Sadly this week we lost another Soul music performer; Gavin Christopher, he died on Friday aged 66. Along with his own albums dating back to the first in 1979, he recorded on many other performers albums such as Herbie Hancock and more recently Cool Million. Also in the news on Wednesday was Gladys showing the perks of being the Empress Of Soul! Apparently that evening, Utah police pulled over a vehicle carrying soul veteran Gladys Knight, and she gave them an earful of soul by singing happy birthday to one of them. [Editor]

Playlist the 6-03-2016
Hour One
Ty Causey - It's Gotta Be Love
Melvin Davis - No More Water In The Well
Roi Chip Anthony - I'm Gonna Do It For Me
Joyce Elaine Yuile - Running For My Love
Leroy Allen - Living On A Fixed Income
Stephanie McDee - I'm Leaving you
Gil Scot-Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
Lakeside - Anything For You
New York City - Its You
The Radiants - Voice Your Choice
Ola Onabule - Soul Town
Will Downing - Deep As The Ocean 

Hour Two
Kenny Barnes - The Wish
Levert - Dancin' With You
Men At Large - Spend The Night
Anthony Hamilton - I'll Wait For You To Fall In Love
Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper
Betty Wright ft. Snoop Dogg - Real Woman
Bobby Womack - Woman Gotta Have It.
Blue Magic - Spell
Roberta Flack/Donny Hathaway - Closer I Get To U
Force MD'S - Here I Go Again
Enchantment - Silly Love Song

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