K Jazz meets Roszunn

Welcome to the latest edition of the Science of Soul, on this weeks show I have two Featured Artists, both of whom were new to me. First up is K Jazz, well she's a young lady from Houston, Texas,  and since her college years K Jazz has built up an artistic repertoire performing in local venues across the state and the country opening for both local and major artists as well as headlining on her own shows.  I've noticed that so much great music is coming from this area at the moment, seems like every week a new artist appears.

Representing the fella's I have a young man by the name of Roszunn, who's current album Starlight is very good and well worth checking out. Listen to Stevie J. because his latest single "Hit It Again" is picking up so action Stateside. Rounding things out in addition to all the Old Skool classics that we all love, I've included recent releases from Terisa Griffin, Eddie Levert & Sam Brown, in fact there's so much great music it's gonna take me two hours to get through it, please leave any comments on the program you may have at the foot of this page, that's it, so please sit back and enjoy..

Playlist for Sunday 10-04-2016
Hour One
The Esquires - Stay
Majestic Arrows - The Magic Of You
Sam Brown - Ghetto Love
Levert - Dancing With You
Stevie J - Hit It Again
Bigg Robb - I Love You
K Jazz - More Than A Lady
K Jazz - So Much To Give
Matthew Daniel - Soul Personified
Terrisa Griffin - Tonight Is The Night
Eddie Levert - Say It Aint So
Klassband Brotherhood - Robbing Peter
Jarrod Lawson - Peace Love

Hour Two
Roszunn - Goodbye
Roszunn - A Hold Of You
Jerry Butler - Suite For The Single Girl
Johnny Bristol - Strangers
General Crook - The Best Years Of My Life
The Independents - Couldn't Hear Nobody Say
L J Reynolds - Crazy
The Miracles - You Need A Miracle
Phil Perry - We Belong Together
Kenny Lattimore - Where Did Love Go
The O'Jays - Cry Together

Roszunn biography:
Born in the small town of Pinson, Alabama, Roszunn was raised in a single parent home where music was highly recognized by family members. There was a vast amount of talent throughout his family. Roszunn began singing for "A.O.F.B" church choir and quickly moved up to receive the title of "head drummer". His mother and other immediate family members provided him with that extra push and support to bring his talent to the spotlight. Over the years Roszunn has been inspired by artists such as Prince, Isley Brothers, Earth Wind & Fire, Al Green, Rance Allen, D’Angelo and Kim Burrell with some old School and New Age urban music. At the age of 13, Roszunn began writing and producing music. His uncle Keith Ruff, (guitar player for blues legend, “Bobby Rush”) gave him access to his first productive studio where he wrote and composed over 100 songs by the age of 18. Roszunn has been writing and producing music for other recording artists for over 8 years now. More here

K Jazz info:
For her return to the spotlight, K Jazz released MORE THAN A LADY, the follow up single to last release of Stand up and Dance, through the indie label N-Force Momentum. The new single is scheduled to be release in stores March 11, 2016 online. Combining intricate and crafty signwriting with effortless melodies and soaring choruses, K Jazz’s music has created a niche that straddles today’s R&B with a heavy dose of Soul from the past.
Since her high school and college years, hailing from Houston, Texas, K Jazz has built up her artistic repertoire performing in local venues across the state and the country opening for both local and major artists as well as headlining on her own shows.
Key Highlights:
- 2010 Grammy Nominated Album “Can’t Keep a Sista Down”
- 2010 Best R&B Album nomination Southern Soul Entertainment Award “Can’t Keep a Sista  own”
- Number 1 spotlight on Riverbnation for Houston and surrounding cites for 4 weeks
Distributed By:
N-Force Momentum
Fresno, TX 77545

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