The Originals & The Andantes Specials
Welcome to The Science of Soul and thank you to all the people who checked out the vintage interview specials with CP Spencer & Louvain Demps, the response as been overwhelming, so keep a lookout for more of these in the future. A list of Specials is on right of this page. On my show this week a sprinkling of DaPaul's new set titled "London Town." It's the follow up album from his "Soulful Spirit" project from a couple of years back. I can, and do, highly recommend both albums. I have selected 3 tracks there and I feel that really show the man's depth, not only as a performer, but also as a song writer, if you get a chance to catch his live shows, don't miss it because this guy is the real deal.

Veda & her late Father
Other new music this week comes from Veda Pickett, the daughter of Soul legend Wilson Pickett,  she decided to record her Fathers classic as a tribute to him and actually recorded it in the same studio that that he did, all those years ago! Also a new song to listen out for today are the beautiful new duet with Clif & Freda Payne, If you remember I featured some of Clif's solo work a few weeks ago, love his smooth tone.

Houston's favourite soul man Leroy Allen is back with a new single and new to me is the duo Von B & D L Wilson I'm loving their new release. Southern soul man Luther Lackey is back with new product, and I will be dipping into Frank McComb's current album. As always there's a bunch of Old Skool classics thrown-in because that's just how I do it here on The Science of Soul ... hit the play button sit back and enjoy.

Sunday's playlist for 6-11-2016
Hour One
Splendor - Special Lady
Leroy Allen new 45
Charles Walker - Still Can't Get You Out Of My Heart
Lady - Habit
Johnny Bristol - If I Can't Stop You
Michael E Sanders - Time For A Dance
Veda Pickett - In The Midnight Hour
Von B & D L Wilson - She's Unbelievable
Luther Lackey - I Don't Wanna Be Alone
Leroy Allen - I Got To Have You
DaPaul - Family
DaPaul - More Than We See
Lenny Welch - Fancy Meeting You Here Baby
Frank McComb - This Love Of Ours

Hour Two
Clif & Freda Payne - No Pain, No Gain
Clif & Freda Payne rehearsing new song
Howard Hewett - Can You Feel Me
Renaldo Domino - I'm A Good Man
The Chi-Lites - There Will Never Be Any Peace
The Four Flights - All I Want Is You
Chuck Jackson - Might As Well Take My Time
DaPaul - He's Real
The Dramatics - Thank You For Your Love
The Force MD's - Here I Go Again
The Facts of Life - Did He Make Love To You
Gerald Alston - Lets Fall In Love Again

DaPaul's biography:
DaPaul is a songwriter, a storyteller, a listener, and a conscious life observer and introspective musical visionary. He writes with a contemporary lyrical content that reaches all listeners. He is in touch not only with his own feelings, but the feelings of others in the world around him. In each song DaPaul writes, he captures a magic that resonates with each listener in a way that is entertaining and moving. DaPaul's roots hail back to a migrated Caribbean church in London where he found and nurtured his love for the piano and singing. His musical influences range from gospel, soul, jazz, and blues to pop.

As a professional session musician and backing vocalist he has worked with: Eternal, Louise, MN8, Cleopatra, Alexander O'Neal, Jhelisa Anderson, Rhonda Thomas, Kloud 9, Des'ree, and Gabrielle. He has also appeared on various TV promos: Jools Holland, GMTV, National Lottery Live, VH1, TOTP, Montreaux Jazz Festival, and The World Music Awards. More at dapaulmusic.co.uk

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