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At the dawn of 2013 my mind drifts back to a conversation I had over twenty years ago with a well known music executive in Los Angeles, he predicted that within five years there would be no independent record label's as and they could not compete with the power of  the majors. The multi-million dollar budgets available to promote new artist's and product would ensure that the public would buy what ever was forced upon them. The power of the music video made it more important that an artist or group looked a certain way...that far out-weighed their talent. After all we are at a time when technology makes it possible for pretty much anyone to sound good in the recording studio,the new artist's rarely perform live and on the odd occasion they do its no problem they would just lip sync, it had been done on TV shows for years.

Thankfully the music mogul's underestimated the intelligence of the music buying public and that of the REAL artist's. I use the term REAL to distinguish between the ones who were concerned about there studio time budget rather than there video shoot music as a longevity that video can never capture.

To a major degree we owe a lot to the rappers who by passed the mainstream. They cut there tracks in there often, home studio's then pressed up there own product, booked there own gig's and sold the music direct. Doing it this way they controlled their own money and retained artistic control. It was the major's that forced this to happen! You see creative people are by nature creative and they just find ways of adapting.

All this brings me back to the dawn of 2013 ....a time when Independents are still around producing music that as a 'shelf life'. Of course their aim is to make money but they do it with integrity and are proud of the music they produce. The albums continue to sell for years after the initial release and new fans discover the music that was there all the time. Creativity is a force of nature and therefore can not be stopped....... sit back and enjoy as we explore the music that has and continues to flow from College Park Georgia the home of Wilbe Records.....TRUE SOUL SURVIVORS.

Written and produced by Bill Randle & Mickey Nold for Science of Soul Productions Special Thanks to Mr Larry Eaglin & Mr William Bell without you guys there would be nothing to write.

Songs featured:
William Bell - I Forget To Be Your Lover (Stax) 1969
William Bell - Headline News 1985
Jeff Floyd - I Found Love On A Lonely Highway 2001
Hardway Connection - Dirty Old Man 2005
Will Bell/Jeff Floyd - Somebody's Gonna Loose A Good Woman 2008
William Bell - New Lease On Life 2006
Lola - Look My Way 2007
Lola - Wash Your Hands 2007
Fred Bolton - I Can't Loose 2006
Fred Bolton - You Are My Desire 2006
Jeff Floyd - Do You Wanna 2008
Total Package Band (TPB) - Life Styles Of The Poor & Unknown 2012
Dave Morris - Rendezvous 2012
Jeff Floyd - Never Walk Away From Love 2012

William Bell in his studio
History of Wilbe RecordsI

In 1985, William Bell launched Wilbe Records in Atlanta, GA. USA and issued the album Passion, which produced three chart singles in the U.S. and was a major hit in the U.K. .
 “I Don’t Want to Wake Up Feeling Guilty,” a duet with Janice Bullock from that album, stayed on the American charts for close to nine months. A song from that album, “Headline News,” was released as a single in England and was later voted one of the top ten records in 1987 by the readers of Blues & Soul magazine in the U.K.

In addition to releasing more of his own albums in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, William began to produce and develop other artists for his Wilbe label. Artists such as Jeff Floyd, Lola, & the late Fred Bolton helped solidify Wilbe Records’ status as the premier Independent Soul label. World class producer Reginald “Wizard” Jones along with Mr. Bell, also helped establish & maintain the patented Wilbe Records sound.

 In 2000, William returned to the recording studio and released A Portrait Is Forever, an album of all original songs, followed by “New Lease On Life”, “Live In NYC”, & a “Greatest Hits” compilation.

 Wilbe Records was received numerous awards since it’s founding including “Record Label of the Year” at the Southern Konnection Radio and DJ Conference & Jus Blues Music Awards Shows. 

Wilbe Records Album Discography  

2019  Total Package Band: ”T’s Groove” 2012
2018  Jeff Floyd: ”Watch Me Work” 2012
2017  Dave Morris: ”In & Out Of Love” 2012
2016  Various Artists: ”Wilbe Records Greatest Hits” 2010
2015  William Bell: ”Live In New York City” 2009
2014  Jeff Floyd : ”Keepin’ It Real” 2008
2013  Wizard Jones: “Roze’s Garden” 2008
2012  Lola: “Give Her What She Wants” 2007
2011  Fred Bolton: “I’m Gonna Get Mine” 2006
2010  William Bell : “New Lease On Life” 2006
2009  Hardway Connection: “Hot Ticket” 2005
2008  Jeff Floyd : “The Power Is Still On” 2004
2007  Jacquel: “You Gotta Work It” 2003
2006  William Bell: “Greatest Hits”Collector’s Edition 2002
2005  Rae: “A Part Of Life” 2002
2004  4 His Glory: “Rise Up” 2002
2003  Various Artists: "Beach Mania" 2001
2002  Jeff Floyd : “Powerhouse” 2001
2001  William Bell: "A portrait is Forever" 2001
4224  Joey Gilmore: "Just Call Me Joey" 1995
4128  William Bell: "Bedtime Stories" 1992
3007  William Bell: "On A Roll" 1988
3006  Lou's Blues Review: "Come Out & Play 1988
3005  Eddie Floyd: "Flashback" 1988
3004  Jerome Roberson: "Singing In The Spirit" 1987
3003  Janice Bullock: "Don't Start A Fire" 1987
3002  Vision: "Exposed" 1986
3001  William Bell: "Passion" 1985

Wilbe Blog Page      William Bell's site

Wilbe Records Recording Session Oct 2010 from Wilbe Records on Vimeo.

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