Good Bye old friend

Very sad news today in that Bill took a turn for the worst over the last few days and passed away in his sleep last night. 

I'll very much miss my good friend of over 30 years. He had recently been diagnosed with a type of motor neuron disease,  that had affected his talking, breathing and eating. -  Mickey Nold
Bill's old podcasts recordings here now go back as far as 10-3-2020 . Interviews are here:-  interviews


  1. Mike W4/4/20

    To say I was shocked to hear of this devastating news does not convey just how sad this is. Although I never met Bill, he established an enduring relationship with me and I am sure all the other listeners to his show. I am and always have been full of admiration for his gift of understanding how to get the message and the love of soul music across to us all. He will be sorely missed.
    I must also mention how bad I feel for you with the loss of your great friend and how much I appreciate all that you too do in bringing us all the treasure trove of recordings made over the years.

    My sympathies,


    1. Thanks Mike for those kind words, I'm still in shock really, only got the news late this day.


  2. Hi Mike
    Billy was my Uncle and my Daughters Godfather. His love for music was second to none and I know he will leave a massive hole in hearts of many, not just his family and friends. He always spoke so passionately about his Soul Music to me and my daughter and he loved his time on the radio show. It was his chance to share his passion with others. It is lovely to read people’s comments and to see how much he meant to others because for me and my daughter he was just ‘Uncle Billy’. I am heartbroken that I will no longer be able to share things with him. As you mentioned this has been a huge shock for us all and will take time to come to terms with.
    I can only hope people take comfort in the fact that he is now at peace and that we remember he has left us with so many happy memories - for my family there are hundreds!

  3. Yes he constantly talked about the times he had with his Goddaughter, she must be devastated too, thinking of you all at this terrible time - Mickey XXX

  4. So sad to hear the news that our Soul Brother has passed away.
    Bless you Bill
    Keith Westmoreland

    1. thanks for taking time to comment

  5. Hi bill was a good friend in work and out ill miss him on shifts the shifts won’t be the same r.i.p my friend

  6. Bill's funeral takes place today at 3.15 pm. Because of the Corona virus risks only close family will attend, a live Podcast link can be found on Bills Facebook page