Blue Magic

Welcome to the Science of Soul. On this weeks show I'll be Featuring the new album from Philly legends Blue Magic called "Share A Dream,"  just loved it first time I heard it, it's fresh without losing it's Philly roots and the more you hear it the better it gets.

Paul and Yolanda Richmond
Also today brings you new music from; Kerry Clancy, Roderick Dolphin, Omar Wilson and representing the ladies the lovely Ms. Mary Cross. It's great to see Darryl Perry getting strong support for his new single "Come On In" I truly think Darryl is the real deal, soul star on the rise. Chicago writer producer, master bass player and a genuinely nice guy; Paul Richmond is doing well with his tribute album to Johnny "Guitar" Watson, did feature it on it's release but I thought I would give you a little reminder of just how good it is. The old school folks are well taken care of to you also have The Dynamic Superiors, Walter Jackson, Eddie Holman and so much more to bring those back in the day memories to the front of your mind. OK sit back and Enjoy as the music sooothes you and groooves you.

Sunday's playlist for March 2nd. 2020
Hour One
Tyrone Ashley - Looks Like Love Is here to stay
Omar Wilson - The Groove
Kerry Clancy - Playa On The Street
Freddie Chavez - Cold Rainy Day
Trace of Smoke - U R
Heaven & Earth - I Can't seem to Forget You
Darryl Perry - Come On In
Mary Cross - In Love There Is A Risk
Blue Magic - Your Spell Stayed On My Mind
Blue Magic - Seasons For Love
Canita featuring Noel Gourdin - No Love
Roderick Dolphin - Why You Wanna Treat Me This Way

mary cross
Hour TwoMicheal Sterling - Lovers & Friends
Lou Wilson - Put It On The Internet
Walter Jackson - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Paul Richmond - I Wanna Ta Ta You
James Barrett - I'm Sorry
Blue Magic - I Got My Heart Set On You
Eddie Holman - You Make My Life Complete
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - To Be Free
Dynamic Superiors - One Nighter
Darnell Cotton - I'm Caught Up
Noel Mckoy - Fly Away With Me

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