Dennis Edwards (RIP)

Dennis with my Mom
Welcome to this edition of The Science of Soul. The focus of this weeks show is a tribute to the late and most certainly great Mr Dennis Edwards. I had the privilege of knowing him for many years and in all those years he remained untouched by fame and fortune. Always he was just Dennis and the world is a much sadder place without him. I recorded an interview with over twenty years ago, you will find it top right column, it gives you a real insight in to his character he was quite simply a man with a heart of gold. The second hour of the show is dedicated solely to him and the tracks I have selected are all favourites of mine from his long and distinguished career. RIP Dennis you will never be forgotten.

I have some new music this week from Willie Clayton, Jay Nemor who always kinda reminds me of Gil Scott-Heron, and that's no bad thing, also I have the new single from southern soul lady Mizz Connie "Why You Wanna Act Like That." I will be doing some album tracking from Willie Bradley, Cale Brock and Will Downing and there are a few old school classics to round it out. Sit back enjoy the music and thank you for stopping by.

Sunday's playlist for 11-02-2018 

Hour One
The Bar Kays -Flying High On Your Love
Willie Clayton - Sidepiece On The Side
Jay Nemor - The Movement
Chuck Jackson - Where Did You Go
Micheal Jackson - With A Child's Heart
Marc Staggers - I Will Always Love You
Terry Dexter - I Remember
Mizz Connie - Why You Wanna Act Like That
Bunny Sigler - Keep Smilin'
Willie Bradley ft Gerald Alston - In The Meantime
Will Downing - When We Make Love
Cale Brock - Let Me Show You Heaven

Hour Two (Dennis Edwards tribute)
The Temptations - Cloud Nine - Gordy 1969
Dennis Edwards ft. Siedah Garrett - Don't Look Any Further - Gordy 1984
Dennis Edwards - Coolin' Out - Gordy 1985
Dennis Edwards - Just Like You - Gordy 1984
The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone - Gordy 1972
The Temptations - Soulmate - Gordy 1996
The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion - Gordy 1970
The Temptations - Look What You Started - Motown 1987
Dennis Edwards - Your My Aphrodisiac - Gordy 1984
Dennis Edwards - I Thought I Could Handle It - Gordy 1985
Dennis Edwards - Another Place And Time - Gordy 1984
Dennis Edwards - When The Lights Come Down On Love - Motown 1996


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