Undisputed Truth

Thanks for visiting the Science of Soul, I am very pleased to bring you the new album from Detroit legends the Undisputed Truth" entitled The Truth Gon' Set You Free," the album is true to the groups continuing legacy with progressive arrangements and quality vocals, I think 2019 is gonna be a busy year for Joe, B J and the two new ladies. Another veteran group on the come back trail is the Dazz Band,  there new release "Soul Jam" I highly recommend you check this out. Fellow Cleveland artist Sherena Wynn who worked extensively with Gerald Levert and The O'Jays has a new single titled "Your Love," and I also have new product from Houston soulman Leroy Allen plus be dipping into the new EP from Ci're  called "Integrated Compositions," one of his guest vocalists is the super smooth Rashaad Carlton on the track "Undecided Lover".  Amongst the recent releases I have Von B & D L Wilson from their album "Presents" and Lomax who is re promoting is 2017 classic "Caught Up". For the Old Skool folks there's celebration of  L J Reynolds birthday with a couple of real classics, so sit back and enjoy, as always thanks for your support and all the great feedback.

Playlist for Sunday 27-01-2019
Hour One
Tyrone Thomas - We're Still In Love
Kinsman Dazz Allstars - Soul Jam
Von B & D L Wilson - She's Unbelievable
L J Reynolds - Come Get To This/Steppin Out..
L J Reynolds - Southern Pearl
Sherena Wynn - Your Love
Kent Drake - Boss Thing Together
Undisputed Truth - The Truth Gon' Make You Free
Undisputed Truth - Metamorphosis
Lomax - Caught Up
Whitfield Batson - Feelin' The Love
Stevie Wonder - Hey Love (Live)

Hour Two
Barry White - Love Song
Philip & Brenda Nicholas - One Life One Love
Lovesmith - Do You Want Another Chance
Cecil Parker - Come Over Here (Bring Love)
Undisputed Truth - What Good Is Love
Jerry Butler - Lets Make Love
Rue Davis - You Haven't Been Loved By The Man
Sunday - Ain't No Problems
Cir'e ft. Rashaad Carlton - Undecided Lover
Ms Monique - Love Therapy
Tomorrows Promise - Your Sweet, Your Fine,  ..  
                                                   ..Your Everything
Smokey Robinson & Miracles - Fork In The Road
Smokey Robinson - Baby Come Close

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