirley Brown - I'll Be Right Here Lovin U

Felony Davis Biography:
The majority of the songs that I write are based on situations that I've gone through. It’s what motivates me to write many of my songs. I don't really have to think; it just comes out. And every time I sing, I never get bored because I’ve been through many of the situations you hear me sing about. My music also entertains people: They feel the energy. He’s back on the music scene and hotter than ever.

If you want a hit song that will stand the test of time, and stay in your head for years, Felony Davis is the certified platinum recording artist/songwriter to turn to. Ask anyone who is John Doe, and they will sing the hook, I don’t know. Play Body Bumping, and watch the memories in the room flood in. Feloney Davis created a timeless sound that started with the soulful R&B
group Public Announcement.

The music that Feloney wrote for Public Announcement has International Acclaim. Yes, you know his music, but now it's time you know Feloney Davis - The Man Behind The Music!
Feloney Davis uses his talent as a singer/songwriter to develop a solo album that is emotional and inspiring. He also inspires, motivate and teach many up-and-coming artists to fulfill their dreams. Feloney is part of that sexy, soulful, true R&B signature sound, which is sorely missed in today’s music industry. His mission is to bring back the passion and the love of the music, not the money. To celebrate the ups and downs of marriage and relationships, and touch people in all the right places with sensual melodies and candid lyrics.

I can recall waking up to Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. I would go to bed at night listening to people like Bobby Blue Bland and Johnny Taylor. A lot of the musicians back then were geniuses and some of the music they came up with, producers now-a-days can't reproduce, so they sample it. But I think now, the industry is going back to that whole soulful sound. That's the kind of music that stands on its own and lives forever.

Feloney is very excited about this new chapter in his life. He is still dedicated to creating songs that tell a story and can make a listener laugh, cry, or nod in agreement with the smooth melody that flows through the ear. His goal is to create real music without the smoke and mirrors, a gift that is extremely rare with most music today.

Feloney Davis soulful debut CD Finders Keepers depicts true-to-life situations. His sexy, smooth melodic styling resonates throughout his new solo project. Feloney musical career continues to effortlessly embody not only the R&B/Soul sound but a timeless experience that lives forever.

(C) 2013 Alpha Records International | 400 N. 96th Ave.,
Suite #1109 Tolleson, AZ 85353 | Contact # (601) 519-4173

Bonus: Billy Griffin/Miracles Special

A fourty-five minute recording from 20 years back hat Bill made with Mickey Nold for Mickey's PCRL Friday morning 'Basement Soul Show.' Mickey did the Breakfast Shows on PCRL for some five years or more from 1990, Bill joined him a few years later along with The Consortium (some 15 or more local Soul dj's) that helped out with the music. This recording has been transfered from cassette so it might be a bit wobbly in places, it pre-dates the digital era. Other achieve music can still be found at the PCRL tribute site www.pcrlfm.co.uk that's now in its 10th year of being. Remember any comments about anthing can be left at the bottom of every page. Billy Griffin's Facebook

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